If There Was One Piece: Pirate Warriors Sequel…

By Spencer . October 11, 2012 . 5:49pm

onepieceOne Piece: Pirate Warriors just came out in North America and Europe. A sequel hasn’t been  announced yet, but we asked Hisashi Koinuma from Tecmo Koei and Koji Nakajima from Namco Bandai what they would like to do *if* they made One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2.


"A sequel to One Piece: Pirate Warriors has not been considered yet, but if there was one there might be more things I could come with for it. This is a Dynasty Warriors style action game, but maybe fans would enjoy more action elements while beating up a thousand enemies," Namco Bandai producer Koji Nakajima said to Siliconera.


"Since this is a character kind of game of course I would want to add more characters to it," answered Dynasty Warriors producer Hisashi Koinuma.


Koinuma asked what characters I would like to see another One Piece game. "More post time skip characters or maybe a crossover with the other Shonen properties Namco Bandai works with. It could be like Battle Stadium D.O.Musou," I said. Koinuma laughed.

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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    “A sequel to One Piece: Pirate Warriors has not been considered yet, but if there was one there might be more things I could come with for it.”

    ….. Bamco, you don’t need to fake it there.^_^ I know you want a sequel for One Piece musou there.

    If you guys can come out with 3 Gundam Musou, One Piece should be a piece of cake here lol.^_^

    • StarWarudo

      Without a doubt, though the sequel won’t be done for a while. They’re probably going to wait for the manga to get a few more arcs under its belt before starting on the game. 

  • eilegz

    if hokuto no ken mousou gets a new version this will too…. hope they eventually release a new gundam musou personally i want bleach musou 

    • StarWarudo

      Wasn’t Soul Ignition pretty much that?

      • eilegz

        kinda but nope

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I would prefer for Fire Emblem Musou though however with RNG system full force.

      Where even if our characters level up, there are chances that only useless status that grows up or some pawn can actually critical us.^_^

  • Blesmi

    One Piece has so many unique characters that seem like they would be really fun to play as. It was a shame how small the roster in OP:PW was. Hopefully if they make a sequel we get a LOT more playable characters. Specifically Perona. And Sadi.

  • StarWarudo

    There are things I wish they had taken from Hokuto Musou and implemented in this game, like the ability to guard, destructible environments, and hell of a lot more special attacks. On the other side, I hope Shin Hokuto Musou takes some cues from this game, like giving us more melee combos.

  • What I would like to see?  …Different stories for different POVs, more (arc-accurate and Oda-art) costumes… 

    I will admit, the running around adventuring parts weren’t my favorite, but if it were spiced up (someone said something about destructible environments) and less maze-like, then maybe it would be better. 

    My favorite parts were definitely the cutscenes, so hopefully they will be in abundance.  If there was a sequel to Pirate Warriors, though, I’d worry about a lack of story material because not much has happened post-timeskip yet!

    And finally … characters…  I actually liked Smoker, Paulie and Law a lot.  Mihawks, definitely.  (I suppose Tashigi and Kidd by extension, heh.)  Vivi (with Carue!), maybe?  Enemy-wise, I liked Kaku a lot too, but I’m not even sure if enemies are even an option =P

    I look forward to whatever comes ^^

  • Learii

    MORE CHARS plz

  • Draparde

    you know what game i’d like to see a “warriors” version of…alot…but one that had particularly been on my mind due to it’s war elements is the Suikoden series~ 

    on topic, i’d love to see a sequel to this game, with alot more characters, both good and bad guys. 

    i have to question though, has there ever been a one piece game where 
    CP9 fight in their human forms? 

  • More routes in Story mode. Like I want to actually play as the other strawhats as well, fill the places you didn’t in the first game, I totally need Thriller Bark(Perona~)

    As for “free mode” as how I call it, do what if routes or just some different or original plots, that’d be nice, also obviously more characters should become playable, good and bad.

    And obviously add after time skip story as well, I’d totally love to play in the new world.(although it’s not that far yet).

    A more developed customization system, I like the coins, they’re funny but I know it’s possible to come up with something even better.

  • Shogunreaper

    Huh? Why would fans of one piece want a cross over when you guys won’t even bother to fully utilize whats already in the one piece universe?

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Simple: More routes, more characters.

    Would like to play some battles as some of the villains, like Magellan, Crocodile, Smoker, etc.

    Or even adding some more important people during some events. Like seriously, you can’t have gone over the “War of the Best” and completely ignore Marco. He saved Luffy’s ass on more than one occasion. =/

  • next game needs  foxy and enel

  • rinalicat

    I would love a sequel with more characters (as I got all the characters really quickly; I completed OP:PW in 3 days and quickly got rather bored), more stages (especially Thriller Bark, I really want to play Thriller Bark), more routes for each character (as only Luffy can use the special routes while other characters have to take the long way around the stage.), have more players available on online multiplayer and provide tips on how to beat bosses on the screen other than “DEFEAT XXX” who is seemingly impossible to hit.

    Seriously. I have no idea HOW I beat Wapol but the clues never worked and I just went completely MENTAL with my attacks and ran away crying a lot with only the words “Beat Wapol” to go on I seriously wouldn’t mind the words “USE XXX TO BEAT XXX” to pop up once you start it and there is something available.

  • I wish you could play as Mister Buns

  • Klaus00

    make Beelzebub delinquent warriors instead :v

    •  yeah ,,,I like this Idea ..

      or “GINTAMA INSANE WARRIORS”… it’s good right?

  • Göran Isacson

    Characters from other franchises, and effing TIME-SKIP characters… over Mr 2.


    Weeps I say.

    That aside, I would like to see the missing arcs added in and “AU-stories” as there were in Ken’s Rage. The ability to play as some villains would be neat too, even if some of them might be a little overpowered. But darn, if I wouldn’t want to play as Blackbeard, Aokiji, Magellan and Smoker (yeah yeah he’s an antagonist and not a villain, but you get what I mean).

  • MrJechgo


    I actually had this in mind:- The Straw Hats, while sailing on the Thousand Sunny, find a possessed stone that seals them in their own memories.
    – Luffy, in timeskip form, wakes up in the marine fort where he found Zoro.Romance Dawn (1 stage; boss Morgan)

    – After beating Morgan, he goes see Zoro, but upon touching Zoro, Zoro snaps back to his timeskip self and both exit the stone.
    – After witnessing what’s going on, they jump into the stone again to land in Orange Town.Orange Town (1 stage; boss Buggy; mini-bosses: Mohji & Richie and Cabaji)

    – They turn Nami back to normal shortly upon arriving and fight Buggy.

    – All three go to Syrup Village’s memory and get Usopp back before fighting Kuro.Syrup Village (1 stage; boss Kuro; mini-bosses Django, Siam and Butchie)

    – All four go to the Baratie’s memory to save Sanji and defeat Don Krieg.Baratie (1 stage; bosses Don Krieg, Mihawk; mini-bosses Pearl and Ghin)

    – In the meantime, timeskip Zoro gets a much anticipated rematch against past Mihawk. Defeating him doesn’t alter the memory, but gives Zoro a morale boost.

    – Upon exiting the Baratie, Nami gets all feeble and emotional because the next memory is Arlong Park.

    – Luffy cheers her up by putting his hat on her head, like he did back then and explains that she can “change” the outcome this time around.

    – They enter Arlong Park and defeat Arlong.Arlong Park (1 stage; boss Arlong; mini-bosses Hachi, Kuroobi and Choo)

    – They then enter Loguetown and defeat Smoker.Loguetown (1 stage; boss Smoker; mini-bosses Tashigi and Arvida)

    – Before exiting Loguetown, Luffy wants to reenact the pact all 5 of them did before leaving (little nod ^^)

    – They enter Drum Island’s memory, but also witness the events before that, like meeting Vivi.

    – Chopper only gets back to normal when he pummels in Human Point Sanji and Luffy when they tried to eat him, much to Zoro’s, Nami’s and Usopp’s shock.

    – They defeat Wapol and get back.Drum Island (1 stage; boss Wapol; mini-bosses Musshuru and Chessmarimo)

    – They enter Alabasta’s memory, but save Robin before entering the city (Chopper hugs her, which breaks the spell; correct me if I’m wrong, but she did sneak on the Going Merry before they arrive.)

    – Luffy is shocked to see Ace again. After that, they defeat Crocodile.Alabasta (3 stages; boss Crododile; mini-bosses Bon Clay, Mr. 3, Mr. 1 and the rest of Baroque Works)

    – All 7 enter Skypiea and defeat Enel.Skypiea (2 stages; boss Enel; mini-bosses Wapol, Shura, Gedatz and Satori)

    – All 7 enter Davy Black and defeat Foxy.Davy Black (1 stage; boss Foxy; mini-bosses Hamburg and Porche)

    – All 7 enter Water 7/Enies Lobby and save Franky. Meanwhile, Luffy and Usopp get shocked by their conflict and Robin gets a bit emotional by standing side by side with her crew when assaulting the Lobby. All 8 proceed to defeat Spandam and Rob Lucci.
    Water 7/Enies Lobby (2 stages; bosses Rob Lucci, Spandam; mini-bosses Kaku, Blueno, Jabra and the rest of CP9)

    – All 8 enter Thriller Bark, save Brook and defeat Moriah.Thriller Bark (2 stages; boss Moriah, Oars; mini-bosses Perona, Absalom and Ryuma)

    – All 9 enter Sabaody Archipelago, but don’t take their respective places so they won’t be separated again by Kuma. The memory loops until they do.Sabaody Archipelago (2 stages; bosses Kuma, Kizaru, Eustass Kid)

    – Luffy then asks them to grab onto him when he gets teleported, which works.

    – All 9 get to Amazon Lily (Sanji goes crazy).
    Amazon Lily (1 stage; boss Boa Hancock; mini-bosses Boa Sandersonia, Boa Marigold and the rest of Kuja tribe)

    – All 9 proceed forward to Impel Down.
    Impel Down (2 stages; boss Magellan; mini-bosses Hannyabal and Minotaurus)

    – All 9 proceed to Marineford. The stone’s spirit starts to see major abnormalities, as the Straw Hats were not supposed to be there.Marineford (2 stages; bosses Blackbeard, Aokiji, Akainu)

    – Luffy gets emotional reliving Ace’s death.

    – All 9 enter Timeskip Sabaody Archipelago
    Timeskip Sabaody Archipelago (1 stage; bosses Kuma, Sentomaru)

    – All 9 enter Fishmen Island.
    Fishmen Island (2 stages; bosses Hody, Vander Deckens; mini-bosses Dosun, Zeo, Daruma, Ikaros Much, Hyouzou, Hammond, Kasagoba and the rest of the New Fishmen Pirates)

    – All 9 enter Punk Hazard.Punk Hazard (2 stages; bosses Ceasar, Vergo, Law; mini-bosses Monet and Slimey)

    – Upon exiting Punk Hazard, the spirit manifests itself around the Sunny, conjuring past opponents to kill the Straw Hats.

    – The Straw Hats come out victorious, the Sunny gets freed and they all celebrate.

    – Credits roll.

    That would be a great way to tie everything together while keeping the timeskip Straw Hats.

    Aside from that, I’d like to see:
    – All villains being playable- Add Vivi, Shanks, Garp, Ivankov and Silvers as playable characters to the rest of the playable roster.
    That’s about it ^^

    • Inuyakira

      DUDE!!! That will be awesome for a sequel!!! I like that!!!

  • TheGameTagerZ

    This game was bad…and I’m a big One Piece fan. Yeah the cutscenes were nice but the gameplay got annoying and repetitive.

  • Chris Lane

    I loved it. Bring another one and I’ll buy that one as well. If they do I hope it actually makes it to retail this time though.

  • LegendaryLos

    Sadly I didn’t get a chance to play much.
    Got to the first mission the one after the “tutorial” and it would always freeze at the same part. This is on the digital version of the game. If anyone knows a solution it would be much appreciated.

  • DW has very vague story but for OP they need to cover a lot of story for a whole sequel, after sabaody archipelago there has only been one arc (if you consider tv series)

  • MJ

    I would like t o see more post time skip characters added to the game this time like Nami. I really wanted to play as the new world version of her but she not even in this game but Zoro is WTF is up with that.

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