Mass Effect 3 For Wii U Summarizes The First Two Games With Twelve Choices

By Spencer . November 19, 2012 . 11:14pm

WiiU (3)

Electronic Arts and Australian developer Straight Right brought Mass Effect 3 to Wii U, but the other two entries in the series aren’t. To get new players up to speed, Bioware created Mass Effect: Genesis II, an interactive graphic novel that summarizes the story and lets players customize Shepard’s history.


Mass Effect: Genesis II has twelve decision points. As someone who skipped the other Mass Effect titles, are the major plot points covered in Genesis II?


As commander, I knew either relationship had the potential to interfere with the mission. Who does Shepard start a relationship with?

-> Kaiden/Ashley

-> Liara

-> The mission comes first


I was left with an angry Rachni Queen to deal with. She claimed her drones would do no harm if I released her, but the Rachni have terrorized the galaxy before.

-> Save the queen

-> Kill the queen


I tried to convince Wrex, but he wouldn’t back down.

-> Save Wrex

-> Kill Wrex


WiiU (1)


I was left with just seconds to extract my squad. I tried, but I wasn’t fast enough. I could only save one of them.

-> Ashley

-> Kaiden


The Council was aboard the Destiny Ascension, and they were requesting assistance. But, I knew in order to help them, I would have to put or human alliance fleet in jeopardy…

-> Save Council

-> Sacrifice Council


Who should Shepard choose to be on the council? Both are great leaders in their own right…

-> Anderson

-> Udina


WiiU (4)


Shepard is posed with a decision to recruit some or all of the teammates on a list. It would take time and effort to recruit them all, and with more humans disappearing everyday, I wasn’t sure I should bother…

-> Take your time. Recruit all.

-> Be expedient. Recruit fewer.


The team Shepard recruits has issues with each other. They only had to stay alive long enough to complete the mission. I wasn’t sure what difference it would make if they were happy doing it…

-> Resolve the conflicts.

-> Ignore the conflicts.


Shepard reunites with Ashley/Kaiden and Liara from earlier in the story. If things were going to get better between us, it would take time… but I was running out of time.

-> Stay true to your friends.

-> Move on


Jacob wanted to go immediately and rescue the crew. Ed and Miranda wanted more time to prepare before we attacked.

-> Rescue crew immediately.

-> Improve ship and team first.


We knew this could be our last day together. We were scared and looking for reassurance. Some of us found it in each other…

-> Start something with Tali.

-> Prepare for the assault.


Will you trust the Illusive man and use the technology of the Collectors to help defeat the Reapers?

-> Don’t trust the Illusive Man.

-> Agree with the Illusive Man.

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  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Wow, they really took away some of the best decisions in the game. I mean, you can’t even romance Jack, when getting into a relationship with her was one of the most rewarding parts of the character interaction of ME2. Also, the fact that you can play ME3 and never meet Wrex now, Wow, there is totally no point to getting this on the Wii U, especially with the whole trilogy out for 360 and coming out for PS3 (I actually would’ve told PS3 people to just skip the franchise completely before ME got announced. This is one big story, told over three games. Missing any of it, even if the ending isn’t as good as it could’ve been, just renders it completely pointless).
    Not to mention Bioware and EA have confirmed the Wii U isn’t getting the Omega and Leviathan DLC chapters for ME3.

    • It’s a quick cash-in (Bioware are not even handling the port) and a means to check gamers’ interest, ’tis all.

  • LustEnvy

    I played and enjoyed the hell out of Mass Effect 2 without playing MUCH of the first. I hated the first game’s gameplay. The graphic novel was fine. Though considering Mass Effect 2 was a true setup for the 3rd game, it DOES make sense to play it first. Going in to the 3rd game with zero experience just feels off.

    • fuckin’ awesome avatar you got there, good sir =)

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I disagree completely on ME1, BUT I will give you points for the Pascal avatar.

    • eilegz

       completely agree one reason why i couldnt play into ME its the shitty mechanics and bugs of ME1, it was horrible and not fun, ME2 feel a little improved (played the demo) hope that 3 its better….

      I hope they remake ME1 with ME2 or ME3 engine

  • InfernoCommander

    SPOILERS ahead.

    1. Relationship. (Relatively) Unimportant story wise.
    2. Kill or save. Doesn’t matter, in ME3 the decision was pointless.
    3. Save Wrex, kill Wrex. Doesn’t matter. Can still cure genophage and get krogan 
    4. Ash or Kaidan. Doesn’t matter, purely love interest choice.
    5. Saving the council or letting them die means nothing. They’re just as worthless as the council that replaces them. 
    6. No matter who you choose Udina ends up as councilor…
    7. Aside from stopping the Collectors, the entire purpose of ME2 was to recruit a top-notch squad to stop the Collectors. Choosing the second option is foolish.
    8. Ignoring the conflicts would be detrimental to the mission. Who would choose this?
    9. A chance to be on good terms with your old friend in ME3 (though you can do that regardless of this choice, love and all)
    10. This is a terrible option. The ship should already be upgraded fully so you can save everyone. Now you can either lose a teammate or two, or lose your old crew.
    11. So all the previous romance choices up til now mean jack? Tali’s your waifu, buck up or shut up. (they seriously dropped the ball with this one)
    12. Doesn’t matter whether you helped him or screwed him over. He’s still your enemy in two. Aside from dialogue differences, nothing changes between the two.
    (So all in all, every choice you made up to this point is equal to shit cause nothing you chose really matters in the end. And if this is your first time playing ME3, then boy oh boy will that reflect in the ending.)

    • Sergio Briceño

      Pure speculation, but…

      1-6. Well, I think they matter more in ME2, but they likely somehow determine who you end up in a relation with when paired up with the next 6 decisions, or if you end up alone. Of course, some decisions do impact EMS, but if you played ME2-3 on PS3 you already know that, because they included Genesis1 and saving the rachni queen for example does affect EMS.

      7-12. Since ME2′ DLC characters did appear in ME3 even if you didn’t buy them way back when or just started fresh, I’m assuming these decisions somehow determine you EMS at the very least.


      7. Influences love interest with someone in the crew, their survival and EMS.

      8. Influences love interest with someone in the crew, their survival and EMS.

      9. Influences love interest with someone from ME1.

      10. Influences love interest with Kelly Chambers, her survival and EMS.

      11. Tali/Garrus didn’t have a shot in the original ME, so it was either change Origins1/ME 3 dialogue or release ME1/2 on Wii U. That’s the reason this is included.

      12. I never understood this option. It only slightly affects your EMS btw. But Bioware could somehow make this so your love interest hates you (ruining a possible relationship and opening up Kelly?).

      There is also a chance questions 7-12 only affect EMS and there is NO chance of getting into every possible relationship with a ME2 character, in which case all questions from 7 through 12 mainly affect the EMS.

      There, problem solved?

    • Wait what

      You clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. Not true, if you want to continue the relationship in ME3 you had to have started it in ME1.
      2. Not true. If you don’t save the Queen in ME1 then the new Queen in ME3 will betray you and set you back a significant amount with your resources (which in turn effects what endings you can get).
      3. Not true, having Wrex alive or dead can impact what you can do with that mission depending on if you take the sabotage deal or not. For example, if Wrex is dead and the research data from ME2 is destroyed, you can convince Mordin to agree with the sabotage and save him instead of the Krogan for Salarian support.
      4. How is changing one of the main characters in ME3 not important? It’s not just about romance, their personalities are completely different and thus scenes are completely different.
      5. This I agree is useless, as this choice was more important for ME2 than for ME3. If you saved the original council in ME1 then you could become a Spectre again in ME2. I’m pretty sure you can become a Spectre again in ME3 regardless, although I may be wrong.
      6. Again, I agree here, as this was mostly a choice meant to affect ME2. Udina takes over for Anderson between ME2 and ME3 if you picked Anderson, so this choice should have been removed for this ME3 release as it truly is irrelevant.
      7-10. You may find these options obvious or terrible, but think about this from a replaying standpoint. Did you always do everything 100% perfectly in ME2? If so, then you missed out on a lot of alternative ways things could happen in ME3. These options are here to give WiiU players a chance to have their ME3 replays as different as possible.
      11. Well, it sorta makes sense. There are still tons of options avaliable in these comics. Ashley, Kaiden, Liara, Tali, Garrus. The only ones not in are Miranda, Jack, Jacob, and Thane. But those characters don’t have big roles in ME3, and giving a new player a choice to select them without building up a bond by playing the previous game would be pointless. Since they don’t have a role in ME3, players would be missing out on how well implemented the Tali or Liara or whatever romance is. You only care because you played ME2 so you know who you like, but if you never played ME2 then you would want one of the romance options that has a big role in ME3, which they provided here.

      Seriously, people. I know some of you are still pissy about the ending of Mass Effect 3 (even though I don’t think it was that bad at all, especially with the Extended Cut), but when you start making things up and ignoring all of the other things in ME3, you stop looking like a fan who is upset and look more like a troll. Almost all of these choices change things rather dramatically in ME3.

  • I am guessing that, with Female Shepard, the decision is Garrus instead of Tali.

  • amagidyne

    Wait, so the Wii U isn’t getting the whole trilogy? That is so very pointless.  If they’ve freed ME1 from Microsoft exclusivity then why not bring it all over? This is my least favorite decision on the Citadel.

    On the other hand, at least you won’t notice how much better the writing was in the first game compared to the second and third.

    • Sergio Briceño

      Most likely MS didn’t agree to let go of their exclusivity rights just so PS3 owners could experience ME3. But to make more money themselves and also as a counter measure to the Wii U version.

      They have already made the most out of ME1 on Xbox360, they wanted to capitalize on the Trilogy on PC, but Bioware wouldn’t let them unless they included the PS3.

      So MS agreed to this, also so they could undermine the Wii U’s launch. You know, why pick up an unfinished ME3 version (no Retaliation, Leviathan or Omega DLCs or plans to bring them at all) when you could buy the Trilogy on PC with most DLC included and the option to upgrade to the latest DLC?

      Not to mention, Bioware must have paid MS A LOT. So on one hand they make a lot of money and take one of the only 4 good third party games their competitor had at launch out of the picture.

      But don’t worry. Bioware isn’t stupid either. A complete ME Wii U edition will likely come out next year.

  • Alfy Masamune

    dont see the point of them releasing this on wii, most fans have already played and completed this by now, plus i doubt many nintendo fans will care for this game.

  • CudaBiro

    That list just hammers home how much can be missed by not playing the first two games. 

    • LustEnvy

      Not really. Not even this list could make me sift through that mediocre gameplay of Mass Effect 1 in it’s entirety. I for one was glad for the digital novel on the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. I play games to have fun first, and the first game wasn’t fun for me. A quick synopsis was all I wanted.

      Didn’t detract from the second game’s enjoyment whatsoever.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I could not disagree with you more. ME1 had the best gameplay, imo.

  • I knew a lot would have to be cut for the ME2 comic portion, but it feels like so much is gone.

    I guess this means Wii U owners are stuck with Samara too. 

    If that last question is accurate, I guess it means dude!Shep can only choose a new relationship with Tali and fem!Shep can only choose a new relationship with Garrus. So much for romancing Jack, Miranda, Thane or Jacob.

    • Sergio Briceño

      Nice observation. Indeed, it seems we are stuck with Samara. Or perhaps some of the other questions somehow affect this.

      I’m pretty sure most questions leading up to this one decision affect who survives and if you really end up with anyone else, besides Tally/Garrus, Ashley/Liara or Kaidan/Liara.

      Maybe if you choose a partner in the first game but don’t continue the relationship in the second game it affects who you end up with too and if you don’t choose a partner in the first game then new possibilities open up.

      What really doesn’t make sense is how exactly decision 9 affects anything if you decided not to have a relationship in ME1. But I think, as many of you do, just 12 decisions for the first 2 games aren’t nearly enough.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    One would be better off playing the games on the other systems, for the conclusion of the story, beyond just these choices, you’ll miss out alot on just character identification of who shows up from previous games and making connections in that matter for conversations and for how some of the mission choices (and even character appearances that there will be) for those missions. 

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    should have added the last two on eshop 

  • KingGunblader

    Ugh this is NOT console parity. Tell me EA, why can’t Wii U just have Mass Effect Trilogy?!

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