First Video Of Megpoid The Music# And Gumi Dancing

By Spencer . November 2, 2012 . 3:18am

ParaPhray is making a Megpoid music game where Gumi is the star. Megpoid the Music# has songs like "Rosetta" for players to tap to. Megpoid the Music# is scheduled for release on PSP in spring 2013.

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  • tubers

    Looks “meh” but I’m probably still gonna enjoy these games :P

  • Looks pretty good, and Rosetta’s a classic, but I want gameplay!

  • Curan_Altea

    I’m looking forward to it. Good fun with Vocaloid music games so far.

    Unless the gameplay looks bad (unlikely) I’ll probably download for my Vita.

  • IkouKuhn

    Looks good for me, looking forward to it!My guess is the gameplay won’t be much different with Project Diva.

  • The model looks nice, but the background quality falls back compared to those seen in Project DIVA.

    Oh, what am I saying, I still want it YESTERDAY!

  • rebecasunao

    Looks pretty low quality when compared to Project Diva games but I’m guessing they’ll improve it before the game is released (the video being 360p doesn’t help much).

    The choreography is really nice.

    • Kevadu

      There is no reason to have > 360p video of a PSP game.  The PSP’s screen is 480 x 272.

      • rebecasunao

        Why are there Project Diva videos with 720p then?

  • Daverost

    I’m definitely getting PD1 vibes from the quality. I think people are forgetting how generally unimpressive the first game looked. I bet if this lasts beyond one game, the next one will be amazing like PD2 was.

    • junjoontea

      Personally, this game (as it looks through this sample) lacks a lot of polish compared to PD1. The stage feels very flat, and a bit bland. It’s too early in general to compare this series to Project Diva 1 right now. 

      In fact, I still appreciate some original aspects PD1. The model had physics on both the tie and chain, plus it had the feature where the notes could dictate the actual singing (I don’t know the term for it, but basically if you missed a note the voice would be affected); PD2 removed it since. It did have it’s fair share as flaws, but it’s level of quality seems much better compared to how The Music# as it is right now. 

      • Thomas Lipschultz

        That feature was actually brought back in Project Diva f — you can toggle it on or off. I always turn it off, though, along with button sounds, because I like being able to hear the entire song with no screw-ups even if *I* screw up. ;)

        (Also, I find it’s easier to keep your combo going without button sounds — seems counter-intuitive, but I swear those button sounds distract you whenever you start to get off-beat, and just wind up getting you even MORE off-beat!)

        Anyway, I’m shocked by the negative comments, as my first impression of this video was a resounding *WOW*. The background is irrelevant — look at the detail on the character model, and the outstanding dance choreography! Even Project Diva f’s dance choreography looks kind of wooden compared to what we see in this video. The video could’ve used a plain black background for all I care, and I still would’ve been incredibly impressed. ;)

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