Photos From Sony’s Assassin’s Creed III Party

By Spencer . November 3, 2012 . 10:08pm


Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong handles promotions for a bunch of third party publishers like Square Enix and now Ubisoft. They threw a launch party for Assassin’s Creed III with a Aveline de Grandpré cosplayer.



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  • Domii


  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I’d like to ass those creeds.

    Three times.

  • Mnstrzero00

    I’m hoping thats an ulockable costume

    • Hraesvelgr

      For Connor?

      • Quinton Cunningham

        Most likely means Aveline.

  • Peace Legacy

    I hope I am not the only one who take these kind of stuffs as a clear frontal insult, where corporation assuming gamers as desperate virgins and will suck up games that have sex sells promotion.
    I would buy a game if the promotion launch show a bunches of gamers sitting, playing and reviewing the games, and not just some cheap underpaid model who simply got paid to put on costume, posing about things they have absolutely no knowledge about. It just kind of demean the game and the customers that way.

    Edit: *Lookdown* Oh boy, look like I have accidentally started an argument thread
    Ok, I know about sexsells, I did study marketing, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is ugly, and I was merely commenting on that. Now please, put down those pitchforks

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Actually this has happen all the times. You don’t need to feel insulted there. Hell even Gundam use “Gundam Girls” to promote their shows in China.

      If you know Tetris there, Nintendo Japan actually uses Utada Hikaru to promote the game lol.

      “I would buy a game if the promotion launch show a bunches of gamers sitting, playing and reviewing the games”
      This is the main problem there. You are gamers who already know all the info about the game and if you planned to get the game, you actually won’t need all of those thing listed. However for those casual market or non gamer, they won’t get pump out seeing a group of people playing the game. They wanted something that attract their eyes which sadly in this case is “girls”

      • dotzeno

        You both have your points, but Peace Legacy is allowed to feel slightly offended. Regardless of whether or not people have done this in the past or if it is a an established socially or culturally accepted norm, this still doesn’t mean that Peace Legacy has to agree with it.

        That being said, your Utada reference, I believe, is less valid since she claimed the title: “Queen of Tetris” (or “Tetris Goddess”. The accuracy of the title is questionable, but is only one of many factors that Utada brings with her as she promotes Tetris). This, unlike those random chicks playing darts to promote Assassin’s Creed, makes Utada Hikaru’s endorsement relevant.

        As for your point on casual or non-gamers, I don’t agree with you but I don’t think you’re wrong. But I do think it’s hilarious when people buy games because they hear familiar profanity – I’m looking at you Sleeping Dogs.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          That is why i said that he should try to ignore this kind of feeling as many other games actually did this. Even if it is not a correct thing to do.

          I mean, Japan love to ask actress to play their game like the recent Silent Hill.(Forget who the actress is but i remember she had no link to the game at all.) Or even uses beautiful girl to promote their games.(Mon Hun, i am talking about you there.)

          I am only seeing this from business point of view. Just like how Nintendo do their Culdcept 3DS game promotion.

          If you see that video there. The girl actually had no skill at all on the game. But why does game company still uses girl like them to promote the game?

          Because it increase the game sales which once again not a really ethical thing but effective in RL.T_T

          • dotzeno

            Believe me, I hear you loud and clear.

            I only briefly watched that video, but I’m pretty sure that video isn’t about how awesome the presenter is at the game since she seems to be narrating – she’s explaining the game’s underlying concepts. Even for those that don’t understand a lick of Japanese, it’s pretty obvious since the title already says, in English, that this is a tutorial video. From this perspective, her skill is not really a factor since she doesn’t claim to already be an advanced-level player. But ultimately, you’re right. The decision to use a female narrator is one I cannot dispute over.

            At the end of the day, I am not saying anything you have said is fundamentally wrong. I am just requesting more accurate references and context (especially if it’s relevant) to support your points in the future.

            I apologize if it seems like I’m trying to insult or offend you. Clearly, I’m not perfect too, but we can all improve and try harder.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Lol np. I choose the video there as even though the video main target is to help newcomers understand more for the game, the general consensus of the player actually cares for the girl more than the content.

            In any case, nice having a talk with you there.^_^ And no problem there as i actually really love having a talk with you guys.^_^

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. I think the glasses Culdcept girl is a very good example :) I saw that on my Jpn 3DS too and watched/listened the whole video attentively, Bayonetta-like narrator w/ glasses, drool..  I might get Culdcept one day, who knwos :)

            Whether one likes girls being used to promote the games superficially, these cosplays are actually really good ones, well, beautiful girls help too :) 

            Both Nintendo Jpn and US feature tons of famous actors/actresses in their commercials, even though they are not gamers, but their celebrity status are used as the draw, just like the girls here w/ their looks, not game-related, but appealing to non-gamers nonetheless.  You’re right that AC fans would buy these games no matter what, this is just broadening the audience.

            Anyway, I just started AC3 and got to Sequence 5, no spoilers but awesome game so far, very good story and diverse gameplay :) Like Red Dead Redemption or Sleeping Dogs.  I would pop in Liberation into my Vita in a bit. Hopefully those PS3 exclusive contents would be DLCs for other platforms later..

            P.S. Ooshima Yuuko was used in FF13-2 and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection commercials too.. yeah, she was a self-proclaimed FF fan, but we all know the main draw is because she’s from AKB48 :) If not, they would’ve used some Tetris-crazed guy instead of Utada Hikaru lol..

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Yup.^_^ I mean just look on Nintendo recent 3DS ads in U.S where they asked many actress to promote the console and even saying that they are not gamer.(Bad Bad ads though.T_T)

            But in the RL, that ads actually can bring good effects to parents as “gamers” terms is not really a nice term that parents would love. So by using those actress showing that 3DS is not going to make you into “gamer” can make the parents to buy the consoles for their children.

          • Suicunesol

            It’s funny that you should mention the Culdcept 3DS commercials. There’s a lot more to that series of commercials other than the fact that she’s a pretty girl. :P The way she’s talking is subtly (or very strongly, depending on how you look at it) sexually suggestive. It’s something you can only pick up if you’re Japanese or know how to speak Japanese. There are interesting articles about it online.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Thats what i mean lol. I remember 2ch guys there mentioning Nintendo using a “announcer” type of girl to attract male players lol. Just like how usually TV studio uses pretty girl for being news announcers.

      • gk2012

        You’re pretty much just looking for an irrelevant excuse to try and prove your point the moment I saw your statement about Utada and Tetris.

        They’re not using her as an endorser because of sexual appeal, it’s because Utada herself is a popular and really good Tetris player.

        Siliconera itself would like to refute your accusation, thank you.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Okay i admit that is a bad example but that still shows that Girls or artist power can easily attracts many gamer who at first is not interested with the game.

          I think for better example here would be Gundam Unicorn opening in CHina.

          The video shows many girls cosplay as gundam girl character to promote the shows. It is just facts. Girls sells the game for males just like how males can sell games for females.

          See Prince of Tennis and all its musical shows and you should tell me whether i am wrong or not there.

          • dotzeno

            We’ve gone more off topic, but for clarification, the Gundam event (it was the unveiling of the black unicorn gundam – the presenter’s words, not mine) was also held in Hong Kong. This is important because of four things:
            1. I live there,
            2. I can tell you where the event took place as I am quite familiar with the venue (it’s usually pretty empty),
            3. I know for a fact that plenty of cosplay events take place there every year and
            4. The crowd during these events are usually pretty much only the cosplayers and their respective photographer(s).

            Also, the girls were in a costume/popularity contest and if it were me, I would vote for contestant number 1 as well. Char’s costume stands out more and yes, it looks good on her.

            I omitted mentioning whether or not there would be a crowd of anime fans, but whenever I go there (to KITEC) and there’s a cosplay gathering, there’s barely anyone NOT in a costume. I was going to use the word ‘convention’ instead of gathering, but I really don’t think it’s that well organized (or perhaps there are other reasons that I have not considered). The venue has a hall but they decide not to use it. Asia Game Show, on the other hand, uses Hong Kong’s Convention Center every year, is more about gaming and features plenty of cosplayers and promotional models – although, I hear sales every year goes down a little more at AGS. But that could be because of a number of factors.

            As for Prince of Tennis, I think your live action example is not a valid one because the Japanese love their live actions – as it is a product in itself (live action adaptations of popular anime or manga is a real thing – Nana, Death Note, 20th Century Boys, Detroit Metal City, Gantz, Helter Skelter, etc.) as opposed to being just gender orientated promotion. But yes, you can hear the girls (and maybe some boys? trying to cover the bases) screaming.

            More importantly though, these are both particularly bad examples because Gundam and Prince of Tennis are both successful anime’s first before having a video game spin-off.

            One other thing I wanted to mention: this event was held after the Gundam Unicorn game debuted. By a month. So if anything, this is just marketing by association.

            And to bring it back to being On-Topic: I can’t believe Siliconera posted these pictures before the PlayStation (Asia) website could (I wanted to find out where this event took place because it looks like a closed event but there’s no information at all about an Assassin’s Creed/CoD event). I thought for sure they would post these up on their website.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            What i wanted to emphasize here though is the usage of girls or males to attract fans though.

            For PoT there, the video i show is “musical” show which is not part of Live Action which surely exist to attract the female markets. And that video i show you is live shows. Like a stage kind of thing which again shows how those shows is truly cattered toward specific demographics which in this case females.

            “More importantly though, these are both particularly bad examples because Gundam and Prince of Tennis are both successful anime’s first before having a video game spin-off.”

            I can not agree about this though. AC series is surely one of the famous franchise there so it should not have any problem comparing them with another famous franchises. Gundam maybe famous but AC is also currently one of the most famous game franchise now which has spawned into 3 Main title and one Spin-off.

            While i am not really sure how Hong Kong does there, but the way the put the event in the middle of the place and if you watched the video, there are people keep passing by which mean that place surely had public keep coming. By having the girls there, they actually will be able to attract people who may not care with the show at all and end up watching the event rather than just the producer talking and showing some robots.

          • dotzeno

            I thought you were trying to emphasize the usage of the genders to attract random curious people as opposed to pre-existing fans. Regardless, I’ll try to be more clear.

            I’m not saying that sex doesn’t sell, because it does. I don’t feel like I disputed whether or not the notion is valid because there’s no need to. In this, you are absolutely correct. I just thought your examples needed to be more evident that it’s the sexy models that are selling you the game and not the game selling itself with the sexy models in tow.

            You’re right that Assassin’s Creed has come a long way, but it’s no Gundam. Creating a Gundam game draws the attention of not just gamers but also the anime and manga fans (these are discernible because there are several Gundam mangas that did not become an anime or may have had an OVA). This is especially so since the availability of manga and anime is extremely low and therefore able to attract the attention of even children whom make zero income.

            Yes, Assassin’s Creed also has other forms of media available today like a novel, comic book or webisodes. But the people that buy, read and watch them are, first and foremost, fans of, or to some extent follow, the game with the other content as optional. If you tell me that you have never played, or at least part, of an Assassin’s Creed game and have read/watched all the other material (or find me someone who has done this), then I will retract my statement.

            This, in particular, is why I don’t feel that your PoT and Gundam references are strong enough. Unless, for some reason, you think Ubisoft is going to erect a statue of Altair in Syria (or in the surrounding area) – it kinda has to be Altair, otherwise it’s significance just wouldn’t be able to match the life size replica of the RX-78. Obviously, if it was able to influence the outcome of the Syrian civil war, that would mean that it’s significance was beyond that of Gundam’s.

            For clarity, KITEC is not a particularly easy-to-reach venue in Kowloon Bay. The building is mostly one that sells furniture, luxury goods or automobiles in addition to your Chinese restaurants (I actually have no idea how many restaurants they have but they have no food court) and the typical Starbucks and 7-eleven and other smaller novelty shops. Other than that, KITEC holds concerts and other events in Star Hall or in their smaller event halls. It is not a location that people from all over Hong Kong just randomly drop into, pass by or go shopping at before they go home.

            Also, the place where they held this Gundam event wasn’t in the middle of the building, it’s actually on the left-most side of the building. It is the only side of the building that has a sky window and that’s probably why you think it was in the middle and the center of attraction. I assure you, it probably wasn’t. Here’s a link to their floor-plan:


            It was held in the area marked ‘Restaurant and Retail’ (not a typo), in the lower left hand corner on the ground floor.

            As a point of reference, Square Enix brought out a store in one of the more populated and busy districts (Causeway Bay) and featured cosplayers (Lightning and Snow). But whenever I went past that store, it was not the busiest of places with little ability to attract attention and thus, draw crowds to itself (in the short time it was there, before the official release date). I suppose this is probably not the best example either, since we eventually got a Chinese edition printed and a subsequent event held at Miramar to ‘celebrate’ that (I believe, correct me if i’m mistaken).

    • Cazar

      Yes because on the internet, anyone who has any sense of appreciation for sex appeal must certainly be a desperate virgin.

    • Suicunesol

      I’m sorry you feel offended, but sex appeal sells (maybe not to you, but to others). You should already know that. :o

      Regardless of whether you will or will not buy the game, judging by the number of Playstation Vitas sold, there are clearly not many people like you who will buy games merely because they’re games. Sony wants to sell Playstation Vitas very badly. They will use 10 girls if they need to.

      I also seriously disagree with the advertising tactic of showing a bunch of gamers playing the game. That doesn’t really appeal. However, an awesome Assassin’s Creed costume– nay! TWO Assassin’s Creed costumes, and girls wearing them too– that is visually appealing. You could even have guys wear the costumes and it would look pretty cool. Alas, the main character in Liberation is a woman, so it makes sense to have female cosplayers, no?

      • Peace Legacy

         Yeah, I know it is inevitable for these kinda stuffs to happen, and it would be unreasonable and selfish of me to expect these kind of things to stop, but still…it still feel pretty dang awkward and painful to watch these sort of things… watching those girl putting on those awkward smiles and pose… and knowing people will actually be happy to let these stunts shoved down their throat
        Yes, it does happens, and it does work (somewhat) but that isn’t gonna change the fact that it is ugly (not the girl, mind you)

    • Aoshi00

      While I do see your point, I think theworldofnoboundries got it spot-on.. these hawt cosplayers really aren’t meant for the fans of the series who have pre-ordered the games anyway no matter what.  These are mainly PR stunts that draws more attention, like babes in the car show, are they knowledgeable about cars?  Who doesn’t like good looking babes :).

      I don’t think we need to overthink this very much.. I understand why some would be bothered, alas this is our culture..  I don’t think it demeans gamers or AC fans at all though.  As for showing gamers demoing the games, I actually like these promotions better than seeing Nicole Kidman or Beyonce playing the DS, Nintendo Jpn uses tons of celebrities too..  I like the ones they use real gamers though, like Kyan Chiaki playing Silent Hill Downpour, she’s a real gamer.

      I think these Connor and Aveline cosplaying babes look really cool and sexy, whether the model profession is respected in an other matter.. but I would forget about them and just go back to the awesome games they are :)

    • amagidyne

      At least they didn’t put her in blackface.

    • Elvick

      Not about gamers. It’s about marketing, and sex does sell. It’s just a fact of life.

    • Richard N

       What have you done Peace! Your name is a lie!

    • rebecasunao

      While sex sells, removing superficial sexual content from certain games, for example, wouldn’t change the sales. Or do people buy certain JRPGs for the bath scenes? The few people who do buy them for that reason have obviously better options in the market to satisfy their need to see half-naked 2D women.

      For the people who replied to Peace Legacy:
      Before saying “sex sells, deal with it” or “what’s wrong with a couple of sexy women selling a product?” one must realize they’re speaking out of their privilege of being male and heterosexual. Men aren’t constantly objectified and sexualized to sell almost any kind of product. If they were, I’m sure you guys would understand how women – and a bunch of men who are concerned about it – feel when they see a game using the fact that a couple of people are of their gender and sexually attractive to promote it.
      Not to mention how that kind of thing is constantly excluding women gamers.

      • ErhmagerdWerds

        I wonder if the game were promoted with a Conner “cosplayer” in chaps and a g-string, oh and a cape because then it’s relevant to the game, posing on stage if the comments would be so supportive.
        I mean…I’d buy it, oh wait, I already did, and so did most people who would buy the game, without having a hostess flash her jubbles at them no less!

      • Quinton Cunningham

        “Men aren’t constantly objectified and sexualized to sell almost any kind of product”

        I really hope you don’t honestly believe that. Men are sexualized frequently and in multiple forms of media. Have you seen those ads Abercrombie and Fitch have hanging up in their stores? What about the males characters from Twilight? It’s sexist and borderline misandric to say that men don’t have issues like that as well. And don’t even try that awful “male sexualization = power fantasy” argument. It doesn’t work.

        •  The power fantasy dichotomy really is annoying now.

          It seems like any excuse for people to use who are actually insecure about themselves.

          I understand about overt sexism and the exploitation of it, and I wholly don’t agree with it, but I’m oftentimes peeved when people throw up arguments against any form of aesthetic that could potentially damage their self-esteem.

          • Come on, you’re indirectly jabbing people with “insecurity” and “self-esteem” arguments? That’s a low blow, and a sweeping insult to cases where the “power fantasy” argument is actually considerable.

          • The “Power fantasy” argument is only valid when it’s valid and in most cases it is not. When women are portrayed in the power fantasy roles it’s not like they’re praised or used as examples, they’re largely ignored.

            Instead, we see mounted arguments against specific, gender-focused titles like Dead or Alive or against fan-service characters like Mai. I’m not defending these things, but they exist to cater to a crowd just like the men used on the cover of romance novels are used to cater to a specific crowd.

            To be honest, I couldn’t care less how a man is portrayed for a female audience, I know it’s not for me so why worry about it? It’s one of those “pick and choose your battle” scenarios and if a woman is portrayed as empowered in a fantasy environment there’s always some excuse to divert attention to the sexual fantasy argument. I do find that annoying.

            As I’ve mentioned in many other arguments, there’s nothing stopping anyone from making the next Minecraft, the next StarForge or the next DayZ with an empowered female lead.

          • I’ll admit: This is much easier to take in than the “insecurity” thing you said above.

        • “It’s sexist and borderline misandric to say that men don’t have issues like that as well.”

          While these issues certainly exist, they’re not as prevalent as what happens to women. I’m not saying men should suffer more to the point of equality, but women certainly could use much less instances.

          Personally though, I just blame exploitation in general, regardless of gender.

          • Quinton Cunningham

            “While these issues certainly exist, they’re not as prevalent as what happens to women.”

            That doesn’t make them any more or less of an issue though. As a male victim of domestic abuse at the hands of a woman, it steams me to no end when people act as though men don’t also have serious issues such as these or that they’re somehow less important. Men suffer from domestic abuse, false rape charges, and a myriad of other legitimate problems. I mean, just google “girl get that child support” and take a loot at what comes up. (Spoiler: It’s a step-by-step “self help” book on how to, and I quote: “track down a deadbeat, find his cash and make him pay every cent he owes you.”)  It’s sickening that these problems are ignored by and large by the media and public as a whole. We don’t achieve equality by giving men **or** women special treatment when working on their respective issues. Everyone needs to be held to the same standard and should get their social issues treated with the same amount of importance, regardless of gender/race/age/etc.

          • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it makes them less important or anything; and I agree with your points too. I just said they’re less prevalent – or at least seem to be – for whatever reason; maybe people don’t see it as an issue, and don’t report them as often as when women are the victims?

    • $24523023

      Geez you big baby, just have fun with the pics like everyone else. Don’t give yourself a frickin heart attack.

  • Learii

    will they come with the game? (hong kong version)

    • Gigawings

      Oh you.

  • idofgrahf

    regardless of the obvious sex appeal, Assassin’s Creed III is buggy as hell, no where near the polish of 2, lost count of how many times I had to restart because my character literally got stuck somewhere or the controls don’t do what its suppose to. Story is fine but gameplay and slow down graphics kills it for me. Guess I better wait for the computer version to get decent frame rate.

  • LustEnvy

    I’ll only get ACIII if it’s bundled with an Asian girl.

    • Syn

      In my head, I can totally see your avatar screaming those words

  • Brian D

    Worst Assassin Costume Ever.

    I thought wearing the Auditore Cape was a bad idea, theres no way shes going to be able to lower her notoriety level, even if the heralds don’t mention her.

  • Barrit

    Ohhh my!

    That is all.

  • miyamoto

    Is it hot in here?

  • sherimae1324

    hey wait…. i know the name of that girl….

     Jessica Cambensy a filipina-chinese-american ^_^

  • LightZero

    I wouldn’t mind the girl in white coming with the game.

  • (O_  O) I want that outfit the first girl is wearing~

  • The girl in white can assassinate me any day.

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