Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Director Making Final Fantasy X GREE

By Spencer . October 31, 2012 . 1:25am


The World Ends With Solo Remix isn’t the only game Square Enix is making with GREE. They two companies are developing a Final Fantasy crossover game with character cards from over twenty Final Fantasy titles.


Square Enix selected some staff from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII project to lead Final Fantasy X GREE. Kazunari Itakura who worked on Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII is the game’s director. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy producer Ichiro Hazama is the producer on Final Fantasy X GREE.


Final Fantasy X GREE is the second social game with the Final Fantasy brand. Final Fantasy Brigade performed quite well in Japan with well over over 2.5 million users. Final Fantasy X GREE is slated for release in 2012.

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  • Zanasea

    Be careful, Ichiro Hazama wasn’t the director, he was only one of the producers of the Complete version of Advent Children.

  • d19xx

    I will eat my cat if this comes out before FFX PS3/Vita… or versus…

    • Very last sentence, “Final Fantasy X GREE is slated for release in 2012.”

      It’s as if you WANT to eat your cat or something. o.O

      • d19xx

        Didn’t notice that. Sorry cat…

    • komiko12

      Well prepare to eat your cat, because something like this is easier  and faster to make than FFX or Versus

  • Christ

    WTF is GREE, haven’t they heard of Facebook? 

    • MINT_FanFan

       They are of different market. GREE, like Mobage, is a mobile platform.

  • Hidayat246

    The Title is WROOOOONGGGGG!!!!!!!

    not AC director but Dirge OF Cerberus director, spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuriangels

     hey are GREE games that  popular in japan? and has anyone play any  GREE before too? Is it fun?

  • Nee Nee

    So many card games coming out and so many of them are bad.

  • LustEnvy

    Square, WTF happened to you these past… well many years? Sigh… you guys are sucking it up pretty badly.

    Enix needs to break away… I miss my Star Oceans and Valkyrie Profiles.

    • Hoshi星

       I love how your Pascal display picture fits what you just said.

    • Nitraion

      yur pascal avatar is screaming XD

    • MrTyrant

      DAT Pascal face. I agree with you but I wonder too, what the hell is Tri-Ace doing now? they could have released couple of games already.

    • Mizu D

       You mean to said…they were doing so bad…Sakaguchi step down and Enix bought over……and is there any improvement in the quality department? Mmmmm

      In any case, most of the core members from the golden age of Square Soft SNES and PS1 era are long gone.

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Now that Pascal avatar fits what you said perfectly. lol

  • I believe that means Mobage will oversee this in North America………… -_-

  • MrTyrant

    Isn’t a little lame that they are copy-pasting the same character arts from Dissidia? I mean at least they could draw other images for the cards.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      Sheesh, this looks like a lazy fanmade game buut if it’s popular in Japan for some reaaason then…

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