Tales Of Hearts R Teaser Site Gives Us A Clear Look At The Vita Reimagining

By Spencer . October 29, 2012 . 12:52am


Tales of Hearts R is coming to PlayStation Vita with polygon characters instead of sprite models. Namco Bandai opened a teaser site for the game, which comes out in spring 2013.


Tales producer Hideo Baba Tales of Hearts is the Tales game fans should play since the story is about the heart and it’s his favorite. The Tales series is picking up traction with Tales of Xillia coming out next year. Perhaps, Namco Bandai will localize Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R too?

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  • If they localized both ToI R and ToH R in a double package that’d be pretty sweet.

    • Hraesvelgr

      But they won’t…

    • Elvick

      That would be smart though.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Hyped for this as well. Can’t wait to see what they change to make this better than the DS one.

  • Marcelo Gouvea

     Looks crisp, but…

    • Peeka Chu

      If NB aren’t confident enough for a retail release, there’s hope it may still come over as a download only game. I’m still waiting for SE to bring Lord of Apocalypse over. Not a single Vita title from them since that Hell/ strategy title. Even a digital release of that would be fine. A bit annoying, as they’ve released probably upwards of 10 iOS games since the Vita launch.  

      • Ladius

        Yeah, I thought Lord of Apocalypse would have been surely localized… Maybe Lord of Arcana’s western sales were so abysmal to make them reconsider their stance, though.

        And I agree with you regarding their hardware focus, it’s pretty much obvious they believe in the iOS market far more than in the Vita one, both in Japan and in the west.

      • Elvick

        Square Enix piss me off. The Vita is great, but the only game they decided to give the world was a new IP in an iffy genre.

        Get it together SE. If they supported it better, you can bet the  Vita would be doing better. SE had some of the best PSP games, people want to know that it’ll happen again, but see nothing from them. :/

  • perhaps they will, hopefully they do.

  • GreekGod88

    became a Tales fan with graces F will buy Xillia 1 and hopefully 2 makes its way to europe
    pls localise the 2 Vita games will buy them too ^_^

  • Randy Marsh

    I hope they don’t change the story too much and I really hope they do not add aliens like they did in Tales of Innocence R. 

    • raymk

      The story of TOIR wasn’t changed much at all, and one of the characters from TOIR is sure to be there because of the ending.  You don’t have to worry about the story really being change overall though.

  • Masengan

    For a second there I thought they were on Destiny Islands, I no longer hope for these portable titles to come West I just think it’s cool it’s getting a remake that I’ll never play.

  • FelixJRPG

    Still want vesperia for PS3 get localized though… OTL

    • -_- Come on, people… Just let it go already.

      • The game is practically like a million years old by now. Everyone still begging for its localization are people who had no will to buy it years ago. I don’t feel the slightest pity for those people.

        • John Diamond

           only reason i’m annoyed is cause i bought mine pretty recently. but with graces f + xillia coming out, imma let it go

    •  There’s a fan translation on its way, no problemo.

      • FelixJRPG

        well, the fan translation one only works for jailbroken ps3 right?

        • Grenalie

          Yeah, good thing they made incredible progress recently.

        •  You got to make risks if you want something so much, I won’t miss Vesperia that much, but perhaps that’s because I never played it to begin with.

  • RedShadoww

    *dreams of innocent r and heart r ps3 hd collection* :'(

  • Niles Schwarz

    Chances of Innocence R getting localized: Non-existent (at the moment). Chances on Hearts R: Pretty damn good. Recent announcements from Hideo Baba at NYCC lead to him wanting more frequent, and faster localizations. And seeing how he said “While he won’t localize (normal) Hearts, he believe everyone should play it cause it is his favorite.” Also he did straight-up mention Vesperia PS3 won’t be localized.

  • sd28

    i miss the sprites already hopefully it will be a good game still and if they at least fix the damage break the battle system would instantly be improved though i wonder why this isn’t multi-platform with the 3ds as well it a least gives people a reason to buy a vita so its not to bad.

  • Tales_of_Master

    Although I already finished ToH on the DS when it was first released, and let me tell it was an awesome game. Playing it again on the Vita is defiantly going to be a blast. My only hope is that it gets localized this time around, you can never have enough Tales games :D Also, although I pretty much lost interest in ToI it still would be nice to have it in the U.S. since the Vita needs all the love it can get. 

  • -sigh- if only we could get this and innocence R they look so lovely. :( I just don’t see it happening.

  • riceisnice

    But I liked sprite.

  • refrain

    I worry about the gameplay of this game… I hope It’s not like Innocence R. 

    • ZEROthefirst

      Innocence R was good, it was a combined battle system from Abyss and Destiny PS2 re-make. Hearts R is not going to have the same battle system though, and it’ll either be somewhat the same or it’ll be like the battle system from Graces and on.

  • psycho_bandaid

    I am always in the mood for more Tales.  Baba, for his part, seems to make a big push for Tales games.  If he can pull this off I will definitely buy at least two copies.  If Innocence gets done too this will be God-tier.

    On an unrelated note, Bamco is rapidly gaining a lot of mindshare from me.  I’ve started playing through Graces F again to get through Lineage and Legacies, I’ve been playing God Eater again for no apparent reason, I have money set aside for Xillia and Ni no Kuni, I want God Eater so bad it hurts, now the Tales remakes on Vita…  Good stuff!

  • Natat

    Hearts is one of my favorite Tales games, but I think that one of the things I liked the most about it was the sprites they used in the DS version, so it’s kind of dissapointing, but not surprising, that they are using 3D models in the Vita version.
    Ah well, I’ll still wait for what is new in this one, besides playing with Calcedny.

    •  I totally agree with you, but you have to admit: the 3D models look very smooth.

      •  Her clothes look disjointed way to small for a yukata .. -__-

        • puchinri

          Are her clothes supposed to be a yukata now? ono
          Honestly, it is looking like that, but I distinctly remember her outfit not looking like or reminding me of a yukata (I really liked the outfit, actually).

          • THAT’S A YUKATA!? Kohak seems quite reserved, so I would expect that she would dress more conservative, but her outfit is not ugly, but it’s… odd and impractical. Hell, in some official artwork of her, you can easily see her buttocks. And I think she isn’t meant to be stripperific like Judith from Vesperia.

          • raymk

            I wouldn’t say impractical because it doesn’t hinder her in combat it just doesn’t provide protection either, but then again most tales characters gear doesn’t.

          •  @raymk:disqus I meant to say by ‘impractical’, that it’s too revealing in a certain way. I mean, you’d think her buttocks would freeze over. It’s just weird. And she’s not even a fan servicey-character. Then again, it was Tales of VS artwork that shows the buttocks while in Graces F and the original… it doesn’t seem THAT short… I dunno.

          • puchinri

            I don’t usually see much else besides her legs in the official artwork (well, Mutsumi-sensei’s to be specific). But. . . yeah, I have my doubts that it is a yukata all of a sudden now. Maybe the above poster mixed it up for one?

  • s07195

    What would you think if the battle gameplay etc. is the same as in ToH but only the sprites were changed into 3D models?

    • Lightthrower

      That’s what I liked from what I saw from the DS version. The 2D battles looked great so I hope it’s still in 2D.

    • Barrylocke89

      Personally, I’d find that to be a happy medium, but I could see other players getting irked by the 3d characters being limited on 1 plane. I just hope that however the battle system turns out, it’s got more things to it than just being a copy+paste of Tales of Innocence R’s battle system.

      • s07195

        Same here.

  • The game looks gorgeous, this is one game I must definitely import.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • Kibbitz

      Why the frown? =|

      • Because we Overseas folk are never getting it.

        • why psp fans and also psvita fans never get a lot of games here a US.

          • Barzh

             In general, handhelds owners get screwed when it comes to Japanese games.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Going to take years before it see the light of day in the states lol

        • Kibbitz

          Well, think of it this way. At least it exists, which means that even if it doesn’t ever get brought over, there is still the possibility that you can learn enough Japanese to acquire it and play someday. If it doesn’t exist, there’d be nothing for everyone!

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            Importing is costly -__-

          • Kibbitz

            Yes, it is, I know this too well >_>  *looks at JP 3DS and titles as well as Super Robot Taisen collection* T_T

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Can’t wait for this. Innocence R was a brilliant remake and that shows that the Tales team takes this stuff seriously. ToH will be even better since I never played the original

  • s07195

    Really, I would totally buy this game and Innocence R if I had a PSV. Does anyone want to donate one to me?

    • You get this and Innocence R localized and I will buy you a Vita.

  • ragingmerifes

    The Vita has been getting a lot of amazing games recently. I need to buy one.

  • I’m cool with the 3D, it’s a VITA game so I expect a game to either have cool 3D visuals or HD sprites.
    I didn’t buy Innocence cause I simply loathed the game, but Hearts R is an instant get for me. One of my favorite titles in the series~

    • Let me guess, the annoying dungeons with infinite respawns, resulting in dozens of monsters ganging up on you on the overworld AND the whole weird reincarnation story?

      • Story and cast was just not my style. You know I didn’t feel them, and that’s a heavy gamebreaker for a JRPG.

        •  I totally agree with you, bro. I couldn’t really have a connection with the main characters and all because they were so consumed and sorta dependant on their previous lives.
          Reincarnation is still a thing that most of us can’t really grasp, so it’s obvious we can’t really understand why all the people (or those who could use Naraka powers or something like that) in the world make a fuss about some cowardly but friendly guy being their enemy in a past life.

      •  Innocence was a huge step up from Tempest, but a weird stumbling step for the Tales series.  A lot was good; but to counter it was that awkward encounter rate.  I’ll agree with the reincarnation bit, since I have trouble making sense of the concept that has a few million humans turn to 7 billion — but hey, makes for some fancy story telling. :)

        • The encounter rate was so really annoying that I’d rather wanted random encounters Final Fantasy and Pokemon Style. I know, I’m more of a story than gameplay guy (that’s why I appreciate Asura’s Wrath so much), but the gameplay was just… ‘a turn off’ to say the least.
          Indeed, the story is just… maybe the Japanese could make sense out of it, but I’m from Europe and we are familiar with concepts like reincarnation, but we don’t understand them truly or deeply.
          A lot of guys turn berserk and angry when they find out or see Ruca as he was apparently their #1 enemy of a past life (as Asras of course). The characters and all, they seemed consumed and obsessed over their past lives.
          I don’t know, but people told me I was the reincarnation of some monster or hero, I’d say: ‘So what? That was a past life. This is me. Past is the past, and this is the present and MY OWN life’.

          • I actually like that perspective on it.  Yeah, I thought that was really annoying near the beginning (the Forest area-dungeon), a ton of soldiers assault you based on making up and reliving the grudge they had in their passed lives, and end up dying – AGAIN – for it.  A lot of the characters even point out how silly it is, so it made the plot invest in self-made emotions of stupid jackwagons living their past lives again.

  • isfuturebright

    I have no ideia why they don’t localize this… It would make me want to get a VITA! Talk it over with Sony, Namco Bandai people! I’m sure they give you a help to bring it over :)

  • Terrible, terrible waste of Vita’s graphic potential.  Hell, Tales has done better than this.  I’d argue PS2’s Abyss had more life in the scenery than this.

    I doubt we’d get this.  If so, I’d be surprised.  PSVita isn’t exactly selling too hot, definitely not a good climate for a small scale RPG series (somewhat small scale, at least according to the way NB treats Tales).

    And yeah I’d rather have Vesperia PS3.  At least it’s a guarantee I’d like it.  I’d rather that than a kinda half-assed “re-imagining”. 

    And good/bad news; Tempest is probably next then.

    • raymk

      No i’ll take the re-imagining because I never understood the story of hearts in japanese so I would like that localized.  As much as I want vesperia ps3 I at least have played that.  

      Also without a doubt tempest is next since they said this was part of the tri series and it wasn’t hard to guess hearts after innocence.

    •  Next Tales of The World game plz. Or Tales of Symphonia handheld port.

      • Elvick

        I’d be down for some portable Symphonia action. 

    • Ladius

      Are you really trying to judge this game as an “half assed reimagining” when we have barely a single screenshot and practically no informations about the battle system, customization and so on?
      I know the Tales fanbase is rather famous for trying to be negative about its own games since their announcements, but this is going a bit too far, especially considering Hearts is widely considered as a good game and Innocence R, the first reimagining, was a big improvement over the original version.

      Also, you should consider how most Japanese games released or announced so far on Vita are hardly graphical powerhouses, and yet I never saw people flaming Ys Celceta, Zero no Kiseki Evolution, Ragnarok Online, Dokuro or Virtue’s Last Reward because they don’t fully use Vita’s graphical potential.

      Considering how poorly Innocence R sold, it’s rather obvious those R games are developed with a low budget (they’re outsourced, after all), and that pushing their costs too much would mean making them unprofitable and hard to greenlight. Then again, it isn’t like Innocence or Hearts were big budget releases to begin with.

      • The only thing that disappoints me, like I said in my earlier post, is that Tales has done WAY better, they’re capable of a lot more.  Innocence R looked worse than PSP’s prime and this is on the Vita — something capable of low-scale PS3 graphics.  My opinion was based on Innocence R, which left a bad taste in my mouth, not Hearts, because like you said, there’s nothing on it yet.

        I like to think of a hypothetical: Maybe if they put more resources into Innocence R, maybe it would have sold better, if it looked more akin to Vesperia at least (which is def possible on the Vita).  I don’t know how eager people are to buy a cheap low-budget “re-imagining” of a pretty decent NDS title (which, for THAT handheld and that time, looked really good).  But that’s hard to answer…

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Because video games are all about graphics, and even though Innocence R was a brilliant remake, the graphics didn’t look like a PS3 game so its wasted potential.

          I hope you never get Vesperia PS3.

          • MEOW! MEEEOW!! HISSSSS

          • Serious reply though, if graphics aren’t your priority, then that’s your thing — hell, it isn’t even my priority, though I do like eye-candy. And like I said that people love ignoring: The graphics were a STEP BACK for the SERIES as a whole — we all know they could have done better.  Fact is, the other thing I didn’t like Innocence R because it was a lame re-imagining, a step back, or rather it was *no* step forward from what it sounded like it should have been.  They took out the one unique system (the DS’s battle ‘styles’) and replaced it with the all to standard skill system that’s we’ve seen a few times.  The dungeons were still long tunnels, and they mixed in this whole mess with a tri-verse, making a quick and cheap profit since a lot of resources were re-used.  I’d rather a unique Tales title than the lame “re-imagining” they dribbled out.  I hope Hearts R because a more expansive effort — but the DS version of Innocence is just fine to play, little being missed by the Vita version.

            PS: I hope your console breaks (wtf, who says stupid s*** like you just did?)

          • I get where your coming from, but bear in mind that the Vita is relatively new device. Innocence R would have been more of a testing ground for them on its capabilities. Secondly, this game is still in production and that picture is just a teaser, the graphics could change drastically. Until an offical gameplay video is released we can’t be sure how it will turn out.

        • Ladius

          Except your whole argument is wrong, since Innocence R was comparable (or even a little improved, especially in terms of textures and animations) to Radiant Mythology 3, the best PSP Tales game in terms of graphics, and PSP-level graphics are exactly what most Japanese Vita games have had so far since the platform is still young and no one want to sink big budgets into an untested platform.

          Tales never was a big budget, graphically impressive series: till Xillia (which isn’t exactly a blockbuster itself in terms of production values), most of its entries were actually mid to low tier games on their respective platforms.

          Also, if you didn’t mean to attack Hearts R it doesn’t make any sense to call it “half assed”, a judgement that doesn’t make any sense even in the context of Innocence R considering how much that version was improved compared to its DS original (completely remade dungeons, four characters in battle instead of three, new battle system, two additional characters, lots of new events, more skits, more dubbed dialogues, new artes, and so on). You may hate on Innocence R for whatever reasons, but it was one of the few instances of a developer taking its time to really consider the fanbase’s criticism and fixing the issues most players had with the first version, horrid dungeon design being the prime example.

    • sherimae1324


  • KingGunblader

    I’ll have a Vita in a month’s time, so if this gets localized I WILL BE READY.

  • brian yep

    So we should play this and forget the rest of them?

  • KyoyaHibari

    *Fingers crossed for Innocence R, Vesperia PS3 and Hearts R for NA & Europe*

  • chalkcl

    Looks slightly better than Innocence R. But that’s not saying much… Waiting patiently for a PV

  • CirnoLakes
    • Christopher Nunes

      You earned a super cookie for that video!

      LOL, I agree with Applebloom!

    • Syn

      +1 to that super cookie!!!
      Am sorry but applebloom has it right…….dare I say it…….on the cookie,lol.

  • Göran Isacson

    Okay so, I’m confused here. A lot of people in the comments are talking about something called Innocence R, which apparently wasn’t very good, and how that makes them wary for this game, Hearts R. As a general ignoramus of the Tales of-series (I’ve played that one for the gamecube and that one for the 3DS, so… yeah), what are the reasons people are bringing up one when talking about the other- are Innocence and Hearts linked? And what are their general assessments of this “Hearts”? Decent? Passable? Amazing? Insult to good taste everywhere? Your thoughts if you may, ladies and gentlemen.

    • Hollownerox

      From what I’ve heard about hearts was that it was one of the best of the series. Innocence was an okay game by a lot of peoples standards, just easily forgettable.

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