Dark Souls Version 1.06 Update Coming On October 24

By Spencer . October 22, 2012 . 3:11am

darksFrom Software announced a version update for Dark Souls that will coincide with the launch of the Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss downloadable content pack.


The patch fixes glitches like one that allows players you can use the Dragon Head infinite times. An event where you got a Homeward Bone after defeating a Gargoyle has been removed. Weapon attributes are generally lower. For example, the amount of time flame, chaos flame, and electricity buffs last is shorter in Dark Souls version 1.06. Mask of the Father, Mask of the Mother, Eagle Shield, Black Knight Greataxe, Hornet Ring, Dark Wood Grain Ring, Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear, and Sunlight Spear have been nerfed.


Not everything is bad! Dark Souls version 1.06 has more bonfires, so it should be easier to get around.


This update is scheduled for October 24 on PlayStation 3. The announcement doesn’t mention the Xbox 360 version since that was not released in Japan.

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  • Domii

    Cool. I’m actually using the dragon head and torso right now.

  • Z3

    DWGR has been nerfed AGAIN??!?!?

    • MidouBahn

      25% and under to flip, it is for the best. The number of builds centered around the ring will have to drop now, forcing people to try new things for once. 

      • malek86

        I’d argue it was nerfed way too much. This way it becomes effectively useless.

        • midgard229

          useless for plate wearing people yes, not for people like me who didnt even use the ring and would rather wear nothing so i can roll fast. 

          it should be for bandit/assassin type characters, not 2 handed full plated characters

          • DragonWarrior8

            Well also the fact with the lag stabs in Dark Souls you are much easier to lag stab without the ring than with it. So that is my purpose for it. Id much rather have a better chance to get away without my opponent landing a back stab.

          • kupomogli

            Why do people where heavy armor in this game anyways, unless it’s been fixed in a patch, armor is almost completely useless.  A full set of Havel Armor and then no armor, there’s very little difference to the amount of damage you receive.

            The open worldness of this game is amazing, but there are so many flaws in this game in comparison to Demon’s Souls it’s not even funny.  Because of that, I quit this game after finishing it and if I ever do play the game again, it’s Demon’s Souls and not Dark.

          • PK212

             The reason why I used Havel armor for some fights (I normally used the Darkwraith armor because it looks awesome) is because is has a very high poise.

          • midgard229

            i mean the damage is lower when u wear armor, but u take no damage if you roll. so i like wearing light stuff instead :P

          • .

             I’ve also actually had a similar feeling…in terms of PVP in the game between Dark and Demon’s. In Demon’s the level restriction meant it matched you with players 5, 10, to 20 levels in range of your own. In Dark, the pvp forest tries to match you properly but it has no restriction and I’ve been matched with people 50+ levels higher than me. I think it was a design decision to give people seeking pvp more matches…

            Also stat based weapons were so underpowered in Dark that ‘builds’ aren’t as crucial as in Demon’s; something I felt was disappointing. Although it did mean lower levels can dish out nearly the same damage as those much higher with full pyro glove or upgraded lightning/fire weapon in Dark.

          • Xerain

             It’s more for the poise stat than damage reduction. The higher your poise stat, the less you flinch when getting hit. It stops people form doing things like hitting you with light easy to hit with attacks to flinch you to prevent you form getting behind them and backstabbing.

          • Testsubject909

            I see that I’m not the only one who finds Demon’s Souls more compelling. That’s nice.

          • Exkaiser

            I use medium armor and find the damage reduction has saved my neck a ton of times.

        • Exkaiser

          I find it incredibly helpful for light armor builds. It was a huge help in the Demon Firesage fight.

        • kcj98

           I agree, the ring is useless now.
          The difference between the quick roll and the flip is essentially nothing, at least not enough to justify it taking up a ring slot, which thanks to this update, is better filled by most ANY other ring.

          Nice one from. Here I was thinking you had elegance in your design. Way to cripple to popular (and objectively ignorant) demand, thus fucking it up for those who knew better.

  • Doing a ninja roll while wearing +300kg plate armor is serious business hahahaha

    This weekend will be reserved for Dark Souls!

  • Maxwell Voogt

    Small correction, the buffs do not last shorter. The damage value (AR) for Fire, Chaos and Lightning weapons has been lowered. Weapon buffs such as MW, SMW, CMW, SB and, DMB still last for the same amount of time.

    Also, the actual number of bonfires has not been increased but rather the option to teleport to more bonfires.

    • malek86

      Aw crap, I wanted a bonfire in New Londo D:

    • Zeik56

       I assume they did that so Lightning weapons didn’t trump everything else, but did they ever get around to buffing the stat based weapons? I seem to recall that being discussed, but I haven’t played in quite awhile.

  • malek86

    Looks like nothing I use is being nerfed :O

    Also, more bonfires, yeah. I bet one will be in New Londo.

    Edit: or not.

    • Sqwidman

      Maybe, New Londo already has 3 bonfires though.

      • you are talking about anor londo, new londo has non, you have to run from darkroot basin or firelink shrine if you want to rematch four kings.

    • i think they only meant that you can warp to more bonfires, i’m playing pc version and there are much more warp points in comparison to ps3 version

  • Göran Isacson

    So this is essentialy Dark Souls: Die Harder edition? Man, the lengths and care some dommes put into pleasing their subs… it’s downright heartwarming, I tell ya.



    • midgard229

      You sound like a frustrated woman when shes yelling at her bf, haha JK.

  • Jirin

    Now can we get return points before the boss fights in demon souls instead of after?  I never finished that, and not because the difficulty bothered me, but because having to walk through half an hour of easiness every time I lost on the hard parts was too irritating.

    • Really? hmm, I’d argue the journey towards the bosses is harder than them. Maybe I sunk too many hours into it though..

      • Jirin

        They journey towards the bosses is hard the first time, but once you figure out how to get through, it becomes easy and rote.

        Many of the bosses are easier than the dungeons, but not Flamelurker.  And once you know how to get past the second section of the fire dungeon, it becomes a joke.

  • D

    DWGR nerf will accomplish two things. 1. Light armor will become viable, and 2. Endurance build will become more useful.

    Also, the Dragon Head glitch doesn’t allow you to use the head infinitely(you can by default, actually), it just makes you use specific items(souls, humanity, bombs…) constantly without running out. In other words, you can use it with souls, to get a constant and infinite supply, or with humanity – which will heal your character constantly and give you infinite humanity.

  • $24431191

    Damn, the Eagle shield was my main shield too.

    • Alex Jensen

      The fact that any Dex build could go 16 strength and have an almost impenetrable shield was OP. Much as strength builds could flip like a ninja in F****** stone armor with the DWGR. I suggest what ENB said, go for the Iron Round Shield that Shiva drops, it has great block, 100% damage reduction AND can parry, so its practically better in ever way now.

  • .

    Always hated those dragonhead glitch invaders. It came to a point you didn’t know if someone was using it legitimately or ready to glitch you with infinite bombs. It was sad that there were a few players willing to cheat in pvp.

    DWGR and Father’s/Mother’s Mask nerf was also definitely needed. Too many people  had fully upgraded heavy plate Golem Armor + mask builds. You shouldn’t have heavy armor defense yet have access to light burden style dodge rolls.

    • oh you hate dragonhead glitch? wait till you played PC version pvp where every 3rd player uses trainers to be with infinite healthstamina and when you kick them off the edge they sen a hatemail on how a jerk you are :D

      • Exkaiser

        Huh, I only get cool guys who fight fair. Lucky me!

  • Oh wait, that dragonhead glitch still works? *boots up game*

  • mumakurau

    Damn… I hope they didn’t nerf the BK Greataxe too much. That’s my main weapon. I also hope they add a bonfire in the BEGINNING of the Tomb of the Giants. I hate having to fight to the bottom of the Catacombs and dealing with those overpowered wheel skeletons. Seriously, screw those things. I hate them!

    • Xerain

       Snipe them from the ledge? You can’t get all of them, but you can get most of them.

    • Alex Jensen

      By added more bonfires, I’m certain they only mean to the warp list, as in the prepare to die edition on PC, I saw ENB warp to the Blacksmith in Unded Parish. So that what they mean I REALLY hope they added one for Tom Of The Giants in general, and for the BK Greataxe, I’m sure they did what they did to Claymore, ie. slowed its swing speed, because honestly, that thing swung like it was made of tin foil.

      • Exkaiser

        It still swings ridiculously fast. I haven’t played the console version, so I can’t say if it was faster before, but it’s quite fast. I was certainly surprised.

    • Exkaiser

      The wheel skeletons are easy to avoid if you drop down to where the priest armor is (at least, I think it’s the priest armor). If you run from the bonfire, you can just run past all the enemies, jump the pit with the exploding heads, then drop down to the platform above the wheel skeletons, which is right at the exit of the area.

      No need to fight any enemies until you get to the Tomb of Giants.

  • mumakurau

    You’d better not use that for PVP. The lag makes things hard enough, already.

  • SirRichard

    Zweihander and Black Knight Shield are untouched, my guy’s fine. Though I might just start a new run for the Artorias expansion, I haven’t played Dark Souls in a while.

  • DDxmas

    The only thing I wish they would change (and by change I mean remove) is the backstab. It is a cheap, unnecessary,and frustrating unblockable kill. Pvp would be more dramatic more balanced and more importantly much more fun if they removed the backstab ability. FROM SOFTWARE would make a lot of players happy and improve this wonderful game tremendously by removing the backstab ability.  

    • kit aunne

      i am a dex/int build so i have trouble against certain enimies so maby just cut it from pvp would be nice and fair. too many times ive run away and because they had extremly long weapon i was instakilled thru a backstab with no chance to defend myself.

    • Sqwidman

      I don’t generally have a problem with back stabs cause they can’t get you if you walk in circles. I do however have a problem with lagstabs XD

      • oh believe me you can, you can walk in circles but then quickly change your direction while your opponent haven’t reacted yet you appear right behind the back, i’ve done many succesful pvps yesterday in undead parish on pc thanks to this.
        also i don’t know if removing backstab will make things more balanced as for example a person with uchigatana won’t even give me a chance to make one swing if i have reinforced club because uchigata is so fast, and like every second player uses it

        • Exkaiser

           Why not just parry it?

    • Perry Williams

      probably because your not very good at pvp..lol this game is about skill …not hand-holding.. removing the backstab would be like removing a passing game in madden… i have a legit character soul level 214

  • Michael Revis

    From, I swear if this doesn’t come to Xbox, there will be hell to pay.

    • what? did u not read the article

  • I just got the update on my ps3? It’s downloading now. ..Anybody else?

    • malek86

      I just downloaded it on my 360. I’m not seeing much of a difference yet in terms of bonfire warping. I can see they nerfed the Masks though.

      •  Yeah. I also saw the difference on the DWGR. My character no longer did the ninja flip, I had too wear a lighter shield. And didn’t see anything new with bonfires. I saw the golem in dukes though.

  • Godman

    Great this and the DLC should be just enough to get me back into the Dark Souls Universe

  • MadhouseDUDE

    Yeah, I just updated the game and now I’m getting the ‘You Defeated’ thing after I kill a boss again, so no more ‘Victory Achieved’. Or is that just me who is getting this? 

  • Test Account

    my +15 eagle shield is now ruined (I want my effing slab back, you pricks), no new warp points as the release notes claim – perhaps i need to revisit them (stupid, effing stupid), everything is worse. From Software, you’ve striped the fun out of an otherwise great game. I bet the same guy who decided that you can’t get Gwen’s flaming sword is responsible for this wholesale player nerfing. Your pettiness is epic. How can you think for one second that retroactively nerfing my gear is ok?!

    • why dont u just upgrade to a black iron shield? i found it way better than the eagle shield.

    • Exkaiser

      There aren’t new bonfires but there are more bonfires you can warp to. Undead Parish is new, for one.

      Also: Grass Crest Shield is the best shield. Accept no substitutes.

  • The Ring of Fav and Pro seems to be slightly decreased also, because i remember doing light rolls with it on before the patch, can anyone confirm this?

    • Exkaiser

      Pretty certain it’s still 20%.

      •  Okay just needed to know, thanks for help.

  • Dale Peters

    lol add new enemies, more bosses, and Artorias, which seems harder than Gwyn, yet nerf some stuff. Yeah, this is gonna be fun. On the bright side, one profile mains with Zweihander/Artorias Greatsword and the other profile mains with Gravelord Greatsword. Both use Blacknight Shield. I think I’m good.

    • what does nerf mean?

      • weakening to a severe extent.

        like how you can’t get hurt by a Nerf gun or Nerf products.

  • what does nerf mean?

    • weakening to a severe extent.

      like how you can’t get hurt by a Nerf gun or Nerf products.

  • well that kinda sucks. i didnt even know about most the glitches till after the patch. i did my whole first play through with out looking anything up. But overall this isnt too bad. i use a claymore +15 and Greatsheild of Artorais

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