Tales Of Xillia 2 Hero Only Has A Bit Of Voice Acting So Players Can Become The Hero

By Spencer . October 9, 2012 . 12:15am

Tales of Xillia 2 producer Hideo Baba took the stage at Machi Asobi to talk a bit about the game. Baba said during the first run through the hero in Tales of Xillia 2 will only have a bit of voice acting so players can completely become Ludger. On your second playthrough you can choose to turn Ludger’s voice acting on or off.


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Tales of Xillia 2 will have a set of costumes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled on November 1. Each outfit will cost 500 yen ($6.40). Madoka Magica outfits for Milla, Leia, and Elise will be available on November 15 for 500 yen ($6.40) a piece. A Kyubey attachment will be available for 200 yen ($2.50) too.

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  • But what if I want Ludger to be Ludger…

    •  The New Game Plus awaits;they just didn’t word it well.
      In New Game Plus, you can choose the “Ludger’s Voiced Dailgoue,” option.

      This implied that he’s voiced, but you don’t get to experience that until you’ve beaten the game at least once.

      • That’s mean.

      • Masengan

        That voice actor must be thrilled. “Great I put all this effort on this character and most people are only gonna hear grunts and skills… I REALLY hope they re-play this game :(.”

        • keithmaxx

          I bet he’ll be the least heard voice actor in the voiced history of the series.

          Also, I don’t wanna be a protagonist who inherits a ton of debt anyway.

  • Mazdian

    That’s an interesting way of implementing a silent character but also allowing development. O.o
    Makes me wonder what other silent characters would say if they were voiced.

    • I got the same thought too. But the voice and speech will let player have a clearer image about the character.

      A lot of silent hero like Link of Zelda, Chrono of Chrono Trigger, Serge of Chrono Cross …..made me spend most of my childhood wondering about their speech patern and their personality.

  • Preposterous, I rather they stay away from silent protagonist for Tales series in the future.

  • Damn, the costumes are 500 yen? Durrrrr…..that’s like 30-$40 for the Geass and Madoka ones. I still have to buy them though, I still do.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      You must be new to Bamco Tales DLC there.

      • Not at all. I bought all of Xillia’s costumes and nearly all of Graces. I’m not new to it at all, I was just surprised at the 500 yen costumes. Before I believe the Geass ones were 300yen(and came in a combo pack) and the Star Driver ones were also 300 yen a piece.

        • Arrei

          These anime crossover costumes have always been 500 yen, ever since the Keroro costume in Vesperia.

  • isfuturebright

    I think that the ideia is great but I’d rather have him talk since I like to see how the characters interact with eachother in a tales game.

  • Nonomino

    I like it so much more when the protagonist has a personality, it makes me care for them.
    Bland characters don’t make me feel like I’m the hero, they make me feel even more I’m not in the story and that I am playing with a puppet.
    When I play a rpg, I don’t feel joy or sadness or fear for myself, but for a character.

    •  I think the key word is: relatable (and/or reflection). You see, NamDai has (IMO) always done a fine job in creating characters most people could relate with. You may scoff at Luke fon Fabre or Asbel Lhant for being emo – or Lloyd Irving being an idiot with philosophical/idealistic tendencies or Emil Castangier being a giant wuss, but deep down you feel for them.
      Currently, I’m playing Tales of Graces F – and even if I know that this is the story of Asbel, I can see myself in him for being the guy who desperately tries to help his loved ones and fix problems. He fails at it numerous times, but he’s a very sympathetic character that you just want to root for.

      But, but… if the game stars a nobody civilian who’s a hero worshipping or wannabe hero but will mostly talk through dialogue trees that not only affect relations but also the future and so, it would be less annoying and more interesting.
      The MC of Persona 3 or in this case perhaps Ludger, are a better type of “Silent” Protagonist when compared to the likes of Crono, Link, Mario or the Dragon Quest main characters.

  • Mister_Nep

    Silent protagonists is one of the few game conventions I hate with  a passion. I just hate how the other characters will have more of a personality or importance, because they can actually verbally express themselves. Doing the silent protagonist shtick just hurts the character you’re trying to play as, because no matter how well you do it they’ll still lack little things like a dialect, verbal mannerisms, and such. Those little things ADD to a character.

    I know the mentality is that it’s done so that you can inject yourself as the character, but I don’t want that. I don’t want to be part of the story. I want to be someone watching someone else’s story. This isn’t my story this is Ludger’s story. I just want to see his story.

    Although I’m glad that Tales of Xillia 2 is adding a voice for a second playthrough. Makes it worth playing twice. That’s awesome.

    • but then there are people like me who only want to do one playthrough :< I'm not really liking this to be honest. 

      • Mister_Nep

        If saves aren’t locked you can probably download a completed save file, and make your playthrough with a voice.

        • You know I still wouldn’t do that :/

  • Alexander Aubert

    please not the skit………

  • Chris Yuen

    Milla as Homu Homu? Oh. My. God. *throws money at the screen* She better have a golf club as a weapon too.

  • Tales_of_Master

    At first I though that Namco is being stingy with the voice acting, but having the VA for the protagonist only unlocked after the first playthrough ? That’s actually cool. Unlike the majority of people here, I don’t mind silent protagonists, since I’m a huge SMT fan :D With all the new additions to ToX2, I’m defiantly looking forward for it.

  • Chiupon

    i’ve gotten to the point to where i don’t expect anything from JRPGs anymore.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This is a different kind of approach here. So the first playthrough will not give us any personality for Ludger however, the second one will give us VA for us to feel what Ludger is feeling there is actually very interesting.^_^

    • kool_cid414

       The way I read it, there is little voice acting the first time with option for none the second time.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        It is the opposite there. The first playthrough you can get minimal VA while the second one, they give you the VA fully.

  • riceisnice

    So player can become just like Ludger, a lolicon.

  • nb nb

    I didn’t mind silent protagonists in the 16bit era, but in games with audible dialogue I hate it.

    I can’t imagine being a character just because he can’t talk… the only thing I feel is the hero being a deaf-mute. I hope movies never import that idea.

  • Called it. Ludger will at least have one or two “Per-So-Na” scene.

  • IshimaruKaito

    hmmmm thats different 

  • Hau To

    Good thing I don’t like Code Geass or Madoka. Whew. My money is safe for now Namdai! I win the war this time.

  • Tien Ron

    well ludger is like what white/asian? so i cant really become him…

  • MrRobbyM

    I don’ really like this approach. I think you should have the option from the beginning, not the second playthrough.

  • Nitraion

    Okay seeing comment in here i assume all do not like suikoden or SMT series?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      This!!! This is indeed the best response lol.^_^

    • Nonomino

      I do love Suikoden, but the voiceless hero is one of the few very things I don’t like about the series, so…
      I was happy they gave the hero a voice in Tierkreis, despite him being a motormouth.

  • I don’t know what the big problem about this is. I mean, can anybody remember Sakura Wars (So Long My Love) for the PS2/Wii? It’s simply a dating sim game x SRPG with Mechs, and a lot of dialogue is voiced – though, not the dialogue when it involves with dialogue trees and all that. The MC doesn’t really use its voice except in the anime movies.
    Also, Devil Survivor Overclocked is coming to Europe (yey!) and I’ve heard everybody minus the MC gets voiced dialogue. Hell, the only time we hear our Persona main heroes talk is when they summon a Persona or use an attack — or grunt.
    Even Super Mario Sunshine had the whole limited dialogue to the main character thing going on.
    It’s not THAT uncommon or strange, IMO.

    However, I do wonder how much choice we have as that Ludger guy. Can he be part of any romantic moments, like hitting on Leia or Milla?

    BUT, to be honest, if game developers want to make such types of characters, they should at least give you the OPTION to alter the hair colour, some facial characteristics, eye colour and skin of your main (silent protagonist) character.
    No offence, but Ludger’s hair kinda bugs me.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I don’t think altering you characters appearance have been popular thing for Jrpg there. Just like how you mention DeSu series and of course Suikoden 1,2,4,5 all of the character there have their own character appearance but still being blank sheets.

      • Unfortunately, that’s true. However games like Dragon Quest 9 included that option and everybody knows the game sold like hot cakes. However, the game didn’t motivate me to go on beyond the first act because it didn’t had the amount of depth and character interaction and colour that games like Tales of Graces or Persona 3 have to offer.
        So I guess if we use customize thing and implement it in a colourful and far more in-depth world similar to the ones of the Tales games or Persona, I believe it will be very successful – or awesome.

        I mean, for starters (no pun intended), what if Pokémon gave you the option to customize your very own trainer. Wouldn’t that be far cooler than just using a blank sheet with a solid character design (It’s the solid reason why I do appreciate Pokémon Battle Revolution a lot)?

  • Andar

    Before everyone on this site goes attacking the voice acting decision, for those of you who are not importing and stand waiting for a localization, realize that this decision may be tinkered with when aimed at a slightly different audience. That is all.

  • You guys hate Persona series…? The MC is ALWAYS mute… Given, the MC also can have his name changed… If BamCo do this, they should just go the full Persona route…

    • enorka miho

      Well, truth is.. It bothers me to no end when I can’t hear their voice.. Not even so much as a grunt…

    • LightZero

      No they should go the full Devil Survivor 2 route. They gave the MC too many awesome lines. 

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I would rather have a silent hero with occasional choices then a blabbermouth who constantly throws crap stuff like ”You can do anything as long as you don’t give up!”. Dragon Age’s conversation system is the way to go for me.

    • MrTyrant

       THIS! haha I hate idiotic characters and most Tales of protagonist are like that at some point even the good ones. If I can keep his mouth shut and choice his response and action, then this is my game.

      • Crimson_Cloud

         True. Although great characters like Yuri from ToV are exception and really rare, most of them are unfortunately rather bland and generic. Persona and Suikoden ones are my kind.

        • MrTyrant

          Im not that fond to Yuri from ToV either, i mean with such a good personality he could have a better girl than Estelle :P

  • Shaun Huseman

    Ugh, why. I hate this type of protagonist. Very rarely is it done well. Id rather follow the story of a group of people, not put myself in it.

  • kool_cid414

    As a big fan of the persona games, silent protagonists dont bother me and since this has a little voice acting it’s even better. I kinda wish since they want to have the player be the hero there would be a female ludger but either way doesn’t really bother me. I have a feeling personality will flow out of the actions and decisions you can make in the game.

  • This doesn’t bother me all that much, but I do feel like I’ll be missing out on some of the game. Having a few extra lines just doesn’t seem worth playing it over again for some reason. I mean the story will still be the same, so yeah……….

    Still can’t wait to be able to play the game though =)

  • Nyandroid

    Not that I dislike silent protagonists. I love the Zelda and Persona series! But I do dislike the idea of a silent Tales protagonist. Not that this is going to stop me from getting this game. And who knows. Maybe they will change the english release so that we get to hear him talk during the first playthrough. That is assuming Xillia 2 comes over as well.

  • Neckbear

    That’s cool and all, but if you’re going that far, then just let us customize the character’s appearance and skill set ala Radiant Mythology.

    Which coincidentally I kind of love exactly because they let you be the so-called silent Hero. Or heroine, rather. Because who doesn’t want to be the little girl?

    I hope Tales of games in the future have more features like this, adding actual RPG elements to the mix just seems something the series really needs. That, and non-DLC cosmetic options, such as your party’s look changing depending on what equipment you’re wearing.

    Such basic things, yet most RPGs nowadays forget about this stuff. /sadface

    • MrTyrant

       It will be tough in animated scenes, events and others extras where we need the face of the main character (such as the skits with his multiples expression in the anime portrait) the problem with Tales of Radiant Miythology was that the main character was non-existent in most dialogues and events, I didn’t feel so inmerse in the storyline, different from Persona or other games like Growlanser.

      You can customize yet you lose others important things but you can put a silent character with a lot of choices and you can feel a better flow of the plot.

      • Neckbear

        You could just make skits from a first person perspective to avoid that particular issue, honestly. As for animated scenes, I dunno, maybe avoid those completly. 

        I agree with the Radiant Mythology part, but I still liked having my own character and making him/her grow. It’s something I love in RPGs. Games like Persona or Growlanser I’m fine with, but I’d rather have complete control over my character’s looks, stats and skills, rather than having a default forced onto you.

        • Christopher Nunes

          Agreed, that’s what I love about the Radiant Mythology series the most! ^_^
          Hopefully there’s a 4th on in the future for the VITA to really take the game to the next level seeing as the VITA is more powerful and can hold more data so we can have more Tales characters in the game!

          I was thinking of 3D Portraits of the skits instead, well take a headshot of the Descender and place it in skit window (meaning the Descender is the only one in 3D with a very anime-ish overtone on it to make it look like an animated skit) and have the choose options like Xillia 2 here for the Protagonist to make it work or go with the Grace f route with the skits but have all the characters use 3D Models instead.

          Shouldn’t be too hard, but you lose the 2D anime skits in return for 3D Models as a replacement as I really like the 2D anime skits. Just some suggestions and they really need to have the Descender Protagonist be more active in the story, show off how cool the Descender is by blocking an attack with his weapon (dual swords with just one of the swords blocking, with fists blocks with using their bare hand, with the bow just stop it with the bow). Maybe we should submit ideas to Baba to see if he’ll consider it? ^_^

          I really like to see the next Radiant Mythology game, on VITA, and being localized too! I would really like that!

    • amagidyne

      Dialogue trees would be cool too. I know they’re like the opposite of what the Tales games set out to do, but it would still be cool.

  • Learii

    so Ludger do talk after all? because i though he never talk

  • MrTyrant

    Baba said “Ludger is a silent protagonist”

    s***storm incoming.

    I don’t mind actually, I am one of those guys that Baba mentioned about. I like to be the “hero” and I think controlling a silent character is a real quick way to do it. So I don’t mind. Turning his voice on in the new game+ is really new for me. Not sure if i will do it but if he retain his personality and choices then I think it will give the game a huge plus.

    You already sold me this game Baba, keep it up.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    Is that Elise as Madoka? WIN.

  • Why not just give us the option from the get-go?

    • raymk

      Yeah can’t say I don’t know why they didn’t do this.

  • Jirin

    You know what WRPG character I feel is the most ‘Me’?

    Shephard, the one with the most voice acting.

    Silence doesn’t make the character seem like you, it makes them seem passive.

    Personally I don’t roleplay to be me, I roleplay to be someone else. I can be me whenever I want.

  • AoNoise

    I kind of think that’s Milla cosplaying as Homura.


    Sadly even if we do get Xillia 2 eventually I don’t think neither the Akito nor the Madoka DLC will be avaible, as happened with the Geass ones in Graces F. ):

    • Arrei

      Although, seeing as Xillia’s localization progress is coming out at a much better clip than Graces f, maybe if Xillia 2 crosses over as well we can submit lots of feedback requesting Madoka costume goodness?

  • Kyuuubeeeeyyyy ( ^.^)/ I do wonder why only on the second play through we can turn the voice off. A little odd but *shrug* I wont be turning the voice off anyway haha.

    • Arrei

      Isn’t it that after one playthrough you can turn his voice ON?

      He basically only has arte shouts, battle yells, miscellaneous grunts and maybe a scant line here or there the first time. Wouldn’t make much sense to turn even that off.

      • Well it’s the fact you can turn the voice **on or off** and my questioning was why you would want to turn the voice off. I mean I get the silent character thing but if off means the yelling and screaming in battle… it’s a bit on the extreme side of him being the silent character.

  • I don’t get it…Woulden’t it be better the other way around(start with voice then have the option to turn it off)

    just seems strange thats all.

  • harmonyworld

    I’ll feel like the hero when I’m able to create and customize my own protagonist.
    I would very much like to be female in a tales of game.
    pawning me off on two protagonist isn’t enough.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Milla and Jude, but…meh~
    I’ll still buy and play it though!

  • LightZero

    It’s a damn shame that Persona is being used as an example but I can’t fault people who only experience the silent protagonist role from that or rather P3/P4 instead of all 5 entries. But I digress.

    Anyway I prefer silent protagonist over whiny characters any day. It just means I’m going to like Ludger. I hope they take a more Devil Survivor 2 approach rather than the main SMT entries or the other megaten spin-offs. It would be even better if we could hit on Milla, Leia, and Muse. 

  • Kai2591

    Just saying, but for JRPGs like this I prefer a voiced protagonist. I don’t even want to change their appearance or name; I prefer a default name, voice and appearance. This is because I don’t like imagining ‘myself’ as the protagonist, but more like watching a story of the protagonist.

    I don’t mind silent heroes if its games like Half-Life.

    In any case, I usually don’t play JRPGs more than once, and i wouldn’t feel like re-playing it just to hear his voice -_-”

    But as someone implied below, if localized this game can be easily tinkered with so as to allow voice or not for the first playthrough. Hopefully.

    • raymk

      I find it hard that a silent protag would be a deal breaker anyway.  Sure I don’t like it either but as long as the rest of the cast has a voice I don’t see why it would matter to much.  If this does come out here I could see them leaving it the same way as they never change stuff like that.  The jpn release will probably have a dlc for voicework on the first playthrough.

      • Kai2591

        Well its not that bad so as to be a deal breaker haha. And yeah at least the other characters are still voiced. In any case we can only speculate what will happen for now, but lets just hope for the best :)

  • “On your second playthrough you can choose to turn Ludger’s voice acting on or off.”

    If a voice is unlocked after a playthrough, what does this idea prove? “Feeling like a hero” (or, you know, actual Role Playing) has never been limited by-nor restricted to- a voice. If you want your character to remain silent at least 98% of the time, say so and stick with it. If you want him to speak based on our choices, say so and stick with it. Having both options will feel kind of awkward, because that’s like muting a character if you don’t want to hear his voice. It may be rewarding to unlock Ludgar’s voice, but it’s awkward nonetheless.

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