Bravely Default Free To Play Game Coming To PC, Connects With 3DS Game

By Spencer . October 23, 2012 . 3:58pm

bdSquare Enix is expanding Bravely Default: Flying Fairy with a free to play PC game. The Bravely Default PC game will start an open beta test on November 11.


Details from Famitsu about the game are just starting to leak on to the Internet. What we know is the Bravely Default PC game has four crystal maidens competing against each other. Edea Lee Oblige is the Wind crystal guardian in the PC game. We’re guessing that she’s a mix of Edea Lee and Agnes Oblige, both playable characters in the Nintendo DS game. Edea Lee Oblige is said to basically look like Edea.


Square Enix says there there plans to connect the Bravely Default PC game will the Nintendo 3DS game, but didn’t say how.

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  • Ethan_Twain

    Well that’s awful interesting!  We’ve gone from “Bravely Default is being sent out to die” to TV commercials, an MMO crossover, and a dedicated browser game.  So Square Enix actually did spend money on marketing for this game, but a lot of their projects are the sort of thing that happen concurrently with release rather than build pre-release hype.

    If Bravely Default continues to sell well and doesn’t suffer a super steep drop from week one sales to week two, I predict a social game comes next.  By and large Square Enix has been moving away from creating one hit wonders, opting instead to extend their successful brands as far as they can.  Maybe that’s why this game dropped the Final Fantasy brand name, maybe Square Enix wanted to do this all along.

  • Wow. Squeenix is sure is taking a gamble.

  • That’s… nice? I think most of us would rather have a localization, Square, please and thank you.

  • I hope is not like the Pokemon Dream World, that thing is a pain to navigate and play.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Bravely Default  Dream World, Can unlock classes hidden skills 

  • Shadowman

    So we can control the character on the PC version with our 3DS?

  •  i know this is a tad too much to ask but…. can bravely default please make a crossover to FFXIV Realm Reborn too ? *q*

  • Nee Nee

    Hope it doesn’t end up like their Fantasy Earth Zero game. That ended up horribly disappointing.

  • Mnstrzero00

    Yeah this game is going to keep having decent sales all the way through the release of its inevitable sequel just like Mario Kart DS. And their still won’ t be a western release date.

  • oh, and here it comes, Square wants to throw nonsense on probably their coolest title since FFIX. . . oh well, at least it’s just one social game. . . right?

    *edit* if it IS like the Pokemon Dream World, then that’s worse than a social game o ,o

  • Keep the promotions coming.  It’s like SE saw the 141k, went all whoa, and then they said market that crap.

    LOVE IT.

  • Even though they haven’t announced a localization for the game I still like the route they are going with the series. Hopefully when the game actually does get localized, this just means there will be more fun stuff to do =^_^=

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Square seems to go gun blazing with this game.^_^ Hope that this will teach SE that sometimes gambling on new IP can be rewarding enough rather than keep focusing on certain IP’s.^_^

    • ShinGundam

      Come on, this game is throwback to older FF which is hardly a gamble imo, it is like selling an FF without name just to sell more FF XD.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        It is still a new IP there. Even though this is just a small step, at least they try to come out with something without overly capitalizing on FF name.

        Who knows in the future, we will see more of this type of game which is part of establish brand but become another new IP?^_^

  • wahyudil

    this …. MMO?

  • $30632660

    I’m all for expanding BDFF into a series.

  • Alexander Kim

    As someone who doesn’t own a 3DS, this news excites me beyond momentary expression.
    Excuse me while go I make plans to take the week of November 1 off.

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