In This Game, You Hang Out At A Coffee Shop With Idols

By Spencer . November 13, 2012 . 12:39am

ido0 After seeing Namco Bandai’s AKB48 dating games sellout, other publishers are stepping in to the idol dating sim genre. I still can’t believe this is becoming a genre, but here we are with Acrylic Palette: Colorful Cafe Cheers.


You take a part time job working at Cheers, a coffee shop that just happens to have idols working there. That’s basically the set up for players to talk to Rinna, Aoi Kidokoro, Megumi Nishikori, Saori Yoshida, Kobato Sawa, and Haruka Yano. The story progresses as you build a relationship with the girls by chatting with them.


ido1 ido3 ido2 ido8 ido9 ido10


Acrylic Palette: Colorful Cafe Cheers also has a handful of mini-games including a dancing game, dictionary game, sliding photo puzzles, and a hamburger making game. Burgertime eat your heart out? Players can unlock stereoscopic 3D photos and movies by playing mini-games.


ido11 ido12 ido18 ido17 ido16 ido15 ido14 ido13


Acrylic Palette: Colorful Cafe Cheers is scheduled for release on Nintendo 3DS on December 20.

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  • These are so cute. I wish I could play them in the US, but I’ll have to settle for [email protected]

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Once more Bamco started another genre lol.^_^ First Idolmaster with Idol breeding genre and now……”Forever Alone genre” lol.^_^

    Just joking lol but this game looks interesting as ussual. Hope this one will be as nice as AKB ones.^_^

  • Captain_Jiruo

    Where everybody knows your name..

  • Göran Isacson

    3D backgrounds mixed with live-action. Oh… oh god… PTSD flashbacks to the dark days of FMV-games in the early nineties… just because CD’s had the space, didn’t mean you had to fill it… not like that… why’d you have to do that game companies? WHY?! YOU MANIACS! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.

    And here I was going to make a lighthearted comment on how, when I first saw the headline, I for some bizarre reason thought of “coffee shop” as in the dutch meaning of the word, and imagined a game where you get stoned with pop idols and have long meandering conversations on the futility of, like, this shallow world that just, like, wants to see us dance and sing and be happy little dolls, but you man, you’re different, it’s like I understand your soul dude…

    But no. I saw the FMV’s. There is no room in my heart for frivolous humor anymore.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ……… They have done this with AKB and it succedd lol. And they never targetted normal gamer there. This game is especially targetted for Japan Idol Otaku which will spend all their fund for this game lol.^_^

      • Göran Isacson

        My god, that’s even worse. They go for the ones who never knew the horrors of old-school FMV’s. A whole new generation to spoil and defile with that horror. The horror.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          This is different from old school FMV.(I suggest you are talking about 3DO here.)

          This game is more like dating sims game however using all real life artist as the characters to date. There will be events or even real life cut scenes on important scenes like dating scenes, beaches, swimming pool, etc.

          So…no this at least had more effort compared to the old FMV games.

  • Brion Valkerion

    Makes sense, everyone is trying to cash in on the AKB hype train with their own bootleg attempts at copying them, why not try to copy their smash hit game as well lol.

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