Demon Gaze Takes Place Hundreds Of Years After PC/Xbox 360 Dungeon Crawler

By Spencer . November 6, 2012 . 9:51pm

demongaze3Dungeon crawler developer Experience is creating a shared universe between their games. Demon Gaze takes place several hundred years after Students of the Round, their first dungeon crawler which was ported from PC to Xbox 360.


In Demon Gaze you play as a mysterious man with a power to seal demons (which are actually machines!) with your eye. Kadokawa Games hired voice actors like Saori Hayami (Sachi in Sword Art Online), Tarsuke Shingaki (Kariya in Fate/Zero), and Yukari Tamura (Pandroa in Rune Factory Oceans).

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  • Kibbitz

    Uh, wow, Tamura Yukari? >_>

    Also didn’t expect a link to the past (pun not intended.) That’s definitely a nice tie-in for fans of the previous game, though I wonder exactly how much relevance there is.

  • sherimae1324

    guess i have to use my demonic gaze to those publishers out there to make this localized…. ^_^

    • They’d probably ditch the Japanese voice actors and replace them with cheap porn-dub quality VAs ^^. I’m getting my copy off amazon, boy it has its perks being a temporary resident of Japan. Got a mobile and a permanent address and embraces you. You can even pay the bills (pre-paid method) at each friggin’ konbini (convenience store) which are littered throughout the country. That’s what I call convenient.

      • Calling it porn-dub quality be4 a confirmation is even out ==; 

        Not all ppl speak/read Jap, sir.

        • Oh boy, I’m sorry, I’ll refrain myself from posting jokes anymore as they are obviously not understood by everybody. thought the emoticon strongly suggested I am joking. 
          I also do not know much Japanese, I simply choose to play the original versions as crappy German dubs of games have taught me to appreciate the original creators’ choice of voice actors and their original script. Translation always means an adaptation into another language with a different cultural background meaning content gets altered or deleted. Furthermore localization has to be as cheap as possible which results in sub-par quality VAs unless they are handled with extreme care (MGS being the case in point).

          • I didn’t even realise its a emoticon lol… My bad my bad.

            So I take German dubs are rather….not as good as usual english one?

          • Believe me, they’re really bad. That applies to French, Italian and Spanish ones as well. The only exception is if the game is a German one, than the English dub is – obviously – worse. Gothic 1 and 2 (I did not like 3 and I can’t comment on its sequel) had hilarious German voice actors that delivered custom-tailored lines for each character. All of that is lost in the English version. 

            I learned the hard way but now my English is proficient enough to import the nicer looking (current German age certification icons are fugly atrocities) and uncensored UK or NA versions of games and enjoy them as they were intended by the developers and writers. That’s also the reason I played Witcher 1 in Polish ^^. A foreign dub rarely comes even close to the original one. Sometimes they do, sometimes they even exceed it but it’s very, very rare. 

          • Göran Isacson

            It’s okay to post jokes here- just make sure they’re funny ones ;)

            The localization versus original language debate is something which has been hashed to death here, and it never leads anywhere bright. At this point most people are simply content to leave the subject alone and let everyone enjoy what they enjoy, because nobody is going to convince anybody, and nobody is going to say anything smart. It’s just going to be the same old complaints and the same old arguments that everyone’s already heard, so we may as well nip them in the bud from the get-go.

          • ok, will be keeping that in mind, thanks for the heads-up.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Enjoy your much more expensive import there then.^_^

        • I am sorry, but did you read my whole comment, or did you post your reply after my emoticon as your comment implies?

          “I’m getting my copy off amazon, boy it has its perks being a temporary resident of Japan.” This should’ve made it clear that I am not obligated to import and “enjoy my much more expensive import then.” Please read the full comment you would like to contribute to with a reply and please make sure you understand it before posting. Much appreciated ;).

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            I never noticed you emoticon there lol. So i thought you are simply trying to make fun of people who had no choice but to wait for the game to come here as some of them does not have the fund to get the import version or not able to understand japanese language.

            But just as i said there, buying Japanese region game tend to be more expensive even if you used Amazon there. the cheapest on japanese game i see is 80 bucks while the same title for other region can be cheaper(except Australia.)

            So many people would actually stays with the localized version even if they had those bad dub problem.

          • Sorry, I keep forgetting that most of you guys convert prices to US$, which makes the games seem much more expensive. Right now the Japanese version on amazon costs less than 50€ which is about on par with German Vita game prices. So for me buying in Japan is way cheaper than importing and localization of handheld games takes ridiculously high amounts of time. I’m not that patient regarding Japanese software ^^. Sorry for any misunderstandings caused by my post.  

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            No prob there. Just wanted to mention that while i do a lot import, the price is damn steep here which makes many of us gamer suffers a lot.

            And this is a new info that i never heard of. So in German, import game is cheaper than ours. Man and here i thought U.S region is usually cheaper.T_T

  • PoweredByHentai

    Tamura Yukari also voiced Nanoha.


      • PoweredByHentai

        I like my chances.  :D

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Uhhh Sachi VA and Kariya too??? What are they gathering here?^_^ A tragedy character VA list?^_^

  • Yes! Sachi lives! >_<

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