Marvelous AQL Profits Soar Thanks To Rune Factory 4 And Senran Kagura: Burst

By Spencer . October 19, 2012 . 1:30pm

imageMarvelous AQL reported 620 million yen ($7.82 million) of net profit for the company’s second quarter. That’s an upward revision of 106.7% more profit than they expected.


Strong sales of Rune Factory 4 and Senran Kagura: Burst were the reason for the jump. Marvelous AQL said initial orders exceeded expectations and repeat orders have been favorable. Pokémon Tretta, an arcade machine made in partnership with Nintendo, has been doing well so far too.


Fate/Extra CC, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, Muramasa the Demon Blade for Vita, and Valhalla Knights 3 are Marvelous AQL’s next major releases.

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  • Ethan_Twain

    Okay, so this is one to keep an eye on.  Marvelous AQL has been doing particularly well with their 3DS games and an arcade collaboration with Nintendo.  This next quarter they’re doubling down on the Vita instead, including a Senran Kagura game (which was one of the 3DS games that performed well).  How Marvelous AQL performs this next quarter in contrast to the quarter that just finished is gonna be a real good litmus test for the market viability of the two competing handhelds in Japan.

    • I suspect Fate/Extra CCC and maybe Kagura Vs. will be their primary sellers. Kagura has boobs (and butts…) to rely on to a certain degree, and the anime will hit early next year, too, which should give it some extra exposure that the 3DS games didn’t have.


        well at least they get one more buyer (that’s ME), i won’t get senran kagura if it’s still on 3ds cus i don’t have 3ds and don’t plan having one. 
        seriously i hope psvita to turn the table.. :D

    • malek86

      Yeah, it’s pretty interesting how their focus is entirely different from one quarter to the next. Still, it might be good for building up a wider audience.

      • It’s probably not intentional and just a matter of how timing is working out. Their 3DS teams (including external devs) are all in between projects or still right in the middle of development. Meanwhile, these Vita games have been in the works for a while.

        Ideally, you want one guaranteed seller every quarter. I don’t know what their main Q4 seller will be, but I would suspect Fate/Extra CCC.

  • Wow. They’re taking a huge gamble with all that Vita support. The 3DS made them money and in the next quarter they’ve got nothing but Vita/PSP games. I hope they do well for them but I’m expecting bad news. It’s cool they’re supporting all the systems but the MMV AQL merger happened for a reason. I think it’s too early for them to take gambles like this but we will see.

    Glad to see Rune Factory and Senran Kagura become legitimate hits. Natsume I’m expecting you to get on RF4 early next year and I hope some 3rd party publisher has the balls to localize Burst. D3 Publisher did localized Onechanbara on Wii. I’m still holding out hope for Senran Kagura.

    • xavier axol

      sometimes publisher have take a gamble once in a while, even knowing that their odds are against them. just look at capcom with monster hunter (during that time the ds was sell more than the psp and look at them now, monster hunter can sell no matter what platform they make it for). which is why i hope to see that game on the vita, not because i like it (i much prefer phantasy star portable or ragnarok). but because i know that it will sale the hardware, just like it did with the 3ds. (a price cut can also help for both the vita and it’s memory card).

      • Monster Hunter was on PSP because there was nowhere else for it to go. It had nothing to do with taking chances. It was just a lack of options, as the DS didn’t have the horsepower to handle the MH games.

        • Well PS0 was kinda that on DS, so maybe Capcom could have made it happen, would have been super interesting to have seen, hey at least we got Okamiden, now that impressed me with the cel-shading, looks very faithful to the PS2 game.

        • xavier axol

          ishaan while i do understand that developers don’t look up what hardware sell more, but rather focus on whatever project they are working on (after all that’s the publisher’s job). i believe that at the time they weren’t blindly (blindly) making monster hunter, and not realize that it was gonna be for the psp. though i will give you the denefit of the doubt and say, it was true during the concept part of the project. otherwise you make them sound like these people were clueless while making the game (correct me if i’m wrong: but when a dev. works on a game they don’t just focus on graphics, sound, story, and ect.. i’m sure that they make sure the gameplay are set up with the hardware in mind). now i know about the psp flaws from missing a joystick and makes it hard to play monster hunter on it, but i tell you one thing i’m sure about. it wasn’t for the ds nor the consoles at the time.

          • But that’s exactly what I’m saying. Monster Hunter didn’t quite succeed on PS2, but Capcom wanted to give it another shot. PSP was the natural choice, because Tsujimoto and his team envisioned the series’ new direction being local multiplayer, which meant it would have to be portable. 

            Unfortunately, despite selling more hardware, the DS simply didn’t have the horsepower to handle Monster Hunter ports, and that left just the PSP, which had all of the necessary hardware features they needed to execute on their vision.

          • xavier axol

            why didn’t you say that in the first place!!, now i totally came out as a jerk. but that definitely sounded like a reasonable explanation, on why monster hunter was move to the psp.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          I think it all depends there. For example Kaiju Busters can also be played on DS there and it is more or less had the same thing as Monster Hunter there.

          It is just that time, Capcom actually gamble on PSP and it actually win that gamble there.^_^

      • I agree but this is too soon to take such a gamble in my opinion. Like I said, the MMV AQL merger happened for a reason. Marvelous was struggling and AQ Interactive were struggling. Now that they’re apparently on the road to recovery they wanna take a gamble? Not a smart move, imo. You gamble when you can take a hit. I don’t think MMV AQL is stable enough as of yet, to take a hit if these games don’t meet expectations.

        Ishaan covered the Monster Hunter issue pretty well. I’ve got nothing else to add to that.

        I will say that reason for a lack of Monster Hunter on Vita is clear enough. The 3DS can run the game and it’s succeeding in Japan. Aside from the stubborn fans who are holding out and/or refuse to play it on a 3DS, there is no real incentive to make a Monster Hunter for a failing system. The Vita IS failing atm. It’s a fact, not some fanboy flaming. It’s fortunes can change but things aren’t looking good. It needs more games, but I don’t think these games from MMV AQL are the ones they need. It needs a real system seller, once you get more Vitas out there, these niche games have a better chance of succeeding. Niche games aren’t gonna succeed on a system with a low install base.

        Senran Kagura and Rune Factory 4 are able to sell because games like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter Tri G got the system into the hands of millions of users. The Vita just hit one million users last week. The 3DS LL is already at 700k in Japan. It’s pathetic.

        • xavier axol

          it doesn’t matter if the 3ds sold 700k if only mario games and monster hunter hit the one million mark. persona 4 the golden did just fine for a handheld that didn’t meet the one million install base. what moves hardware are good games and not the other way around, that it’s what you don’t seem to understand. the problem is how to make the developers to produce games for your hardware that in turns will make people buy it along with the game, it’s what seems to be the problem here. for the 3ds it was a massive price cut and mario kart7, mario 3d land, monster hunter, dragon quest, professor layton, and other games caming out back to back. so of course the 3ds did well!, we haven’t see that happening with the vita (yet). so please refrain from calling the vita a failing system when obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • How could 3D Land and Monster Hunter sell 1 million units if the 3DS only sold 700k units? Persona 4 sold OK and dropped off dramatically the following week. Even when the Vita gets these bumps it still doesn’t outsell the 3DS. Mario and Monster Hunter are huge franchises that sell more than to just a niche and drastically push systems. Valhalla Knights and Muramasa won’t do that. Vita needs a Crisis Core or Type-0 caliber game. Not a constant flow of ports or a spin-off of a 3DS game.

            Getting outsold by the system you’re replacing, struggling to sell 10k units week after week, falling behind the dreamcast in sales, being sold out and caught up to by a 3DS revision within a few months, yes it’s definitely failing. Read my post more carefully. It’s hasn’t failed yet, but it is failing and with the right games it can start to do better. Muramasa Vita and Shinovi Versus aren’t the games to turn around the Vitas fortune or MMV AQLs fortunate for that matter. There is no need to get upset about facts just because you like the Vita or want it to succeed but it’s doing horrible right now you can’t deny that. Well you can but it’s not accurate.

  • Tianyu Wei

    Pretty sure Senran VS on VITA will probably sell more than all the Senran games on 3DS combined.

    • xavier axol

      you’re joking right? i mean, as much as i love and prefer the vita over the 3ds. it’s not possible, but one can hope (i really wish for the vita install base to be bigger, that’s the only way i see it happening). people should really give the vita a try, but i can also understand about the price and content that hold them back from purchasing one. i believe that the vita will be just as successful as the psp with more time.

      • Arrei

        I think you’d prefer the Vita to be more successful than the PSP over time.

        After all, a repeat performance of the PSP would mean that the Vita flourishes in Japan but sinks across the pond again.

        • xavier axol

          not quite, the psp was more successful in the launch than the vita ever was for both japan and u.s.. and could had kept the momentum going if sony provided more content (unique content like patapon, lumines, and locoroco. along with hardcore games like metalgear:pw and kingdom hearts:bbs from the beginning). i only hope that vita at least sell as much as the psp ever did.

          • Arrei

            Of course PSP was more successful… all I was saying was, if the Vita matches the PSP’s success, then it’s just going to be big in Japan and not so hot everywhere else again. So we’d want the Vita to be MORE successful than the PSP, with time.

          • xavier axol

            i heard ya!, but realistically speaking it won’t happen (no matter how much you or i wish fot it to happen). back then it was only the psp competing with the ds, but now with the rise of smart phones and tables (specially apple) makes it even more difficult than when it was back then. i will still back sony up with whatever i can, i have a list of games this fall that will lead me bankrupt.

    • Total series sales?  I doubt it.  It should sell well but not that amount.

    • For that, the Vita would need to sell. There are more 3DS’ in Japan than there’s Vitas. 

      Here’s hoping for a Q1 2013 announcement for RF4 localization

    • sd28

      you are asking for a miracle 

    • Suicunesol

      Stereoscopic 3D boobs versus HD boobs huh?

      May the best ones win. :P

    • Need to Troll better! Just how MGS collection on Vita out sold MGS3 on 3DS in Japan. Oh that didn’t happen either!

      • xavier axol

        then who care if it sold better, everyone got play something that is awesome in my book. (you’re no different).

  • Now for Dragon Marked for Death, KAIO: King of the Pirates (marked for 2013 in fact), Rune Factory 5, and the inevitable next Harvest Moon, MAQL do have a nice 3DS line-up… they just need to show them. :(

    • Dragon Marked for Death was randomly and quietly announced, I really hope that comes to fruition. MMV AQL is awesome, the title is awesome and the heavy online aspect is interesting.

      • Actually, DMND hasn’t even been officially announced yet! We found out about the project and asked Hashimoto to tell us about it. To my knowledge, most don’t even know it exists. 

        • PreyMantis

          I didn’t even knew that game existed until now… -_-

        •  Wow, well…not sure if I should be worried or not.

          • Oh, no no. I didn’t mean it that way. Just that we found out about the title way before it was meant to be announced. Marvelous were kind of shocked when we asked them about it. :P

          •  Ah, ok. Sources.

        • First I’ve heard of that game.

          does it look good?

          •  Nobody knows what it looks like.

          • Haven’t seen it! Just heard about it from Hashimoto, one of MAQL’s producers.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      What platform does Dragon Marked for Death there?

      •  Dragon Marked for Death is for 3DS and it’s supposed to have a heavy online component. Search for it on the site. The article should pop up.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Tx for the info there.^_^

    • kylehyde

      Thanks for remember Dragon Marked for Death, I forgot that even was in development. Anyway, I agree, I think that they have to show more love to their 3DS line up.

  • RaikageV

    A dating-sim RPG and a “bursting boobs” beat’em up…
    obvious sales are obvious

    • Simplifying the RF series as dating-sim rpg’s is borderline insulting. The games are legit, and yes, there are dating sim elements, but there’s also more stuff. Life-sim dungeon crawlers would be more appropriate.

      • Spectacularity


      • RaikageV

        I know that, I was just kidding.

  • $3587643

    And now they just need to release them in English.

  • riceisnice

    Well of course. Rune Factory 4 is the greatest game on earth after all. 


    i hope they boost psvita sales :D

  • Göran Isacson

    Now I just hope that Soul Sacrifice, which is apparently also something Marvelous AQL is working on if I hear things right, meets with equally nice sales… whenever it gets released.

  • Congrats. Now is time to consider to bring these games to European and American markets. :D

  • Congrats. Now is time to consider to bring these games to European and American markets. :D

  • Demeanor

    Bring over Shinovi Versus, sure buy!
    I simply DEMAND that AQL-chan in Neptunia V have some Senran Kagura moves (though I’ve never played the SK series yet :P)

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Nice news for Marvelous there.^_^ Rune Factory and also Senran Kagura Burst is one of the game i would love seeing them getting localized there.^_^(Rune Factory is for sure coming here but Senran Kagura Burst, i am not really sure but the future does not look so bad there.^_^)

  • Its localization party time! =^_^=

  • Leivinia

    Farming, monster hunting, and tits form the equation to success. 

  • Philip Irwin

    Alright…  How much longer till we get a stateside release then?  Of RF4 mind you, I wouldn’t kind Senran Kagura but I’m not dying for it.

    • TiredOfMyOldUsername

      Usually Natsume take ~8 months after Japan release before they localize Rune Factory.
      So sometime around March-April maybe.

  • disqus_OwXE7jByCz

    i hope RF4 s coming to EU

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