Mundus Returns In DmC Devil May Cry; PC Version Will Run At 60fps

By Ishaan . October 14, 2012 . 12:00pm

DmC Devil May Cry producer, Alex Jones, reiterated at the New York Comic-Con this weekend that a demo version of the game is on its way to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will be available prior to the game’s release, Joystiq reports.


Jones also revealed that DmC’s initial release will not feature Vergil as a playable character and that Capcom have no firm plans regarding making him playable yet. Additionally, Jones confirmed that Mundus, the antagonist from the original Devil May Cry, will be the ruler of the underworld in DmC.


Finally, Jones also shed some light on the PC version of the game. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions run at 30 frames-per-second, but the PC version will run at 60fps and will feature further enhancements over its console counterparts, just like the PC version of Devil May Cry 4.


Capcom showed off new footage of DmC Devil May Cry this past week as well. You can watch it here.

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  • Really tried to have a positive outlook on this game, but the whole Vergil not being playable is the nail in the coffin for my purchase. :/ 

    maybe i’ll rent it.. 

  • XiaomuArisu

    Shouldnt that be a surprise?That Mundus is the big bad,I mean.
    And vergil not playable so that means that little teaser in the end of the trailer shows a bossbattle.

    • Godmars

       Welcome to modern gaming where if surprised aren’t leaked from someone who either dumpster divedor more directly hacked the info, split the beans because they got laid off, the devs themselves will tell it just to generate buzz.    

    • Kris

      Welllllll, I think we all knew Mundus was in for a long time, and the marks on bald dude Mundus’s forehead were pretty telling in the E3 trailer, but only now have Capcom “officially” announced it.

      I actually talked about Mundus (specifically as the man with the markings on his head) with Tameem at E3, and his response was basically “we can’t talk about his identity yet, but the clues are there.”

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    I still haven’t bought the HD collection on purpose in order to buy it at the time of the DmC launch. I would be cool if lots of people did the same, you know, to pass a message as consumers.

    *Disclaimer for the mods: no hateful or offensive content was used in this post, happy ?

    • Kris

      Seems fair to me! HD Collection is absolutely fantastic, and that’s actually a really clever way to both show your love for the series and protest the new direction. 

      That said, owning HD Collection on both PS3 and 360, I think I’ll be picking up DmC on the day it comes out. I’ve liked what I’ve played thus far.

    • puchinri

       Huh. I’m actually glad I didn’t get it yet then. I’ll try to do the same~!

    • Domii

      I had a brand new bottle of “wine”, but it disappeared all of a sudden. I guess you STOLED it.

      • Gaara D.Dragon

        Renting and buying second hand is not stealing. 

        The problem is that many people don’t realize that this could probably be the tombstone of the original series. If you don’t care about Devil May Cry, go ahead, buy it on day 1.

        • Domii

          Yes you stole my bottle of WINE WINE WINE! 

          Seriously bro, let other people enjoy this and stop being so pathetic.   

  • Rei

    Glorious PC Master Race!

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Lol people still say that crap?

      • MrRobbyM

        I don’t think he said it to cause any sort of negative feelings. I think he just wants to express his excitement that he(what I would assume) has a beefy enough PC to run this game at its best.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Its pretty much a over used joke in away now is what I’m saying I don’t even use it anymore more or less due to the fact it always leads to negative confrontations over which is better.

          • Rei

            It does not lead to a negative confrontation if you aren’t that negative about that word. Or do you get butthurt because you don’t have an awesome rig to run it. The meaning is just to tell people that PC gaming are a superior race and we are proud of it. Stop being so negative.

          • MrRobbyM

            Seriously. Sometimes I think people are mean or over-bearing on purpose just to feel like that have some sort of personality. I’m not saying that’s the case, just throwing it out there.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            No I’m not butt hurt over it because my rig is good enough to run just about any game this gen and most likely on to next gen. Sorry I don’t have some superiority complex, Pc gaming a race? Lol right.

          • Rei

            What a jerk you are mate.

          • Knock it off, please. There’s no need to bring up platform arguments here. PC gaming is very much a huge deal and I’m primarily a PC gamer myself, but there are arguments to be made for both console and PC, depending on what sort of convenience you value and your budget. 

            Also, since you’re new here, could I ask that you read our posting rules? 


            Thanks. I hope you enjoy your time on here. :)

      • Asura

         People still say “lol”?

        • Luna Kazemaru

           You really do try hard.

        • MrRobbyM

          People still type with their fingers? Ugh, get on my level. Brain-powered typing all the way.

      •  Apparently, you don’t understand it and felt the need to be hostile.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Yeah because I’m a very hostile person :D

  • ZEROthefirst

    I’m scared of how this whole 30fps on the consoles is going to affect the game. I see a lot of lag spikes coming down the road.
    Oh well I guess I’ll just go back to playing the DMC HD Collection again.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       you do know Battlefield 3 runs at 30fps and does just fine right?

      • ZEROthefirst

        I’ve never played Battlefield 3 so no I would never know this about a shooter.

    • Watch those DmC gameplay videos again (if you were watching them at all). It’s 30fps at its smoothest. YT videos (in general) often tell you otherwise because they too run in 30fps or slower.

    • Kris

      The 30 FPS is actually pretty well done. They did a good job of reducing controller latency to make the game feel very much like DMC3 and 4. That said, the HD Collection is brilliant, so I always support people playing it. XD

  • Why the PC still being glorified? Why not have a game that’s better on consoles or at least worse on PC?

    As long as the game itself ends up being fun to play, I don’t care what PC gamers get ‘cus rather something boring like The Witcher or The Sims over something fun like God of War or Ninja Gaiden.

    • MrRobbyM

      PC’s are more than capable than running at 60fps given you have a beefy enough PC. You won’t be able to get 60 fps on consoles because of a variety of reasons but mostly because the game is using Unreal engine which is locked at 30fps(only on consoles it seems).

      Also, this isn’t some sort of competition, so why treat it like one?

      • I’m just fed up of how PC gamers big-note themselves when reading how complex they are like which version you need, which yearly update, a 3D card/direct card/whatever and every other bits and pieces with complicated words that you can only buy on the internet as well as using emulators (I don’t even though how you download or if they carry 10GB).

        With consoles, it’s just insert disc although even today’s consoles are trying to be more complex than they need to be with installing games and downloading software updates that stuff.

        Also, why lock the Unreal Engine to 30 frames? Why would Epic Games do that?

        • MrRobbyM

          …I hate to call out people for being trolls…but I can’t even tell. I haven’t seen such ignorance in a while and I’m involved in just about every mainstream internet community.

          • Richard Wolff

            sometimes 4chan leaks out

          • I’m not TROLLING! I just find PCs difficult to understand?

          •  I don’t understand how this has anything to do with 4chan.

          • Grenalie

            4chan’s video game board is full of PC master race kind of folk.

          • I’m not trolling, I REALLY don’t understand PC gaming at ALL!

          • MrRobbyM

            Well then excuse my comment, but it’s still pretty ignorant. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean the ones who do “big-note themselves” or are more complex or make themselves out to be. There are assholes in every type of community, especially the console gaming community. PC gaming isn’t all that more difficult to figure out than console gaming. It’s all big and scary at first but it’s nothing anyone couldn’t do by themselves if they took the time to understand it.

          • TrevHead

            The console versions are locked at 30FPS because they aren’t powerful enough to run the game at 60, PC’s don’t have the same limitations so it gets 60FPS.


        • Luna Kazemaru


    • Luna Kazemaru

       ‘Why the PC still being glorified? Why not have a game that’s better on consoles or at least worse on PC?’

      Lets not start this ok.

      Some games do work well on consoles while some work well on PC then you get the games in between you don’t need one to be worst then the other.

      • Richard Wolff

        that’s the advantage of pc everything is better on pc if you have the hardware to back it up ps3 controllers 360 controllers and wii-motes are all easily used on pc gaming and mapped to any input any screen from 1 inch to a hundred is easy to use at any rez pc gaming is superior in every regard the reason it hasn’t steam rolled the market is cost for those of us willing to shell out though cross plats will always be better on pc (even if you have to use a direct 3d over-rider to make them run at 60fps I’m looking at you dead space) but they still sucker us hardcore pc gamers into console’s with the exclusives.

        ps: yes my writing sucks no i don’t care and believe it or not English is my first language.

        • Rez? Cross plats? Direct 3D overrider? This is the kind of complicated stuff why I rather use consoles for gaming and computers for everything else except gaming.

          • Kefkiroth

            Then stay on console gaming I guess. I use consoles for exclusives, and my PC for multiplatform games.
            There’s nothing wrong with either, they’re just generally aimed at different audiences, i.e. consoles for those who just want to play games with no trouble, PC for those who are a bit more tech-savvy and know about modding games, upgrading hardware, etc. No need to rage.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           I’m aware of this I’m a PC gamer myself I was stating that some games have been proven better on the console and pc has gotten some bad ports (dark souls  and call of duty) but yeah I was really posting out lets not start a pointless war that has gone on way to long all over the net.

          • MrRobbyM

            Isn’t Dark Souls better on PC now though? I mean, through the use of DSfix,

          • Luna Kazemaru

             not really the Fans had to fix it >.> the frame rate was worst on that game atleast to me.

          • MrRobbyM

            @ValkyriaXEdge:disqus That’s what I mean, DSfix.

    • Rentekabond

      Well, for one, PCs have much greater capabilities than any of the consoles out right now. There’s also the fact that intentionally making something worse, especially on a system that’s inherently more powerful, is stupid in every possible way.

      The fact that DMC runs better on PC isn’t some conspiracy to glorify PCs, it’s because it has the ability to run the game better.

      • Mortal Kombat uses the Unreal Engine and it plays on 60 frames. Why not do the same for DmC? Why not use a different engine and ignore Epic Games instead?

        • Rentekabond

          Mortal Combat also has significantly less things running on it visually, requiring less power needed to maintain 60 fps. Unreal Engine is easy to use, which is why it’s used so often. And Epic isn’t the reason it’s locked at 30 fps, the consoles themselves are.

          • If I ever use an engine, I’d rather the upcoming Luminous Engine from Square-Enix than anything from the guys who make hyper-realistic dull grey shooters.

          • MrRobbyM

            I…I just…I give up.

    • Asura

       Why the hell would it be better on consoles or worse on PCs when the PC is more powerful and capable of running things the consoles can’t?

      It’s not being glorified, it’s just better. I don’t PC game, my laptop is a joke, but even I know this.

    • Grenalie

      PC is just plain better than consoles on a technical standpoint, better specs, ability to use any gamepads or keyboard and mouse, upgrade parts instead of buying an entirely new box when it gets outdated, it’s also an all purpose machine without having to wait for some netflix something or other update from Sony/Microsoft, et cetera.  The only reason I have consoles are for console exclusives.

    • Mizu D

       By now and with all the reply that people is giving to
      you, I do hope you have found your answer to your question.

      And if you can’t, does it really matter which version is the absolute best?


      For some game, I will get the version that offer a little
      bit more. For other, I just pick the one I prefer the control scheme, or
      convenience, etc.


      Unless there is clearly one inferior version, most gamers
      would still have fun and that matter the most.

  • KingGunblader

    So… DLC then? Wow that’s totally unexpected, Capcom. /sarcasm

    • Kaihedgie

       Guess it’s that time again to whine about the one thing that everyone else does but one group in particular must be hated for

  • TrevHead

    Kudos to NTfor giving gamers the option of 60FPS

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Capcom fans have always been asking Capcom for more PC ports so why not take advantage of what the PC has to offer?  If it sells then we might see more PC releases from them. (though it has no real effect on me at all)

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    As a DLC Dante has to say this:

  • This is my issue with this generation…developers/publishers should have stuck with exclusive games. Why buy a console if I get to play the exact same games as the Pc? Sony should get it’s act together and pump some serious money into people in order to make a console worth having.

    • Domii

      You can say the same thing about PCs. Why build a gaming pc if you can get all it’s games plus the console exclusives that Sony, Ninty, and to some extent MS pumps out on consoles as well?

      Plus, Sony has the biggest first party team in the industry, so you don’t make any sense.

    • Who does it benefit to have exclusives?  Also, why should games have some sort of hardware exclusivity when, like, no other artistic medium or entertainment does that. 

      • Domii

        “Who does it benefit to have exclusives?  Also, why should games have some sort of hardware exclusivity when, like, no other artistic medium or entertainment does that”. 

        You aren’t serious right? 

    • Mizu D

      Publishers are out there to make money. Plain and simple if
      there is a market for it, they will release to as much console and device as


      And least you shouldn’t forget, we are talking about Capcom
      here, who are known to port game to PC. In fact there are one of the few big Japanese
      development company that port their game to PC and Steam. So continuing in
      their history of porting console to PC (SSF4, SF x Tekken RE5), this shouldn’t come
      as a surprise. (but I am surprised they haven’t port RE6 yet but since it
      shipped about 4 million copies and the games is selling well, I do expect a
      port down the road for PC and even Wii I).


      I wish other would follow suit to broadened and expand their
      user base.


      But in some instance, if the fund is lacking, a console
      maker can decide to pick up the publishing right to have it time exclusive or
      the exclusivity for a game.

  • akeboshi

    Still looks to be an awful game.

  • tubers

    Awesome :) I really won’t mind if the PC port was half assed as long as it had it. :D

    This is a good thing for me at least. So, it’s time to wait :P

  • epy

    “Jones also revealed that DmC’s initial release will not feature
    Vergil as a playable character and that Capcom have no firm plans
    regarding making him playable yet.”

    So this is Capcom code for “Vergil will playable as Day 1 DLC”, right?

    • Kris

      I’ve got a feeling it’s “he’ll be DLC if the game sells well enough to justify it.”

    • Bentan

      day one dlc, if you buy it brand new you get him free

      • Bentan

        thats just my guess lol

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Add GFWL and DirectX11 and it’s a Day-1 purchase for me.

    • MrRobbyM

      WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK FOR GFWL ARE YOU THE SPAWN OF SATAN OR SOMETHING? I’m kidding but I’m interested as to why anyone would even want it ever.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

         I like getting achievements for my 360 gamercard. Plus, it’s really funny to play something like Halo 2 or Dawn Of War II just to get flooded with messages about how I’m able to get achievements on Halo 2 or if Dawn Of War II is on consoles. Also… I’ve never had any sort of issues with the system.

  • But this was supposed to be a reboot. Why are they now bringing in more and more enemies from the original DMC universe?

    Mundus was one of the biggest and badest enemies in the original DMC game and one of the reasons for how Dante ended up.

    So now all of a sudden this has more relevance to the original DMC universe than before?

    Please Capcom make up your mind on how much you want Ninja Theory to ruin your franchise.

    • “But this was supposed to be a reboot. Why are they now bringing in more and more enemies from the original DMC universe?”

      Answered your own question, much? lol

      • So they are not making a reboot but yet anoter prequel?

        Then why even bother calling it a reboot?

        • Solomon_Kano

          They rebooted the Spider-Man film series earlier this year. He still swings on webs. They rebooted Batman in 2005. He still had a ridiculously badass car. Even in a reboot there are concepts deemed too important to do away with. That said, most times those “concepts” are characters, as is the case here.

          This most certainly is no prequel. Capcom and Ninja Theory have been clear about that following some initial confusion regarding the matter.

          • To keep it simple. Spider-Man, Batman and whatnot on the comics note are not something that I focus on or are interested in.

            I stopped reading Spiderman as a kid when I noticed that they sold “new” issues with the old content in a different art style. SO reboots are not just m y thing.

            As for the movies I haven´t seen the third Spiderman movie yet. The two before were meh. For Batman, 1 was goofing around, 1 was less goofy and now they went to fully hardshit insane. 3 completely different views on how to show Batman to the people. The only enemy that has been in more than one movie from my memory is the Joker and he was just “comedy act” in the first and the next time he appeared he was shown as the cruel sadistic bastard that he indeed really is.

            1 Character, 2 completely different aspects of him.

            Can you say the same about this DmC title in regards as a reboot? Nah. It can´t decide if it wants to be DMC5 or try to be a reboot and start something new. To much of a mix up with details from the old universe sipping into this “new” one and whatnot.

            So reboots are just not my thing.

          • LustEnvy

            If reboots aren’t your thing, don’t ever watch anything comics related. Ever.

            You don’t understand reboot at all. Core characters, villains, and a lot more tend to be the same, but in a whole new way. It is what it is. If nothing was the same, except one character, that wouldn’t be much of a reboot, more than tossing one character into a whole new universe.

          •  @LustEnvy:disqus

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …Capcom already did something like this. Is the exactly same thing with Rockman.EXE/Mega Man Battle Network series, new story, new characters, but of course, a lot of characters from the original series. In a brand new look and background. I really can’t see how this ruins everything, as I can’t see this new Dante as something “so different” from the original Dante. He still have the bad mouth, the cool act and the stylish maneuvers. Of course, he looks different phisically, and doesn’t have his old hairstyle, but c’mon, the rest is there. It isn’t like what happened with Spencer, who turned out a radically different character, in all ways, from the second Bionic Commando. Or Tokugawa Ieyasu in Sengoku Basara 3 comparing with his older entries.
            …the problem here is that this new DmC is being made by Ninja Theory, a western studio, with western artistic parameters. And people just can’t accept something different. Just because of his looks (and even don’t being the better design ever, I really can’t see any problems with that). And there is the “this is not the Dante we love and care” problem…¬¬

          •  @LustEnvy:disqus With that description of what a “reboot” is I do not think that this is a reboot at all. If things are supposed to be the same character and villain wise but if they are trusted into a new setting then by all means this is no reboot as character designs, profiles, reactions and everything is completely new.

            Other than that I do not really know what I should write.

        • It’s technically called a Reboot Prequel/Origin Story, but that’s not the point. Reboots allow certain freedom like this. Every Superman continuity has Darkseid and Braniac in whatever way, time, shape, or form. Why not Mundus for DmC?

          • Mainly because they at the beginning said it was not going to be in the DMC universe but it would be it´s own world. Then all of a sudden Dante will get white hair and wear a red cloak while in devil trigger, Mundus is still the big bad boss and it feels more and more of a prequel to DMC3 than a reboot.

            The more info I get on this title the more less interested in actually buying it i become. Which is a pity since I was going to give it a shoot. Hopefully the demo can redeem itself and make me want to grab this title. But from looks of things then no.

    • MrRobbyM

      A reboot doesn’t necessarily mean everything has too be brand spanking new.

      •  No it doesn´t. But wouldn´t it have been better to call the big bad boss of the underworld Satan, Lucifer or just about any other name than the original boss name Mundus?

        They are naming this a reboot. Something that is supposed to have little to nothing to do with the original DMC series and they still bring in the big bad boss from the original game?

        Not a wise choice. What happend? Did they grow out of ideas or what happend when this choice was made?

        • MrRobbyM

          They probably want to keep some the old DMC feel, what little remains, in the game.

          I don’t see a problem here.

          •  I do. This title has seen so many many changes back and forth it feels as if either Ninja Theory or Capcom knows what they want to do with the title so they´ll simply blend in as many things from the whole old and new universe as they can.

            Is Dante still getting white hair and a red cloak when he goes into devil trigger mode or did they remove that?

          • Kris

            The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman is not the same as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Different universe, different Dante, different Vergil, different Mundus. 

          •  @TheCleaningGuy:disqus Batman has never been my forte. I´ve read a couple of the old “comic styled” series and one of the “dark knight” in which Batman was more brutal.

            I´ve seen most of the movies though. Different Batmans and Jokers depending on what setting they want. I can buy that. The keyword being “different”. This Dante has to much in common with the “old” Dante. So it isn´t really being “different” as it is being a “mix”. Which is something I just can´t like at this point.

          • Kris

            @manga:disqus But that’s the nature of a reboot. These characters are going to have a lot of elements of they way they’ve appeared in former media. DmC’s Dante is a new Dante, but he’s still supposed to have the essence of what makes Dante… Dante. It should be a mix of new and old.

            It’s weird, in a way, I feel like we’ve already had four different Dantes. DMC is the original, Dante who is willing to trash talk giant lava spiders, but also has moments of (attempted) seriousness. 

            DMC2 gives us a Dante without the levity. He looks cool, but there’s no sense of the flippancy that made the first fun. 

            DMC3 Dante goes in a completely different direction. He’s over the top nearly all of the time, but he does have a couple of moments where he gets serious. Every time we see Dante being emotionally open though, he covers it up quickly with a one-liner or something. I can see how this Dante grows into DMC1 Dante. He’s my favorite. (Actually, because I see the transition into 1 so clearly, I guess I only really see three different Dantes)

            DMC4 Dante seems… slightly mentally addled to me, but that’s because the game’s writing for him feels really forced. They tried to shoehorn a zanier version of DMC3 Dante into a post-DMC1 Dante. 

            So, which Dante is the new Dante too much like? Why does the idea of a mix bug you?

        • Wait what

           Reboots almost always contain elements of the previous series. A reboot doesn’t mean it’s going to have zero ties to the original, it’s usually a way to retell a story in a different way. A lot of this reboot is different, the characters are the same but their personalities and roles are different.

          God, some fans just can’t be pleased. If it doesn’t have enough of the old games it’s betraying the series. If it adds stuff from the old games it’s lazy and ruining everything. You make up YOUR mind.

          • MrRobbyM

            Praise lord jesus for someone with patience for answering.

          • WingsOfEternity

            Finally a proper definition of a “reboot”.

          •  When I first noticed this title I wrote a post in Swedish about icons dying. Everything about the Dante I knew and loved was gone. They had officially killed him from the get go.

            Now all of a sudden he has more in common with the old Dante than the first showing of him and you expect me to be pleased? It would have been way better if Ninja Theory kept the old version of this “new” Dante and branched of into a whole new level of reboot instead of simply starting to add more and more of the old Dante into him.

            Had they gone more and more into a new branch without adding in more and more of the old I would have been more pleased. Then I could have seen this as another branch of the universe, a second style for it if you like. But as things are now they just mix and mash everything up between old and new and it just doesn´t fare well with me. It isn´t a DMC5 but the more info I learn the more I get the feeling it isn´t a reboot either. It´s like a parallell universe in which a reboot and the old series mix.

            So I have made up my mind ages ago. This game in anything else than maybe combat play will suck. This isn´t the Dante I´m looking for.

            Simple as that.

          • MrRobbyM

            “Now all of a sudden he has more in common with the old Dante than the first showing of him and you expect me to be pleased?”

            No, not really. I don’t think NT or Capcom are only catering to you. So say what you want about the game, but it’s a reboot.

  • Bentan

    goddamnit PC……. why you so master race

  • So what is the difference of 30 fps and 60 fps?… except the amount of frame number per second, is it really affecting gameplay?

    • Romangelo

      The human eye and its brain interface, the human visual system can process 10 to 12 separate images per second, perceiving them individually.

    • Tatsuya1221

      The easiest way to say it is the game runs smoother, and in some games (such as the sonic games from the us/jp and eu versions) the game can run faster through higher fps.

      In the case of fps, 60 is the ideal framerate for any game on a console, but is not required in some games, in a game like DMC though, the framerate may have a pretty large effect on the gameplay, but honestly that’s dependent on how it’s built.

      Basically, a higher framerate is almost always better.

      • Derek E Nay

          Some games are built to be played in 30 fps and have effects to make it seem smoother. Dark Souls it one. The animations and blur effects shows how a game can be built on smaller fps. (PC mods unlocks the 30 fps to 60 fps, but when the mod first came out the game’s speed and animations were all off.)

         DMC may of went the 30 fps route due to the limits of the 360 and PS3, trying to keep the graphics nice but reducing the frames. Unlocking 60 fps for PC shows that they want it 60 fps, but can’t seem to do it on the 360 and PS3.

         A little off topic, but DMC 4 on the PC is really good port. I had a crappy computer and had to play the game with no AA and a small resolution that made the graphics crap. But oh my god the FPS was amazing and kept it at 60 fps.

        • It was good because it was not a port, mt framework is a pc engine.

    • z_merquise

      I asked the same thing many months ago in another forum. I hope this may also help:

  • Sperium3000

    Note that they didn’t specify that Mundus will be the antagonist of DmC. Possible plot twist? Also, if Vergil won’t be playable, then I’m pretty sure he’ll be a boss now.

  • Ultimaniacx4

    Seeing as how this isn’t the real Dante I’m assuming it’s not the real Mundus either so I think ‘returns’ is the wrong word to use in the title.  ‘Appears’ seems more appropriate to me.

  • neo_firenze

    Can someone more familiar with the PC DMC4 enlighten me as to how it was enhanced over its console counterparts?

    From all I’ve seen of DMC (including playing the PS3 demo), I’m not paying $60 for this thing on consoles – and this is despite being a hardcore Capcom fan for the past couple decades who generally buys anything they release. I don’t like the combat system changes, and I really don’t like this Dante’s obnoxious attitude (including the excessive swearing, which really comes across as adolescent and annoying – it’s totally off-putting to me).

    But if the PC version is truly improved (and things like 60FPS versus 30FPS do matter to me in this kind of game), and there’s a nice Steam sale some time in the future, I’ll keep the PC version on my radar if I see a bargain.

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