New Tales of Hearts R Clips With Shing, Kohak, And Calcedny Arcome

By Spencer . November 15, 2012 . 12:05am

Namco Bandai released a few clips from Tales of Hearts R. If you played the DS version you probably remember Shing Meteoryte and Kohak Hearts. Calcedny Arcome was in Tales of Hearts and in the PlayStation Vita re-imagining he’s playable too.


Calcedny Arcome

 pic02_b pic01_b


Shing Meteoryte

shing_tohr1 shing_tohr2


Kohak Hearts

kohak_tohr1 kohak_tohr2

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  • puchinri

     Kohaku is so cute~. And awesome. ♥

    I really hope we see the title here, and I have some faith that we will. I hope they keep the names though. there’s really no reason to change them.

    • Tales_of_Master

       Well, there is a reason for that. First, if they’re translating the game, why not translate the names that have meanings ? Second, can you imagine how awkward the English VAs would sound trying to pronounce Kohak and Hisui ? I know that Kohak sound unique compared to Amber, but that’s no reason to keep the Japanese names.

      • puchinri

        Well in that case, why not translate any Japanese name that pops up? Should Usagi Tsukino suddenly become “Rabbit OftheMoon/ Moon’s Rabbit”? I don’t think it’s terrible to do, but in the NA, we have this way of avoiding obvious Japanese things (ahem, foreign things in general) when possible in small, weird ways. And the names have English and Japanese components, so they obviously meant for them to be that way. If it were in English already, I would say whatever, but it’s not.

        And there’s another problem. We live in America. I understand that English is engrained as our default,but if you had a friend with a Japanese name, would you always translate their name? Would it be too hard to learn their name? Plenty of English names are awkward to say or pronounce.

        • Tales_of_Master

          Well you got a point. I hate it when Japanese games get Americanized and lose their Japanese flavor, especially since I’m not even American myself, but I still think that changing Kohak and Hisui names works better in this case. Maybe it’s just because I can imagine how annoying it would be to hear their names pronounced with an American accent.

          Still, the Tales games are one of the few games that I would love to have the duel audio option available in them, specifically to avoid such problems with naming.

          I think that if English dub is the only option available of or us English speakers, it’s better to translate a few things to English, to avoid the awkward voice acting, which in my opinion could potentially ruin the game for me.

          • PragmaticSoul

            Japanese flavor? I don’t even -_-. As much as I liked the little “-senpai” or “-san” honorifics in Persona3/4, I can’t say that it didn’t sound weird to me a few times, even if it kept its “Japanese flavor”.

            Jeez, I don’t think the clammering for a dual audio will ever end. Why make it harder for Baba to bring over Tales game than it already is? There is no sign that this game will even make it to the states yet and we are asking for Dual audio?

            The last paragraph is so correct. Awkward pronunciations of Japanese is what made dubs so unappealing in the past (these days they are much better). A translation makes it sound smoother and more audibly pleasing.

          • Göran Isacson

            I’d say it mostly depends on the context. If the game world is full of mostly English-sounding names, then I think you might as well go full monty and translate the names. But if it’s a game with a lot of made-up words and such, I think you can keep Kohak since it won’t stick out as much. I personally think that when you have people named Shing Meteoryte you can pretty much go either way, since the “regular” names are already so zany that throwing in another word you don’t understand doesn’t really matter.

          • puchinri

            To me, it’s not even just the Americanization, but that you would take what’s inherent to something and change it (“translate it”) or take the culture from something. To me, it’s just that if they weren’t already in English, why change them to English?

            It’s also disappointing that we can’t expect voice actors to learn a foreign name, especially given the field they work in. It’s this weird thing where people can learn complicated words, but if it’s not an American name – whoa nelly! Stop the presses, can’t have that! Too complicated! – And given that we’re supposed to be a diverse country and that there are Japanese Americans, what does that say when we see a Japanese name and have to translate it instead of taking the time to just say it? I don’t mind if it comes out a bit awkward, but either way, the names aren’t too hard to say anyway (not in comparison to other stuff). And if it comes to those, why not change any awkward but fairly English sounding town name? 

            I don’t think having/needing dual audio should solve the problem, but I would also love that option (usually for a variety of reasons).

            In the end, I understand what you mean (because some people seem to put zero effort into trying to pronounce a name, or can’t say it right because of whatever reason), I just don’t think the translation thing is really justified in the end.

        • See, that Sailor Moon analogy is kinda funny, because back when they were still A Thing™, Mixx / Tokyopop actually used “Bunny” as Serena’s nickname in their manga and character guidebook translations.

          • puchinri

            I was actually remebering that, and I’m kind of glad someone brought it up. 

        • Kibbitz

          This just got me thinking of how amusing and possibly annoying it would be if this was done to us in real life, given how Chinese and Japanese names work =P That being said, it’s pretty much their choice for presentation. They did do a number on some of the names for effect even though they were perfectly servicable in English for me, like Terra instead of Tina Branford in FFVI or Ashlynn instead of Barbara in DQVI.

          • PragmaticSoul

             Terra’s name change was awful, but they kept the name (and hair color) for the GBA port mind you. Green hair and a name that essentially means “earth” actually meant a lot to the character, seeing as she was an esper and all. But seeing as how Kohak actually means Amber to begin with, there is no lost meaning. Only the superficial sense of “authenticity” that comes with hearing a Japanese name in a Japanese game. -_-

          • Kibbitz

            Would you like to link me to actual source material indicating that both the naming and green hair were actually done to further her character based off her Esper heritage? I don’t think they were thinking of her name being earth-related when they gave her Tina for the Japanese version.

            As for no meaning lost in translation, you cannot just use the X in language A = Y in English to justify things. In this case, conveniently, Kohak was written in katakana, and conveniently there is 琥珀, kohaku as Amber . However, Shing’s name is also written in katakana and it can be translated as bedding, 寝具 shingu. Why don’t we call him Bedding Meteorite then?

            However, for Hearts, examining the names of the various characters will show a gemstone/mineral theme with names like Beryl, Kunzite, Chalcedony, Peridot and Corundum. Perhaps Kohak and Hisui were kept in Japanese since they sounded more pleasant than Amber and Jade to the Japanese ear. They certainly could have named her Amber Hearts in Japanese instead of Kohak Hearts to begin with. Maybe there were other reasons. I certainly don’t know.

            As for the question of authenticity, if the company plans to release it as dual audio, name changes would be mildly annoying with the screen display still showing it as Amber while the original voice still calls out Kohak. That being said, unless the company is soliciting opinions, they’ll probably just convert it into something appropriate for non-Japanese markets anyway.

          • PragmaticSoul

            The Terra name bit was an interpretation on my part, my bad for not clearing that up.

          • PragmaticSoul

            About Shing, localizing a name isn’t about literally translating it; it’s all about keeping the context. A lot of names when written in Kanji have dual meanings (it’s usually joked about frequently, like Ichigo being called Strawberry).

            How about you play an Ace Attorney game? That’s what I mean. Phoenix Wright Japanese name was “Naruhodo” but it’s not like they called him “I see” in English. They keep the original context of the name while translating it into English.

            I’m not using X in language A = Y in English. I’m talking about context. Sorry for double post, has no edit feature -_-

          • gk2012

             Just imagine it like this: you’re born in Japan and you’re named Kanji.
            Would you enjoy being called Feeling once you migrate to America?

            It’s as simple as that, no matter how stupid you try to make the angry fans look.

          • PragmaticSoul

            But it’s not as simple as that, as stupid as you’re trying to make me look. I said it to someone else, Ace Attorney games are the perfect example of what I am talking about. The Japanese names of Ace Attorney characters translated to some things in English that would really make a good name. Phoenix Wright was “Naruhodo.” They obviously couldn’t name him “I see” in English so they went with a name that kept the context of the character. The series has a lot of references and jokes to Japanese pop culture and they had to change all those references into something an English audience would understand while trying to keep the context of the the reference.

            It even happens with the names of Tales Artes. Shishisenkou literally translated to “Battle Lion Roar” or something like that and they changed it to “Beast” because 1) Shishisenkou would sound awkward as fuck in English and 2)Yelling “Battle Lion Roar” sounds cheesy and overdramatic so they went with a name that kept the original context of the move.

            See where I’m coming from?

          • Sheimi12

            I am no expert on the localization but I think Ted Woolsey has actually said that most testers hated the name Tina for sounding too vernacular and normal so he changed it to Terra to sound a little less mundane to an English audience

            here I even dug up an old interview for you

          • PragmaticSoul

            Yeah the Terra bit was more of a personal interpretation.

          • puchinri

            But Tina was the original name, so what are you saying? The changes may have made more sense in the end, but they weren’t eventual. How much did the changes impact her character development? (She was also blonde in the artwork though, so what does that conflicting point do?)

            To me, it’s not even about a “meaning.” And there’s no superficial sense about it. Why is it so horrible to keep the name? What is the real problem with it? x’D

            @gk2012:disqus You simplified that very well. Thank you~. 

          • PragmaticSoul

            The Terra bit was an interpretation, not something I was passing off as fact. Sorry for not clearing that up.

            The problem is it would sound awkward to pronounce in English. I don’t consider it horrible to keep the name, I’m saying why it would be better to not keep them. Why is it considered so bad when a name gets translated? To some (not saying you) it’s just a matter of hearing a Japanese name in a Japanese game for authenticity. I find that pretty darn stupid.

          • Kibbitz

            System’s the way it is, no need to apologize for posting how you do. As for your points, look. You said that since Kohak means Amber, there is no lost meaning. How did you get “Kohak means Amber” in the first place? No one is expecting a citation of your sources, but you never even attempted an explanation to anyone. The point is that you needed to give some context to the situation. You didn’t and you decided to talk about context instead of literal meaning. Even if I gave you that for Shing, you are still not answering the Kohak issue, which I might add, you’re still translating literally and not figuratively.That “Naruhodo” joke you mentioned for Ace Attorney? It probably doesn’t exist in real life which will set off a trigger for anyone but the densest translator to confirm with the writers involved that this isn’t a seriously name.Kohak poses a different problem. Everyone’s names are in roman letters and pure katakana. No kanji. Checking the name list in an old electronic dictionary alone yields 18 ways to read Kohak as a Japanese name, with about 10 or so that are specifically qualified as female names. Why is ‘amber’ the right choice and not any of the other names?For comparison, ignoring my bad joke of “Shing = Bedding” literal translation aside, Shing himself has 3 names listed under that same dictionary with none of them matching the scenario writer’s idea, which is “armed with heart” (indicated on the Tales of Heart blog. Didn’t explicit say anything about Kohak’s name itself IIRC, but I’ll have to reread to be sure.) Shing’s at least is easier to guess at running with Shin meaning Heart with this being Tales of Hearts.I have already pointed out that they do seem to be going for a gemstone/mineral theme, so it is pretty reasonable that Kohak/Hisui = Amber/Jade. My point is though, that while Kohak means amber as a word, Kohak can also be expressed in many other ways as a name. You should have explained why ‘Amber’ is the right choice given the context.

          • puchinri

            I think it would be pretty amusing at times, but having heard stories from people who did get treated like that, it also sounds incredibly irritating (as well as problematic and condescending).

            Yeahh. As much as I love the name Terra, I think Tina worked and would have been fine. In general, we do waaay too much name changing business, and I think a lot of it tends to be really silly. At times, it just has another weird layer when it comes to foreign names.

          • Kibbitz

            Oh? I’ve never seen anything like that happen yet personally. My personal name has the characters for Talent and Heroic, so it’d be mildly funny, and in  very very annoying for people to call me something like ‘Talented Hero’ IRL =|

            As for name changing, I lean towards keeping the names as they are mostly because I don’t think people have as big an issue these days with foreign names and there’d be a tiny bit less confusion at all among fans of different versions talking about things. The more funny ones for me was one, for DQVI when my friend kept saying Ashlynn and I was going “THERE’S NO ASHLYNN IN DQVI, WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT” and that swap around of Vega, M.Bison and Balrog in Street Fighter leading to people calling them Claw, Boxer and Dictator to avoid any confusion =P

            That being said, if the company really feels that changing it is better for their audience, go ahead.

          • puchinri

            Hah! As cool as that sounds, I would not approve of people calling me that instead of my given name either.

            That’s kind of my point too. Like, how often exactly do people hear others pronounce Japanese names awkwardly? Regardless of it being a fan or official dub at that. 

            Those are definitely the weird ones to me as well! I was confused forever and a day with M. Bison, Vega and Balrog. (Natsume also does really silly name changes to the HM series lately.)

            For me, it comes down to the company’s mentality about it. If they really think it’s better, that won’t be a problem unless they think it’s better because “foreign names are hard to pronounce/won’t be as accepted easily/other irrelevant reason that is condescending to the audience and the original name.”

        • PragmaticSoul

           For the love of God why the hell is this always such an issue? Kohak means Amber doesn’t it? F*** it, keep all the original move names too why dont’cha? I bet you’ll have fun listening to awkward pronunciations of “Hiou Zetsuenshou”. Most Tales names aren’t Japanese anyway so it’s not like it matters. A little translation like that makes the game easier to listen to. Not like it matters, seeing as a dub is never, ever good enough anyway right?

          • puchinri

            Lol, where did all that come from? x’D

            I wouldn’t mind that either, to be honest. If they pronounce awkwardly every time though, well, I got nothing. I did not even bring up any aspect of the dub in general. No need to go throwing things out there or putting words onto people’s keyboards~.

          • PragmaticSoul

             That last bit wasn’t directed at you bro. Sorry for not clearing that up.

  • Tales_of_Master

     Just realized that Shing’s seiyuu is also the one doing Natsu’s voice from Fairy Tail….now I can’t unhear that -_- Kohak is adorable, and playing as Calcedny seems like a blast. Would’ve loved to see little gameplay, and maybe a video of “Garad”, but I guess that has to wait. Here is hoping for this to get localized, and localized soon. The Vita is dying already, and a Tales game could really help.

    • Vita is a nice handheld with a lot of promise. It’s almost feel like a strong warrior born into peaceful time.

      But that aside, J-RPG doesn’t get much attention of western audience. It’s really a pity that gamer like us belong to the minority.

      • Tales_of_Master

         Yeah, it pains me to know that a series like Tales can’t get past 100k in sales, while games like COD and Resident Evil get 100 million + sales, and it considered to be a flop.

        We can only hope that time will change, and JRPG fans become relevant again. Also, you profile pic is awesome :D

        • Elvick

          It bums me out, since the people who buy those games usually end up bitching about them for years upon years. I mean, how much you wanna bet a sizable amount of people who hated RE5, went out and bought RE6 and hated it? And I bet they’ll go buy RE7 too.

          It’s like Brokeback Mountain. They can’t quit ’em.

    • Syn

      Ummm, not really buddy, its less than a year old and has already sold past a million(in Japan where its sales are abysmal) so I wouldnt call it quits just yet. All it will take for it to take off in japan is a major popular franchise coming to it or a sleeper hit and thats it. Believe me, its far from dying, this is just the beginning.

      • How dare you say anything positive about vita. You should be banned.

      • Elvick

        I’m telling ya, SE showing some love to the Vita for once would do a lot to help.

        They made most of the best PSP games. Yet they’ve given frack all to the Vita so far. And even their most promising game is something they don’t even want to discuss anymore (FFX HD) and even then, it’s also on PS3.

        If they’d bring out a Vita version of Theatrhythm, a new Dissidia, and something like Bravely Default, then it’d be good to go.

        Hell, even a TWEWY port would be nice. They already ditched two screens for iOS.

  • Lol just noticed that Calcedny has the same Seiyuu as Zeheart Gallette.

    Can’t unsee that now xD

    • Hiroshi Kamiya is almost everywhere as of late, and hell I’ll be damned if I mind! I love his voice. <3

  • xavier axol

    Wow it looks alot better than innocence, could it be that they used the same engine that help them make tales of grace f!?. i like it, it fits well on a screen that’s only 5 inches small.

  • Cant wait to import it, ToX2 is all i expected from ToX1 and more xOx, innocence R was awesome and this one also seems a lot better.

  • Nee Nee

    Still irked by the fact that it’s not 2D anymore.

  • Göran Isacson

    Looks decent, if a little stilted in the animation-department… though why that Calcedny guy flaps up and down, I could not understand. Surely it must be much easier to either just stand on the ground or simply hover at a regular level.

    And yes I know that’s nitpicky of me, but I just think it looks so hilarious.

  • Hopefully this one’ll be good and we’ll get a localization. Until I get my hands on P4G, my Vita is DRY.

  • tubers

    It looks like a PS2 game :) I like it.. Barely any jaggies too! Guess it’s at the vita’s native res :)

  • Demeanor

    That’s… Natsu, no doubt about it XD lesseee… Kakihara Tetsuya… woah, Klein from Atelier Iris and Jin from BB? :O aaand there it is, Shing ^ ^
    I’ll get this game if only to hear his voice ^ ^ (Ludger is SO silent…)

  • This and the other two Radiant Mythologies [maybe all three in a collection slightly upgraded?] needs to be localized, they seriously do!

  • isfuturebright

    I don’t think this will be localized… I mean if you think it about it wasn’t localized when it was released on NDS (which is a handheld with many users). The VITA isn’t doing so well, so I hardly think Namdai will bring it over. I think they are doing this just to please their japanese fans… I hope I’m wrong though.

    • Masengan

      Sadly I agree with you, from a business standpoint it doesn’t make any sense to release this on another country where the franchise isn’t as popular on a system that isn’t selling as much as it should. I have a PSP but there’s nothing out right now that’s makes me run out and buy a Vita.

      • Tianyu Wei

        Sorry to disagree. Tales of Graces for Wii which is the biggest console in the world wasn’t localized, but Tales of Graces F for the PS3 is.

        The user base for Tales games are mostly on Sony Platform, and if Xillia english does well, I am pretty sure you guys will get more Tales in the future.

        I play the JP version so it isn’t much of a concern to me, but I do think the English community will be getting more Tales.

        As far as VITA is concerned, Ragnarok Odyssey really opened up my eyes to the platform, it’s integration with near (trading gifts), party chat (real time voice chat DURING game), etc, is one hell of an experience not available in any other handheld at the moment.

        By the way, console numbers, while important isn’t the entire story. The biggest factor for a 3rd party developer is the attachment for the console: the willingness to buy games for a platform and the costumers willingness to spend for a game.

        PS3/Xbox’s attachment rate is a LOT higher than the Wii, and I am almost certain it’s going to be the same case with VITA vs 3DS. People who own Sony platforms generally are well self-supported and older audience which has financial means to plop down money for a game, vs early teens who has 3DS who has to really decide which game they really want at the mercy of their parents.

    • Have faith.

  • What happened to Tales of Innocence R? I’m still waiting for the European or North American release of that title. And of course Xillia is nowhere to be found either…

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