Bravely Default Replaces Fire Summon Monster Ifrit With Prometheus

By Spencer . October 2, 2012 . 1:36pm


Since Bravely Default: Flying Fairy isn’t a Final Fantasy title so producer Tomoya Asano didn’t have to use Ramuh, Shiva, and Ifrit.


Bravely Default has five new summons:

Prometheus’ Fire makes a fire breathing train appear. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the deity that gave fire to humans.


Ziusudra’s Sin summons a woman-like figure that floods the screen with water.  Ziusaudra is from the Sumerian flood myth.


Hraesvelgr transforms from an airplane into a bird-like creature that hits all enemies with a wind attack. Hraesvelgr sits at the edge of the heavens and makes the wind blow when he flaps his wings, according to Norse mythology.


Girtablilu is a giant scorpion that makes the earth shake when it slams both of its claws into the ground. Girtablilu are servants of the sun god Shamash in the Epic of Gilgamesh.


Deus Ex is a giant machine that builds up electric energy and shoots lightning. Square Enix seems to have taken inspiration from the phrase "deus ex machina" for this summon. I  wonder if this was a missed opportunity to make a chibi Adam Jensen since Deus Ex: Human Revolution is simply called Deus Ex in Japan.

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  • wow! Hraesvelgr! =D The eagle that flies over Yggdrasil =]

  • Anime10121

    Why does EVERY SINGLE SMALL THING they announce for this game make me seethe at the mouth like a dog who’s master is waving beggin strips at me!  If I haven’t said it enough, I want this game!  New summon beasts that sound awesome, and I haven’t even seen em yet! Sign me the hell up :D


    Oh, and the game comes out next Thursday in Japan, cant wait to see how well it does! I mean it BETTER do well, right Japan (as he caresses the bat hidden behind his back).

  • $30632660

    Norse Mythology….my favorite mythology of all time…….Loki Summon please! >.<

  • SirRichard

    Look at those fabulous summoners. And it’s about time we get to summon our own demon train and giant scorpion, I wonder what else they can pull out. Presumably we’re missing the holy and dark ones, a big powerful non-elemental Bahamut-analogue and a few general buffing/healing ones.

    I hope they bring back fights for the stronger summons, made you feel like you earned that instant 9999 murderbeam.

  • I absolutely need this game. Don’t fup this up SE.

  • Square Enix is just being mean and teasing me now. =(


  • Awesome.  Finally some new interpretations on mythological figures and one from the EPIC of GILGAMESH to boot.

    This game needs to be localized.  It just gets better and better. 

  • Andres Pena

    heeehee anyone else think of mirai nikki? 

    • keithmaxx

      I’m curious; where’d you get the connection?

  • sounds kewl~

  • Göran Isacson

    On the one hand, you could say that this is just a reskinning of old favorites- there’s still an ice, fire and thunder Summon, they just look different so there’s really no change here. On the other hand perhaps Summons are so ingrained into RPG’s that just having them look different is enough to differentiate the game from Final Fantasy? I don’t really know what to think here… anyone else who’s got an opinion here?

    • Ethan_Twain

      Functionally it doesn’t matter at all.  Same idea of big elemental summons and even the same elements – just a new name and picture.

      If you wanted to read into this though, you could argue that this is a sign of a game that’s breaking new creative ground.  It’s known that this game began life as FF 4 Heroes of Light 2, but then became it’s own thing separate from the franchise.  I’ve yet to see why exactly this game was considered unfit for FF branding.  I’m very interested to see that, right now I can only speculate.

      But this, changing up summons even a little, is the kind of thing that can be done outside of the brand name.  This is the upside (the downside is lower sales).  I hope that this game does a lot of things to take advantage of it’s relative creative freedom.  I hope this is just a sign of more things to come.

      • Not that it was unfit for FF branding but maybe the developers wanted to get away from that branding.  Selling a game merely based on name recognition might garner you sales a couple times but as of now SE fans will be more cautious around the name Final Fantasy due to the recent circumstances of XIII series, XIV’s initial launch, the lack of Type 0 and Versus information.  And the developer has stated they want this to be a new RPG as opposed to just slapping the FF moniker on there.  This is the dev team that produced FF3 and FF4 for DS, and they have passion about their product and actually care about it.  I think just putting FF on there on the notion of a name change isn’t the way to go as they have said the name, the game, the characters, the everything is all intertwined with each other.

  • Famitsu gave the game a 38/40 score.  I guess that means SE paid them off or it really kicked ass.

    • If SE really did pay, then it would have got either a 39/40 or perfect score.

      From what we’ve seen/read so far on Siliconera, this game is the real deal. No need to bribe anyone. ;)

      •  Well usually handheld titles aren’t bribed.  Not as far as I know.  Game looks awesome.  I’ll be mega pissed if Square doesn’t localize it.

        • And you won’t be the only one, trust me on that. ;)

      • Square Enix doesn’t care. This game has no advertising budget to speak of. We’re a week from release, and there are no commercials or anything. The only promotion its getting is on hardcore gaming websites and Twitter and Nintendo Direct. They’re sending it out to die. :P

        • Yeah, I was being more sarcastic than anything. xD

          On a serious note, let’s hope it’ll get the attention it deserves.

          • Well, I hope word of mouth gets around and people pick it up that way, but realistically speaking, I wouldn’t expect great sales from it. Asano’s probably working on an FF project alongside this game, which is likely where the marketing budget will eventually go…

          • Let’s hope that other project is FFV 3DS.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          This kind of makes me wonder if this game will turn out to be a sleeper hit and catch Square Enix completely by suprise.

          • Fingers crossed it gets some kind of positive reception, even if it’s not super high sales. Something… anything… to show Square that passion in your work and good writing should be rewarded. Bravely Default basically looks like it’s Asano’s pet project, which he’s working on aside from his other duties.

            I kind of feel bad for the guy right now. He did a stellar job with both FFIII and FFIV DS, and him being given the liberty to work on his own projects like 4 Heroes of Light and Bravely Default is probably a direct result of that. Still, it would be nice if the company gave him some recognition for his work and put a little of their marketing muscle behind something he obviously believes in.

          • keithmaxx

            If what you said are true then I guess it’s up to consumers like us to respond in kind through positive sales, eh?

            Still, I hope Japanese consumers could do that first so we’ll see a higher chance of it getting localized.

        • Ethan_Twain

          Does the lack of marketing muscle behind this game at all reflect on the odds that it will be localized outside of Japan?  Are those two variables related in most cases?

          I mean, on one hand, FF 4 Heroes of Light got localized and that project is very similar to this one.

          On the other hand, I seem to recall that didn’t really light the sales charts ablaze :(

          (Bought it used, is part of the problem)

          • Mmm. I think Square will localize it, but I don’t think the powers that be see it as a huge title in Japan (or anywhere else for that matter). But yeah, I do think we’ll see it brought over. 

        • Anime10121

           Dont say that man, even if it is the truth :(

          But yeah, honestly, its sad how Square is sending this game out with little to no advertising.  I mean the only reason people even know anything about it is because of the games many demos (which, I guess, they think is enough advertising).  This title deserves to get more respect than its been getting from Square though :(

          Regardless, cant wait to see how well it does, and cant wait to see it localized in the west :)

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Seeing that each news makes us me wanted more for this game, i will said that scores is real.^_^

  • That’s it, I give up. I keep thinking there’s no way I’m gonna like this game any more than I currently do, and yet there’s always something new about it that makes me go “this is going to be the most epic rpg coming out soon”. At least before SMT IV releases, that is :3

  • keithmaxx

    I know those are all legitimate names and all, but the way most of them are just difficult to pronounce… I “Bravely Default” on even trying.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    So Deus Ex is Bravely Default Bahamut? C’mon SE my 3DS needs more rpg dosage here.^_^

    • Deus Ex is not Bahamut. The description makes he/she/it seem very much like Alexander from FF8/9.

      At any rate I’m so glad they are adding new summons. This is just another step in making Bravely Default the best FF game Square Enix has made in years. Damn, even the box art looks perfect!

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