Dynasty Warriors 8 Has Storm Rush, Variable Counter, And Awakeing Actions

By Spencer . October 30, 2012 . 4:37pm

imageTecmo Koei is adding new attacks to the Dynasty Warriors formula for Dynasty Warriors 8. Before we get to that, Famitsu says like Dynasty Warriors 7 (pictured) there will be a seamless transition between event scenes and battles. The story focuses on the Jin Dynasty.Gakushin and Li Dian are playable characters.


Storm Rush is an attack you can use if your weapon has an edge over the enemy warlord. This allows you to breakthrough the warlord’s battle stance and retaliate with a series of swift strikes.


You can use a Variable Counter if your weapon has a disadvantage compared to the enemy warlord. When an enemy general attacks with all of their might you can use their momentum in your counterattack to knock them back. This move also knocks back surrounding units.


Under certain conditions you can do an Awakening Action. This gives your character a huge boost and changes your regular Musou attack to the True Musou attack. Awakening state also increases item drops.

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  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Am I the only one that feels like all of this is happening too soon? DW7, DW7:XL, WO3, DW7:E (Which isn’t even out yet), and now already announcing DW8…

    • 果林

       obviously they’re milking money out from the series

    • Berialos

      Samurai Warriors 4 isn’t scheduled to release until 2014. More than likely DW8 won’t come out until after.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Pretty sure I saw something that said 2013, but we’ll see.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        2013 on PS3 for Japan.

  • this game looks sad lol dunno why ! no buy for me see ya ! c;

  • Göran Isacson

    At some times, I think to myself “you know, I did like Dynasty Warriors 4 well enough back in the day, maybe I should pick up a new title and see what it’s all about…”

    And then I find out that they’re going to release a new title, and I go “eh, I can wait until the latest version goes on sale”. And when it does I inevitably have other things to spend my money on so I wait a little longer until the mood strikes again, and so the cycle continues…

    • heartless141

       exactly what happening to me. =/ just a bitttt moreeee and bam a new game come out.

  • Don’t really care that much about the system as long as it doesn’t play like Strikeforce.

  • Zero Shift

    Looking forward to it, I can never get enough of KOEI’s Warriors games.

    • ehh i can. unless this one is different enough to the others (and i dont mean a few extra moves and commanders)…The series is getting old and old fast. I mean just look at the titling for instance…Dynasty Warriors 8 makes me feel ill, i mean they know the game will sell so they will keep on churning them out. There is next to no innovation or originality in the series anymore. Other series such as the mario games also has many numbers in the series but innovative new gameplay mechanics such as in sunshine, galaxy and 3D Land shakes things up a bit..Tecmo Koei is better than this. I look forward to their new IP for the vita..   

      • OverlordZetta

        I like this style of gaming, honestly. It’s something that’s lost on far too many companies these days, and personally, I wish more companies would do this sort of thing. It’s not like they’re not also making other games, after all.

        In any case – rather than taking something that’s good and making it better, continuing it and so on, too many just decide they’re done with it and never touch it again, or worse, make a “sequel” that for all intents and purposes could be another game franchise except it has the same characters as the first game. It’s silly.

        If a type of game is fun and people will buy it, I’m all for companies making more of the same. No one is making you buy them, and clearly there’s an audience for it.

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