Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s New Character Creator

By Spencer . October 25, 2012 . 1:43am


Square Enix is overhauling every component of Final Fantasy XIV including the character creator. You start the game by picking a race like the humanlike Hyur and then selecting a class. Gladiator, pugilist, marauder, lancer, archer, conjurer, and thaumaturge have been announced as classes so far.


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Want to try the new version of Final Fantasy XIV? Square Enix is looking for alpha testers to give the team feedback. You can register for the PC alpha test here.

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  • No

    That very large doesn’t look very large. Senran Kagura has spoiled me.

    •  For a Miqo’te, that’s huge!

    • Spider-Man

      I was literally thinking the same thing. 

    • Gigawings

      At least it’s not Dolly Parton large….

  • Romangelo

    SE never know how to do fanservice and make profit.

    they need to learn from Tecmo or Nippon Ichi.

    • Paradox me

      A fact that I’m quite grateful for. The less fanservice garbage in my Final Fantasy/Square games the better. 

      •  I still love FFXIV, but what has me worried is the amount of fan service that they announced for it. I mean they already added materia (which is cool, its a great way to pimp out your gear, but it could have been called anything else). They’re also talking about bringing in the golden saucer and like a sword that looks like Cloud’s. The breast slider has me the least worried, it’s actually welcomed, hell more customization!

        • komiko12

          There are some interesting fanservice there..

          They want to include Magitek Armor mounts. Now you’ll feel like Terra Branford as you walk around.

          • Yeah, I’m actually excited for some of the stuff but I wish the game could be more appealing on it’s own merits. But I guess they already tried that and rushed out a big mess.

    • komiko12

      They do know how to do fan service.
      Just look at Dissidia and Theatrhythm. Those games are made for the fans.

      Note: Fanservice doesn’t always have to refer to boobs and the like.

      • d19xx

        They don’t? :(

        • komiko12

          Fan service is something that is there to please the fans.
          Boobs are just one way to do it.

      • Göran Isacson

         Listen to this person: they speak true and wise words, even if T&A-focused pervs might not wish to acknowledge it.

    • Trotmeister

      Except that SE makes much more money than NIS and Tecmo combined. So who needs to learn from who?

    • CirnoLakes

      You mean waste a bunch of money on jiggle physics?

      It’s fanservice to me to be able to design a DFC, if that’s possible.

  • Trotmeister


    • CirnoLakes

      Err… have they added that, or something?

      I wouldn’t mind making a flat chested Miqote if they did. Too bad I already made one. A white haired Miqote and a blue haired Lalafell. And my Lalafell I definitely don’t want to lose, she’s at level 34 Thaumaturge. If she’s still around after all this time, I haven’t logged on since before Besaid server was still around.

      Maybe I’ll have to recreate my Miqote if that’s an option.

      • Enma_Kozato

        Click on the second or third image featuring a female miqo’te. You’ll see customization options such as tail length, bust size, eyebrows, eye shape, irises, etc. I think the amount of options are pretty rad, but I haven’t played the original version of 14.

        • CirnoLakes

          Oh wow. I hope that “very small” is actually very small.

          The flatter the better in my book!D:<

          • Enma_Kozato

            I’m personally not fond of large busts, but that’s not going to be a problem for me since I’m going with a male miqo’te. Tail length on the other hand… oh god, what do I want? I’ve never run into this preference before (@ [email protected])

      • Trotmeister

        Yes, there’s a lot less customization options in old/current FFXIV.

      • Draparde

        You should still have those characters. (and the option to recreate them in the new C.C without having to do everything over).  

    • Great. Now I don’t have to pick Moon Miqo’te for larger bust and longer tail. I liked the skin colors of the Sun better. 

  • CirnoLakes

    The original character creator was actually pretty great. In fact one of the criticisms many made about the game when it was first released, was that they actually had more fun with the character creator than the actual game.

    Final Fantasy Online has a great lore a great balance of interesting races, better than any other MMORPG I’ve seen. And the character creator in the original Final Fantasy XIV, day one, was absolutely fantastic. Sure, there were limits in customization, but with preset races like this, would could want for more?

    I just hope they haven’t made the character creator in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn worse than the original. Because the original is great.

    • Wiccan1109

      I cant imagine they’d remove anything from the original creator, from what we’ve seen it looks more or less untouched with the exception of build, boobs and miqote tweaks. Honestly im not even expecting new hairstyles or color palletes, so i wouldnt worry about that if i were you.

      Whilst i agree that the pre made selections are gorgeous! I have to admit that the lack of options such as hair and adjustable facial structures is a let down for me. Its very difficult to make an original looking character in the game right now, and the clone rate is staggeringly high. (although i daresay doesnt hold a candle to FFXI’s clone rate.) Not really an issue with the game, just a personal ‘irk’ i suppose.

      Without sliders the colors are also very bland. Painfully so infact, for some races. Whilst it stops people going mad with the neon atomic skin/hair, it also hinders those who prefer striking colors or unique faces by adjusting sliders. I have played FFXIV since alpha, and past the initial discovery phase, i have never once in my life had my eye caught by anothers character for anything other than their outfits. Very different to other MMO’s ive played recently, where i find myself screenshotting people every 10 mins because of a stunning/hideous face!

      • Draparde

        Yeah, i agree, i don’t even look at people’s face’s really in XIV. i’m hoping with every fiber of my being that new hairstyles appear, but with how the question has been answered before. i’m not getting very sure about it. 

        least i know i love the new starting outfits~ though. 

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    This game will have IP block right? I think the first edition had.

    • Draparde

      As far as i know it never had an IP block. considering its a worldwide game that shared servers worldwide.  

      ARR will kinda be the same, there will be regional servers, but you can choose whichever region you want to connect too. 

      • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

        Thank you guys for the response. I wasn’t even considering this game thinking that it was US/EU/Jp only servers.

    • IP Block? This game is all regions. In the previous version all played in the samer servers regardless of nationality. In this new version I hear they’re going to offer servers on different parts of the world so you don’t experience so much latency.

  • Hey, I want to apply too! Where do Europeans apply? -w-

  • Good because I probably wouldn’t have played if the CC wasn’t on par with PSO2. Need to make a good waifu

  • FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (with bigger tits).

  • I like playing Miqo’te in FF and also the game is just, is just………

  • Eilanzer

    ok now they just have to….fix the copy paste terrain…Stupid grind…Weak story…Boring quest system…Boring dungeons…Retarded market system…Robotic animations and combat… o/
    character creation was not a problem in the first place ¬¬

  • Gigawings

    I still give them hope. It’s rare to see a company willing to take their time to fix a broken game after over a year of disastrous sales and reviews. I hope this turn out good.

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