Imageepoch CEO Interested In Making Sol Trigger Sequel, Perhaps For Vita

By Spencer . October 19, 2012 . 2:38am

soltriggerRyoei Mikage, founder and CEO of Imageepoch, finally released Sol Trigger and 4gamer asked him what he is planning to do with the IP. Mikage said he isn’t interested in making an anime version and hopes he gets a chance to make a sequel to Sol Trigger.


When asked about moving on to new hardware, Mikage jokingly said perhaps his next game will be a PlayStation Vita title.


Sol Trigger came out on October 4 for PSP and has sold 52,234 units so far.

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  • tubers

    Yes please! I’d love to see a VITA game that has enough gameplay and look pretty darn attractive.. I bet they could pull off pseudo PS3 visuals of they maintain the more often than not “static” theme.

    • Z3

      Yeah like Gods Eater 2 visuals

      • tubers

        I am hoping for something better. :)

        Since GE2 had to take in consideration of being able to adhoc with the PSP and that GE2 has a more active and open gameplay..

        If the next Sol Trigger sticks with more static bgs, limited angles and slower paced gameplay.. I hope they go crazy with textures and geometry :D

  • Ladius

    Sol Trigger is the only ImageEpoch game I’m really interested in, it’s a shame there’s no chance to see it in English (unless a fantranslation happens, that is).

  • Raze

    I think its cool…
    Need more love for Wilma and Cyril…

  • xavier axol

    oh pleassssseee! it’s time to move on, the psp was a great hardware but it’s really time to move on. sony should be encouraging these people to develop for this gen handheld and while they’re at it it would be awesome to get borderlands 2 on the vita (come on! even the ceo of gearbox was for it, he practically said ” i really want for sony to port borderlands 2 to the vita” *hit! *hit!.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That was the CEO of Gearbox, actually — the awesome Randy Pitchford — not the CEO of 2K.

      • xavier axol

        you’re totally right, i knew that something was wrong there sorry. It’s just that i always confuse 2k with gearbox, but at least i’m right about randy pitchford saying “i want to play borderlands 2 on my vita while on the go”. and also borderlands it’s their ip not 2k’s.

  • HassanJamal

    Yes please :D The vita needs more games! As in JRPGs so sales in Japan go up.

  • malek86

    I do wonder where Imageepoch intends to go next. I imagine Tokitowa wasn’t terribly successful (a PS3 game that sold less than their PSP games, that can’t be good for the bottom line). Maybe they’ll stick to portables, and make more deal with publishers rather than self-producing games. They seem to be at their best in joint efforts.

    • Peeka Chu

      Tokitowa could actually end up being one of the rare JRPGs that’s more successful in the West with the niche market once NISA brings it over.  Who knows?  That said, I’m fine with publishers sticking to the portables though.  Safer delivery (digital), lower production costs.  The Vita could actually end up even better than the PSP in this regard (and that system was a JRPG haven), so long as they continue to keep piracy at bay and push low-risk digital models.  

      • malek86

        That is possible, but even if it sold more than in Japan, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would be successful. Especially because even now the game isn’t receiving good word of mouth, which might put off many a gamers.

        • I might be remembering wrong here, but wasn’t TokiTowa the biggest project Imageepoch has had up to this point?

          • malek86

            According to an interview, Sol Trigger is their biggest-budget game to date. Then again, that interview might have been from before Tokitowa was revealed, I think.

            But maybe Tokitowa doesn’t count because it was published by Namco (so I imagine they were the ones who paid for the budget, not IE).

            As far as self-made games go, Sol Trigger seems to be their biggest ever.

          • Even better than, if I’m not mistaken, 7th Dragon 2020, Black Rock Shooter, Fate/Extra and Criminal Girls?

          • malek86
          • Tianyu Wei

             Tokitowa has a big sponsor from Kadokawa iirc…

      • Jordan Coleman

        This is the 2nd time this has been said and I don’t get why. Why would this do better in the West. Even for a jrpg which is already niche, it would be niche. Do the Gust games do better in the West? I doubt it, and the game is on that order.

      • Tianyu Wei

         No it isn’t lol… Tokitowa is gonna get SLAMMED by people in the West when it comes over if they don’t adjust their expectation. It’s a novel try at it, but it lacks a lot in actual game play that makes jRPG fun.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see them move to PSV development at all, in light of their recent circumstances. They have a better chance at success on the Vita where there’s a small audience starving for games, rather than a big platform where all the major publishers are bringing their high-profile stuff.

  • Sol Trigger sequel, yes do want. Like at this very moment because goddamn Sol Trigger was awesome both in the story department and the gameplay department.  (Though even if he’s not interested, an anime version could actually work in a cour, two if you want to add some filler to it.)

    • Raze

      Two cour…Yup…
      12 for Farel and 12 for Lars…
      But..Who will become the main heroine?

      •  Well for Farel Ema would be the logical choice (since if you choose mysterious option number 3, she’s the one that survives so to speak.) I dunno if Lars has two options (since I still haven’t continued mysterious option #3 route.)

        • Raze

          Sophie is bigger than Ema…
          Why Ema???lol…

          If you choose 1/2 the the 3rd heroine will be dead too…
          And if you choose 3 the 3rd heroine will alive..
          3 has happier ending than 1/2…
          And anime nowadays always have a happy ending…
          So…You know the rest…

          • Umm… spoiler alert?? I don’t mind them but there are others here…

            NO NOT ANOTHER HARE.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Given it’s the PSV, it’s hard to tell at this point if the “jokingly” is because they are teasing or because they are joking they’d ever go there~. =/

  • Any chance for this to get localized? Come on NIS, after all you did announce a new psp game from Sting recently…

    • I rather 7th Dragon 2020 personally.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Currently playing through God Eater but Sol Trigger is my next handheld game. Can’t wait, it looks so damn perfect. I’d love for it to be on the Vita as well.

    • Curan_Altea

      Good luck with that god eater….. Not an easy game. 

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Hah, thanks. You learn more about it the more you play though. I recently found out this piercing weapons totally make enemies like the Vajdra a piece of cake, while I was using sunder before and getting rocked. So its not so bad. I don’t think I’ve gotten a gameover yet.

        • Curan_Altea

          It’s not super hard, but it requires some extent of skill. It does a great job of teaching you as you play though. Tezcatilpoca was the first frustrating battle. 

  • Alexander Aubert

    how about “i’m intrested to localize this game to the west”?

    • FFmax

      It’s a PSP game, so our chances our really slim. I said in a previous thread that every Jrpg nowadays is on this cursed system but it’s becoming really apparent now. We need more publishers willing to work on games like these.

      •  You forgot the PSN/VITA thing. Our chances aren’t that slim ;)

  • An anime could work too. Heck, its what got me into the “;” series. And plus, we can know the story w/out playing the game.

    Also, a PSP might not work in the west, but a PSN DL + Vita could work. Just sayin.

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol Everyone just uses the semicolon to identify that series. The series actually does have a proper name though, it’s called the Science Adventure series.

  • Darkrise

    That’s good, when can we see a localization? 

  • l777l

    English version of Sol Trigger, please.

  • Shaun Huseman

    Yeah, Id love a localization for this game. Ever since it was first announced, I’ve wanted it.

  • Curan_Altea

    I’m still being optimistic about a localization. I’ll import it eventually, but I’d rather not pay the steep price and understand the story better. The demo sold me on it though. 

  • I’m glad to see that a lot of people feel the same way about localization of Sol Trigger. If not a physical release then at least a digital one so I can play it on the Vita as well, but I would very much like a physical release =P. An anime sounds great for the series as well. I hope he reconsiders thinking about making one.

  • veruses

    I thought ST was a great game, worth the import. Would love to see a sequel!

  • Ace

    Hoping for a localization. 

  • I’m glad to hear that he’s more interested in continuing the story within games rather than jumping ship to Anime (not that that’s necessarily bad, but it isn’t always the preferred method). If there was a vita sequel made, that would be an immediate addition to my slowly growing Vita library. 

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