Atelier Totori Plus Has PS3 Downloadable Content And This Stone Golem Boss

By Spencer . October 15, 2012 . 1:44am

One of the main new features in Atelier Totori Plus is the Orthogalaxen challenge dungeon. Gust designed this area for high high level players and added new enemies plus bosses like the Guardian. You can earn rare materials from visiting Orthogalaxen and items to create costumes.


totori2 totori3 totori4 totori5


Atelier Totori Plus also has the DLC characters from the PS3 version. Rorona’s best friend and guild manager Cordelia, Sunrise Cafe chef Iksel, and Totori’s elder sister Ceci are in the game.


totori6 totori7 totori8 totori9 totori10 totori11


Atelier Totori Plus has a dressing room where you can choose accessories and costumes. Add the glasses to make Totori look older or pick the apron dress and white prim to create a maid costume. Gust hopes a pair of swimwear will encourage fans to get the PlayStation Vita version. First print copies include a code to get an angel swimsuit and devil bikini. Atelier Totori Plus comes out on November 29.


totori12 totori13 totori14 totori15 totori16 totori17 totori18



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  • I’m gonna buy this if it get localized, never play Atelier series before so excitedXD

    • Peeka Chu

      It will. NISA are fairly consistent with their localization efforts.  

      • You think they’ll go Dual-Audio with this game? I’d heard the console versions had it, but considering this will be portable, I’m wondering if there will be enough space for it…

        • Belenger

          Vita proprietary cards look pretty much as SD cards, so if anything their space will be 4/8/16/32gb, this is a wild guess, so far the biggest Vita game I have encountered has been Dj Max Technika Tune being something around 3305mb, Totori PS3 game is 4.09gb including the uncompressed .bik video files.

          It would be safe to assume they would have enough space for the game exactly as PS3, without even compressing textures.

          In fact it’s fun to note that space has never been the issue when going dual-audio it has been always a problem with licenses over the voices and how lack of communication happens between japan and overseas, the industry lead us to “believe” that in the PS2 era there was “not enough space for more audio”, but that’s a painful lie, psp on the other hand does have a few games where they stretch to the limit of what UMD can give like Birth by sleep, Type 0, and many unlocalized games.

          • Elvick

             NISA even on the PS2 had dual audio. Not sure if it’s all their games, but Ar Tonelico had it. (although it didn’t in the short anime scenes for whatever reason)

  • Peeka Chu

    I wish that they updated the NG+ feature to allow you to keep levels, not just recipes and money on further play-throughs.  That was what I disliked about Rorona the most. 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Using swimsuit to attract buyers……. uukhhh I am attracted indeed.^_^

  • Deathgod881

  • AndyFe

    Man they really wanted to put her in a bikini didn’t they? the devil one is kinda awesome for her hahaha. To tell the truth I like her in her regular dress though Still wish they will put in her Meruru design

    Those red glasses are a little weird on her but still cute

    • raymk

      Well they already had her in a bikini in the game so I guess the next step was to make it usable.  Personally I would have like the bikini more if it looked better, though I do like that devil one.

  • i bought the ps3 version but have not tried yet..
    somehow playing on vita is so zen.

  • Must resist buying white angel swimsuit… Must… not resist… Plz release it in English, My Vita needs more love!

  • raymk

    I kinda wish that the other characters could get costumes but oh well its least she has them.  I knew a maid costume couldn’t be far off after the nurse look.  I wonder now if she’ll have an schoolgirl costume look as that seems to be one of ones missing.  Me pesonally I want another kind of alchemist costume with pants for her, and I want a bunnygirl costume as well they haven’t covered that one either.

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