Atelier Totori Plus Has Orthogalaxen Challenge Dungeon, New Costumes Too

By Spencer . September 30, 2012 . 11:35pm

Gust is adding content to Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland for the PlayStation Vita version, Atelier Totori Plus. Of course, that means more costumes like a nurse outfit for Totori…


ateliertotori20 ateliertotori21ateliertotori22 ateliertotori23 ateliertotori24


… and the requisite swimsuit costume. Totori wears whatever costume you choose on the field, during event scenes, and battles.


ateliertotori25 ateliertotori26 ateliertotori27 ateliertotori28 ateliertotori29 ateliertotori30


Way more interesting than the costumes is a challenge dungeon. If you played Atelier Rorona you might remember Orthogalaxen. Atelier Totori Plus has Orthogalaxen as a post game super-dungeon with tough enemies like Blood Element (the girl with the blood red bow) and Mask de ???? (the bird monster).


ateliertotori31 ateliertotori32 ateliertotori33 ateliertotori34 ateliertotori35 ateliertotori36 

Atelier Totori Plus comes out on November 29 for PlayStation Vita.


 ateliertotori3 ateliertotori5 ateliertotori6 ateliertotori7 ateliertotori8 ateliertotori9 ateliertotori10 ateliertotori11 ateliertotori12 ateliertotori13 ateliertotori14 ateliertotori15 ateliertotori16 ateliertotori17 ateliertotori18 ateliertotori19ateliertotori1 ateliertotori2

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  • And yet not Lionela. TT_TT 

  • Manny Being Manny

    The Swimsuit is the most important thing to me here… since those kinds of costumes were noticeably absent from the original versions of Arland. Glad to see they finally added it!

  • raymk

    Now were talking more costumes is what I wanted to see but that extra dungeon makes it all the better.  I’m sure we’ll get this as this seems like a no-brainer especially since NIS i’m sure will be supporting the vita.

    • SirTeffy

      Actually, the Atelier games are currently in the air since Tecmo Koei owns Gust now. NIS specifically mentioned this game when they said future Gust games were in the air due to this change, as TK may want to publish it themselves or may be unwilling to re-license Gust’s catalog, though the announcement of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (co-developed by Gust and including a mascot of them) indicates that SOME agreement has been reached.

      • Manny Being Manny

        Didn’t NISA already announce the next Atelier game would come over here? I doubt theres any issue.

        • SirTeffy

          They announced it BEFORE the TK takeover, and have since said “we are not sure anymore” due to having to go through TK. Neptunia Victory is the first GUST-influenced game they’ve announced since, and that’s joint-developed by NIS and Compile Heart as well.

          The Atelier series is still in a gray area as far as getting licensed goes, I’d assume that Ar Tonelico is in the same boat as well.

          • Manny Being Manny

            All I can find about it is that the deal to buy Gust went through in December… and they announced the new Atelier game to come out over here like 3 months ago. Are you sure it was before the TK takeover?

          • SirTeffy

            Bwoop, I’m an idiot, I thought the takeover was more recent. Like, after Meruru shipped “more recent”. But they haven’t announced Arland 4 yet, according to my Prinny Bomb archive.

          • Manny Being Manny

            It says there will be more info in 3 or 4 months, so we should get that Prinny Bomb news soon.

      • raymk

        Damn I forgot about that, well either way its a still a good chance for it to come over.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Wearing swim suit feel really wrong in the normal event there lol.^_^

  • AndyFe

    Nice I always wondered why Orthogalaxen wasn’t in the original Totori game it’ll be cool to go through that.
    the nurse outfit looks cute on her

  • Kai2591

    Are the graphics exactly the same as the PS3 version? Not sure about it myself…

  • Ami Susuka

    Totori is dressed like Caina? Wow..

  • Spirit Macardi

    Having these fan-service type outfits in a Gust game just seems wrong. They’ve been one of the more progressive game designers out there, especially considering they made Ar Tonelico which was a straight-up parody of this sort of thing.

    Then again, considering they’re now owned by the company that invented “jiggle physics”…

    • raymk

      These kinds of costumes were always in gust games.  They were just default costumes for characters in other games but there has always been fan-service costumes just not as DLC.

  • Ravage27

    I wonder if this will make it over. Secretly hoping for some touch screen functionality. That would make item sorting much easier.

  • They are adding Orthogalaxen? As if the optional bosses in Totori weren’t tough enough. Atelier Totori is actually one of the hardest games I’ve ever played.

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