We Asked Falcom About Seeing The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC In English

By Spencer . October 26, 2012 . 1:06pm


Falcom is about to re-release The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter as a PlayStation Network download in Japan. Since Trails in the Sky SC is split on two UMDs a downloadable version wasn’t as simple as uploading a file onto PSN. Siliconera asked Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo how they were able to make the PSN release.


"Based on the materials that we had, it looked like we would pretty much have to rebuild the game all of again to combine those two UMD discs into one PSN game file. In our continued discussions with Sony, they were able to show us another way to do it that greatly reduced our resource commitment to be able to make it happen. It pretty much happened after on going discussions with the PlayStation team," Kondo explained.


We figured readers here probably want to know what’s going on with the English version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter so we asked about that too.


"It is something we here at Falcom cannot do alone, but we will continue to discuss with Xseed to try to make that happen in the future," Kondo said. "There is perhaps a better possibility now because we are working on the code once again. We will definitely continue to discussions and see if there is a way we can put out an English version."

  • One step closer, I like this.

  • SpecDotSign

    I really am torn. I have the first Trails in the Sky, but knowing that the sequels are still in localization limbo, I don’t know if I would finish it until there is concrete evidence that the sequel will get localized.

    • OneOkami

      I think it is still worth completing, even if you’re ultimately left hanging off a cliff.  It is a great RPG in and of itself.

      • SpecDotSign

        You have a point. What I’ve played so far I’ve really liked. I just saddens me that jrpgs this generation have been pushed aside especially if they happen to be on PSP. Valkyria Chronicles 3 (although we can point at Sega for not letting another company take up localization) comes to mind as an example.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          I think the problem with Valkyria Chronicles was putting it on PSP in the first place when the original fanbase were all on PS3. There was a lot of anger about 2 being on PSP, so they should have learned their lesson with 3, but then again, Sega often seem to make business decisions based on throwing darts at a board.

          I can guarantee you, though, if they had made HD remasters of 2 & 3 and put them on a single Blu-Ray, it would sell way more than 2 did in the West.

          • SpecDotSign

            Agreed. It was the management at Sega that did not allow them to foresee that the market in Japan is a handheld one, but the rest of the world is not.
            I would love to see some kind of re master for PS3, but it is not likely to happen given the financial situation at Sega.

          • Prungy

             Their basic thought process was likely “PSP = lower dev costs and larger user base (in japan) = more profits”, with western sales either being ignored or taken for granted.

    • LynxAmali

       I don’t recall being bothered by the ‘ending.’

      It’s more so the epilogue that drives me insane.

      • SpecDotSign

         Oh man! Don’t tell me that! >_< Makes me not want to finish it :(:(:(

  • Shaun Huseman

    This is why I love Siliconera. They actually ask these questions about games that are actually worth something. RPG’s such as this, when I play then, and when Im done, I feel like I gained something. I dont feel like I just wasted hours of my life after playing most of today’s popular games.

  • I’ve read quite some articles about the whole Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (“The Legend of Heroes”, damn! Even the title is amazing). Reviewers say that the game is in the ranks of DS RPG Radiant Historia AKA ‘One of the best JRPGs a handheld system has to offer’.
    I hope that when it’s on PS3 that it gets localized as well. Though, I wonder… should I buy a PSP or Vita for this?

    • Ladius

      If you like jrpgs you have plenty of reasons to pick up a PSP – Trails in the Sky, Growlanser Wayfarer of Time (another fantastic, underrated gem), Valkyria Chronicles 2, the Ys games, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, ZHP and the Cladun series are only a fraction of that platform’s lineup.

      •  What about PSP-only games that can’t be played on the Vita, like Tales of Eternia or Kingdom Hearts or one of those Final Fantasies that aren’t still available on the PSN?

        • Ladius

          That’s why I said PSP instead of Vita, there are some good jrpgs that aren’t  available on the Store, and likely won’t be in the future.

          As much as people diss them for their bad localizations and rather dull battle systems, even the Legend of Heroes Gagharv games (the trilogy that preceded Trails in the Sky, set in a completely different world) are interesting jrpgs that I enjoyed a lot (actually, I ended up playing them two times), and they aren’t available on PSN afaik. Another nice example would be Brave Story, that was pulled from the PSN Store when its licence expired.

          • neo_firenze

             Though if you’re only going to get one, a Vita does give you access to a whole new library of games that will only keep growing as well as a majority of the PSP RPG library (most of the US RPG releases from publishers like Atlus, Nippon Ichi, Xseed, Aksys and Square Enix ARE available on PSN).

            You do miss out on some PSP games that aren’t playable on Vita (the Gagharv games and Brave Story are favorites of mine too!), but overall if I could only choose one I’d go with a Vita and enjoy the next several years worth of games. 

            Of course, I thankfully don’t have to just choose one :)

        • for now psp sounds better than vita, many rpg there, if you want vita just wait for a price cut

    • You won’t be left out if you get a Vita. FC definitely works, as I can personally attest to it… and Falcom has confirmed that there will be a UMD passport version of SC in Japan, which means that SC should also be Vita compatible as well. :D

      This may not help the decision much, but it may help cut down on some of the worry about it.

      •  Wait… I don’t understand. As I’ve been told by people, the Vita can’t play physical PSP discs (or UMD, I dunno), but it can play PSP games by downloading them via the PSN.
        So… what’s this whole UMD Passport about?

        • In Japan, if you own certain UMD games, you can pay cash to also get access to the PSN copy of those games. The fee is usually 1000-1500 yen.

          It wasn’t utilized in the US because PSN games are generally cheaper here and are more likely to lower in price after time.

  • Ladius

    XSeed has been working on SC’s translation since FC’s release, hopefully now that the roadblocks have been lifted they will be able to make some actual progress.

    I expect them to re-release FC on Steam (and maybe PS3, if the Remaster can indeed be localized) before they tackle SC, though.

  • Godmars

    No disrespect to PSP/PSV owners, but I want the PS3 version. We’ll be lucky to see one and that the one I want to see.  

    • Prungy

       Getting this massive game localized is the real obstacle.  Migrating the localization to the various ports is easy in comparison, so XSEED has every reason to put the game out on all available platforms given the amount of time and resources they’ve poured into it.  I’d expect to see Trails SC on PSP/PS3/Steam.

      • Godmars

         Point is if there’s a chance of seeing this game localized, there’s only going to be one. While we’ve all heard of its migration from the PSP to PSV and PS3 in Japan, the way the industry is now – again – its only going to get one shot in the West. That or there’s going to be years in between.  

    • MrTyrant

       At this point in my life I would prefer any platform, I just want it in english (NOW!) ;_;

    • LynxAmali

      Give it a bit. They’ll hopefully port Second Chapter as well because the first game’s getting the HD treatment.

    • Not everyone who started the series has a PS3. Why should the ones that have waited for so long be screwed by it being released on a console they don’t have? Everyone has a PC and everyone who started the series obviously has a PSP. No disrespect for PS3 users, but that is not an option.

  • Göran Isacson

    Any news about possibly getting me one step closer to playing the second part in this series are good news. No idea if Xseed are even capable of taking on that job at the moment though, but… well, knock on wood and all that jazz.

  • “It is something we here at Falcom cannot do alone”

    I wonder what that means. Obviously, a US company would be handling the translation, so would they need another company to handle the game code due to Falcom’s relatively limited staff?

  • MrTyrant

    Selling the trilogy in HD in a good price will boost the sales a lot, I can guarantee that. Most game sell lest in the west just because the price if people isn’t aware of the series, when they offer a discount or if it isn’t expensive then it’s become easier to appeal newcomers even if they dislike a little turn based RPG.
    For example if now they offer trails trilogy in english HD in a good price I will be sell a lot more than selling them individually the reeason being that most people new to the franchine probably will the take the bait of the reviewers tellling them that they can have 3 great games for a fair price.

    This is what I think, when SC realese they should do a good promotion for FC too. Also is good to make other promotional stuff with other games but I don’t know if Xseed can do that, there might be some restriction.

    • JazzyMan123

      There are some guidelines for PSP Remasters for the PS3…

      • Hidayat246

        what guideline’s????????

  • Demeanor

    God Yes. News on Arcana Heart and now this, a resurfacing possibility of English SC? (don’t care about the platform as long as it’s Sony or PC)

    What’s next, a Miku concert on my doorstep? ^ ^b

  • neo_firenze

    Any format.  I’ll buy any Legend of Heroes localizations you can give me.  PSP, PS3, Vita, Steam… doesn’t matter. 

    Need SC and 3rd soooo bad. 

    • JazzyMan123

      Well yeah, there are plenty of platforms to put it on now, but the game needs to be translated first.

      • neo_firenze

         True, but we heard from Xseed before that a big roadblock for them being able to justify continuing their SC translation efforts was the lack of commercial viability of selling a retail PSP game.  Since then, we’ve had a lot of new developments that seem to eliminate that particular reason for concern:

        1) Falcom getting over the technical hurdle of putting a 2 UMD game on PSN

        2) PS3 (FAR from a dead platform!) HD port of FC being announced for Japan, with fairly obvious hints that SC/3rd could follow its lead

        3) Xseed demonstrating that they are able to get Falcom PC games on Steam (and the whole Trails trilogy has existing PC versions)

        So the whole “we can’t sell a UMD game in this day and age” issue seems to no longer be a reason to prevent SC/3rd.  Not to mention the issue of having to accurately project retail demand is also no longer a concern, seeing as how all three of the above methods are digital distribution and take some of that risk away (a big plus for digital distribution for a lot of companies like Xseed who are publishing niche games). 

        • JazzyMan123

          Mhm. Good points I see.

        • Ladius

          Yup, you summed up the situation quite well, the only issues at the moment seem to be completing the translation itself (and its editing) and working out the technical side of the localization with Falcom (and text insertion could take quite some time if they plan to release FC and SC on multiple formats).

          I hope XSeed announces FC on Steam (and PS3, maybe) at the beginning of 2013 to prepare the fanbase for a late 2013 SC release, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • Prinnydoom

    In the future………..way way into the future i am calling 2061 right now -__-

    • MrTyrant

       And was a game originally created in 2004 if Im not wrong, ported for pc and psp afterward. Pity that nobody did care in that moment.

  • Elvick

    I would prefer it on PS Vita, but I’d take it anywhere at this point.

  • Hours

    Yes, please release SC in English. It’s one of my most wanted games.

  • Michael Vu

    I would prefer it on PSP since that version has extra playable characters and whatnot, but I would gladly take any version I can get!

  • CirnoLakes

    Eh, well I’m glad they found a decent method to work around their PSP disc change problems.

    Personally, I won’t play a Falcom game outside of the PC unless I have to. Which lately is looking somewhat that way. At least one of which has become a handheld exclusive. But I’m looking forward to playing the Legend of Heroes games on the PC with the help of XSEED.

  • Machineguntommy

    Listen, Xseed and Falcom: I don’t care how it gets to the U.S. Just make sure it gets to the U.S.  Whatever’s the most cost efficient way to you. PSN, whatever, just bring it here!

  • brian yep

    “working on the code once again”
    To me, that sounds like an HD remaster.

  • DragonSix

    STEAM. Falcom you know that’s the best way, the people who bought Ys origin and oath are hurting for more.

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