Bravely Default PC Game Unlocks 3DS Costume

By Spencer . October 29, 2012 . 1:59am

So, Bravely Default: Playing Brage takes place 200 years after Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. The two games directly connect to each other through a costume. If you play the PC game you can get a prayer clothes costume for Edea Lee. This outfit is worn by Edea Lee Oblige in Bravely Default: Playing Brage.


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You can get the costume by participating in the open beta test which kicks off on November 1.

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  • Well damn. They got me.

    I will play your damn browser game, and I will get this costume! 

    You win SE. You win.

  • Kibbitz

    Welp, signed up for an account, guess I’ll wait and see if it works out. Still don’t have my game yet though.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, just registered as well.  I got my copy last week, just popped it in and saw the intro and played a bit, game and 3D look beautiful :) 

      Getting extra costume is cool, but a bit cumbersome w/ these PC mini-games tie-ins, like Sol Trigger.. I just looked up online for the passwords :(..

      • Kibbitz

        Ha, that time when I looked, I couldn’t seem to find anything for Sol Trigger. How did you find it BTW? I was in chapter Wrath before I got sidetracked, it really felt like they took Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari and redid it into this for me. While it definitely was an improvement, it didn’t really grab me yet. Hoping it gets better later.

        For Bravely Default, well, I didn’t plan to order it until I decided to stop playing Project X Zone to see what all the fuss over BD was about. The demo made a convert out of me, but I decided to hold up ordering online since my friend was heading to Japan. He went there, there was no stock at that time, and I had to choose between ordering from PlayAsia by the 25th to make use of the 5 USD voucher I had, or to bet on him getting one later. I gave in and ordered from PlayAsia but shipping’s not going to happen until 1st November. And to rub salt into the wound, my friend just told me earlier today that he found restocks of Bravely Default =P (he’s flying back tonight) CURSES!

        Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, yes, pretty game and it plays very, very well too. Didn’t run it with the 3D much but it’s still beautiful either way and I look forward to getting my hands on it. The timing will mostly be good too, I’m almost done with X Zone. And well, can’t be helped, we do want the free costumes. I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else but the guide, but they do have annoying tie-ins even with guides these days. While I do plan on buying the Project X Zone guide anyway, I was so -_______- when I saw that it came with a Sapphire Medal item code. While I will likely buy the full guide for Bravely Default too, I’m sorta hoping that they don’t have such a tie-in. Weird, huh, considering that it only benefits me? x_x

        • Aoshi00

          Yeah, Last Promise was total garbage *.*;;, so I have very little confidence in imagepoch’s so called “jrpg” (I think TokiTowa is crap too, the 2D looks awful), and pre-ordering Sol Trigger was real a leap of faith (I really liked the Senko no Ronde char design :)  I couldn’t get the Academy flash games working, so I looked up the passwords and found these, but I still have no idea how to get the password from the string of numbers on the back of the mini-artbook.

          ソフィー revolvercannon
          エマ kuronokamidome
          ヴォルター fukusyuu

          Not sure if Sol Trigger would get better later, pretty fun and solid so far (whew, thank god I didn’t waste money again), much better than Last Promise at least.  I just started chapter 4 I think, just beat the machine draining the sols from people.  The boss mech battles are quite cool, the fights are challenging, and I like the chars so far.  Last Promise has one of the silliest premises in gaming history, and the dungeons and battles/enemies were unbearably boring :(..

          Same here, I didn’t really pay attention to Bravely Default all along since I wasn’t a huge fan of the chibi style but needed to use my Play-Asia coupon before it expires.  Originally I got Muramasa Vita, but after hearing the extra chapters being DLCs, I had to get something else, so I got Bravely Default after seeing the across the board high scores from Amazon Jpn’s reviewers :) The layered background is really beautiful.. at least P-A smarts up and offers free shipping right :)?

          P.S. you need to talk to the guy down in the basement to enter the passwords, he’s outside Donei’s dorm :)

          • Kibbitz

            I loved the character design for Sol Trigger too. If you’re just on chapter 4, that’s probably just one ahead of me. Thanks for the passwords, I just checked online and it looks like the one you’re missing is:

            ワイル ohgon_to_konton 特典ブックレット

            And yea, let’s just leave Last Promise alone =( Tokitowa looked interesting but I wasn’t sure how they’d actually maintain quality animation through the entire game. I saw videos of someone playing the commercial version though, and I’m glad I didn’t pick it up. Don’t really like their char designs much either. And uh, wow on Muramasa. I was planning to get it once I have something that fully sells me on the Vita (waiting for the Super Robot Taisen announcement, but holding back after splurging on 3DS + buncha games anyway) but I’m not sure about it now with regards to the DLC. I mean, I didn’t play the original and I’d rather have it for Vita than buy a Wii for it, but still.

            Good to see that you’re another happy convert to Bravely Default too ;D I’m honestly surprised at my 180 degree turn for this, but hey, I’ll gladly pitch Bravely Default to anyone who has interest now!

          • Aoshi00

            Awesome!  I just entered the password, so that’s the fourth and last one of them, he’s gone now.  It’s a weapon for Farrell, low attack but high vitality. 

            I still highly recommend getting Muramasa on the Wii if you want to see it on the big screen, the game’s cheap plus b/c w/ Wii U.  I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for the extra scenarios (even though it’s very greedy), but PSN yen cards are so expensive, getting all 4 would cost like another 2000 yen maybe (~$40), plus that means I can’t get the trophies on my main US account.. and you need a separate Vita memory card to play the DLCs using the Jpn acct, so too cumbersome.. If this is on PS3 instead of Vita, then paid DLCs would at least be easier w/o the region lock, and I still think Muramasa deserves to be seen on a big screen :)

          • Kibbitz

            Oh, wait, so Wii U has backward compatibility with Wii? Gotcha, this does make a Wii U more desirable to me now, since I really didn’t have anything I want for the Wii U yet. I’ll save up for one while looking out for Muramasa and Xenoblade. Hopefully by then, they’ll have third party stuff I want. Thanks for the info!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    It is always a nice thing for game company to try to broaden the game universe there.^_^

    Even if this is just a small thing, it makes me happy that new IP is getting more love.^_^

  • IsaacGravity

    No arguing the futuristic flair of THAT beaut.

  • Where do we sign up? O_o?

    • Unlimax

      I already created my account long ago ..

      Creating account’s in Hangame is a bit hard , you need some japanese skills to focus on the letters correctly , just to inform you The game looks like a Turn based Card battles and its Awful from what i see !

  • It’s official. I want that outfit =)

  • My Japanese isn’t that great, other than participating in the beta, is there anything else that needs to be done to get the extra costume?  I assume they’ll just give you a code to enter into your S-E members site after the beta ends?

    • Kibbitz

      You’ll have to get to Player Rank 5, then you can link your hangame account to your Squeenix account to verify the achievement. From what I can tell, you can then use the Members option in your 3DS game to hook up and download the costume.

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