Muramasa: The Demon Blade: Why Vita And What About The Lost Wii Content?

By Spencer . November 2, 2012 . 6:19pm


Vanillaware’s gorgeous action RPG Muramasa: The Demon Blade is coming to PlayStation Vita in March right after other Marvelous AQL Vita games like Valhalla Knights 3. When I met with producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto, I asked why Marvelous AQL didn’t bring Muramasa: The Demon Blade to PS3 and Xbox 360 too.


"Considering the sell rate of the hardware, it would be better to release it on PS3 or Xbox 360," Hashimoto explained. "Since Muramasa: The Demon Blade is tied to Japanese culture the colors and art style are Japanese-like. You’ll see bright colors like red or sometimes orange and green. Because of this I thought it would be better to present the game and the world itself on an OLED display."


Muramasa: The Demon Blade was developed as a Wii exclusive back in 2009. What you may not know is the Wii game in stores was far from complete. A sizable amount of content was cut including gameplay features and story scenes. I asked Hashimoto if they would add any of the "lost" content to the Vita version of Muramasa: The Demon Blade.


"Yes, there were some features that were cut from the Wii version, but Vanillaware is not the type of company that likes to use old designs or plans. Also at Marvelous AQL we feel the same way. All of the new content will be made specifically for the Vita version," Hashimoto answered. "The gameplay will be the same, but there are new features with the new characters."



"Have we seen the ‘new’ characters in Muramasa: The Demon Blade before? Are they already in Momohime or Kisuke’s story," I wondered.


"This is difficult to talk about because of the timing of the interview, but these will be exciting characters. They will be totally new, someone you haven’t seen before," Hashimoto said.


When Ignition brought Muramasa: The Demon Blade to North America they released it with a bland localization. I think it could’ve been much better, so I explained my concerns to Hashimoto and asked if they plan on making the Vita version’s localization better.


"We are discussing about that internally right now," Hashimoto replied.

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  • Herok♞

    So does this mean that the game is being localized since they are talking about possible making it better?

  • Leon_Tekashi

    I’ve never played Muramasa but I’ve seen it in action. Really good game. I do hope this version gets localized.

  • ShinobiMuramasa

    While I am still excited of the game, I’m disappointed to find out that the new content is not the removed content from the Wii game. I’m interested to see what the DLC will be, but I was still hoping for us to be getting the game we were intended to get originally. 

  • Elvick

    Well, if it’s localized I’ll buy it. Though I could see it be download only here, which would suck for me. So here’s hoping the Asia version has English, or it gets a physical release in Europe or something so I can just import it. Or maybe I’m wrong and it would release physically in NA. That would rock my socks.

  • They chose Vita for the OLED display? Somehow I doubt that. It’s probably related to the Dragon’s Crown delay (trouble with PS3 development)

    • Aoshi00

      I think the same as well..  So Muramasa wouldn’t look as good on a 46″ HD TV compared to Vita’s OLED *.*?  It looked pretty stunning on the Wii alrdy to be honest, and I’m usually put off by how Wii games look on an HD TV..

      At first I pre-ordered it, but after hearing about the new scenarios being paid DLC, I canceled it right away.  Disappointing since it was one of my fav. games and I would very much like to experience the new chapters/chars, but way too much trouble to buy and access DLC from Jpn PSN on the Vita (Jpn acct, extra memory card, resetting the Vita every time, etc)

      • sherimae1324

         then just import a RETAIL, atleast its no Region Locked Aoshi-sama ^_^

        • If the additional scenarios are being sold as DLC then Aoshi is right, it’s gonna be a major pain in the ass. While Vita and games are region free DLC and online passes (NFS, Wipeout etc.) are region locked. It basically means if I wanted to play all the DLC released for Gravity Daze (pre-ordered Jp version) I would have to switch to my Jp account, use my second memory card and forfeit all trophies as they’re bound to the active account (NA being my main one, JP just for DLC and Demos/videos) and go through the same process once again after I finished the game. 

          I did it like 3 times until now and I am certainly never gonna do it again as it’s a major pain. Wallpapers and icon positions are not remembered once you switch accounts, so have fun re-arranging everything once again -_-

    • Elvick

       I don’t doubt it. The OLED is sex.

    • Kefkiroth

      I’m glad they chose the Vita and weren’t greedy for sales, though I do agree it is a strange reason. I’m sure there’s more reasons than just the OLED.
      Though I’ll admit games look amazing on the screen and make up for the somewhat low resolution.

  • Corey Letcher

    this is my favorite wii game, glad i have something else besides persona 4 golden to look forward to.  

  • Zonic505

    Even if it doesn’t make it into the Vita version, I wouldn’t mind hearing about the things that were cut from the Wii version.

    & I REALLY hope we can customize controls, or at the very least make it so X is jump instead of pushing up on the analog stick/d-pad.

    • ShinobiMuramasa

      If you search for it there are interviews from a while back that talk about what was cut. Off the top of my head I remember that:

      -Momohime and Kisuke were supposed to be play significantly different from each other.
      -There were going to be more playable characters, which would have had the story function more similarly to Odin Sphere. The ending(s) likely would have been drastically changed by this as well. The other playable characters would have been Yukinojyo, Torahime, and Sayo at the very least.

  • Daverost

    So what I got out of this was “Screw profit, dat OLED.”

    Gotta say, they made a good choice. This Vita screen is so sexy…

    • sherimae1324


      hihihi ^_^

  • mirahsan2

    Oh man. Gotta get it for Vita now… :) :( ^_^

  • ronin4life

    On the topic of screens and such, has anybody else seen those sterioscopic 3d muramasa mock-ups that were made to show what it could be like on the 3ds?
    I can’t remember where those were… they had quite a few wii to 3ds concept screens of different games, and the muramasa ones were some of the more interesting.

    • This style of game begs to be played in 3D and I still have the screenies on my 3DS, they’re gorgeous. Can’t wait to see how the game’s gonna lok on Vita’s OLED. Copying the screenshots to Vita is probably the closest to the real thing.

  • heartless141

    hope the japanese version will have english also ._. i can understand a bit of japanese, but the japanese in muramasa was… ancient. >_> i’m sure it’s tough for even japanese to understand that

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    While I would rather see this game on PS3 than on the Vita, I kinda respect that he wanted to see it on the OLED screen and so he made it for the Vita. 

  • z_merquise

    Yes, there were some features that were cut from the Wii version, but Vanillaware is not the type of company that likes to use old designs or plans

    They will be totally new, someone you haven’t seen before,

    So all new characters then. How about the bosses? I read that Kyuubi and Jurogumo are few of the bosses that were cut in the Wii version. I hope they can still include them because I would really like to see Vanillaware’s design on those.

  • I’m glad that it’s being brought apparent of the mediocre translation job done by Ignition.

  • PersonaBull

    Considering how much I loved the game that was apparently cut to pieces and then translated improperly, I’m all too excited to see what they consider this game to be as a completed and upgraded product. If it doesn’t get translated in the next two or three years I would absolutely import a hard copy and hope by then my Japanese vocabulary is significantly better. I’d even get the DLC if it was possible (without going through the aforementioned hassle of switching cards and resetting the Vita) if it adds significantly enough to the game. I don’t really like the idea of pre-planned DLC, as many would agree, but there are times I’m willing to give in, and this could be one of those times. A portable Odin Sphere is my absolute dream, and this is certainly the closest I’ve come to seeing it realized. (Princess Crown didn’t quite do it for me)

  • XypherCode

    So it’s pretty much heading to the west? I sure hope so :)

    • Hopefully with a proper translation that isn’t just surface level nonsense like the Wii version.

  • Can’t wait for this. Just can’t wait. XD

  • Christopher Nunes

    I wonder if one of the new characters is from the future with their own Kistune from the game’s era traveling with them… wishful thinking on my part, but considering the game has hints to time-travel in the game maybe.

    Though I’m curious on what the new characters’ playing styles are and what their personalities are and did they mention that the new characters could meet up with Kisuke and Momohime?

    Can’t wait to see this game announced to the West! I loved the Wii version and I’ll be happy to get a complete and upgraded version on my Vita to play anywhere!

  • cj_iwakura

    “We are discussing that internally”? Great cause for optimism that they don’t care about how poorly Muramasa’s localization was done.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. On the one hand I can understand wanting to give something totally new, and perhaps the old characters and content which was cut was simply cut because it wasn’t up to their standards, not neccessarily because they were short on time. But still… I guess the mind will always wonder “what may be” and all that jazz.

  • Vita is loaded with Japanese games until next year. The problem internationally is that people not able to understand Japanese won’t import them and that many of those games will never get localized, which is a bloody shame. I intend on picking up at least 5 Vita titles before my flight back to Frankfurt on Feb. 28 and so far only Oboro Muramasa seems to have any chance of getting localized. Such is the state of localization (and a relatively small user-base being blamed for it). On the other hand many of PSP’s gems did not get localized either. And history repeats itself.

    • Morricane

      Yeah…if I had a credit card that works with PSN I’d consider getting a Vita and buy myself through the japanese PSN download store. Since I never had a PSP either, that would mean a huge RPG backlog…

      • You know you would be stuck though. You can’t switch PSN accounts on vita without resetting to factory default.

        • Morricane

          Yeah, I know…it’s a huge chore. It’s pretty much all import gaming or none. Still a better situation than with the 3DS. (…and I’d need one for SMT4 >.<)

          • Shin MegaTen IV will come stateside. I can’t say how many copies will come out, but Atlus has been more reliable than SE for importing. 

          • Morricane

            Stateside is still importing though…when you’re living in Germany :)
            And personally, I definitely prefer experiencing games or novels as they were intended, as long as I understand the language (which in case of English and Japanese, I do quite comfortably).

          • Regardless of your knowledge of the Japanese language, I feel that only a Japanese native really experiences games how you think you are experiencing them. (This is not a bitchy comment, btw) :D

          • Morricane

            Yes, of course. But the same applies to works in your own native language. For example, it’s impossible to experience a novel from a hundred years ago as it was intended. Different education, different environment, different culture, different worldview. Language is just a factor which complicates things.

          • I share your sentiment on experiencing games as they were intended, same here. That’s why I usually never buy German versions of games, UK all the way baby ^^

            By the way, where are you residing in Tokyo right now, if I may I ask, maybe we could meet =) (I’m in Ikebukuro and Shin-Nakano)

          • Morricane

            Unfortunately, I’m not living in Japan anymore…>_<
            Ok, my wallet is quite happy about it, but still…

          • ah, sorry assumed u still were (profile). but I can corroborate your statement. Yukichi-san is vanishing faster from my wallet than I can imagine. I’m just paying 42000 rent but still, living in Japan is much more expensive than Europe.

  • Morricane

    What’s up with all those enhanced remakes for different consoles nowadays?

    • xavier axol

      it won’t look any better, just bigger by the size of your tv. remember this is a 2d game and the vita’s screen is oled with the same qualities of any moder tv’s of today, though it still looks as gorgeous as it was first announced. plus let the vita have something cool once in awhile, the console (ps3) already has okami hd, zone of enders, and all the others hd remakes from third party publishers.

      • Morricane

        It’s not about looks though, but about the added content :)
        Makes me feel kinda cheated when I get a game and it comes out again with more content.

        • xavier axol

          if you were paying attention, you would know that it will have more content as DLC. now i know that people don’t like DLC (including myself) but if anyone deserves money from us, after all the cool games (is vanillaware). well technically marvelous will get the money, but if it selll it will mean that vanillaware will have more contracts with marvelous about making more games.

          • Morricane

            Well, the thought was not specifically about this one game…

  • UGH. I really didn’t want to buy this.

  • Dyne1319

    The localization was bad?????  I thought it was perfect.  

  • isfuturebright

    Well… Another good reason for a VITA, but it’s still all about re-releases.

  • brian yep

    I just got to thinking about that comment of not using old concepts.
    With that logic, they’d remake it from scratch so it would have completely new gameplay and a new art style so it would be pretty much a new IP.

  • Steve

    Good game, but not a good enough reason to buy a Vita. I already own Muramasa on Wii, so why should I buy it again on Vita? They need some new IPs to make me change my mind.

    •  well they did say that they’ll expand the series so why not grab a copy and see the new stuffs with it?

  • Renzouri

    One of the few companies that choose factors besides profit in their important decisions. Like others said, I wish this was localized to North America (they were discussing it, after all) and maybe who knows, they’ll choose someone like XSEED for example.

    Indeed, I would love to see this on the Vita OLED.

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    hopes this come out soon 0w0

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