The Future Of Metal Gear Lies In Player Freedom, Says Hideo Kojima

By Ishaan . October 1, 2012 . 1:50pm

Last week, Metal Gear Solid series creator, Hideo Kojima, spoke at British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), where he answered a number of questions regarding his thoughts on the past, present and future of videogames. While you can find the full transcript here, below is what Kojima had to say regarding his vision of an “ultimate” Metal Gear game:


Q: I have a question specifically about Metal Gear, all through the Metal Gear games you can see the progression toward the open world environment – obviously Snake Eater and then Metal Gear Solid 4 – and now they are Ground Zeroes. My question is, is the open world Metal Gear your ultimate version of Metal Gear or are you planning to go even further than that?


Hideo Kojima: First of all if you give somebody a mission, and say your mission is to go and rescue this person, already you create some drama there. However if you take that a step further and say give the person the power to decide how they get there, what time they arrive, what kind of path they use to sneak into the base then it creates even more drama and gives them more freedom. So it’s not so much that I’ve been aiming to create an open world game so much as I just want to give players the freedom to do things in a way that feels natural to them.


Up until this point, if you had a hundred people and you made them play a game, they’d all basically arrive at the same time, take the same route, use the same equipment to get the job done. But what I want to do from this point on is give people the freedom, so if you have a hundred people and you give them this mission then they’ll all come back with a hundred different stories.


They may arrive at a different time, use a different route to get into the base, use different weapons and equipment. So rather than having one great, dramatic story you have a hundred. That’s really what I want to accomplish. So it’s not necessarily that I’m aiming for open world, that’s not the [be all and] end all, what I want to do is give people the freedom to create their own stories and create something that’s very personal to them. That’s what I want to accomplish.


Kojima is currently at work on two projects—Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the Ogre Project, both of which are being developed using his studio’s proprietary “Fox Engine”. Additionally, Kojima Productions are also tinkering away at a Zone of the Enders game, titled Enders Project.

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  • badmoogle

    Sounds very interesting.
    It kinda reminds me the impressions i’ve read somewhere (maybe it was here) of someone who played the Rising demo at TGS and was able to fight a boss 7 times and each time he was using a different method to beat it.

    Do we know if Rising is using the Fox Engine too?

    • Fitzkrieg

      Sadly, it isn’t.

      • Anime10121

        Nothing too sad about it, as Platinum has some damn good engines too!  Especially for action games, besides, I’d rather see them using an engine they’re already familiar with, rather than using one that isn’t even fully finished yet :)

    • Anime10121

      Rising’s using Platinum’s engine, it isn’t being developed on Fox.  But as you said, sounds like an  interesting design philosophy, the thing is though, will Kojima be able to actually get that type of game to work on consoles.  Being completely open, in a do-it your way kinda game sounds fascinating, but would he be able to accomplish such a feat on home consoles?

      • badmoogle

        Yeah the concept is interesting but the implementation remains to be seen.

  • SirRichard

    Basically, what he’s looking to do is get that organic feeling to his games, to break away from it feeling scripted and not having to rely on set-pieces like a lot of games do these days.

    Fairly noble goal to aim for in this industry, honestly, and I can only see good things coming out of it if they apply their usual standard of attention to detail. The next generation’s going to have some exciting things coming out of KojiPro, eh?

  • Tales_of_Master

    While I’m not sure if I like this new approach, since Peace Walker was a semi-open world, by allowing a lot of freedom in finishing the missions, but it defiantly wasn’t the best MGS game. I still like the more story driven MGS games like how MGS1 was, and I’m not a big fan of open-world games to begin with. Still with that being said, I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy whatever Kojima decides to put out, so….in Kojima we trust ?


    There certainly is such a thing as too much freedom when it comes to game design.

    But the proof lies, as always, in the pudding. 

  • I suppose it was inevitable for MGS5 to jump on this bandwagon. To me open world means a game I screw around with and don’t ever finish. There’s a lack of urgency and direction in every open world game I’ve played. It is Kojima though so I haven’t lost ALL hope yet.

    • Jirin

      Define ‘finish’.  I didn’t get all 400 riddler trophies in Arkham City.  But I did finish the game and the Catwoman chapters, do most of the sidequests, and keep playing until I felt I wasn’t going to get much more from it.  In my mind, that’s ‘finishing’ the game.

      It’s great that those 400 riddler trophies are there for the people who like playing for a hundred hours and getting that perfect trophy save.  But if that’s not the way you roll, you can’t judge whether you finished the game based on whether you moved on when you stopped having fun.

  • afewnotchesmore

    This incoming game will prove:

    *who copies or not
    *who’s creative or not
    *who thinks & not
    *who plans & not
    *who’s patient than not
    *who’s skillful or not
    *who endures much or not

    Mark of a true gamer that is.
    More like RPG’s Quest system on an openworld.

    “True ones will stay… fakers will leave.” -mywordfortheday
    #mywordfortheday #ustaytrue&fakersleave

  • In other words, MGS is becoming Deus Ex, But with sloppier mechanics and drawn out cutscenes?

    No thanks Bros.

    •  in other words, you didn’t bother to read the whole article properly

      • Yes, I did.

        I take it you’ve never played Deus Ex, or you are just a bitter fanboy. Or maybe a little of both.He pretty much describes Deus Ex to a T.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Let’s drop the ‘bitter fanboy’ comments from our next posts. Thank you Laharl.

          • Gee Wiz sorry!

            Also, What’s with the passive aggressive old name calling?

            Do you think it’s clever? Or do you really think it’s my real name?Because if it’s the second, I apologize.

          •  errr you do know that he’s one of the moderator here right ? Meaning don’t mess with the moderators.

            as for your reply to me, yes i do know what deus ex is, and played it, loved it, but i don’t see the connection between the two, sure both are open world and open choices on how to “attack” a problem, but in general the two doesn’t quite mix as much as you claimed

            as for “sloppy mechanics & drawn out cutscenes”, the base mechanics in mgs series has been the same for all canonical games in the series, although a bit has changed, its still the same lovable mechanic. Drawn out cutscenes can’t really be that much of a problem in mgs, because it adds up to the story and it does take the time to explain the plotholes in past or current metal gear solid game, and if you call that drawn-out, it pretty much means that deus ex has it too (along with the redundant cutscene for beat down or assassination in deus ex human revolution)

            tl;dr, both are different games, both are good, both are worth it, don’t compare them, just love them for what they are

  • Jirin

    I like the idea in principle.  IMO, on top of that, MGS could use some streamlined gameplay:  Don’t make us worry about chores like eating, just let it be a video game that’s focused on the core mechanics.

    • Alternatively, they could add extra tidbits like eating – which I’m all for, since it’ll add some minor fun – but don’t let it be a mandatory element and penalize the player for not doing the chores.

  • ZBaksh386

    I wondering if they should play around with a karma system than?

  • i believe in Mr Kojima work’s , i have high confidence in buying his game rather than the game that coming out on 2 OCT

  • konsama

    This game is gonna be pure gold. 

  • Nitraion

    Wow does that mean the soldier not always listen to him…
    is there affection point? XD

  • Solomon_Kano

    I figured as much. I saw this coming from MGS4.

    For as much as people have said MGS has moved away from stealth and what have you, it’s really that Kojima’s just been broadening the scope all the while so you could approach a scenario in more ways. Not having missions force you to be stealthy isn’t getting rid of stealth, it’s giving you options. If you found yourself not approaching these missions stealthily, then it’s on you since the option was yours. The series has been building to this since MGS2 expanded on what MGS already offered before 3 took it even further.

    This is nothing completely new, but Kojima finally has the kind of technology to deliver in full what he’s been iterating on for several games now. Frankly, I find that thought exciting. Too many games offer “choice” in an arbitrary sense. I like that Kojima’s actually striving for mechanical freedom in his games. The next few years should be exciting.

  • Hinataharem

    This sounds less like open world and more like open mind

  • Kai2591

    Has anything been revealed about the ‘Ogre Project’?

  • Ridho Siregar

    This sounds like… Skyrim?

    • rajendra82

      That sounds like Deus Ex, not Skyrim.

    • Brandon001

       please stop

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