Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Flirts With Social Game Mechanics

By Spencer . October 10, 2012 . 7:36pm

The final Bravely Default: Flying Fairy demo lets players control all four characters – Tiz, Agnes, Ringabel, and Edea. Your first quest, if you choose to accept it, is to gather five beast livers for one of the townspeople. You can earn these by defeating Panthers (they’re good at dodging physical attacks) and White Caits (these guys attack with magic spells) on the field. Basically, this subquest is designed to get players to level up their jobs. In the demo, all of the jobs start off at level one, but level up really fast.



While you’re grinding, you can "level up" your town too. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has a town building system where you can send townsfolk off on separate quests. The first one takes fifteen minutes, but most of the other ones take a couple of hours. We’re talking real time here and not Bravely Default’s day/night system. You can shorten the time by collecting more townsfolk via StreetPass and the demo is StreetPass enabled too. Clearing these quests gives the wanderer, an adventurer who acts as a save point and mid-dungeon item store, better items to sell. It’s essentially a social game with StreetPass instead of asking friends to click your cows.



After you gather livers, another villager asks you to bring back seven devil tails. You have to defeat Imps to get these and Imps only appear at night. Imps are more vicious than other enemies since they use drain magic to steal HP and cast fear. Sometimes you’ll see Imps paired with Venom Snakes, which can inflict poison.


We covered some of the Bravely Default: Flying Fairy classes before like Superstar and Knight. This demo adds new classes like the Ninja, Venus/Valkyrie, and Sword Master. Valkyrie/Venus looks like Bravely Default’s Dragoon. This class starts off with the Jump ability and after you level him up you get Crescent Moon, an attack that hits all of the enemies on screen. Jump and Crescent Moon consume BP (brave points) instead of magic points. You can’t double jump, but you can use Crescent Moon twice. This will drop your Brave to –3, which means you have to wait *three* turns until you can attack again. However, using Crescent Moon twice usually kills all of the enemies so you’ll win the battle with a bonus for finishing within one turn. Valkyrie/Venus also get an attack boost if a character dies in battle.


Ninjas in Bravely Default: Flying Fairy are different from the Final Fantasy games. Instead of having ninja magic or knives to throw, Ninja is an evasive class. Ninjas, at least in the demo, start off with an ability that gives you a 100% chance to evade one physical attack. The next two skills they get are passive abilities one grants a counterattack after evading and the other gives your character an attack boost if you evade.


Sword Master has an innate ability to counterattack. Their first battle skill boosts the amount of damage a counterattack deals. They also get an ability to cleave an enemy’s BP which can prevent them from attacking.

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  • idrawrobots

    All sounds good to me. I’m waiting Square Enix.

  • Herok♞

    square please change your plans to include this.

  • Elemiel

    I got a love for fairies and jobs, SE. Just thought you should know that. *winkwink*

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Spot Pass feature huh? Time for another adventure around city then.^_^

  • As long as it’s not “monetized” gameplay “features”… okay.

  • Kibbitz

    New 3DS owner here, does StreetPass needs me to encounter other people with 3DSes on standby and does it need to be of the same region? If so, StreetPass is really never going to help me with my JP 3DS here =|

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      No. You can still Street pass with anybody from different region. For example, my 3DS is U.S region, can still street pass from people with Australia, Europe or even Japan region 3DS so there are no problem there.

      However having JP 3DS does mean you are unable to play any other region game there.

      And yes StreetPass only need you to encounter other 3DS which does not matter it is on standby or not as long as the wi-fi is open, you can streetpass each other.

      Hope you enjoy there.^_^

      • Kibbitz

        Thanks for the info! I’ll try going around with the 3DS in the city sometime to see how what I get.

        • Nasser Al-Ojayan

           According to Andriasang you can also do internet transfer’s through wifi.

          • Kibbitz

            Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… friend going to Japan next week, to get or not to get? >_<

          • I’m hearing a lot of good things about it. If you like the more classical JRPG’s and dig the great soundtrack, it’ll be sure worth your money. Apparently it’s also visually excellent.

          • Kibbitz

            Yea. I tried the demo. It’s not super-exciting and such, but it does feel very refreshing and the aesthetic is pleasant. And then I got a few guys slaughtered badly by walking straight south to the dungeon without any levelling =P

  • I will defaultly want this game.  Is SE Brave enough to get it here?

    • Ahah, nice one.

  • really hoping we see this in the West. Square could use some good games out here.

    • dark zios

      giveme this over ff13-3 anyday

  • Göran Isacson

    Gotta admit, quests that are all about “go out and gather X bafmodads” do NOT tickle my fancy… so is there any chance that these quests are just there for the start to get your characters levelled up and get the player used to the battle system with some inconsequential “starter” fights?

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