Capcom On Resident Evil 6 Reception: “Successful To Some Degree”

By Ishaan . November 6, 2012 . 10:00am

Capcom initially predicted they would move 7 million copies of Resident Evil 6 worldwide by March 31st, 2013, but recently revised the number downward to 6 million after a series of less-than-positive reviews from critics in the west.


At a Q&A, the company was asked what their future plans for the series were, in light of the negative reviews the game has been receiving.


Resident Evil 6 continues to generate repeat sales in Japan and overseas,” Capcom replied. “Furthermore, initial shipments set a new record for a Capcom title. So this game has been successful to some degree.”


They continued: “We therefore believe it is too early to reach a conclusion about how users view this game. We always listen carefully to the feedback from users and use this information when developing games.”


Capcom say that they are confident that Resident Evil 6 will reach its 6 million target, however. “We are confident because of the approaching overseas Christmas and New Year selling season, past sales of titles in this series, and for other reasons,” the company stated.


Naturally, Capcom aren’t about to say: “Yeah, we screwed up. Sorry.” (Especially while the game is still selling.) However, they do use the words “successful to some degree,” which indicates they are well aware of concerns around the series. Pointing out that they take user feedback into account during development is an encouraging sign, too.

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  • XiaomuArisu

    I first thought there would be a dlc campaign called Reception.XD
    Well its RE not call of honor what did they expect.

    • Raiyu

      I thought it was an updated Resident Evil 6 (Resident Evil 6: Reception) like Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.

      I was literally about to go WTF Capcom and flip over my desk.

      • Good thing you haven’t done it or let Lovely caught you. He is the defenders of tables lol.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    Why don´t they just keep the “Biohazard” name instead of Resident Evil?

    I think keeping the japanese name would help to make things clearer that Resident Evil is more about a virus that turns people into bioweapons rather than trying to survive in a closed space filled with monsters.

    • Godman

      iirc Biohazard was copyrighted here in the west so they couldn’t have brought the name.

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        I thought the reason wasa because Biohazard was a strong word and wanted something more related with zombies

      • Jonathan Keycross

        I was afraid something like that was the reason…thanks for pointing that out.

        Still they could try to change the name like what they did with Dragon Quarter:Breath of Fire V. Choose a new name like “Biomenace:Resident Evil 7”, and then move on with Biomenace 2,3…

        Granted, not the best name but they could try with other alternatives that are closer to the product they intend to sell. Resident Evil describes only the scenario of the first game, not the overall plot or theme I think it intends to deliver.

    • As Godman said below, the original reason due to copyright issues. However, reverting to the “Biohazard” name now, even if it were possible, would be a terrible idea. Millions of people know and recognize “Resident Evil” by now.

      • Jonathan Keycross

        I can understand the risk of losing sales thanks to brand unrecognition (if the term exists), but I still think a change of name or a slight change in the name would help to make it clear what the game is about, at least towards those who still think of resident evil as…well…a game about surviving inside mansion.

        As things are now, whenever a new RE is announced, it´s like trying to appeal to a newer audience to sell a product named “Chaos Cruiser 5” and the game itself is about stopping an alien invasion located in Paraguay, and the game is named like that only because the first game, which was launched 10 years ago, was about surviving inside a cruiser filled with zombie-like aliens.

        But you´re right, a change of name is very risky considering we´re talking about a brand that has a huge recognition in the industry.

        Edit:Stupid lack of proper writing from my part.

        • malek86

          “I still think a change of name or a slight change in the name would help to make it clear what the game is about, at least towards those who still think of resident evil as…well…a game about surviving inside mansion.”

          But really, how many people still think that?

        • BloodyNights

           Regardless of the name the original Resident Evil/Biohazard was advertised as Survival Horror, Resident Evil 2 = Survival Horror. All the way up to Resident Evil 4, yes I include Resident Evil 4. They were all Survival Horror. Resident Evil 5 and 6 changed the formula, or rather lost almost all attempts of creating a creepy, slightly scary atmosphere.

          You don’t take an Entire Franchise based around Survival horror, get rid of everything that made it what it was and expect your original fans to be happy. Being Biohazard, or Resident Evil isn’t an issue, we just want it to return to it’s original genre of play.

          Currently it is a third person shooter with some monsters, before it had monsters with a creepy atmosphere, eerie music, and you didn’t know what was gonna pop out at you next.

          RE6 you know whats gonna happen, some dumb zombie, or mutated Javo is gonna appear and you are either gonna punch them, or blow them to oblivion, and then fight a mutated boss that turns into a T-rex, a Lion, and a Giant Fly, who also can go back from being a 100 foot monster into a human again.

          It’s fun like Operation Raccoon City, if you are not looking for anything but playing with friends and just shooting shit, but it’s completely off for what genre RE is supposed to be.

          The name has no real bearing on what it should be, even if it was called Biohazard people would still dislike RE6 because it’s simply not Resident Evil besides having some of the main characters from the series.

        • “Biohazard” would definitely be the more accurate name, and you’re 100% right in that sense. But again, I don’t know if that would make a real difference to the the audience’s perception of the series. I mean, “Resident Evil” doesn’t really mean anything, so I think people have just gotten used to using the term without giving the underlying meaning much thought.

          Kind of like… The Legend of Zelda? In the case of that series, not every game involves Zelda herself as the major focus, but the name of the series still remains the same. :)

          • Jonathan Keycross

            Well at least The Legend of Zelda has subtitles that distinguish its themes: Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Minish Cap and Spirit Tracks, among others.

            But I do get your point, the choosing of the title perhaps wasn´t intended to reflect the product, or the impact was more important than the content at the time of the first localization of Biohazard. Possibly Resident Evil was picked up just because how the name sounded like, not because what it intended to mean.

            Perhaps they should try something like focus on adding subtitles? Like what they did with Resident Evil:Revelations.

            I do understand that the name could be just a minor detail that only matters to a minority (like myself), but that´s the only suggestion I can think of as of right now. =/

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      The NYC hardcore band, Biohazard, had the copyright, I believe, since the 80’s. 

  • Revorse

    I like Resident Evil 6 it’s a pretty cool game. But 6 million copies? Where do they get there numbers? I’d love to see the whole process of deciding these numbers.

    • Unlimax

       The answer is : The name !

  • Alfy Masamune

    capcom say they listen to the fans………..since when???

    • Luna Kazemaru

       They listen to the ones that don’t whine #Kappa

      •  Totally agree with you, but the problem begins when valid complaints are treated as “whining” simply because some don’t want to admit their mistakes.

        I am not saying this was the case, I’m just saying this happens quite a lot. I hate whiners as much as I hate people who tend to overgeneralize and only take in suggestions from people who have nothing bad to say about the games in question.

        But I digress.

        I haven’t played this game juuuust yet, so I can’t say much about it. I wasn’t too impressed with the demo, being a very hardcore classiResi fan, I feel the game just isn’t for me. I’ll still give it a try, eventually, out of pure fanboyism :3

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I was more or less joking with my comment i do see vaild issuss with 6 bt i can see your point.

      • MrTyrant

         Oh c’mon most people bought the game because of its name and then complain after but it’s still a valid point to accept their feedback.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Look at my last comment below*

  • Translation: “We still made bank, suckas.”

  • konsama

    I’m sure i said this on another comment, but i really loved the game to a certain degree, despite moving to action game especially on Chris and Jake’s campaign. The game always kept a good game play, the character reacted fine, the aiming system is good. For short, even though i dislike shooters really liked it and enjoyed it. 

    The thing i disliked was the lack of iconic characters, hell this was THE anniversary  game and it lacked most of them. Even if they were for Mercs would have been awesome to have had them.

    The things i really hated it, was the overuse of QTE’s, hell after this i found GoW very light in that aspect. It may work on certain cutscenes and stuff, like the hated rope climbing which for me was easy. Yet having to deal with it every time a zombie attacks you and stuff will not only annoy me, but also drastically lower my controller analog life span.

    The next thing i hated was the overuse if dark environments, i know this was part of the “terror” atmosphere, but having such contrast constantly made my eyes hurt to the point of increasing the brightness of my TV even tho it “killed” the effect of the environment. Hell, this is the first game that makes me do that, when i never needed to do it even on SH games.

    A thing i’d like would be rather than having unlocked Ada’s campaign from start, they should have made a way to play all campaigns at same time, i was advancing Chris’ one with my bro, but when i wanted to play with a friend the Jake one, the progress on Chris’ one got lost. I know i can start the episodes any time by the way, but is obviously not the same. 

  • sd28

    I have to admit that I kind of agree with them on this 

  • Just reboot it and start the story all over again except make it different and not a bunch of remakes. Better yet, make the next game off-canon with the main four (Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire) on vacation and up fighting Wesker again.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      That is probably the worst thing they could possibly do. Yes, render 10 games worth of canon completely void. Ugh.

  • AuraGuyChris

    “We always listen carefully to the feedback from users and use this information when developing games.”

    Yeah… It seems you don’t get what we say, yet.

    Here’s a golden idea: RE4? Try to make things as scary as that. Ignore the stupid FPS fanbase that’s the “rage” in gaming and forget whatever atrocity were RE5 and RE6. There you go, Capcom. A system seller idea.

    • lol @ the notion of RE4 being “scary”.
      *cackles madly*

      • AkuLord3

         sigh…yeah yeah it was

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        It was scary

        • Richard N

          The only time I got scared in that game, was when I realized I ran out of eggs to throw at Ashley in my current playthrough.

    •  RE4 was only “Scary” Because it was something new at the time. There is nothing genuinely Scary about RE4 at all.

      • Crimson Tiger

         You must have played a diffrent game…That castle? Yeah creepy as all get out.  The regenerators? The Garradors?? Cmon that stuff put me on the edge of my seat!!

  • Astrotrain

     Just take the game back to its horror survival roots.

  • Simple way to fix the problem put the Resident Evil Revelations team to do the next numbered entry in the series.  The Revelations team did outstanding work on that game and kept it very much like what the series should be about right now with a true mix of action and horror. 

    • Revelations was the Resident Evil game I loved the most ever since Code Veronica X, Resident evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 released.

      It’s a damn shame we’re a small minority.

      • Revelations might of not sold as well as RE6 might end up selling but it still got far better reviews from all websites and magazines and what not so that shows that Revelations is really were they Capcom should be heading in but of course they’ll continue the current route just because they are thinking with a “West” mentality unfortunately… 

        •  Yeah, they gotta keep betting on the product that turned out the most profit. I’d really like to believe that they’ll be throwing us a bone from time to time, with games that play like Revelations.

          But they realized that the way to actually make some easy bucks is to do a full fledged action game, and I really don’t think they’re going back for less than what they’re getting now (profit wise)

  • Crimson_Cloud

    As long as they try to make it more Call of Duty and less survival horror they will continue to fail. If they want to make another shooter then by all means, make one so but leave RE out of it. 

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Its not like call of duty i am really getting sick of hearing this.

      •  yeah, it’s more like Gears of War!

        • Luna Kazemaru

          lol again new I bet you haven’t even played Gears its amazing how brain dead some of you act #Kappa

          • Unlimax

            Not Call of duty .. Not Gears of War only , its actually more like Army of Two , RE6 is a mix of so many shooting games .. Have you ever played that game Luna ?

          • Crimson_Cloud

            I mentioned Call of Duty as it’s well known, and Japanese, when they want to make a game that have more ”westernish” appeal, will always stick to something that has larger audience. I did not compare the games I simply wanted to mention it’s action aspect. But you know, fans will jump on to defend it like a drunkard defends it’s bottle, while not realizing that not everything has literal meaning.

      • Crimson_Cloud

         You’re not hearing, you’re reading it.

    • Have you played Call of Duty?

      • Crimson Tiger

         Didnt Capcom state that they wanted RE to sell more like CoD? So thats why they moved the gameplay towards an action game and away from survival horror?

    •  You REALLY have not played Call of Duty at all have you?

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Tell that to some Japanese developers who think that FPS is the way to go. Call of Duty was more of a comparison to what they think it’s ”in”. It’s just that you people hook up and weight every word that is said without looking at larger picture. I could have said Gears of War but Call of Duty is more well-known. Savvy?

  • CirnoLakes

    But was it worth all of the work when you could have just made Megaman Legends 3?

    • Richard N

       Probably, Megaman Legends despite the gang of us waiting for still would never sell as much as Resi 6.

  • I haven’t bought Resident Evil 6 but I will love it just because Leon is there.
    I hope they don’t use 700 hundred people for Resident Evil 7, 200-250 senior developer are more than enough I think, the rest can develop other game like Breath of Fire, Dragon’s Dogma, etc.

  • I think , if they someday remake RE 5 with RE 6 controls… it would be A LOT BETTER than this one. There are some times that there is nothing to kill or you just have to rush from point A to B so there is not much to do except running and dodging. Some areas/chapters are so boring (Chris campaing in the aircraft carrier, Jake´s snowy “let´s look for those chips thingies” area, and MORE ) that you just play them for the sake of completing the campaing, and that´s just lame. Some boss fights seemed so simple, that maybe you could just stay there without doing nothing just waiting for the “cinematic” or the horrible QTEs …  ok rant off.

    However, the only thing i enjoy is playing mercenaries with my friends but paying full price for just a “small” part of the game, you can´t justify that. It´s like buying a hamburger, and just eating the french fries (urgh im hungry).

    Maybe with RE7 we will see if they really took into consideration all the marked points by a lot of people :(

    • Nozomi

      Wut. Considering that RE6 had the clunkiest controls of RE games post CVX, this doesn’t make sense.

      •  Clunky Controls? Lolwut game you playing? I suppose you are one of those people who probably want RE to just either flat out have RE play like RE2 or play like every other first person shooter out there. AKA Gears of Evil 4

        • Nozomi

          Nope. 4 and 5 had perfect controls, but the controls were a definite downgrade in 6.

  • Settsuo

    RE7 needs to keep the mechanics, fire the writers, start with an even greater terror unlike any seen before. Show the next generation hopelessness, fright, and that they must survive at any cost.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    For RE7, do what you did in Leon’s campaign, but make it as long as all the others combined. That’s what I’d like to see. Leon’s campaign was awesome. The rest, not so much.

  • Bakuryukun

    I’ve now FULLY beaten Resi 6 and I still have yet to see why everyone is so harsh on it. It was really fun!

    • Maxwell3000

      I have only finished Leon’s story but found it surprisingly thrilling after hearing all the reviews by mainstream gaming sites. I also hear that most think his is the best campaign so I guess its time to see what all this fuss is about.

  • Resident Evil Fans are near unpleasable(Especially after they made revelations, and then everyone didn’t buy it or was liek “It’s on the 3DS,there’s no way i’m buying it”). The only way
    to please all of them would be to be like MM9, make the game have all
    the flaws and issues of the old games. Fixed Camera Angles, Tank controls so you can’t walk and shoot, can’t aim even.(Just so people would complain about them some more until they realized that any so called scary parts of the OG resident evil games were due to these exact things and the fact there hadn’t been a game like that on consoles before. Remember when everyone complained RE was just the same boring thing over and over again by the time RE3 rolled around? Yeah catch 22!) Make every game take place around
    Mansion like structures(0,1,2,CV etc),terrible voice acting and tons
    of backtracking.

    RE6 is great. And probably has by far the best developed story in the series.

    So what if it has more action like gameplay, isn’t horribly slow paced and has extremely well done focus on characters and story?
     It isn’t horrible just because it isn’t like X or Y, Fun doesn’t have to be defined by a formula or a certain play style or story pacing.

    I for one have appreciated Resident Evil more for the world, characters, music, art, story, mood since I was about 7 years old. And RE6 doesn’t disappoint in any of these areas IMO.

    • colorblindnightmare

      As a resident fan i wouldn’t say i’m unpleaseable. I like 6 quite a bit, was a bit irked at times by 5 but eh.

  • Unlimax

    Did you guys notice that the worst parts of the series of Resident Evil issued only on playstation ( with other platform ) recently and look like a semi-cheap parts , next to Nintendo who got the best parts of the series and still share the cake with Capcom, I wonder what speeches Capcom with its platform series lovers of playstation ……..
    its just sad !

  • Tianyu Wei

    This is the exact same thing that’s happening with Final Fantasy… WTF is a Final Fantasy? it’s just a franchise, there isn’t a genre called “Final Fantasy” or “Resident Evil”…. The company can do new things with them and change their genre…

    Fans shackle themselves into thinking the game is only Final Fantasy if it’s like the old ones, or Resident Evil if it’s like the old ones… And the same thing is ALSO happening with Windows 8… it’s new and different so people say “it’s hard to use” no DUH, you never used it before… how was Windows 95 ? People need to learn to change and embrace new ideas…

    • Daniel Mark Cooper

      I disagree, I think that they need to respect that Resident Evil is a survival horror title. They are destroying the legacy by constantly churning out these over the top, action games with explosions going off around every corner, military running along side you, enemies with guns etc. I quite enjoyed Leon’s campaign as it had a sense of nostalgia to it but it still was so far away from what made Resident Evil such an amazing title. I haven’t even bothered to play past the 1st chapter of the other 2 campaigns because they may as well quite frankly be a completely different game. I can embrace change and new ideas but what Capcom is delivering is sloppy, already used ideas and that’s the problem. They were unique in their ideas and were the trend setters for others. Now all they care about is $$$$$$$ and are just trying to please the masses but evidently it’s not quite going to plan.


    You know an industry bubble is ripe to burst when millions of copies sold is considered only successful to a degree.

  • Crimson Tiger

    “We always listen carefully to the feedback from users and use this information when developing games.”
    I gotta call BS….

  • xxx128

    Dear capcom, “millions of sold copies” does NOT equal a successful (quality) title. It only equals “successful marketing” ;)
    Oh well capcom used to be one of the best companies many years ago when it comes to awesome games. How many can say that please?

  • Cephrien_Takusukai

    Uhm. They don’t need to say “Yeah. We screwed up, sorry.” because they didn’t.

    RE6 is amazing.

    • Rey


      • Cephrien_Takusukai

        Uuuh. Yeah. :P

    • colorblindnightmare

      Amazing isn’t really the term i would use. It’s very very good but not amazing. As a long time fan i am quite content with it :) Loved some of the scenes in here though. Especially the scene with chris and leon fighting over ada.

  • Dante7890

    If Chris and Leon meet in one seen do you think people would not like to see it?

  • Savannah

    i still love the series, although i must say there something missing from the newer games that the classics on ps1 had, they seem to be more action and less survival horror now, i would like to see the next game a little more like classic resident evil

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