Wii U Already Has An Arcade Stick

By Spencer . October 30, 2012 . 6:21pm

The Wii U is launching with a fighting game and an arcade stick from Hori. The Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition arcade stick connects to your Wii U just like a Classic Controller Pro.


tekkenstick1 tekkenstick2


The Wii U fighting stick has HLF-30 buttons and costs 7,980 yen ($100). You can grab the stick along with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the Wii U on December 8.

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  • Herok♞

    glad its going well with Wiiu.

  • SantiagodelosSantos

    Isn’t 100 bucks kind of a lot? 

    • Kris

      Not for a decent arcade stick! Don’t know if Hori’s stock parts are quite worth it, but I haven’t tried their newer stuff.

    • I have owned six arcade sticks in my life and I have spent no less than $100 on parts for each one, not including the cost of the sticks themselves.

    • mikanko

      A lot of that is from the exchange rate.  If Hori were to market this stick in the US it’ll probably be closer to 70$ at retail.  Granted this one looks to be using cheaper parts, and their larger sticks that use authentic sanwa or seimitsu parts are often closer to 150$ even when sold from their US store.

    • Mizu D

      Hori and Madcatz quality arcade stick with Sanwa component will neat you at least 100$ and over. Anything lower is not worth it (unless on sale).

      Arcade stick is very important and you don’t want to be smashing on a poorly made controller with a hard to replace component.

  • Wonder how many additional games the WiiU will have to warrant a puchase like this~

    • Mizu D

       So far we have TTT2 and God Among us. I expect Namco, Capcom, Netherealm and Arksys to release newer iteration of Soul Calibur, SF, MK and Blazblue/GGX.

      And another thing Nintendo need to ensure…that we can use the classic pro controller and arcade stick for VC game, because there is quite a few SNK fighting games there…

      • With ^Core+ being released at the end of the Wii’s lifespan, I do think ASW would be onboard with releasing their newer fighters to the WiiU. (They probably just didn’t deem the Wii powerful/important enough for BB and P4U) Here’s to hoping so, considering fighters are the only exclusives I particularly need a console for. (As opposed to everything else being released on PC)

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      It will really depend on how Tekken Tag 2 and Injustice sell, I believe. If neither titles does as well on Wii U as they would do on PS3/360, then you will not see other fighters on the way. If they sell well, then you’ll probably see other fighting games ported at the same time, alongside the other two current gen systems.

  • It’s a little higher than the Fightstick SEs were going for, but otherwise a pretty average / expected pricetag for an arcade stick. (Especially when it’s the first for a new console. No alternatives to contend with)

    (What the crap? Stupid thing won’t actually attach my reply to Santos’ comment. >=C )

  • Göran Isacson

    Starting to wonder whether it’s worth investing in a stick, should I continue to be a fan of fighting games. The PS3’s D-pad is not gentle on my thumbs…

    • Mizu D

       Trust me, when SF4 came, I spend the whole month playing with a DPAD on the PS3 controller and I have bad habit since the SNES era to overpress the DPAD and it hurt my thumb, i stop after a month. I came back to it with SSF4 release and it was the final time I will main on a DPAD ever in my life.

      No I have a dual modded TE1 stick for 360 that work for a PS3, a TE2 stick for PS3 and a basic Madcatz stick for Wii (since there is no TE). There is no way for me to go back to a DPAD for any fighting game.

      You can get a QANBA stick that work for PS3, 360 and PC. I do hope they have one that also work for Wii U too in the future.

    • ddh819

      i’d say at least get a cheap 30-40 stick and see how it compares to a dualshock. after that you can see if you want to get a higher quality stick, and keep the cheap stick for when people come over.

  • neo_firenze

    What are “HLF-30 buttons”?  Custom Hori buttons (i.e. not top tier parts)?  Or is that perhaps a typo/jumble intending to talk about Sanwa parts like the fighting game standards of a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick and Sanwa OBSC-30 buttons?  Or is Hori intentionally making their naming scheme confusingly similar in order to trick people… hope not.

    A full Sanwa stick from Hori = very interesting. A Hori stick (traditionally more of a pain to mod than simply swapping out buttons/sticks, and usually hardwired connections instead of quick disconnects) using Hori parts, not quite so interesting.

    • SpecDotSign

      I think it was supposed to read a JLF stick and 30mm buttons. Hori has been using their own parts lately with their sticks. But we’ll see. I’m interested in seeing the Mad Catz stick for WiiU.

  • AweOfShe

    I’ll probably grab one if WiiU ends up getting a lot of shmups.

    • mikanko

       Hori sticks are kinda bad for shmups.  It’s basically just a cheaper version of a Sanwa JLF which is incredibly loose and not so hot for subtle movements.  The cheaper Hori 360 and PS3 sticks (V3 I think) actually fit a seimitsu ls-55 pretty well with a bit of elbow grease.  Seimitsu sticks have much less throw and have stiffer springs making them more sensitive for shooters.

      That said you might be better off waiting for a madcatz stick as the universal plates inside TE’s are incredibly easy to mount anything from a Seimitsu LS-32(the most common stick found in shmup arcade cabinets) to a 56.

      • AweOfShe

        Good point.

        Admittedly, my only experience with Hori is the Mushi Futari stick, which never ended up getting modded at all.

        • mikanko

           I’m not positive but I believe the Mushi stick had an LS-32.  It was also basically just a HRAP with artwork on it, and HRAPs are generally easier to mod than their less expensive sticks if you did want to change it out.

      • ddh819

        thanks for this info – i probably play shumps and games like tetris, magical drop, as much as fighting games. i tried playing magical drop with my tvc stick, but maybe i really need a tighter stick. I wonder if a tighter stick would still be ok for fighting games though.

        • mikanko

          I think it’s mostly personal preference, though more people prefer sanwa sticks with fighting games.  I think that may largely be due to it being the standard in cabinets and what people are used to though. 

          With a tighter stick you have to be a little more precise with your movement in a fighting game because it’s a little easier to get a direction you didn’t want.  At the same time the stick having less throw means it returns to a neutral state faster.  There are a lot of situations in longer combos, wave dashing in Marvel or back dash cancelling in Tekken that having the stick return to neutral faster comes in handy.

  • neo_firenze

    Also, for those who aren’t aware, MadCatz is also releasing a TTT2 branded stick on WiiU.  Details a bit scarce on that so far too, but it’s a very safe assumption that it will use 100% Sanwa parts and be easily mod-able. 

    From poking around for a few minutes, I find that Play-Asia’s product description for this Hori stick says you do need to physically connect it to a Wii remote (original Wiimote). So that clarifies a bit on how it connects – i.e. not like the new WiiU Controller Pro that connects wirelessly to the system, but like the last gen Wii Classic Controller Pro, as Spencer mentioned.

    • Mizu D

       That perfect to know, because this Hori stick…required you to plug into a Wiimote and upon closer inspection to screenshot, look like the usual entry cheap level arcade stick from Hori and they are worth it.

  • XypherCode

    “…connects to your Wii U just like a Classic Controller Pro.” So you need to attach it on a Wii Remote? Isn’t it supposed to be… connects like the Wii U Pro controller? It’s a Wii U peripheral after all.

    • neo_firenze

       You do need to attach it to the Wii Remote.

      I can only guess that the decision was so that this stick can be backward compatible with Wii games, since the Wii U Pro Controller does not work with original Wii games.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Well that’s interesting.  There have been an awful lot of fighting games lately, so fight sticks make a certain amount of sense.  Nintendo’s mostly been out in the cold though… do you guys think we’ll see more than Tekken Tag 2 on the Wii U?  A Street Fighter IV port?  Or cheaper, a port of the online versions of SF 2 or 3?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    How many games will it support?  Lets hope Smash and Tekken Vs Street fight *when ever that comes out*

    • Tails the Foxhound

      Would you really play Smash with a fight stick? I tried it once with brawl, it was awkward as hell.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Tekken vs. Street Fighter hasn’t been announced for the Wii U.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        >:} who knows

  • How do HLF-30s compare to traditional OBSF-30s?

    • mikanko

      I think they’re just the normal 30mm sized hori buttons, which have generally just been cheaper made equivalents to OBSF’s.  At that price it’s unlikely the stick is a JLF as well.  Since they’re the same size though shouldn’t be too hard to replace them.  If you want arcade quality parts this will be more of a mod project.

      I’m pretty sure Madcatz will be releasing a Wii U TE regardless.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        So it takes talking about swapping out pieces of plastic to get ya to post again? :P

        Welcome back, even if you go right back to lurking.

        • mikanko


  • Tails the Foxhound

    I just hope my Mad Catz Tatsunoko stick works with the Wii U.

    • Mizu D

       All (or most) Wii peripheral will work on Wii U. The Madcatz TvC will work no problem…I hope unless something came up.

      • Tails the Foxhound

         That tiny bit of uncertainty is what worries me.

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