Tales Of Hearts R Is 50% Done And Has Full 3D Battles

By Spencer . October 30, 2012 . 3:02pm

imageFamitsu has more information about Tales of Hearts R, a PlayStation Vita remake of the Nintendo DS game. The magazine says Tales of Hearts R is 50% complete and battles are in full 3D.


Tales of Hearts R has a new Chase Link system that you can activate in the middle of an attack. Trigger a Chase Link and you can chase an enemy in mid-air to follow up with another attack. TaleTale Source reports there is a gauge on the left hand side of the screen that looks like the over limit gauge from Tales of Vesperia. It’s unclear what the gauge does.


Shing has Hienshousen as one of his artes. Hisui Hearts has Harisuzume and new character Calcedony Arkham has Azure Edge.

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  • MrTyrant

    Baba! do your trick :P

    • *Hideo Baba used Flail!*

      *nothing happened*

      (kidding, kidding…)

  • Now is your chance, Baba— you said that wanted us to play Tales of Hearts the most, right? The only way for us to do that is if you localize ToHR.

    We’re waiting….somewhat patiently.

    Though… the Vita IS region free, so I could always go for that option; despite not wanting to import for the Vita all that much…

  • Yet another one I must import. Here’s hoping they don’t use the Chase Link system as a replacement for mid-air battles. Don’t DO IT.

  • Tales_of_Master

    The bit about the “Chase Link” sounds interesting, it seems that the game is still emphasizing Air combos. Hopefully ToH will get localized this time around. I enjoyed the DS version, and I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy this one too. Here is hoping for new Hi-Ougi’s and new cameo battles (aside from Guy). Also, please do not go with that “CG Version” crap again xc

    • gk2012

       Chase link is most likely gonna be like Destiny R’s Air Dash judging with how they described it.

  • I need!!!! I must have!!! Innocence R as well. Pretty please NB? Please?!

  • Spirit Macardi

    Just let me know if the Lloyd, Guy, and Klonoa summons are still in the game.

  • sd28

    uhh sound like a battle system down grade

  • so, did they up the number of party members you can have to 4?

    • KyoyaHibari

      They did it with Innocence, so I’d imagine they did it with Hearts.

    • gk2012

       They did.

      Now I can have Kohaku, Beryl, Hisui, and (Shing/Kunzite/Ines) in one party! :D

  • KyoyaHibari

    Wo-HO! Bamco keeping us out of the loop and being 50% done the game! Tbh, I prefer it this way with games being kept secret until about half way to completion. Less of a wait as we are in the dark so the anticipation won’t burn as long. ;P

    • Syn


      Know exactly what you mean.

  • *spit take* WHAT?! Tales of Hearts R?! How out of the loop am I?!?!

    Anyway, “Battles are in full 3D.” Not sure how I feel about that. Wasn’t the deep, remixed take on the older 2D “Tales of” combat a big draw for the original Tales of Hearts? I suppose it does give veterans of the original a reason to pick it up though, so it’s all good, right?

  • Niyari

    I wonder if they plan on bringing this over. It would make me feel less silly about picking up a Vita just to play P4G.

    • isfuturebright

      I’m with you there… I think P4 does well because Atlus now how to market it :P Instead what Namco Bandai does which is hide the game.

  • Cole

    I hope they bring it over to every where cause so far the only game i want on the vita is P4G and i would like the tales games on the DS that we didnt get 

  • refrain
    • Syn

      From your screens one could say they are using the ps3 tales engine(it has some similarities from what I have seen), guess that would speed up dev time. Looks great though. 

    • These look fantastic! And its only 50% complete as well. Cant wait to see some gameplay

    • gk2012

      They could have used a better screenshot sample for the battle. That just looks totally empty and uninspiring, to say the least.

      But yiss, playable Chalcedony!

      To be honest, the shift to 3D battles are kind of a turn-off.
      But on the other hand, seeing these 3D models (especially Beryl’s) makes it look really fresh and makes me proud about this remake.

    • Ladius

      They’ve surely improved the quality of the characters’ models since Innocence R, it looks great considering it’s a side effort for them.

  • It’s hardly staying calm over this kind of news.

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