Fighting Vipers, Virtual Fighter 2, And Sonic The Fighters Coming To PSN/XBLA This Fall

By Spencer . October 17, 2012 . 7:25pm

Sega is getting back into the fighting game ring with arcade game ports. The "Model2 Collection" includes Virtual Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers, and Sonic the Fighters. All three games have been upgraded with online play are slated for release this fall on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Cyber Troopers Virtual On and Virtua Striker are also on their way to PS3 and Xbox 360 at a later date.


Virtual Fighter 2 has more enhancements like spectator mode and the option to switch between Version 2.0 and Version 2.1. Fighting Vipers has Mahler, a secret character in the Saturn version, available from the beginning. This version of Sonic the Fighters makes boss characters Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman playable.


image Virtua Fighter 2

Fall 2012 release
PlayStation Network – 800 yen
Xbox Live Arcade – 800 Microsoft Points
Has online play and spectator mode


image Fighting Vipers

Fall 2012 release
PlayStation Network – 800 yen
Xbox Live Arcade – 800 Microsoft Points
Has online play


imageSonic the Fighters

Fall 2012 release
PlayStation Network – 800 yen
Xbox Live Arcade – 800 Microsoft Points
Has online play

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  • Shane Guidaboni

    Sonic the Fighters is horrible. Why are they giving it online play? 

  • ooooo nice, i know a friend who will be happy about Metal Sonic and Eggman being playable

    Edit OMG VIRTUA ON?! Oh Sega you’re being cool again

  • Shadowman

    Spotted a glitch on 0:33 of the video and is Honey from Fighting Vipers related to the Honey on Sonic Fighter like some sort cross-over?

    • sibarraz

      I think that was a way to say ”the original bugs will be here too”

  • M.

    This is awesome but come on Sega, SHOW SOME LOVE, and have some respect to the fans that would rather have the shining series or the panzer dragoon series or those small gems caught in time, we need more Saturn releases. people want this stuff, Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

       Kind of Hard to port a game that the source code to is long missing/lost.

      • manobon

        Wait, what?

        • Mister_Nep

          The Rev is referencing that the source code for Panzer Dragoon Saga is forever gone. There’s never a chance of it ever getting re-released. I think it was lost in a fire or something. 

          The point, though, is that Saga is a lost title in the series, and a copy of the game probably runs around $200. It’s been a while since I looked it up, but it’ll be around that price range.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Virtua Striker.^_^ GIHHHHHH Nostalgiagasm MAXXX!!!!

  • ddh819

    wait wait wait, Virtual On should have been in the headline! you can’t just sneak that in at the end!

  • Virtual On? Oh man I…I can feel my wallet tingling! 

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    There is a Sonic fighting game?! Man, Sonic punching enemies…

    • kevinposta

      Fun fact, most of his Brawl moveset is based off this game :p

    • AnimeRemix

      Sonic The Fighters/Sonic Championship released way back in 1996 for Arcades. =)

  • alixraen

    FUCK YES, I’ve been wanting to play Fighting Vipers ever since my Saturn broke down (it’s given me so many years of good service *salute*) – I’m so amped right now!

  • alixraen

    YES! I’ve been wanting to play Fighting Vipers ever since my Saturn broke down (it’s given me 17 years of faithful service) – but I’m so amped!

  • Dynami

    Honey the Cat was a FV reference character that was scrapped from the original Sonic the Fighters – her inclusion is notable and should be mentioned in the article.

    VOOT (Virtua On Ontario Tangram) is already on XBLA, no? I still need to pick that up. Did it even come to PSN?

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

       VOOT is but the original isn’t

    • Kris

      Nope, no VOOT on PSN.

  • That’s nice but what about Shenmue 1 and 2? I would buy 3 copies each.

  • malek86

    A Model 2 collection without Sega Rally Championship? What is this madness!

    • TrevHead

      Hopefully this means Sega has something special planned for Sega Rally

  • Göran Isacson

    Honey, watch out! That hedgehog is a real menace around pretty young human ladies!

    Okay I’m sorry, no more 2006 jokes. Most interesting games here for me would be Virtual On and Fighting Vipers. I never got the opportunity to play them way back when, so I’d be interested to know what I’ve missed out on… anyone here who’s played Fighting Vipers and can tell me if it’s any fun or not? Is it like Virtua Fighter, or different somehow?

    • Gordy Wheeler

      I would say Fighting Vipers plays a bit like a proto-version of the Bloody Roar games. Lots of juggling, big focus on knockback attacks, walled arenas, except FV has an armor and armor-breaking system.

      I’m kinda hoping this means we’ll get Fighters Megamix, someday.

      • Göran Isacson

        Sounds cool, I like what little I’ve played of Bloody Roar well enough. And Fighters Megamix, there’s another name that’s familiar even though I never played it! If memory serves me correctly, it was also the first “inter-company cross-over fighting game”, no? I think that Capcom released Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter before Fighters Megamix, but FM was the first game to feature multiple characters from different franchises owned by a single game company, no?

  • Zonic505

    Hoping we get the bundle mentioned in the video description. As cool as it is that Sonic The Fighters has Metal Sonic, Eggman, & the hidden-in-ROM Honey The Cat, I cannot make myself spend $10 on this game when I played it on Sonic Gems Collection.

    Now bundled together with Fighting Vipers & Virtua Fighter 2? Priced reasonably, I’d bite.

    Also, I seriously hope this means we’ll see Fighters Megamix ported sometime soon with online play.

  • I can´t wait to see Sonic the Fighters and Cyber Troopers Virtual On coming to the European PSN :3 — or US PSN >:3

  • Wanna get them all, but I wish there will be a retail collection so I can save memory and time in that case…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    MAN THATS AWESOME  * already own Soinc the fighters*

  • Z3

    I remember playing fighting Vipers with my friends, Honey <3

  • Fulvio84


  • KyoyaHibari

    I remember having fun with Sonic the Fighters 10 years ago, but I heard reviews were really shoddy, I’d have to see how it holds up and if they improved the game.

  • AaqibRawat

    Sega are really pushing there old gems out on the 360 and ps3 !

    Awesome shining force 3 scenario 2-3 in English 

    shining the holy the ark 

    fighters mega mix 

    and all panzer dragoon games next please ! :P

  • Armane

    “The Model 2 Collection”
    Damn, I was stoked about this until I noticed it wasn’t an actual collection. I mean, of those games I’d buy… well none of them on their own, but bundle all 5 together for a decent price? I’d even play Virtua Striker, and I don’t even like sports games.

  • what about last bronx??? top skater??? virtua cop??? dynamite cop??? sega rally??? that rare tank game (forgot the name)… oh well, hopefully this means a model3 collection is in the works…

  • Dirk Posey

    I am waiting for fighter megamix 

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