Sony Has Two New PlayStation Vita Bundles For Japan

By Spencer . October 15, 2012 . 12:27am

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced two new PlayStation Vita packages. The Starter Pack includes a 3G/Wi-Fi unit, 4GB memory card, and one of Japan’s best selling Vita games Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational for 29,980 yen ($381). At launch, a 3G enabled Vita was 29,980 yen and it didn’t include Hot Shots Golf or a memory card. The Starter Pack goes on sale on November 22.



The Bonus Pack is geared towards gamers who like to download games. You get a 3G/Wi-Fi Vita, screen protector, cradle, and 32GB memory card for 34,980 yen ($445). Sony will sell the Bonus Pack a week earlier on November 15.



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  • Vitor Duarte

    WTF Sony, people won’t buy this with these prices. Stop making stupid bundles and lower the damn price.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Sony already mention that they are not going to lower the price this year.

      Nothing new? At least they are trying to sell the bundle there even though, I cant see this move a lot of buyers.

    • You don’t even bother to take Yen to US dollar conversion into account..

  • Peace Legacy

    …you can buy a decent PS3 model and a bargain game with that kind of money…and I am not talking about NA, I am talking about Australia where every electronic item is at least $50-$100 dollar more expensive

    • Elvick

       And the PS3 is 6 years old.

      This kind of statement has never made sense.

      I could buy a SNES for a $1 at a garage sale somewhere. So my PS Vita should only cost a $1 too.

  • Gurbinder Nagra

    Well, the prices still remain expensive for me. But I can see how they price it from their perspective too. The vita is worth $250, but not many people will buy it at $250.

    I just got one a few weeks ago (used) for $150 with a 4gb and uncharted. So far I already got LBP and WipEout, this system is incredible.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      The price for the PSV is OK for what you get, I don’t think it’s a rip off. The problem is that in the current market where multi purpose devices go for about the same prices, the PSV’s price is simply not competitive. There are many reasons why it’s selling like crap, but lack of a competitive price is one of those reasons~.

      • Mizu D

        Decent price for the hardware but overprice for the
        proprietary memory card.


        But the price is not the problem.The value is there, we got good game for a good price.


        The real problem is how Sony is marketing the device.

        It is a mush have device? No.


        They don’t have the marketing and the hype of an Apple
        products or even Samsung, Nintendo or Microsoft.


        Since the PS2, Sony wasn’t able to market most of their
        devices into must have status.


        It is playing catch-up and that is the problem.


        If people are lineup to buy a yearly iPad for 599$ and more,
        why won’t people get a PS Vita for 249.99$?


        We might said they are not targeting the same market but at
        the same time, what is the market that Sony targeting with the Vita? That is
        another problem with the device, an identity. It is a port heavy console (so
        far that what we seen) or niche device. The recent Sony TGS show didn’t remedy
        most of the problem the console have and its future is still uncertain. Let see
        how it fare during this year holiday.

        • I agree with most of this, and the issue is that Sony is a corporation that is too big for itself. There’s a reason why they have been underperforming while still being in the market. Investors just won’t stop financing Sony but they will not finance enough for them to advertise their products.

          The fact that they announced that they will have one single advertising agency in Europe now instead of the 10 they had before tells a lot about Kaz knowing the issues they have.

          Sony is almost done with lay-offs too. I think they planned to free 10K and they have done so by selling portions of their TV division, closed down Zipper Interactive and Studio Liverpool as well. Of course in that same period of time Sony acquired EMI (just the record label, WMG bought the catalogue), and Gaikai.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

         Then why is the 3DS selling so well? It’s not much more powerful than a PSP, has low-quality, low-resolution LCD screens, worse battery life than the 20x as powerful Vita and its control inputs are disappointing(no right circle pad? Pff). What’s so crazy is that it launched at the same price as the Vita and at that way-too-high price it sold better than the Vita… even though it got less decent games during its first nine months.

        So yeah, it’s all about advertising. Quality apparently doesn’t matter anymore, as long as you have a massive advertising budget. I’m kinda ashamed of gamers these days.

  • riceisnice

    I just don’t know. The Vita’s future is so unpredictable.

    • Sardorim

       Look at it this way, things can only go up when you’re at the bottom. =D

      I’m just waiting for a Super Robot Wars title before I get a Vita.

    • AyaisMUsikWhore

      I guess that makes sense but it’s the media that is making it so and all the heavy emphasis on sales. The vita is doing fine and it will overcome this storm that people are worried about. Sony already has the future laid out and they can’t turn back now….Let’s just say, they’ve already invested too much. 

  • Learii

    that what i need

  • The “Bonus Pack” is actually pretty decent

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