Why Was Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Delayed So Many Times?

By Spencer . October 12, 2012 . 1:00pm

Silent Hill: Book of Memories, a spin-off multiplayer take on the series, was supposed to be released back in February. Then, it got delayed to March. Finally, it was delayed again into October, where it now has a concrete release date.


We asked Konami’s Tomm Hulett, if there was anything in particular that led to so many delays in the case of this one game.


“Just normal hurdles,” Hulett explained to Siliconera. “A lot of the delays correspond with the [Silent Hill: Revelation] movie, because the first Silent Hill movie came out, and there weren’t any Silent Hill games near when it came out. And that’s kind of a bummer.”


“So with Book of Memories, [we were] trying to fit it into the same month as Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection. The game wasn’t quite done at that time, so we thought we’d take the extra time to polish it, and then wait until the movie came out, so gamers can feel like they don’t just have the movie—they also have a new game.”


Silent Hill: Book of Memories will be released on October 16th in North America for the PlayStation Vita. You can find a trailer for the game here.

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  • ffboi7

    in all honesty the demo for the game wasn’t that bad. i enjoyed playing it and will probably pick this up sometime 

  • Whoomp

    Actually makes sense. Konami have again and again shown that they have no problem with releasing downright unfinished games so there had to be something else stopping this from reaching the market in a deplorable state (unlike the “MONTH OF MADNESS”-games).

  • SirRichard

    The problem with releasing it alongside the HD Collection and Downpour was that they were basically giving your audience four games at once, each with its own full price tag, so it’s better that they held off at least and also took the time to polish it.

    The demo wasn’t terrible or anything, but I’m not sure if it’s a game I’d get full-price if I ever decided to get it.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Tomm Hulett is killing Silent Hill, proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wya4XhTPMcc

    • “Proof” from angry fanboys who don’t bother to research the basic corporate ladder of control, contact Tomm or any of the other people they badmouth, and think it’s hilarious saying “butch dyke”. Scholars they are. 

  • midgard229

    this game was awful, I dunno why they made it into balders gate, and even that would have been fine if there are tons of skills, but there are no skills, its not scary, its just balders gate with backtracking.

    and people complained about resident evil 6 -_-

    • It’s not meant to be a scary game though.

      • midgard229

        it isn’t very fun and doesnt any skills, if it had skills i would forgive it, but it gets repetitive way  too fast without any skills or loot. if its going to be a diablo type game then it should atleast be a good dungeon crawler, its just a crawler without any depth and tons of back tracking

    • amagidyne

      Baldur’s Gate? This is a turn-based RPG?

      • midgard229

        ??? Balders gate isn’t turnbased, Ok think Diablo then, or champions of norrath, thats what this game plays like

        • amagidyne

          Wait.. waaaait, you mean the PS2 spin-off, don’t you? If that’s the case, I get your point.

          • midgard229

            yeah haha im sorry

  • Jose Mossel

    I’m pretty sure Tomm Hulett is the reason it was delayed. Anything that man touches turns to “meh”.

    • Brandon

      Considering he was the one responsible for Homecoming being better than the initial concepts, I disagree.

      • Richard Wolff

        going to have to research to confirm if you are right because homecoming was bad……………….to be honest still kinda butt hurt over how bad the hd collection was

        • I heard him on a podcast talking about joining the Homecoming project and, from what he explained with what the initial idea Konami was planning for it, the ideas they had for it was …bananas. I honestly couldn’t believe it. It really would have turned off a lot of SH fans then (more so, at least – I know I turned off by it) if Tomm hadn’t stepped in and cleaned up what he could. 
          The game still has some QA issues, but man, did they dodge a bullet.

  • Hraesvelgr

    It’s nice that they’re finally releasing the game and all, but I think they should get the word out a bit more. This is the first I’ve heard of it actually being released…

    • Elvick

      Konami hasn’t done well with marketing. They just kind of dumped New Little King’s Story out in Europe, and did the same thing for NA. At least Europe got a physical option. Where as NA gets a full price ($39.99) digital-only option.

      Despite them taking the cheap and lazy way of localization. Way to pass on the savings Konami. smh…

  • Xeawn

    I can’t wait for this game! I’m a huge Silent Hill fan and I thoroughly enjoyed the demo as well.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      The concepts of [Silent hill fan] and [enjoying the demo for Book of Memories] put together sound like an oxymoron~.

      • And you sound like a butthurt SH fan.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          An ad-hominem attack. How charming. Is part of the proper etiquette for online fighting that I now say you sound like a ****sucking fanboy? Juuu~st kidding~.

          Unfortunately for you and your tough online guy act, I don’t even like the SH franchise. But having played the first installments of the series and the demo for Book of Memories it didn’t take much standards from my part to realize that this game sucks not only as a SH entry (even if a spin off) but even as a Diablo inspired dungeon crawler~.

          • Its OK if you don’t like it. But insulting other ppl is not OK. Nor is preaching ppl why they shouldn’t play the game. If you don’t like it, then just walk away pretending it doesn’t exist…

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Actually I never insulted anyone, that was you. I said that being a SH fan and enjoying this game which is quite subpar in many areas is an oxymoron. At most it was sarcasm, but far from being an insult to anyone. As for “preaching”, this is an open comment section. Under your logic I may as well say that if you don’t like my comments then just walk away pretending it doesn’t exist~.

            You aren’t going to do that, are you? Thought so. Guess what? Opinions work the same way, moreso when people remain civil. Unlike you~.

            Edit: Do you even know what an oxymoron is~?

          •  I don’t think he’s being a tough guy, but I think you don’t realize that not everybody has the same tastes. I’m a Silent Hill fan and I’m not going to play Book of Memories, but whose to say every fan feels the same way?

  • Cool idea!! 1st ppl might get pull in by the movie, then they can try the games. 

    And srsly, if you go in with high expectation its defin. going to kill your joy. In stead of treating this as old SH game why not readjust your expectation?? Also they are trying out a new direction for the franchise so tht THE SAME FANBASE won’t complain tht they rinse and repeat stuff…. Geez fanbases…

    Also, I enjoyed the 1st movie so I can’t wait for Revelation!! 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I don’t know about the backlash again here. This game is just a spin-off. It is not the main title there so why are everyone hating Konami for trying something new?

    This is not like RE where the spin-off is the one who bring the original feeling like RE:Revelations vs RE:6.

    Does everyone also complain when Pokemon come out with their spin-off title?

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      RE:Revelations wasn’t a spin off, it was more like a side story not unlike Code Veronica. The problem with this spin off is that it has nothing to do with what the series was all about. It works for Pokemon or Mario because they aren’t characters or concepts belonging to a serious themed genre. But taking a psychological survival horror game and making a dungeon crawler out of it makes as much sense as making a dating sim spin off out of Mortal Kombat~.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        It is still called spin-off though as it is not the main series.

        And how can this game had nothing to do with the series? Even the first scenes mention Silent Hill which mean that this is still a Silent Hill game. Some of the monsters also appeared on the other SH series there.

        Spin-off allowed company to experiment just like how Summon Night main title is Srpg but they come out with a number of spin-off with different genre from Arpg with Ys style to Arpg with Tales battle system. They even had another Summon Night with ATB system there.

        “it makes as much sense as making a dating sim spin off out of Mortal Kombat~.”

        I believe you never heard of Days of Memories game there.

        • Mr_SP

           It’s true that it’s a spin-off, but it’s *very* different. I mean, the general genre is horror, but this isn’t scary. The series revolves around Silent Hill, but it’s not set in Silent Hill, even if it mentions it. One of these things not being true would make it a spin-off. Both of them… It’s just a bit much.

          It’s not a terrible game. (not a great game, but not bad) It’s just that the worst part about it is that it’s nothing like I expect from Silent Hill at all. The mailman says the “They look like monsters to you?” line… but he’s selling weapons! It really messes with my immersion.

          • Daru Titor

            Was the mailman Vincent?(lol)
            I remember him saying something similar,
            but then he said he was joking.

            It made me wonder, what if the monsters are actually people but
            look different due to some kind of hallucination.

            Afterall, the only common monster seems to be a nurse/doctor
            but everyone was probably afraid of them as a child.

      • They made a fighting game (Persona 4 Arena) out of a dating sim/dungeon crawler (Persona 4) and it is cruuuuuuuunk.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          And, unlike Book of Memories, it makes total sense because:

          1. There’s more than 30 hours of story~.2. The actual plot of the game is continued in said spin off~.
          3. The spin off is 100% loyal to the canon of the series~.

          Now, of the 3 points I mentioned, please do enlighten me to how many apply to Book of Memories~.

          By the way, Days of Memories was crap. You may as well tell me Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball is a high quality game / spin off~.

  • LustEnvy

    Why was it delayed? They couldn’t it get the game to be fun. Looks like they gave up and released it anyway.

  • suprised anyone is even concerned about this game, looks like some generic ipad game, you can’t even tell it has relations to SH franchise

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