Resident Evil 6 Playtest: It Plays More Like The RE Hollywood Action Flicks

By Spencer . October 2, 2012 . 5:48am


Resident Evil 6 opens with a dazed Leon rescuing Helena, his partner character, through a series of quick time events. Press A to drag her, press B to pick her up, and tap X at the right time to open the door. I thought Capcom added all of these QTEs as filler because the prelude is essentially a tutorial chapter, but actually Capcom was setting the tone for Resident Evil 6. The game then splits into three storylines: it’s Raccoon City all over again for Leon with a zombie infestation in Tall Oaks, Chris goes guns blazing in China, and Jake (Wesker’s son) runs for his life from a massive B.O.W. called Ustanak. All of them have plenty of explosions, which makes Resident Evil 6 feel more like the Resident Evil flicks than the game series.


re6r re65


I started with Chris Redfield’s arc, which plays more like a third person shooter with monsters than a Resident Evil game. Chris begins his story sitting at a bar sullen about a past mission and his partner Piers Nivans coaxes him into rejoining the B.S.A.A. Their first mission is to go to Lanshiang in China to rescue United Nations works held hostage by mutants called J’avo. Chris, after pushing a reporter’s camera out of the way, storms into an apartment building with a 909 pistol and a machine gun. He’s ready for a war on multi-eyed monsters, but there’s one problem… ammo is scarce in Resident Evil 6. Well, scarce for the player. There’s a clear contradiction here because J’avo have magical machine guns that never run out of bullets and most areas require players to kill all of the monsters before moving on. I suppose you can wait for your computer controlled teammates to do this, but I took a more aggressive approach and snuck around corners using melee attacks. Resident Evil 6 has a stamina meter and it usually takes three bars to finish off one enemy. So after stomping on two J’avo you have to take cover and wait for the meter to recover. Lanshiang’s markets have narrow hallways that naturally split the J’avo up. The tight corridors introduce another problem, though, due to the control scheme you automatically go into cover mode if you draw your gun next to a wall. I blasted and kicked my way through room after room of J’avo and found the hostages in the hands of spider-like J’avo.


After shooting those enemies down Chris and Piers had to escape from the collapsing building, but if you don’t run fast enough you automatically die. The catch is you can’t walk fast while using the navigator and it where you need to go isn’t obvious the first. While Piers or whoever your partner is can save you from being zombie chow, Resident Evil 6 has too many cheap deaths where you have a second to trigger a QTE to dodge a train or where things suddenly crush your character. If you’re planning to play Resident Evil 6 don’t start with Chris’ campaign. Skills unlocked by playing through other campaigns carryover and you will want buffs like extra item drops and beefed up firearm power before being thrown into World War Z.



Meanwhile, a relentless B.O.W. with an interchangeable arm is chasing Jake. Jake’s story begins a few months before the Lanshiang incident in Eastern Europe. Jake is working as a mercenary and injects himself with a syringe that turns other people into mutants. One of them transforms right in front of Jake who retaliates by pulling out his knife, all of which is shown as a cutscene. Sherry Birkin is assigned to bring Jake back since something in his blood gives him natural resistance to the new virus. Jake, being a soldier of fortune, demands a hefty sum, which Sherry agrees to, but first they have to get out of Edonia alive. When I finally got control of Jake he was in a chaotic warzone. With limited ammo I used Jake’s hand to hand combat attacks to sneak up on enemies. Most enemies don’t put up a fight, but Ustanak is another story. He chases Jake and Sherry through their arc and the first running for your life scene switches the camera so you’re running towards the screen.


Ustanak corners Jake and Sherry, luckily in an area with plenty of explosive barrels. He’s a bullet sponge so you might find yourself low on ammo if you don’t trap Ustanak with the barrels. The big boss battles are crossover events where another player can jump into your game to help. Chris and Jake intersect early on when Edonia is under siege from two giant B.O.W.s. While you might imagine bullets blazing everywhere, the battle flows through objectives and quick time events. Since stories overlap you’ll see the same boss fights from the perspective of other characters and you’ll use the same attack strategies.


re6j2 re6j


It feels like Capcom designed Resident Evil 6 for cooperative play since they even made co-op door kicking QTEs in the game. I played a bit of offline co-op using Resident Evil 6’s dual window mode and each mission has points where players split up. Having Piers cover Chris from J’avo while he climbs across a rope worked, but most of the time diverging paths have one player searching for a switch while the other player waits. Resident Evil 6 has two other multiplayer modes the now standard Mercenaries mode and Agent Hunt. Agent Hunt is kind of like Square Enix’s shooter Mindjack since it lets you play as a zombie or other creepy crawlies with the goal of killing a player just trying to get through the campaign. Capcom sent us an early copy of Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360 and my game hasn’t been invaded yet. I haven’t ran into a random ally either, I’m sure this will change later today. If getting mauled by player controlled zombie-mutant-dogs isn’t your thing you can turn off Agent Hunt before starting a gameplay session. Or just turn off co-op altogether and play offline.




Leon’s chapters were the most entertaining part of Resident Evil 6. These missions have an air of tension to them when Leon is wandering through a graveyard illuminated by lightning and tiptoeing through a puzzle filled cathedral. While Chris is overly sullen and Jake trying too hard to be part of "generation me," Leon maintains his cool personality. He makes sarcastic quips like "Ugh, another locked door" and pokes fun at the complex puzzles set up for him. Helena joins Leon and asks "why does everything have to be so complicated." Especially for Chris’ chapters, Resident Evil 6 takes itself too seriously so Leon’s chapters were a refreshing change.




Leon’s campaign also feels better paced since it switches from zombie shooting to puzzle areas and then to mutant bosses. Most of the puzzles involve pulling switches or searching for items, but it’s still nice to lay off the trigger finger for a little bit. Zombies are back because, well, they’re in vogue The zombies in Resident Evil 6 are more aggressive than past games. They’ll pounce on you, throw stuff, attempt to bash you on the head with a shovel, and blindly fire machine guns. If a zombie gets hold of Leon you have to complete a QTE like mashing a button or pressing the right trigger at the right time to shake it off. Zombie (and snipers) can knock Leon down and force players to fight on the floor until you press B to get back up. If a zombie really sinks its teeth into Leon you’ll go into dying status where you’re stuck on the ground. In single player mode, your computer controlled partner will rush to your rescue. This gets Leon (or whoever) back on their feet, but a single hit will kill you. Sure, you can wait, but in the middle of a zombie infestation you’ll want to eat a health tablet by pressing RB. Each health tablet restores one life node, so if you want to fully restore your life completely you need to tap RB six times. Health tablets are made by going into Leon’s inventory, combining herbs (if you have extras), and selecting another menu option to change them into tablets. At least switching weapons is easy, you can navigate through most of your inventory (including first aid sprays) with the d-pad.


Speaking of getting knocked down… Leon’s campaign has this mine cart scene where if you don’t duck Leon gets clonked on the head and falls down. That’s fair, I missed a QTE, but when Helena revived Leon there wasn’t enough time to avoid the next beam and Leon got up and immediately fell back down. Usually, I’m not bothered by QTEs, but I got fed up with them here.


re62 re6ah


I wish all of Resident Evil 6 was like Leon’s campaign since it was the closest to capturing the essence of a Resident Evil game. The campaigns for Jake and Chris (especially Chris) were more like Call of Zombies than a horror game. I suppose the development team was focused too much on making moving while shooting a key gameplay feature. The other element that doesn’t feel right is Resident Evil 6‘s atmosphere. Take Chris for example, when did he get so emo? He must have seen worse being part of the B.S.A.A. and then there’s the whole Jill thing in Resident Evil 5. None of that cracked Chris before, but he’s a drunken mess in Resident Evil 6. And then there are all of those vehicle scenes… Before Resident Evil made players apprehensive about seeing what’s around the corner. In Resident Evil 6 we know what’s there – some mutant with a machinegun.


I am curious to see what Capcom does next with Resident Evil 6 since they essentially present three visions for the franchise. Will it be a four player TPS in the future? An escape from the uber monster while driving a snowmobile game? Or will the next Resident Evil retain at least some of the elements that made Resident Evil 4 a fan favorite?

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  • XiaomuArisu

    No surprise that leon is the best!
    Zombies,Darkness and Leon made the Leon story in the demo the best for me.
    Jake was fun to with his combat skills but with machine guns everywhere it was better to counter with machine guns.
    And Chris was very different.I hope the shanghai level and the snake-boss have a better atmosphere.
    I personally will wait before buying RE6 there a other things on my list more important then that.

  • SolidusSnake

    I had a feeling that ammo distribution was going to be a big problem in Chris’s scenario after playing the demo. By the end of his section I was completely out of even pistol ammo and trying to do wrestling moves on zombies in a frantic shootout. I don’t really mind the idea of Gears with RE characters but why not make it playable?

    • malek86

      Yeah, I didn’t have problems in the other scenarios, but in Chris’ one I found myself out of ammo pretty soon… although I eventually managed to overcome that by mainly going for headshots, but I still hadn’t much left by the end of the demo. I wonder what would have happened if the campaign had gone forward.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    What about Ada’s campaign?

  • Valtiel Ikari

    the moment I read “Plays more like the Re Hollywood action flicks” I instantly went from “Buying it in a heart beat and capcom doing things right at last” to “cheap rental and lost all hope in capcom in the regard for their older tittles”

    • Hey!! At least RE6 had a “real” story…..

      • Valtiel Ikari

        I hear you on that bro!

        *rises hand and waits for a Hi-5*

    • OkamiKing

      Wait so you haven’t played the demo yet you read an article on someones opinion and your not buying the game? I could hilarious reference so many things at this point its not even funny. “The moment you read” shouldn’t beat “The moment you played”. I don’t care if you bash the game, I’ve seen worse on SFxT. But don’t bash it if you haven’t experienced it or BECAUSE OF AN ARTICLE TITLE. 

      • Valtiel Ikari

        nop, I don’t own a PS3 nor Xbox 360, (saving up for PS3 slim or the new ultra slim one, if lucky, should have enough before the end of the year) so haven’t been able to try tyhe demo, but a friend just got the game today so I’m invited to play whit him split screen. I had decided to buy RE6 as one of my first game for the console, but not so much now. I didn’t meen to bash, just trying to put my point in a funny sarcastic way, didn’t aim to offend you.

        • OkamiKing

          Nah no prob. I’m the try it type of guy. Sorry if I came off as offensive

    •  Please don’t say dumb things like that. It just gives people ammunition to dismiss your post, and call everyone who hates the game idiots.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        so I can’t state my opinion on how I don’t like RE hollywood movies and the influence that acording to the article this game has wich is anatractive to my liking in a funny sentence?

        I’m sad now…

  • Luna Kazemaru

    ” I wish all of Resident Evil 6 was like Leon’s campaign since it was the closest to capturing the essence of a Resident Evil game. The campaigns for Jake and Chris (especially Chris) were more like Call of Zombies than a horror game”

    Really speancer… *sighs*

    • Asura

       Yes, “speancer” is really right about this.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Not even going to start this again whatever while everyone finds reason to hate on the game I will enjoy it ok. Good day.

    • Budgiecat

      lol stop crying about the truth

      • Luna Kazemaru

         trying to hard now are we.

    • Is it just me, or everytime somebody says anything even remotely negative about some game, you get extremely defensive about it? Sure, some of the hate is unwarranted, but there’s tons of legitimate criticism in there too. Every time I see you post, you’re always just “lol.Hatergonnahate”, or “OPINIONS, I ENJOY THIS GAME, SUCK IT HATERZ” type of stuff.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        maybe you should see the crap i reply to before you come at me with that oh wait cryin about western dev,and compairing anything action ect to cod or gears is legit now. No i’m not always like that but if that’s how you feel with my posting ok then.

        • I don’t think it really justifies it. I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff we’ll agree on, but your attitude shows a lack of respect toward other posters. Even the beginning post, you sort of attacked Spencer when he just made a post regarding his personal opinions after he played it for some time. Even now, it’s like “I’m the victim, everybody is wrong, you don’t like my posts? Okay then”.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            How the hell is me not really caring if you don’t like how i post playing a victim card. Know what spare me the response to that.

  • Peeka Chu

    The reviews haven’t been favourable and that’s from major sites too.  Usually, with a big franchise, where advertising dollars and developer pedigree hold tremendous sway (see: Bethesda/ SE, and the like) I dismiss popular opinion right off the bat as its going to be skewed, but it is unusual to see the “big” sites turning on a major franchise like RE.  It must be exceptionally flawed for them to take note.  

    Now if the next CoD game gets middling scores, the balance of the world has officially shifted to crazy.  

  • I really don’t get why Capcom decided to use Chris again. Does anyone even like him?

    Give me Claire or Jill or even Barry! He has the greatest lines!!

    • Valtiel Ikari

      and the greatest bear! you can’t mention Barry without mentioning his bear.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Chris has been around since RE 1 so why would they NOT use him clearly people like him -_-.

      • Muffum

        I’m not entirely sure I follow your logic here. Chris is one of the original main characters, therefore he must be popular?

        I can’t speak on an objective scale featuring every Resident Evil fan ever, but most of the time I saw Chris discussed in RE5, it was people bemoaning why it was him instead of someone like Jill or Leon. Well, it was that or wondering about the sudden muscle mass he gained, but that’s beside the point.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Because people wanted to find silly reasons to dislike RE5 granted the game had issues. Now I bet if Chris was in a setting like RE2 was or whatever they wouldn’t have been going there with him. Also I don’t see whats the issue with him getting some muscle and I never said he is popular because he was the original alone but that enough is enough to warrant him as a return and that he had his own game.

          • Muffum

            See, now you’re backpedalling. You originally stated that Chris came back because he obviously was popular, but now you’re saying his popularity doesn’t matter: he was one of the original main characters, so that alone warrants his return. Instead of justifying your point, you’re changing it entirely.

            And you say that Chris being there is a scapegoat for people hating the game, but that’s putting words into my mouth, since I never said they all hated the game. I heard complaints about Chris both from people who liked and disliked RE5. They could’ve been “ZOMG WHY IS CHRIS IN THIS GAME BOYCOTT,” or “THIS GAME LOOKS SO AWESOME, BUT I’D RATHER NOT PLAY AS CHRIS.” Their opinion of the game was largely irrelevant to their opinion of Chris, especially considering I saw most of this before RE5 was actually released.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             I love how you constantly try twisting my words lol but whatever.

          • Muffum

            I am not “trying to twist your words,” as you so nicely put it. If I am actually misinterpreting your arguments, I apologize and ask you clarify. If you say something like that without clarifying, it adds nothing to the discussion other than further antagonism.

      • Budgiecat

        Because usually with RE games they alternate with characters so putting Chris back to back I dunno. Especially his silliness with punching boulders last time.
        I bet if people did a poll, the majority would have rathered Claire over him

        • Luna Kazemaru

           so they should have alternate because he was in 5 by that logic Leon shouldn’t be in the game because he was in 4.

          •  Try to read what he said more clearly. They alternate protagonist between entries; every even number seems to be Leon so it makes sense that he’s back since he wasn’t in 5. Jill was in every odd number though she kinda had a bullshit role in 5. Chris in 5 made sense, but all of a sudden they decided to change the pattern and throw him in again.

            Also, nearly all the reviewers seems to be have a general consensus that Chris’ Campaign is the worst. Maybe it would’ve been better to not have included him and make him even more hated now.

    • MrRobbyM

      I love RE4 more than anything but I like Chris too. RE5 was actually fun for me despite it’s flaws.

      • Budgiecat

        I heard you like punching boulders

        • MrRobbyM

          Oh god. That part was priceless. Never forget.

      • I’m with you, Co-Op RE5 was a hell of a lot of fun. I didn’t particularly like the direction of the story and characters however.

    • Curan_Altea

      How dare you not mention HUNK? Literally the best Resident Evil character.
      In all seriousness though there are legitimate reasons why Barry and Claire aren’t main characters anymore.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    It’s like Capcom fired hundreds of dads of many reviewers from gaming sites. Rage is everywhere. The scores are not only suspicious, but the reasons are unjustified and have little weight as well. Of course, there are things that are bad in the game, but the whole bashing is so unreal. It’s not that different then fifth game, even better in fact, and it’s labeled far worse.

    Keep it like this and we might even beg for RE game to get translated in the future.

    •  AH? I think the broken mecanics are a big deal. Sure, if there are people who enjoy this i can’t blame them, but RE6 is NOT A GOOD GAME. There is just so much flaws that never existed in the series. Not to mention the identity crisis.

      And what about the translation stuff? This series has always been made for America and Europe. There are even games with only japanese subtitles in the series, not voice acting.

      • eilegz

         i dont see so many flaws, in fact it improves everything over re4 and re5, the whole criticism its because it dont scare anymore

        • kupomogli

           You keep telling yourself that.  Whatever helps you sleep at night.

        •  Sorry, but how RE6 improved everything from 4 and 5? The camera is free now( that could be good), but is a pain in the a**. The inventory is poorly designed and blocks your view on the screen. So using herbs now is terrible. Not to mention the “Cover sistem” that takes “horror” to a whole new level.

          • eilegz

            the camera can adjust the sensibility the way you like it i set up mine to be faster at aiming.

            The inventory its better considering that everything its accesible faster via xmb style via controller pad, you dont have to rearrenge like re4 to make things fit or press Y to change and equip weapon and grenades, weapon have different storage than items, herbs transformed into pills its stored in another place and its easy to use, the only complaint its the low storage capacity but then in older re its being like that too.

            The cover system its useless and i completely agree with you on that one but seriously this its not a cover based TPS like uncharted or gears so having some limits its part of the “horror” that everyone miss.

            Again unjustified bias and fraudulent reviews, maybe its not a survival horror anymore hell since re4 its more action oriented but this do not automatically make this a bad game, And since it improve over re4 and re5 it dont deserve to be labeled as flawed crappy mechanics that its part of this series since inception.

          •  Please ignore all the people hating the game because its Capcom, different or does not compare to the older games.

            Now judge the game on its own merit in 2012.

            Still a good game?

            If I want horror I play a horror game. If I want action I play a action game. I don’t play a diluted hybrid of the 2 that does not do justice to either genre.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        I’ve seen games with broken mechanics getting a much higher score then this. Like I said, the game has issues, but they are covering some good stuff with dirt for no apparent reason other then they simply don’t like it. Come on, scores like 4 and 3 are really going overboard…

  • MrRobbyM

    I had a feeling things would go that way from the demo. It still seems like a pretty fun game, just even farther away from being a RE game.

  • Lance Buxley

    Many fans have been in denial, the signs have been there since first footage was shown of the game. Capcom makes terrible design decisions in every one of their internally made and “advised” external games like Lost Planet 2 and DmC now. Bad cameras, bad knockback animations where you lose control, wimping out with regular saves/checkpoints in Dead Rising 2 and recent Resident Evil’s, although it’s probably just as well in RE6 because of all the cheap insta-deaths.

    It’s like all the talent left the company… oh wait.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       So I’m in denial because I enjoy this game. Be right back I need to laugh.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

         Don’t you know that you should boycott everything related to Capcom, EA, Activision and gaming nowadays because we are tough and doesn’t afraid of anything? XD

        Seriously, gaming has become nothing but hate, even treating a simple change as betrayal. It’s beyond stupid and it just proves that if you don’t like gaming then get another hobby instead of spewing hate everywhere.

        And yes, the game is definetely uneven but it’s a very interesting experiment that plays extremely well, looks amazing and definetely packs a lot of content for it’s price. That alone makes it worth playing.

        • Muffum

          Not that I disagree with you on fans in the industry, but you’re talking about a “simple change.” Fans have complained about small changes before, but changing the entire focus of a series is a pretty significant one.

        • kupomogli

          It’s not the simple change fans are bashing the game about.  The game is a third person shooter, and it’s one of the worst I’ve played this gen.  It’s worse than Resident Evil 5 which was already a bad game compared to most third person shooters that were out when it was released.

          The fans are bashing the fact that it’s not a good game.  Being a shooter doesn’t matter.

          • eilegz

            i wonder how its this bad compared to previous re, you can roll, you can move and shoot, you have better melee, you have better and faster storage. The cover system its crap but then re4 and re5 have decent cover? nope. Character movement its more fluid, natural and faster paced than previous re. again i don’t understand how its this worse than previous RE.

            When you compare it to gears of wars or uncharted its obvious that they are better shooter game but this its a different kind of game it dont share or have the same mechanics you cant compare this game with a generic TPS.

      • Budgiecat

        It’s okay to like a game most people find is horrible because it’s just an opinion in the end. 

        • Luna Kazemaru

           most? Last time I check it was split.

          • Curan_Altea

            The reviews are unbelievably mixed. But I’ve actually seen more positive reviews then negative ones, and I like that. I’m tired of games that get all 9’s and 10’s. I enjoy the game, I’m a Resident Evil fan who’s played most of he games. I’m not gonna stop just because it changed. 

  • badmoogle

    I played the demos (both the DD one and the new one) and the game is simply not for me anymore.
    I liked RE4 and RE5 for what they were but this just plays badly and doesn’t have an identity of its own anymore.It seems more like a game made by Focus Groups than one made by creative people.

  • the true RE feeling was gone when RE5 came.
    it replaced the creepy atmosphere with typical brainless xboxfps action style.

    • badmoogle

      Actually it was first gone in RE4.

      • MrTyrant

         BUt RE4 was better than RE5 IMO so I agree with Stale

    • Lol at implying RE4 was “creepy”, the last “creepy” RE was hands down CV, or maybe even REmake.
      RE4 is just as much as an action fest as RE5 and I just smile throughout every playthrough.

      • Budgiecat

        Def REmake. That is the perfect RE.

      •  I love when people act like RE4 didn’t have scary bits.  How about the part when you’re walking around the village at night with Ashely, the Maze part with the dogs, the Sewers with the bugs and of course let’s not forget the lab area with the Regenerators :L
        Even if you didn’t find them scary, some people did and those bits at least had a good RE feel.  I agree that RE4 had its action bits and such but it still felt like any old Resident evil game especially more than 5

        • I’m not “acting”, CV and REmake completely annihilate RE4-etc when it comes to atmosphere, heck even RE1-3 weren’t creepy.
          RE1 had the scare with the dogs through the window, and that was it. RE2 was almost as action packed as it could get for the classic games and RE3 had “tension” because of nemesis, but wasn’t creepy either.

          CV and REmake however have absolutely killer atmospheres.
          All the parts you mentioned weren’t scary at all really:
          The village at night, nothing really happens, there are some beartraps and like..3 enemies IIRC; later on you encounter the dogs but leon has a shotgun with tons of ammo so whatever.

          The maze with the dogs was just a tension moment, no different from nemesis or ustanak; not remotely creepy. Plus the people that get creeped out by RE tend to play them on easy, the maze is -completely- avoided on easy.

          The bugs were hilarious, I thouroughly enjoy booting them in the face when they try to jump you, if anything, RE5’s bugs are waaaay more imposing.

          Regenerators, ok they are kinda creepy I guess? but they are slow as hell and once you get the thermal scope, they become just another enemy.

          The last games with good old RE feel are CV and REmake, even RE1 is pretty lackluster when played now, heck RE5 Lost In Nightmares DLC was more “good old RE” than RE4 was, especially when played with the classic camera angles option.

          RE4 was a good game, but people are letting nostalgia glasses get the better of them; RE1-3 really weren’t as “scary” or “creepy” as people think they were and RE4 gave you as much ammo to blast things away as RE5 does.

        • Internet is Crash

          Dont forget the crate area with U3. until now that place still scares the **** out of me :(

  • isfuturebright

    I liked Leon’s part best, but for me it’s a shooter now. You have to take cover and flank enemies. It’s a good action shooter, but not better then the others out there.

  • I don’t know where people are getting these “cheap” or unavoidable deaths from?
    If you die you did something wrong, period. I got the game thursday and it took me 32 hours to finish all 4 campaigns on -professional-.
    I only really died against normal enemies cause of the outrageous amount of damage you take on pro.

    There were only 2 sections that I disliked and I attribute these to it being on pro and once again getting obscene amounts of damage.

    The minecart section really shouldn’t take anyone by surprise if you played RE4…low hanging stuff coming your way? -Ofcourse- you dodge it QTE style…or just lie down (since you can do that now you know) and just enjoy the scenery.

    There was only 1 “unavoidable” death; “unavoidable” because it can still easily be avoided by not standing in the area where it happens, plus I personally feel stuff like that gives some good “is tha-…OH SH-” moments.
    Besides, checkpoints are generous and you even get titles for dying “awesomely” a number of times; and some of those death scene are indeed brutal/awesome as hell.

    Anyone who’s played any of the previous RE’s know QTE’s are a way to advance certain setpieces or bosses, and it’s no different here so I don’t know why everyone is crying about them; honestly they are only really present at the start of each campaing (4th one excluded) simply to inform the player how to deal with these situations and giving a general heads up that you can expect them in the future.
    By the time you get to the minecart section for instance, I’m pretty sure there has only been maybe ~2 QTE’s in the entire chapter with the minecart one itself can like I said be entirely avoided by just lying down.

  • Budgiecat

    I knew eventually those movies would have a negative influence sooner or later on the games. 

    • MrTyrant

       Michael Bay’s movies? D:

      •  Close…but the Resident Evil Movies…sadly not the CG one 38

        • MrTyrant

           Haha yeah I know, it’s just that destructoid compare RE6 with Michael Bay’s movies in their review xD I love the CG movies of Resident Evil but I really hate the one with Milla Jovovich (such annoying protagonist that she interpret, ugh!)

  • kupomogli

    Resident Evil 6:  It plays more like a really crappy third person shooter.  Jim Sterling gets bashed for his low review scores, but he touched on every problem I was complaining about the game.  I think his 3.5 review score is accurate and it’s about time journalistic sites are getting the balls to come out and tell a company like Capcom that we’re not going to buy into their prettied up piece of crap third person shooter.

    Resident Evil 4 was a good third person shooter compared to a lot of the other games that were out on console games at the time so it got a pass.  Resident Evil 5 was the same game and compared to any of the even decent shooters kind of sucked.  People enjoyed it for the fact that it was a bro shooter and nothing more.  Too bad good bro shooters like Army of Two and Army of Two 40th Day didn’t sell nearly as well.

    Resident Evil 6 has more in it than Resident Evil 5, but more doesn’t really mean it’s a better game.  It’s got a cover sysytem that is so bad that you’re sometimes sticking to cover when you don’t want to, or if you want to actually use it, a better option would be just strafe out of cover, kill an enemy and then strafe back in.  Too many enemies are bullet sponges.  Too many enemies that you know are going to get up once you have to return to that location for artificially added playtime.  Ridiculously overpowered melee.

    It’s Resident Evil though.  Like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 13.  It’ll sell regardless of quality, which is sad, because this is really what’s holding the industry back. Where Shinji Mikami pushed the industry forward with Resident Evil 4, he’s went on to develop Vanquish. Capcom is just settling for crappier versions of Resident Evil 4, hence, holding the industry back. You can bet Shinji Mikami did a big facepalm after playing Resident Evil 6.

    • MrTyrant

       If Capcom could learn few things playing an Uncharted game is how to do a better cover system.
      In the end guys I didn’t buy the game. I liked the demo (really) but I thought they were gonna fix a lot of things about the gameplay and they didn’t. It was a huge dissapointing for me when I saw the reviews, regardless of the score I see that every review even some made for fans complain about the same things.

      I agree with you in everything. I really hope that Capcom open their eyes as Square should open theirs too.

    • eilegz

      while you got some valid points in fact of all the low score reviews of re6 i agree so valid aspects of jim sterling destructoid review compared to gamespot one.

      This its not a generic TPS in fact its not a cover based one, you cant expect this to exceed gears of wars or uncharted plus it dont share the same mechanics other than have been in third person view you are just comparing oranges with apples. This game does not have a definitive genre the “dramatic horror” make sense since its a hybrid game its not a shooter nor an survival horror game.

      In the end it improves everything over what it have been done on re4 and re5 so calling this a flaw, a crappy game its just biased and unfair. 

      You said about army of two but seriously that its a generic tps and have so many issues the same with ghost recon future soldier…. i enjoyed the later but my friend that i was playing this game with decided to drop it based on how crappy it is. RE ORC could be labeled over what you describe and its bad because of it but re6 its just a different game.

      • A hybrid called ‘dramatic horror’ is the problem here. In trying to incoporate 2 different genres, it makes both sides weak. The horror is not scary, the dramatic lighting is terrible for the chris/Jake chapters. For a more action-based campaign, they make it hard to see anything. The gunplay doesnt have any weight to them (RE5 did it better).

        The action is not fun. Capcom should of went all out if it wanted to make a action game, I could respect that move. I had high hopes for this game, since I loved RE5. RE: Revelations had the right idea for moving forward with the franchise.


    There was a time, long, long ago, back in the 80’s and 90’s where western influences were a positive force in Japanese games. You see, back then influences were just borrowed visual cues and themes from Hollywood movies, which helped to make games feel familiar and palatable to overseas fans. Not like today where the influences are reduced to beaten to death gameplay trends lifted wholesale out of fear of slagging sales. These only aid to make the games look less distinguished and more bland, more of the same.

    Western influences today are sort of a cancer eating away at the soul of Japanese games. At this rate the home console development budget bubble that is going to burst next generation and put an end to the overgrown dinosaur that is the home console industry in the west, and east as well by splash damage, will be less a disaster and more of a Coup de grâce.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      tl;dr I’m crying about western influences.

    • This is funny for all the wrong reasons. 

  • Brandonmkii

    I’m playing it, I’m enjoying it immensely, and I don’t regret it.

  • dahuuuundge

    I remember getting hyped for the Re5 release date. I never even know Re6 got released until I saw reviews going  up. What happened to Resident Evil? 

  • SirRichard

    I think I’m going to pick it up on the cheap, myself, I found the demo a bit iffy but it seems like it’d be a nice enough time with a friend. Definitely doesn’t seem like it deserves the Metacritic user review antics going on right now.

  • MrTyrant

    This is the first time that I see a main RE game with such low scores for most reviewer that even Atelier (Arland Trilogy) or Agarest are superior D: YAY!! xDDDD

  • I really hate people think that one game is the entire company… RE6 isn’t the entire Capcom… Though Capcom as of late has been pretty crappy, but Sengoku Basara is actually a great recent Capcom game. No credit there?

    And for Final Fantasy… XIII might be bad, but look at how hard their XIV team is working and how much they engage the fan community?

    You shouldn’t really judge the entire company like that…

  • RaineNythra

    Why is Chris a drunkard? Why is it so dark? Where are my upgradeable weapons? Why do I have to exit to the main menu to read files? Why is first aid spray mixed in with the grenades? Why can’t I run while using the navigator?

    Pretty average overall. Boss battles are cool though, and Sherry is cute as all heck. Anyway, didn’t they say at one stage that the next RE game was supposed to be a reboot of the series?

    •  The camera is too close to the player. They tried to make it as cinematic as possible, but its hard to see enemies. Why bother having herbs in the game when u have tablets??? If this game wasnt called Resident Evil, it would be another genreric third-person-shooter wth clunky controls

  • Hector Velar

    lets all go back to the very first Biohazard, or shall we say resident evil.  It was a puzzle horror game where you travel through creepy areas solving puzzles and defending yourself from zombies, often times evading them because you had very limited amount of ammo…or mastering knife combat.  It had mystery, suspense, thrills, and kept you on the sit.  Nowadays Crapcom has changed the genre to third person shooter with 0 elements of what the old resident evils used to be…why? to compete with the gazillion of 3rd person shooters out there?  I knew this game was going to be total crap, I saw it coming and ever since Street Fighter x Tekken I have not purchased a single Crapcom game nor DLC.  They need to do what Tecmo/Koei is doing(team ninja with DoAV), listening to the fans, executing what the fans want, and stop being so greedy for cash and release free DLC.  Bring back the series to the roots, then I will spend my money on them.  I want a puzzle survival game, anyone?  heck even Dead Light had me glued to the chair for a few hours!

    • eilegz

      survival horror its a dead genre (shoutouts to alone in the dark, silent hill and others)…. I dont mind a more action re but labeling a game to be bad, flawed and crappy because of its not survival horror or for some nostalgia reason its just wrong and about content while capcom did so wrong on sfxt they learned their lesson here and at least ada campaign its being unlocked when you beat the 3 main campaigns there are plenty content and its long if capcom wanted ada could be day one dlc locked on the disc….

      •  I don’t mind it not being survival horror. I loved RE5. RE6 from what I’ve played of it is more of a gears of war type game, but with terrible controls. As a third-person-shooter it fails to compare with whats already in the market. A game needs to be fun to play. RES6 at the moment is only midly interesting. I will finish all 4 campaigns before giving a verdict however.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        I don’t think survival horror is a dead genre, is just dev can’t seem to do it right this gen, and preffer to cash in whit a more action packed horror shooter.

  • l777l

    Worse than RE 4. Well done.

  • res 4 was the best resident evil ever even there were no walking dead

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