One Guy StreetPassed The Producer Of Bravely Default, Now Has Him As A Summon

By Spencer . October 16, 2012 . 1:58am

Tomoya Asano, the producer of Bravely Default, was hanging around Tsutaya and Shinjuku checking out the DS station, the area where you can StreetPass with the store. One player who was just starting out with the game ran into Asano.



Asano confirmed that StreetPass was indeed him on Twitter. That player can now summon one of Asano’s characters in battle using Bravely Default’s unique StreetPass summon system.

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  • lol thats awesome. I want to go there eventually.

  • that’s pretty lucky lol

  • That’s sweet. I like it when the people behind the games do personal acts like this.

  • XypherCode

    Good for him. :)

  • Kai2591

    that’s so cool~

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    What luck lol


  • Christopher Dean

    Heh that’s awesome, bragging rights x1000.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


  • kuroneko0509


  • キロ

    When studying abroad in the United States, it is definitely more rare to get streetpasses, I noticed! Maybe there should be more opportunities and promotions for it! ^^/

    I want to streetpass Reggie and see if I can use him as a summon! XD

    • Alphabet Soup

      Haha, yeah I wish there were more opportunities to “StreetPass” in the US as well.  I guess we’re so spread out and reliant on cars rather than public transit and walking, so it just doesn’t happen as often.  :( 

      • キロ

        That is true, very spacious compared to what I am used to XD Out of curiosity, how many streetpasses do you get on average in a day/week/month?

    • puchinri

       I got quite a few at my college, and was hoping to get some at the library (the students weren’t around with their bags though, sadly) but I notice some places offer great opportunities while others, not as much.

      Personally, I believe more game and electronic stores in general should offer streetpass opportunities more often. It’d probably benefit places like Target and Wal-Mart too if they connected it with some event.

  • shame this game will never come out in the EU:( even if it does, it’ll probably be 2015 or something lol.

  • My RSS showed the title “One Guy StreetPassed The Producer Of Bravely Default, Now…” Man, I thought the rest said “…now facing charges”.

  • I hope Bravely Default “StreetPasses” it’s way over to other countries as well. Meow! =^_^=

  • Shadowman

    Congratulation you lucky S.O.B^^

  • puchinri

    How fortunate~! The Flying Fairy is smiling down at him. ;u;
    Ugh, now I wanna go to Japan and walk around Kyoto and see if I can get Iwata or Miyamoto or something. >3<

    • キロ

      XD I had a foreign exchange friend from the United States stand outside the Nintendo Kyoto Headquarters for over four hours in the exact same spot, hoping to streetpass employees, but specifically Mr. Iwata. Eventually, two employees came out and asked him what he was doing, and when he attempted to explain in Japanese what he was doing, it ended with him getting kindly removed from the site!

      He forgot it was not called “StreetPass” in Japanese, and only remembered the correct term on his way back to the train station hanging his head XD… I felt terrible for him, and wish I could’ve explained his circumstances better! Though I think they may have removed us anyway…

      • puchinri

         That’s hilarious! The poor guy, I can only imagine. x’D

        Well, if he ever tries again, I wish him much luck. I would love the chance to try, even if I got removed from the area.

        • キロ

          Right? XD He said it was still a nice experience in the end, and a chance is better than none, how optimistic!

          He also got someone from Hokkaido and Okinawa, so didn’t have to worry about filling those two regions up XD So not a total loss!

          • puchinri

             Aww, well that’s always good, and that it was worth it at all is what counts!

            That’s ultra lucky! I really envy him. x’D

  • raymk

    I just want the game,until then these articles do nothing but make me sad.

  • I got the game right here in front of me and I’ll probably never StreetPass anyone with my Japanese game in Canada.


  • Jonathan Lucero Rosales

    Lucky bastard

  • I hope someone managed to streetpass Akihiko yosihda and Tetsuya Nomura and see how their in-game char info is like.

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