Dragon Quest VII Remake Coming To 3DS On February 7

By Spencer . October 30, 2012 . 7:23pm


Twelve years after it came out for PsOne, Square Enix is remaking Dragon Quest VII for Nintendo 3DS. A teaser site for the Dragon Quest VII remake says the game will be available on February 7, 2013.


ArtePiazza, the studio that handled Dragon Quest VII and the DS remakes, is developing Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden for the Nintendo 3DS.


Scenario & Game Designer: Yuji Horii

Character Designer: Akira Toriyama

Music: Koichi Sugiyama

Art Direction: Shintaro Majima

Planning & Development: ArtePiazza

Publishing and Sales: Square Enix

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  • Tales_of_Master

    Well that was quick 0_0 Hopefully this will get localized soon. My 3DS needs more love.

  • KingGunblader

    The DS remakes did well when they were released here, right? I’m cautiously optimistic about localization prospects for this one.

    • kylehyde

      Well, kind of, I don’t have exact numbers of all them, but DQIV DS sold 110,000 units in North America and 150,000 in Europe, which are pretty great considering that the series doesn’t have as much public as in Japan, meanwhile DQIX sold 1.02 million overseas.

  • Just gotta wait for it to come here now. >_<;

  • chaosCrimsonX

    I’m fairly certain there’s a high chance we will get this, with us getting the ds dragon quest games.

  • KiTA

    Protip:  Yuji Horii has produced EVERY Dragon Quest game.  Yes, even the spinoffs.  Every single one.  (He also produced a little game called “Chrono Trigger” which had a good story mostly because of his influence.)

    Akira Toriyama has done the art design for every single Dragon Quest game and spinoff.

    Koichi Sugiyama has done the music for every single DQ game and spinoff.

    The engine programming has bounced around a bit, with the guys who make the Mysterious Dungeon games being involved in the early games, Level 5 with others, Arte Piazza with the recent remakes.

    This is why the quality of Dragon Quest has never wavered over the years.  The same executive team has been behind each and every game.

    Contrast with Final Fantasy, where the nutjob obsessed with buckles, zippers, and belts took over a few years back and ran the franchise into the ground.

    • Victor Hunter

      I appreciate your knowledge of Dragon Quest, but for someone who places great importance on knowing the development team, I wouldn’t start throwing around misinformation like that about Final Fantasy.

      Tetsuya Nomura has never ‘taken over’. Most of his roles boil down to nothing more than Character Designer. The only projects he’s been Director of have been Advent Children, the Kingdom Hearts series (which he’s been lead of since the beginning) and FFXIII Versus.

      I’m not trying to defend him or Final Fantasy or take you down a peg, it just hardly seems like he’s in the position to run anything into the ground other than Kingdom Hearts, which has been a fairly steady series.

      Just a heads up.

      • LightZero

        Minus the story of course. KH became a convoluted series after KH2. Everything else been getting better. Nomura is pretty much the main face of SE along side Toriyama. They are both going to get hate because they are the figurehead. Sometime those hate are warranted other times they get undeserved hate. I’m bored with both though. 

    • kupomogli

      While I’m a fan of the Dragon Warrior games and I think Dragon Warrior 7 is a better game than Chrono Trigger(my opinion,) I think Hironobu Sakaguchi had more influence on Chrono Trigger being a good game than Yuji Horii did.

      Back then, Sakaguchi is one of the few to have had the Midas touch of video games.  Now, not so much.  He’s almost like the Shigeru Miyamoto of JRPGs.  I say almost, because he’s not Yasumi Matsuno.

    • epy

      Never got why Nomura gets the bulk of the blame on the current state of Final Fantasy. I’d blame Wada if anyone.

  • Arcm

    This and Dragon Quest 8 are my favorite Dragon Quest games. I hope for a speedy release overseas. Since, there is a lack of any 3DS games coming out that interest me except Fire Emblem.

  • Brandonmkii

    I’d feel bad if we got this and not Terry’s Wonderland :c

    • kupomogli

       I’d rather get this.

      • Barrylocke89

        But if Squeenix/Nintendo REALLY loves us, we’ll get both! …right?

  • Domii

    I know you guys mean Japan when talking about most release dates. But I feel like it’ll be better for new readers if you start specifying where a game is been release. For example instead of plainly saying “DQ7 will release on Feb 7, 2012”, is better to emphasize that its for Japan only so that we wont get our hopes up.

  • Never played this game before. Hopefully this, Rune Factory 4, Fantasy Life, BDFF, Soul Hacker, SMT4, PL vs AA get English released next year though my most anticipated game is AA5.


  • let’s hope this comes out here, lord knows the US needs a better version of the game lol

  • Not only do they actually work on this remake, but they also make sure it’s being released shortly.

    It’s something I never came to expect from SE this generation anymore, lol.

  • Budgiecat

    No wonder the PS1 version never came to PSN…..

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