Square Enix’s “Wizardlings” Trademark Was For An iPhone RPG

By Ishaan . October 28, 2012 . 1:30pm

Earlier in the year, we discovered a Square Enix trademark for something called “Wizardlings”. This week, we know what Wizardlings is—it’s a role-playing game for iOS devices, and Square describe it as a “casual tap adventure RPG”. Here’s a trailer:



The reason it’s a “tap adventure” is because you tap tiles of darkness to reveal the world around you. Uncovering tiles reveals flowers, trees, buildings and other objects. Some of these can be used as ingredients to create powerful spells. Uncovering tiles also reveals monsters that you have to fight in order to restore light to the world.


Wizardlings has five different magic element that can be used in combat: Fire, Water, Charge, Air and Holy. The game is free-to-play but is supported by micro-transactions.


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  • Rock Volnutt

    Hey, do you remember when Squeenix used to make good games on a regular basis? Like Chrono Cross, Xenogears, FFVII, FFIX, Tactics, etc. Look at this. These games take no effort to make and lack depth.

    I blame casualization of the industry and the departure of key members to Mistwalker and Monolith Soft, which make good games far more regularly now.

    • ragingmerifes

      Can’t really blame them. Nowadays, a simple arcade game for iOS or a generic shooter sells much more than beautiful story-driven RPGs.

      • MrTyrant

        Yeah, sad true really. Nowadays is hard to introduce games like that in the market but Im really happy when some companies even small ones, try to make beautiful story-driven RPGs regardless of what is popular or not instead of playing safe.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Small companies can do that because they don’t have anything to lose. Big companies is different as they had so much in stakes. Employees, Stake holders, reputation, trainings, and many other aspect that they must take in mind before they can actually do something.

          • MrTyrant

            Stop reading there.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Even though you don’t want to care about that, the fact is reputation is still one of their main focus.

            If they use a crazy amount of money for some game and end up failing, their reputation to investor will drop and cause them to meet with lots of problem.

    • Most of the games you mentioned were made by Squaresoft – not Square Enix, a merger of Squaresoft and Enix. Just because a company is known for making console or handheld titles doesn’t mean they can’t make casual games; they’re hardly going to cripple the games industry.

      As a business, they look are what the current trends are and try to tap into them where they see fit. Whilst consumer satisfaction is one of the many aspect a company look at, maintaining market share and profit margins are also quite important.  

      • MrTyrant

         Excuses and excuses.

        • Are you saying that a company like SE can’t cater to both markets? Outside of SE own ventures, they helped published games like: Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex: HR (I know that SE own Eidos) and etc.

          We live in a world of supply-and-demand, as long as people “demand” casual games, they’ll still be here. It’s as simple as that. 

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          I don’t think you understand what is business there.

      • Tien Ron

        ^-agreed some people just don’t realize this

        • I know, right? For me, I’ll play any game that interest me whether it be on a home console, handheld, iOS/Android, browser game, etc. From the games I play for minutes to ones I get lost in for hours. I love games.  

  • neo_firenze

     For all the complaints, people fail to recognize that Square Enix is pushing the envelope in terms of quality in-depth RPGs on iOS and giving that platform some legitimate “serious” RPGs.

    The Chaos Rings series, good ports of Final Fantasy III and Tactics, quality original RPGs like Drakerider, etc.  Not to mention some of their more interesting non-RPG iOS titles (774 Deaths, Guardian Cross, Symphonica, Demon’s Score).

    No reason they can’t do that AND make FFXIII sequels, Nier, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest X, etc…

  • Phlo


  • CirnoLakes

    I just want to say a little something on the whole browser and mobile platform debate.

    Yes, it is nice for folks on those platforms to get stuff like that. Even I have an Android phone. Heck, just about everyone has a cell phone plan of some sort. And it is nice to have games on something that is always in your pocket. I’m glad to see mobile and browser gamers have good opportunities.

    I think the real reason people are disgruntled over this, is not that Square Enix are making them, but that most of the time we hear of something like this, instead of games we find would be truly innovative and high quality. Many are tired of hearing about games for these platforms. And would like to hear more about console games and even games for handhelds.

    Not to mention that, but while some of these are hardcore games and high quality. A lot of them are casual and low quality cash grab types. Games that don’t really bring to the table. And while I know the immediate reaction by many to that would be, “but they’re a company, they’re trying to make money”. It’s a similar worry to when people talk negatively about, say, sexual pandering in video games to sell copies. And fans can and should worry about the quality and direction of developers. Just as it makes sense to worry that developers might be more worried about appealing to sexual fanservice as a cash grab than making high-quality games, so, too, should gamers to worry about said developers worrying too much about casual games and platforms as a cash grab.

    Square have been going in a worrisome direction, in my opinion, all the way since Final Fantasy X. When Tales was already a better gaming franchise than Final Fantasy. But they’re continuing to move in a worrisome direction. They’ve released loads and loads of mobile games as of recently. But only a small handful of other games. That’s something to worry about.

    Games like this are good in moderation. But not when they become the dominant thing you see coming out of a publisher or developer that is capable of more.

    • neo_firenze

      If you think Square Enix has been going in the wrong direction since FFX, then your issue is with the company itself and not mobile games. 

      I personally think it’s a bit overblown.  SE is still making high end games on traditional consoles/portables.  iOS hasn’t stopped them from releasing Kingdom Hearts DDD, Bravely Default, and Theatrhythm this year.  FFXIII-3 is on the way, they’ve released Dragon Quest X in Japan, they’re supposedly still cranking away on Versus XIII. 

      They’re still doing high end console games from the Eidos studios (Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex, Just Cause 2, Tomb Raider, Hitman) which have been commercially successful enough that, unfortunate as it may be for RPG fans, really do have some business justification for investing more into than another JRPG.  Honestly, we may be lucky they haven’t shifted more resources into these “western friendly” games at the expense of JRPGs than they already have

      And honestly, SE hasn’t released much in the way of “casual games” on iOS.  Chaos Rings is a legit RPG with a strong developer pedigree (Media.Vision, of Wild Arms fame, who went on to work on another original iOS RPG for SE in Drakerider) that’s truly high quality.  Final Fantasy Dimensions could have been released on a Nintendo/Sony portable and it wouldn’t have felt out of place.  Symphonica and Demon’s Score are the kind of quirky music games that would feel at home on 3DS too, and they really don’t suffer at all in terms of gameplay or control by being on iOS. They’ve done some great under the radar stuff like Hills and Rivers remain (kind of a realtime Risk-like game with a fantasy military storyline).

      I know some companies do take a cynical view of iOS/Android, but if you really look at Square Enix they’re treating the platform with real respect.  And they’d be foolish to ignore a platform with as big an install base and demand for games as iOS.  The biggest complaint I hear against SE on their mobile games is that they’re reluctant to devalue their games by selling them for a dollar or two – they’re priced as “premium” releases and taken seriously in development. 

      • CirnoLakes

        It can be both. The emphasis on mobile games recently certainly isn’t helping to improve my image of the company and its path.

        And it’s good that they treat the platform with respect. That being said, that doesn’t mean that many of the releases on the platform aren’t of a lesser quality typically. And it’s problematic when it is becoming as numerous as it is.

        You may not want to see it, but Square Enix is becoming fairly flooded by the mobile platform at this point. Yes, of course they’re still making them. But the ratio of these to other games isn’t good and isn’t “overblown”.

        Notice how you said they’re “still making”, not that they’re still making just as many or that they’re making or publishing far many more of these games for non-“mobile” platforms. Because it is true that an alarmingly large portion of these games are for this platform rather than consoles and handhelds.

        You speak of them “still making” stuff like the fact that they still make remotely Japanese games at all for remotely traditional platforms something we should feel lucky for and just eat up. That isn’t good enough. Should we really have such low expectations of Square and the platform that we should expect this and not be disappointed at all?

        No, it isn’t enjoyable and it is a sub-optimal, worrisome position.

        • Peeka Chu

          The switch of major publishers to iOS and Android platforms is only worrying because the console manufacturers refuse to accept market trends and build their hardware accordingly. The 3DS and Vita should have been much closer to a full on tablet/ smartphone than they are to take advantage of the wealth of games being released on the aforementioned platforms. I don’t like smart-device gaming any more than most of the posters here; I find it cheap and unfulfilling, certain ports and Media Vision games aside.

          That said, this is where development is headed as far as mobile gaming is concerned. Portable consoles are being edged into second tier. If Nintendo and Sony had released an actual phone or tablet, they would have had the full strength of their own IP portfolios, plus much better third party success and access to all of these smart-device titles. Period. A near instant and ever growing library. I’d also add that they would each have the support of major carriers as far as distribution partners go. They wouldn’t just be relegated to “toy” status, but put into the all-ages smart device market. There are no downsides to this strategy, especially not in today’s market.

          It irks me to no end that in the time SE has released a dozen iOS/ Droid games, they’ve done 1-2 releases on the 3DS and 1 on the Vita – Lord of Apocalypse, which wasn’t even brought West.

          But that’s just how it is. And the manufacturers have to catch up to the publishers. Times have changed and they don’t monopolize or dictate the market like they used to. I think that this will be the shortest portable cycle we’ve ever seen and that we’ll see new devices within three years max that are far more in line with publisher expectations.

  • almostautumn

    Cute, casual RPG with “tiles of darkness;” yes, yes, yes!

    “Supported by IAPs”

    No, no, no!

  • Keyanf

    This doesn’t boad well for the Ogre Battle trademark…

  • JimDenk

    Finally, a company smart enough to register their trademark BEFORE it becomes a problem. And not for something as generic as the frivolous Apple lawsuits we’ve been seeing. 

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