Square Enix Will Consider Adding Same-Sex Marriages To Final Fantasy XIV

By Ishaan . November 19, 2012 . 10:00am


Square Enix will be implementing a marriage system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, that will be added to the game via an update in the future. Responding to fan queries, the game’s producer-cum-director, Naoki Yoshida, also says that he is open to the idea of same-sex marriage, but that Square will carry on discussions with players before making a decision about the implementation of such a feature.


“As for same-sex marriage, this is an extremely controversial topic that has been under discussion in the MMO world for the past few years,” Yoshida recently said in a live video Q&A. “First we would like to start out with opposite-sex marriage, and then consider the feedback from our players in order to make a careful decision. I can’t say whether or not it will be possible at this point in time. I’d like to keep dialog open with our players as we deliberate the matter.”


Yoshida also answered a bunch of other questions about the future of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. You can watch a full recording of his video Q&A above (turn captions on for subtitles), or read a transcript here.


A few of the other interesting questions (and answers) from the Q&A:


Q: In the 3rd Players’ Poll, there was a question about new races and clans. What kind of race will be implemented and when? Also, will we see Viera or beastmen/lizardmen?

A: The Viera are extremely popular amongst our overseas players, so we’re really thinking hard about this one. We’d also been considering a dragon-blood tribe – something more beastman or reptilian, a direction that we haven’t really tried in a FINAL FANTASY before.I guess I was leaning towards what in Japan would be considered a Western design, but our North American players have also been pretty vocal in their requests for the Viera race. We would like to look into it. You can assume it would be for an expansion pack.


Q: Roughly how much will housing cost including the furnishings and interior designs?

A: I think that maybe 4-5 players, each with one level 50 class could probably buy a house if they put all of their earnings together. From there it will be possible to buy more land and rebuild, things like that. There will be lots of things you can do like have the roof changed to a different style, and then paint it whatever color you want.


Q: Are there plans to release a benchmark? If so, when?

A: We are planning to have two. The first one will be for Beta to see how well your PC can run it, and the second one will be right before launch and it will include character creation with all races.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is currently in its alpha testing phase. A timeframe for the game’s beta has not been announced yet.

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  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Well, good for them if they implement those. More choices is always a good thing in a game, even if some people might be uptight about it.

  • Just Tim

    In foresight, I can see 2 guys in real life, getting their trap personas, getting “married”.  #TRAPtastic

    • Morricane

      Don’t forget all the reverse traps out there! :D

      • I have a feeling someone’s been in Bangkok for too long

      • Just Tim

        I thought reverse traps are into real-life sausage parties…

    • CirnoLakes

      Haha, I always prefer to make my characters androgynous and cute, whether they are male or female.

      I think I’d rather make a girly male character than a feminine and curvy female character if I had the chance.

      Or are you just talking about males who crossplay as female characters? I’ve never been in a serious online relationship. But I definitely prefer to play as a female character overall(though there are, again exceptions when some males can be very androgynous and female characters can only be very curvy). If I was though I don’t care at all what the gender of the person I am with is in real life. I care much more about personality than gender.

  • Wait what

    Yes, please. 

  • Prithivi

    “I can’t say whether or not it will be possible at this point in time.”

    Really? I thought we were in the year 2012…
    This option should have been avialable from the start.

    • Nicky Tetlow

      It’s not exactly difficult to implement either. Stopping same sex marriages would actually be something they’d have to code into the game, meaning it would actually take less effort to deny same sex unions.

    • Rudy Soto

      Regardless of the age, or how people have become open to the idea of same-sex marriage, there’s still a huge amount of people who are vehemently against the concept.

      So it’s most likely a business concern.

      • Yvonne Tsang

        Exactly. It’s not like the whole world = North America. :| Some countries are not as open to it as others, and considering how the MMO is open to the whole of the Internet, there are concerns for that too. It’s not that black and white. I wish people would think of the rest of the world before saying stuff like that.

        • Fub Frank

          There should be no “concerns” because someones sexual orientation shouldn’t be an issue to anyone at all. The people that have a problem with someones sexual orientation are the ones who have the problem in the first place. Ones sexual orientation doesn’t affect anyone else, let’s stop ignoring that it exists because people have their own issues and insecurities about it.

          I am going to assume the “I thought we were in 2012” has to do with the fact that it at the least silly to have an issue with something that has nothing to do with you or affects your life in any negative way.

          We need to stop appeasing the ignorance.

          • raymk

            See the problem is there “shouldn’t be” the reality is that this are real concerns and I really can’t say who’s right or wrong on this and this is why its still a controversial issue.  Also marriage by same sex doesn’t effect anyone else however that’s where it stops and telling telling people that have insecurities kinda makes the people who say that have them to.  However I agree with same sex marriage always have, but lets be honest here america doesn’t equal the world and there are still controversial issues so they can’t just do whatever just because you say what there “shouldn’t be” a lot of things shouldn’t be but a lot of things are.

          • Fub Frank

            No one is saying anything American-centric. Just that same sex marriage or couple should be a complete non-issue. It is an issue because of peoples ignorance/prejudice and insecurities about homosexuals. My opinion is that this should not be considered when being implementing as to not to appease to people who are the actual problem, the ones with ignorance/prejudices and insecurities.

            The sad part of your side of the spectrum is that we should consider other people who might have a problem with this but you’re not considering the people who are homosexual who would enjoy this option in the game and be able to explore it. It’s unfair. It’s not like this option in mandatory and that every person that plays this game has to have a same sex marriage or even has to acknowledge it. This option is not going to be forced on anyone, so there should be no issue because if you do have a problem with it you can completely ignore it.

            Like you said, the issue is not black and white.

            And a lot of things are a certain way but that doesn’t mean we should let them continue to be that way.

          • CirnoLakes

            It isn’t a controversial issue anywhere because MMORPGs already contain homosexual relationships everywhere.

            Also, it isn’t an American thing. Or even a Western thing. LGBT rights are a global thing. I know some people like to assume that people only have certain ideas because they’re from a certain culture, and thus globalizing them could just be imperialism. But people can and do think for themselves. And believe me, I attack Western culture just as much as Eastern culture. If I had a penny for every time someone on the internet called me a wannabe or an imperialist, I’d perhaps be a billionaire.

            But I have the, haha, significance of growing in a culture where individuality is a thing. And I judge things based upon individual morals, not what cultures they come from. It isn’t cultural imperialism and my upbringing when I judge all cultures equally as harshly. I get a bit tired of the whole “you can’t remark on other cultures because you’re just pressing your values on theirs” or “individualism is a Western concept, your values are Western, don’t push them onto others” or the reverse, “stop hating yourself and your country you wannabe”. I can criticize any country and culture I want to.

            Protecting human fairness is not imperialism.

            People in homophobic places aren’t going to care near enough to matter. This is a video game. A video game that you can be whatever gender you want.

          • Tien Ron

            Many countries will have people will the same feelings and thoughts of being able to marry. some people who cant marry in their country can escape to the internet this is a reason why it should be put it because while every country has different views, every individual has it’s view to on the matter those who don’t want don;t have to but those who do should have the choice and option to do so.

          • raymk

            I don’t have a problem with what you said down there, I was just pointing out things I actually agree’d with you.

          • Yvonne Tsang

             Except that it’s not SE’s job to create their game to what the world would consider is normative. In an ideal world, there should be as many Asian people (south Asian and east Asian) in the North American acting industry as there are black and white people, yet it hasn’t happened because while people surely would accept it, it takes time for creators to adjust their beliefs, just as with LGBT issues. SE’s just being very corporate about the issue, that’s all — meaning slow in the uptake.

            And of course there are still concerns about LGBT. If you think the world “should” be perfect to them in 2012, you’re seriously kidding yourself. Because LGBT is still a minor part of the population instead of a major part, they still get discriminated against, be it in the form of they never exist in a game or corporations just outright refuse to implement them. It’s not right, but it’s not unusual, either. Simply put, they’re not the first people that corporations think of when developing a game. It hasn’t yet gotten to the point where it’s 2012 and all corporations consider LGBT for their games. We’re far from it. In 2012, the YOUNGER generation believe it’s right to include LGBT for most countries, but we’re still transitioning from the previous generation (the current developers) to the next. Society takes time to adjust, and we haven’t taken over the corporate world yet. Give it a decade or two more, and LGBT may be a norm in games. It’s important to be patient about these things, and us gamers who tend to be on the younger side forget that the ones making the games are not the same as us.

            Just give it time. 2012 still isn’t ready and you kid yourself if you think the older generation of developers have completely accepted it as well.

          • Sergio Briceño

            Umm. I don’t think he meant other people having issues.

            No one is saying that being homophobic is the reason people might be against this. They said that not all countries have the same view towards sex same marriage as the USA.
            Take cultures or religions into consideration. Think of a muslim lesbian relationship for example, do you really think ANY muslim would approve?

        • But that’s the thing: By keeping same-sex unions a “hush-hush” issue just because the majority takes offense at the mention (which they have no reason to to begin with), it stays a “hush-hush” issue. The cycle will just continue like that unless the majority starts to open up and accept the minority.

        • CirnoLakes

          Homosexual relationships are already going to exist in the game anyway. A good portion of MMORPG players are crossplayers. Women who play male characters and men who play female characters.

          How about allowing people to care about something other than what people look like or what gender they were assigned dictate who they are allowed to marry in game? People are already doing it regardless of their “irl” gender or sex, so why does the gender of their avatars matter?

          It won’t affect me personally, because I prefer to play as a female character who dates men. But what about all of the people who don’t fit into that play-style.

      • CirnoLakes

        The problem with this is…

        Most people against same sex marriage are against homosexual relationships in general. And in game there is no way to know what gender or sex of the person is unless they reveal it to you. And even then it could be false. Thus people of the same sex will be having relationships all the time and not even know it.

        Some people are also squicked out by crossplaying and “gender impersonation” in MMORPGs sadly. I am not one of them. I take MMORPGs as an opportunity to not care what someone actually looks like. And while it may be hypocritical if I like their avatar. I find it at least preferable to make a bigger deal out of what their character looks like that what they look like in real life, something they have much less control over. I don’t really look for romantic relationships in online games or even in the internet in general. But if it happens, it happens. I’m a roleplayer so it would make sense that my character at least would have romantic curiosity and interest.

        I may be a bit unorthodox on my views. I’m a bit more of a gender skeptic of sorts than many transgender people, even. But I value the mind, even if I enjoy the body. And I personally have little attachment to my own gender or sex other than the fact I enjoy the fact that my organs function properly. And I only really see myself as the gender I do because other people see me as such. I don’t consider myself transgender or agender even(well, maybe close to agender, I don’t really know or care, maybe misogender), but being a guy is a somewhat boring experience for me. Thus why I prefer to be a girl in an online setting. I assume that it is the same for many others as well.

        To be honest, as a roleplayer. I largely just look at the character. I think that again, while it may be shallow to care how their character looks, I think it is less shallow than caring what they look like in real life. I honestly don’t really care what a person is in real life, and I think that MMORPG are a great tool for gender expression and presentation. I think that what gender and sex someone wants to be in an MMORPG says a lot more about them than what body they were born with and developed in real life. So that is what matters to me.

        The world would probably be a lot nicer if we could all just press a button and choose what we look like, like we do in MMORPGs. I feel a little shallow because I strongly prefer androgyny in real life. Even though becoming androgynous can be hard and it is just a body, not someone’s personality. But MMORPGs allow me to judge a person based upon something they have much more control over, their gender presentation in an MMORPG. And can get to know their personality more easily without the body they were born with getting in the way.

        I don’t understand all of the jokes some people make about “irl that “girl” is a hairy fatty ewww”. So? I’m not so shallow that I care. The body is a vessel for the mind. And don’t you fall in love with a person? Again, I feel a little shallow that I start to judge someone and how attracted I am to them before I know them and their avatar influences that. But I like that at least better than judging them by what their body is like in real life.

        I’ve never had a dating relationship in an MMORPG. But if I didn’t, I honestly don’t give a single care as to what gender or sex they are “irl”, and their personality, and avatar sadly, but mostly and most importantly personality, are what matters most to me.

        In any case, relationships in MMORPGs already violate the sensibilities of homophobes anyway. So there’s no point in limiting the lore and world to a heteronormative standard. And sorry for the rant about gender. Though needless to say it drives home the point that relationships in MMORPGs are already pretty queer. In fact there’s already no denying that MMORPGs are already an extremely LGBT affair, even without same-sex marriage.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Nice move that should hopefully be considered in their future games. I wonder if Btooom! had same sex marriage.

  • Sergio Briceño

    I don’t think it’s really an idea to take lightly since the game can be played by people from all around the world and with different cultures, etc.

    Some might even feel offended by the inclusion of same sex marriage.

    For once, SE has actually made a right choice, listening to players feedback.

    Naoki Yoshida is a “producer-cum”-director? Sounds like my dream job.

    • sd28

      i see what you did there

    • Tien Ron

      well it shouldn’t cause if people can marry orc’s and girls with cat ears and tails i really don’t see how marrying another person from the same gender is an issue and i cant help but think that there aren’t even thinking about lesbians but just gay MEN in general 

  • Blesmi

    I am all for this.

  • I like how interspecies is never an issue but same-sex always is. And I’m sure there are several aspects of FFXIV already that offends *some* kind of belief, yet SE have no problem with including those.

    I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that benchmark someday.

  • MrRobbyM

    I know it could mean a bad business decision but for geezus sake, we’re talking about Final Fantasy here. The series that makes the most feminine looking men.

    But seriously, they might as well include it. I have a hard time imagining anyone boycotting the game because it goes against something they believe in. Especially in an MMO that has no impact to their lives. I’m sure there are already tons of things to get offended by in the game already.

    Besides, as popular as FF is, I know it has tons of homosexual(or not) fans that would appreciate this, me included and allowing same-sex marriage will most likely bring lots of positive attention.

  • Go2hell66

    anything to get people to play their games

  • Chicks gunna be buyin this.

    • sd28

      finally there dream Yaoi pairings with cloud and tidus etc will be possible

  • Brandon001

    times are changin’, i think its a good thing tbh.

  • Live letter’s even get post it here. LOL.

  • Something else to consider is if having marriage be an option in a game like this is a worthwhile idea at all. 

    On the positive side, things like marriage and players being able to share houses/housing expenses encourage the idea of a close-knit group of friends, and that’s fantastic. On the other hand, the concept of “marriage” has implications beyond just perks and stat bonuses. 

    Let’s look at the bigger picture first. We live in an age where online dating is completely normal. It isn’t uncommon at all for Internet-savvy folk to meet like-minded people through Internet communities they frequent. A significant percentage of relationships today start out online before moving to the real world, and the line between “Internet friends” and “real-life friends” grows thinner by the day. 

    Now, there are also a lot of kids today who simply “grow up on the Internet”. This doesn’t mean they don’t have real-life friends or are social degenerates. Rather, they spend a significant amount of time online and can perhaps relate better to their online friends than to their real-life friends, owing to similar interests and frequent conversations. When you grow up with the net playing a significant role in your life, you tend to take to the idea of online relationships far more easily than your average person would. 

    So, the question in my mind is, does having an option specifically called “marriage” increase the risk of younger, more impressionable players—or even older, more impressionable players—getting the wrong idea on a sub-conscious level? What if someone’s marriage partner simply wants the perks that an FFXIV marriage avails, but over time, the idea of being “digitally married” and frequent encounters with the other person turns that into something more, and only one of the two feels that way? “Marriage” is a strong word, after all, and it implies a bond that goes beyond just a friendship, partnership or alliance.

    It isn’t the same as sharing a house with friends, because that implies a “friends that are family” scenario. Marriage is an intimate bond between two people, and I can’t help but wonder if calling the feature that is more likely to cause trouble down the line. Do they want players associating the emotional trauma of a “split” with the game?

    Again, online relationships begin and end everyday in games like these, but they’re still just girlfriend-boyfriend relations… nothing as “heavy” as an implied marriage. Is this a potential issue or am I just giving it too much thought?

    (Also, I understand that other MMOs, including FFXI, have marriage options, but my question is more whether launching a major online game in this era with a marriage option is a responsible idea.)

    • ArmoredBoar

      Lemme stop you for a minute and say “Ragnarok Online.”
      It’s not so much about online friendship than it is about the advantage of extra skills. Similar to its modern definition, it engages two people in a relationship that supports advantages in living and working together more than anything else. Many MMOs with wedding systems offer incredible 2-person party buffs that make multichar parties nearly obsolete, and it’s not even trust-reliant.

      • Right, and I understand that the perks that come from these player-links are significant. My question is more about the unintended (or intended?) side-effects on an emotional level.

        • I reckon the emotional weight of the concept of “marriage” is for each individual to sort out by themselves. Those who want to take it seriously are free to do so, and the same goes for those who are only there for augments to their escapism.

        • Tien Ron

          I think in a fantasy game it should have a different name 
          while the concept is still the same.
          i believe it’s a good step but afraid that people will get hurt or use it for wrong reasons.

    • Evan Groman

      As someone who belongs in teh group that “grew up on the Internet” by your definition, I’d like to stay that if we disregard the morality of it, from a marketing perspective if you’re making an MMORPG, the more extreme the relationships in it, the better. The players stay for the relationships, always. Gameplay is just not interesting enough to keep players there forever. You come for the game, and stay for the friends. Things like marriage and extreme blurs between reality and the game are just going to make sort-of-dedicated players into /really/ dedicated players, and that’s what they want.

      • Oh, of course. The ideal situation for any MMO is that it has a good amount of players who simply can’t stop playing because they’ve invested so much (emotionally and otherwise) into the game, and are willing to pay the monthly subscription fee. All MMOs are designed with this sole purpose in mind, so obviously we can’t begrudge Square Enix for this.

        I also think that it’s a good thing. The fact of the matter is that there are many socially awkward people out there, or people who can’t find solace in the real world, and for them, these games are a way to have a life that they otherwise can’t. That’ great, too.

        It’s just a question of the “marriage” part, specifically. Again, sharing houses sounds like a fantastic feature, but marriage is so much more intimate and influential. I’m sure they’ve thought about that, of course.

      • CirnoLakes

        “extreme blurs between reality and the game”
        Honestly, that itself is a form of gameplay. Something that MMORPGs should be trying to achieve and do better at.

        Having in game marriage is just one little step in making these virtual “second realities” actually seem like it by having more of the human condition involved. In many ways, the character depth and character development in jRPGs is light years ahead of the MMORPG. Unless you’re with a really good roleplaying party or guild. And even then it has no bearing on the gameplay other than social connections that allow dungeon crawling and other such easier. In jRPGs character development and characterization is deeply tied to the gameplay.

        This has been a problem with the genre in my opinion since the MUD branched off from the MUSH and became the MMORPG. There is simply too much focus on MUD based gameplay instead of MUSH based gameplay. If I were developing an MMORPG, I would focus more on graphical MUSH based gameplay than graphical MUD based gameplay. Sure, there would be great MUD gameplay abound, but I would focus on making it more of a graphical MUSH than the graphical MUD that most MMORPGs today are.

        So to me, this is just one tiny step forward in the right direction to me. And to be honest I’d like a lot more aspects like this brought in to improve the genre. And part of the staleness being that most MMORPGs don’t have any semblance of a family for most player characters. If I were at the helm of an online game, I wouldn’t just add player marriage, I’d add hundreds of thousands of things just like it and revolve gameplay around it.

        I guess if you were to translate it to mixing and matching different video games that already exist in an alchemy pot, my dream MMORPG would be Final Fantasy XI meets Chrono Cross, Minecraft, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing.

        To be honest, a lot of what keeps me from being truly addicted to MMORPGs as this. A lot of people say that MMORPGs are better than real life. And that’s true in some ways. But if I lived in a realm that there was little to do other than grind mobs all day, I think I would wish someone would make a video game. There is so much more engagement to the human condition than just fighting mobs that randomly respawn. It kind of saddens me that some people think that in game marriage is silly or even going too far. To me, it isn’t going nearly far enough. This is exactly, exactly the kind of content that MMORPGs need more of but typically don’t have because it doesn’t relate to dungeon crawling and the graphical MUD mindset.

        Graphical MUDs can only truly engage you for so long before you want to explore the less violent sides of life. And MMORPGs can be so much more than that.

    • CirnoLakes

      To make a realistic and engaging alternate realm, the realm much feel real and thus also have some of the negatives of real life.

      Some people get married in real life just because of the benefits of marriage. Some people marry just for the money sadly. Some people marry even just to get a Visa in another country. All of these problems that can exist in game can also exist in real life.

      I find with the risk also a much greater reward. It just isn’t realistic for an alternate realm to have all player characters in a status of “unmarried”. Worse yet, having most player characters having non canonical family, is a major disconnect and suspension of disbelief rending thing. Especially as most MMORPG races do not reproduce asexually.

      Though your mention of dating reminds me of something. Having a nice marriage event is one thing. But there out to be more content for those just dating in MMORPGs. Why isn’t there more things like dating events? There are events like Valentine’s Day all over the world. Japan has White Day. The dating culture around the world is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Why isn’t there hardly anything to event facilitate a dating culture in game? Why are friendships usually so limited to “that one person from the guild who helped me fight these mobs”?

      MMORPGs should have something like a white day event and not skip out on it. There should also be more friendly events to share with another person like restaurants and party games. Party games often mostly happen on holidays in MMORPGs. But it shouldn’t be limited to that. Honestly, no MMORPG should have less “side-quests” than a jRPG. We definitely need more dating content in MMORPGs, not just marriage content.

      • Why isn’t there hardly anything to event facilitate a dating culture in game? Why are friendships usually so limited to “that one person from the guild who helped me fight these mobs”?

        Sadly, I think the simple answer to this is that people on the Internet are jerks. So many people out there—even on news sites such as ours or on forums—can be very childish and give no thought to the fact that they’re interacting with or talking about other human beings. I can only imagine the amount of grief that would be caused by dating events in a game like this where people can feel safe hiding behind their anonymity.

        To make a realistic and engaging alternate realm, the realm much feel real and thus also have some of the negatives of real life.

        This part is interesting because, presumably, that’s exactly what they’re going for here. To make it feel more like a “fantasy life”. The thing is, I would much rather see a system that encourages people to take their relationships from the game and extend them into real life, where we must all eventually return. I don’t think in-game marriages are really helpful in  that regard.

    • Andar

      I would have to vote against any situation where the word marriage comes with particular in-game perks. I’m not completely against having some sort of option for ‘marriage’, but I do think that since MMOs generally avoid being too similar to real life in many other areas, they should maybe avoid getting too close in the field of social relations as well. I think the concept of guilds as groups of people who come together with a common set of interests in the game is a great implementation, and that further game-specific relations should start by taking a closer look at guilds as they have come to exist. Most popular MMOs have them (and many online games that are not MMORPGs are adopting similar ideas, such as clans), but the way they are used differs not only form game to game, but form group to group. Some guilds are formed with a focus on competitive play and run more like a business where personal interaction is kept at a minimum except to maximize every member’s performance within the game. Other guilds are formed to operate more like a family, where the focus is on helping each other out more than competing with those outside of the guild. The same thing is inevitably going to happen with any other relationships in a game (just as they do in real life). If you add marriages to a game, there will be marriages formed because people enjoy playing with each other, perhaps because they have a similar relationship in real life, but there will also be those that only exist as relationships of convenience.

      The real issue here, I think, is that marriage is a loaded word. For example, if two male characters ‘get married’, there will likely be a lot of people who act very harshly toward them because it is a ‘same-sex marriage’. But if two male characters enter into, say, a ‘trust pact’, or really a relationship by any other name, you take away the stigma of the word behind it, and it goes back to being what the players want it to be. If you had something like ‘Trust Pacts’ instead of ‘Marriage’, players could pair up for various reasons without other people trying to make them feel ashamed of it.

      • If you add marriages to a game, there will be marriages formed because people enjoy playing with each other, perhaps because they have a similar relationship in real life, but there will also be those that only exist as relationships of convenience.

        This is precisely the issue, in my opinion. Because the option exists, people will use it. And then, because of the preconceptions associated with marriage and its place in our society, it will be hard for a lot of people to dismiss it as simply “partnering up” with a character. I know it sounds paranoid, but it’s so very easy to grow attached to someone that shares the same interests as you.

        The real issue here, I think, is that marriage is a loaded word. For example, if two male characters ‘get married’, there will likely be a lot of people who act very harshly toward them because it is a ‘same-sex marriage’.

        Yeah, this is definitely going to be an issue, should they go through with same-sex marriages. Harassment is already such an issue on Xbox Live, so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see it carry over into a game like FFXIV. I mean, the Wii U was released just yesterday and the Nintendo administrators already have their hands full removing dick pictures and insulting comments from Miiverse. There’s going to need to be some very strict moderation in place should they go through with this.

        If you had something like ‘Trust Pacts’ instead of ‘Marriage’, players could pair up for various reasons without other people trying to make them feel ashamed of it.

        This is what I was originally getting at, too. Substituting “marriage” for another word that’s more platonic. Not just for homosexual players or straight players in relationships, but also regular players who just want to partner up with someone without the heaviness or commitment associated with “marriage” looming in the back of their minds.

  • Trotmeister

    Please keep real life BS out of my fantasy game. Thanks.

    • CirnoLakes

      I hope that by “real life bs” you mean “homophobic silliness” and not “any content that has to do with anything other than dungeon crawling and grinding mobs.

      Because, you know, grinding and fighting are definitely things that exist in real life. And war is perhaps the great bs of real life. Casting magic is fun, but it can only entertain for so long, and if you’re just fighting mobs all day with magic, it isn’t much more fun than flipping burgers.

      Grinding is definitely, in my opinion, among the greatest of real life bs.

      And one thing that tends to make fictional realms believable is engaging and believable characterization. Having a bunch of homeless vagrants with no family raid a world inhabited by NPCs with family isn’t very engaging and believable. Realistic is one thing. Believable and engaging is another. A world without any kind of marriage or relationship ceremony can be a lot less engaging.

      And it is a content that fans of fantasy games like me are dying for as an escape from all of the dungeon crawling and mob grinding.

      • Trotmeister

        That was passionate, well-written rant, but unfortunately it’s got little to do with the topic at hand. I believe you may be looking for an entirely different kind of game.

        • CirnoLakes

          Oh, how doesn’t it? Explain?

          Are you talking about homophobia or gameplay?

          “I believe you may be looking for an entirely different kind of game.”
          I’m looking for an MMORPG with good content. Not limited by the real life bs that is mob grinding.

          I want an MMORPG. I just don’t it to be bs without good content like this.

          And I don’t want people keeping good content out of the MMORPG for the sake of tradition and a lack of imagination and understanding. I want people to keep their bad non-content mob grind out of my fantasy game. Out of my MMORPG.

          Entirely different? Entirely different includes much improved, much better. So yes. I am interested in good online RPGs being developed that has a wealth of content that isn’t dependent on just dungeon crawling and mob grinding.

          Please stop messing with my fantasy game with real life grind bs. MY fantasy game is Final Fantasy Online, it has for many many years has in game marriages. I don’t know what your fantasy game is, but my fantasy game is Final Fantasy Online, and Final Fantasy Online has had gamer marriages.

          So if you don’t think MMORPGs shouldn’t have marriages, Final Fantasy Online is clearly not your fantasy game. Please do not bring your realistic grind bs into my fantasy game. I’m not playing a video game to flip burgers with swords and spells.

          The topic at hand is homosexuality. So please tell me what you were against was homophobia in RPGs, not relationships.

        • CirnoLakes

          “I believe you may be looking for an entirely different kind of game.”
          May I remind you that the genre is called MMORPG which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Not MMODC or Massively Multiplayer Online Dungeon Crawler. The point is to be a good role playing game. You play a role.

          And there isn’t “another type of game”, it the leading “online world” game, not just a dungeon crawler. MMORPGs are supposed to be a catch all type of content for multiple play styles. Dungeon crawling being only one form.

          They are meant to entertain you in the long term. There is nothing “real life bs” about marriage in comparison to mob grinding. And there is nothing that is “your fantasy” game being changed here, if you are opposed to game marriage and other forms of customization and characterization, considering that player marriage has always been a thing in Final Fantasy Online. If you take it out, you are changing MY fantasy game with YOUR bs.

          And please, tell me how what you have to say has more to do with the topic at hand.

  • imaguni

    It’s a shame to see that some are quick to dismiss the addition of same-sex marriages as nothing more than shallow fanservice, but it’s great to see game companies move towards broadening representation in general. Everyone likes being able to relate to what they watch, read or play in some way and moving towards including everyone’s reality in some way isn’t a bad thing.

    “But it’s just an MMO, it’s not real, it’s just fantasy!”

    Players have the ability to forge their own adventure as they see fit. Why not give players even more options in their story? It’s only fair to at least have the /option/ of same-sex marriage.

    • Tien Ron

      bouncing boobs is a major fan service why aren’t people ignoring that? and i totally agree with your statement it’s their story let them play it how they want to 

  • Akarnage

    I would honestly be a little ticked off if marriage makes it into the game and doesn’t allow same-sex ones. Not REALLY pissed off, it would just kind of bother me. If you’re gonna do something you might as well do it right.

    Kind of reminds me when I married Ao in Ragnarok Online. People flipped out. It was funny as hell.
    I’d like to say it’s a safe decision, but it’s not. Some people WILL flip out because that’s just the way the world is.So maybe having same-sex marraige it’s not the safe decision, but it’s the right one.

  • sd28

    looks like people playing can have a gay old time

    • pothier.adrien

      You reminded me of the Joker’s boner crime.
      Thank you for the laugh :)

  • CirnoLakes

    Good call Square Enix. Good call.

  • Everyone has to be satisfied, I guess… 

    I’ll bet one straight guy with male avatar might end up marrying a gay guy with a female avatar. That won’t turn out well. 

    As a matter of fact this reminds me of a scene in the first episode of SAO… 

    • Tien Ron


  • Jesus told me he does not approve

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Good for him.

    • Buddha taught me not to get worked up over other people’s orientations – among other things.

    • Zeik56

      Big Jesus or Lil’ Jesus?

      Honestly, I’m not sure why you’re listening to the Mordino crime family anyway.

    • MrRobbyM

      My cat said “I AM GOD”.

      It’s okay, Mr. Whiskers. I believe you.

      • You say that as if cats aren’t gods already. Just look at their dominion over the Internet.

        • Nyandroid

          Don’t forget about Bastet and the Egyptians.

          • And how they got their own mummy status and burial spots in tombs.

        • MrRobbyM

          Not my cats. I sort of treat them like my minions. Minions that kill any roaches and rodents for treats.

          • [Shrug] Kinda like cats in Burma belonging to middle- and low-class households, I guess.

    • Sheimi12

      Lawdy Jesus says to me love thy neighbor! Well Unless they are one of them immoral homasecksuals or devil worshiping atheists and don’t even get me staaarted with them Muslims!

      Forgive me for the poor attempt at a stereotypical ultra south accent 

      • MrRobbyM

        I like when they say “devil worshiping athiests”. That doesn’t even make sense lol.

        • raymk

          Well it makes sense coming from their view I guess, because if the catholics believe in the devil that means they no the devil is with them.

          • MrRobbyM

            Yeah, I guess. The keyword is “worshiping” that makes it so dumb. Because there’s anything that athiests don’t do, it’s worship anything.

          • raymk

            Pretty much.

    • No, that’s what the Catholic church said and keeps saying, and it’s thus their interpretation of his words and actions. Not what Jesus would actually do.

      But, to each their own. I respect your opinion, even tho I vehemently disagree with it. I don’t personally think there’s any feasible argument that would help support discriminatory attitudes towards anyone.

      • I pretty sure he was just making a joke.

        • I swear there needs to be an “I’m joking” font Dx (if this is a joke…) And an “I’m being sarcastic” font

        • PersonaBull

           I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a joke that needed to be made.

        • Well, if that was the case then I’d like to humbly apologize, as I was not able to tell whether that was serious or not. If he was being serious, then I guess there’s no need to take back what I said.

      • Incognito

        “I don’t personally think there’s any feasible argument that would help support discriminatory attitudes towards anyone.”

        Really? So you have no argument for discrimination towards murderers, or people who are cruel to animals? And why is it not feasible? Because it’s not your specific feeling on the subject? Just plain ignorant. And the fact that an ignorant person like “LovelyNothingsRain” and 5 more liked that just shows how sad it is when people just jump on a bandwagon of which side is “right”.

        • See? Instead of trying to counter my argument with feasible and plausible arguments, you’re doing the following:

          a) Insulting me (which instantly kills any other good arguments you may have)

          b) taking my words out of context and just running wild with them.

          If you ever decide to actually answer me back without doing any of the things I posted above, then I’ll gladly engage in a mature discussion with you about this. Until that happens, I’m guessing I just can’t give your post any serious consideration.

        • I don’t speak for anybody else but myself: I don’t support discrimination and mob behavior towards anybody, period. If a person did something wrong, what I want is for the perpetrator to make amends and learn not to repeat the same mistake; not for the majority to gang up on them and never let them live out their mistakes. The former is a solution; the latter is close-mindedness.

          Just to be clear, I’m not interested in a debate with you; not unless you adopt a more tactful and mannered approach. I only said what I wanted to regarding the core point of your comment.

    • JazzWithAttitude

      That’s why i am not Catholic.

    • *sigh*Being a Catholic myself when I see people write/say stuff like this I cringe. Jesus would want us to live in peace with each other not discriminate.

    • Tien Ron

      then the Jesus you’re hearing isn’t a very loving person then is he.

  • Budgiecat

    And so it begins…

    • MrRobbyM

      The Mayans were right.

      *runs away*

  • Diego Prieto

    Well, it’s Square Enix we are talking about, they have to screw something up.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      And this has to do with the subject how?

    • If they decided otherwise, this instance would be criticized in hindsight as a narrow-minded move, which can’t be good for their already-shaky reputation. So I’d rather consider this decision beneficial to them, as well as a significant part of the userbase, in the long run.

      • Diego Prieto

        But why would they even care about this stuff in the first place? in their position I’d be worried 24/7 about fine tuning the core game instead of adding an option for dudes to put their weenines inside other dudes.

        • They already care enough about an optional feature like marriage to actually implement it; it’s only fair to cover all the bases. This is what it means to be non-exclusionary.

          And I’m quite certain SE can improve core and peripheral elements at the same time; they’re not mutually exclusive to each other.

        • Zeik56

           You realize this is about gay marriage and not gay sex, right? Otherwise your idea of a marriage ceremony is seriously messed up.

      • MrRobbyM

        Good point. If their reputation wasn’t already, well, in the air recently, this would have probably already been possible. Which I’m sure it will be sometime soon, but I don’t blame SE for giving it some extensive thought.

  • LexKitteh

    I play this game with my real-life boyfriend, and would love to have the option to be married in-game too! Not a deal-breaker for me, I understand there are many people around the world opposed to the idea, but if its a feature available to all players, of course I’d like to take part, especially if there are in-game bonuses. :D

  • Lima99

    I guess since you can’t really put “Gay people” in %s, they don’t realize the huge LGBT fanbase their games have. Not to mention FF14 specifically, where a majority of gay males are playing.

  • Welcome to the 21st Century, Square-Enix!

    I won’t be playing this game, since I have little interesting in MMORPG’s. But as a psychologist who’s been doing some research over the years on stereotyping and prejudice, it’s nice to see how, little by little, we’re tearing apart some myths and tribulations regarding anyone or any social groups that do something that’s considered “different” from the norm. We could easily be dismissing this as “a new feature that won’t have much of an impact”, but…let this sink in for a little while. This could be both a sign of times and mentalities changing, and a way to leave others to simply ask…”Why”. Why do we hate anyone that doesn’t do what we should expect them to? Why is being different…bad?

    As a person, and as a citizen, as a living, breathing human being on the 21st century, I’m proud. I know lots of people who suffer a whole lot simply because they’re “different”. It’s not fair for them. I do what I can to support their causes and ideas, and I’m definitely happy with this.

    Small as it may seem, it means a great deal for some. I hope they decide to go for it.

    • MrRobbyM

      Well, that goes without saying. I mean, look at North America. Gay marriage is becoming more and more acceptable and will only continue to be more accepted in the future. In a few generations we’ll look back at this time and say “remember that time homosexuals couldn’t get married?” and laugh.

      • raymk

        Well with the state the economy is still in right now most of us probably won’t be laughing at anything and it’ll most likely be our children that’ll have to do that for us.  Of course it effects them as well but eh…I don’t know to me it just seems like all of this stuff is just fluff until we are back out of this bad economy.

      •  Hopefully. But you know what’s funny….many, many years ago, the Catholic Church actually celebrated gay marriages. It was common and accepted. It’s…”weird”. History sure took some wrong turns by pushing human beings into hating each other like they do ;)

    • I agree. We could technically be indifferent to a “peripheral” feature like this… but then the (current and certainly not flawless) status quo won’t shift – or at least, as quickly as it could be.

      •  Every step counts. Trust me. Back then, it was unthinkable to even add such a feature. Nowadays, it’s becoming more common for people to gang up on anyone who’s just being disrespectul towards a minority than the other way around, as it happened before.

  • JazzWithAttitude

    I say yes, i am not gay but i heartly hate homophobia.
    Some MMO out there have gay marriage like Lineage II, so i don’t think they gonna have problems with this.

  • Tien Ron

    i believe if there an option for humans and animals  get the right  MARRY each other, same sex marriage is not a big deal.

    • CirnoLakes

      I don’t know that any of the playable races count as “animals”. They’re pretty well another MMORPGs with a unique take on the Dungeons and Dragons race lore that has inspired many wRPGs since the 70s.

      The largest exception being the Mithra/Miqote. The Lalafell are a standard halfling race. Then there are humans, elves(simply called Elezen, here), and the Roegadyn are reminiscent of Half-Orcs. There really isn’t anything less human than the typical playable races in Dungeons and Dragons. In fact the only difference in races thus far is that instead of Gnomes and Dwarves, we get the Mithra/Miqote and maybe the Viera in the future.

      That being said, same sex marriage is awesome.

      • Tien Ron

        sorry maybe animal was the wrong term, anything other than human then maybe more better, if we can marry different species then surely marring the same sex isnt that big of a deal 

  • Monsley

    This is something that should have been there from the start, but I’m glad they’re at least thinking about it.
    It is still more than what my country is doing in real life anyway.

    • Tien Ron

      in honestly it shouldn’t have been mention, they should have just put it in 

      • Monsley

        I agree with you, especially because SE shouldn’t be the first to make such a big issue out of it. However, knowing that they’re at least considering the idea makes me hope for the best.

  • Lima99

    If you read the wording of their other answers, they seem to be focusing on the “Japanese” aspect of the things they add. I don’t know that much about Homosexuality in Japan, but would it really hurt the game if they added this?

    I mean, at this point the people who are playing this game are fans of the series. How could they possibly alienate people by adding this? If anything, they alienate their gay fans by simply referring to them as a “possible discussion”.

    But hey, I guess it’s ok to have flamboyant male NPCs because they are funny, and have scantly-clad female strippers in a bar in Ul’dah (a town in-game), with references to taking them home for money, because it’s manly right?

    As a player of the game I’m quite frustrated by this, as when they added the “Colisseum gear pieces”, which are incredibly distasteful and what you would describe as “fan service” they got strong mixed reactions about taking this route with the style of the game. The guy also emphasizes breast sizes and “bouncing” actions of said breasts. And yet gay-marriage is the issue to discuss?

    Again, this is my North American perspective so I’m not sure if this is “ok” and “not ok” in Japan. But with them aiming at an international fanbase, it kills me that so many of these decisions don’t even take us into account.

    • Zeik56

       While it is a shame that this is an issue that needs to be “discussed” rather than just put in the game, I think you’re being idealistic, if not naive. Even from a North American perspective you should know this is still a pretty controversial issue, and unfortunately it is something that has be “discussed” before being put in a game, because there could be backlash from certain people. I’d be very surprised if it was any notable part of this game’s community though, so ultimately I don’t think there’s a reason for them not to put it in.

      As far as Japan itself goes, I’m not expert on the issue, but as far as I’m aware fan-servicey stuff like that is more “accepted” than homosexuality. In the sense that fan-service is pretty common while homosexuality is not an issue that is discussed much at all.

      • Lima99

        How is it naive or idealistic when games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age have same sex relationships, Xbox Live has gone to great measures to ensure a correct display of “homosexuality” is allowed to be displayed. All of these games/services being big titles that don’t even have to discuss whether this is added/removed as seen in how the sequels keep adding onto this “feature”. Skyrim, Star Wars MMO also alow same-sex pairing and other games from a “North American perspective” have evolved on this as well. I think that we are at a point where it’s no longer “wishful thinking” that someone out there will put out a game that allows for homosexual characters/pairing.

        • Zeik56

           And none of those games have gotten by without controversy because of it. (I quite clearly remember the controversies with both Mass Effect and The Old Republic.) I don’t think the controversy was something that actually had a notable impact on those games, but it was definitely more than just another feature in the game.

          Like I said, I don’t think there’s good reason to not include the option, but whether they want that kind of press is something they have to consider when including an option like that. North America is getting progressively more accepting of the issue, but it’s still not a simple as “just include it because Americans are okay with it”.

          • Tien Ron

            if they get all the better. there making the game for people and people’s ideas matter considering japan hardly has a religion it shouldn’t be that much of an issue BUT in saying that japan hardly talks about the whole same sex thing so….
            then again we have the really popular jojo manga anime and game and like if that donst scream camp i dont know what will lets not forget card captor saukra had gay written all over that show and look! it was a big success in japan 

    • Maria D J Mejia

      actually, many japanese people have an entire “yaoi/yuuri” section in their manga bookstores. Its VERY popular, and mostly bought for use as paper-back pornography (because porn is illegal in japan, so making a fictional sex scene is ‘okay’). Adding same sex marriage is totally alright, and may even add more players to the market, but because same-sex relationships are often viewed as pornographic, this game would only be sold to adults.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    The only thing close to homosexuality Square has ever done is that date between Cloud and Barret in FF7 and the former was not disatisfied with dating the latter rather than Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, etc.

    I think Persona 2 was one of the first RPG games to feature a homosexual character but the North American version didn’t take it pretty well. Persona 4 had Kanji and his sexuality insecurity and there were lots of reactions “Kanji is a man!”, “Atlus is doing bad by leaving that up to the player”, “I wanna date Kanji in the PS Vita port”, “North Americans are not used to this” etc.

    • Lima99

      Idk, the whole Kingdom Hearts series is pretty homosexual

      • pothier.adrien

        Can’t tell if sincere or trolling.
        Either way I’m fine with it, even though I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan x)

        • Lima99

          I’m sincere, I know that “friendship” is the theme they tend to rely on but some of the “frienships” do have subtle references to more than just friendship as I’m sure you have noticed. 

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            Bromance is different from romance and Japanese media tend to have lots of bromances. I haven’t ever seen any “reference” but maybe it’s like one of those Dissidia that’s what she said videos where they grab things out of context for cheap humors like Cecil wishing to “cross weapons”, Jecht checking Cloud’s sword, etc.

          • Zeik56

             Yeah, I’ve always thought those who legitimately see a homosexual subtext to the Kingdom Hearts games are reading too much into it. Most of it is just the result of modern western societal views. In America you’re not allowed to be that close to another guy without being gay, but many places are a lot more open about how close friends can be.

          • Tien Ron

            @Zeik56:disqus  this is why i hate western views on bromance it’s just not innocent without straight guys thinking your trying to hit on them, and it should never be like that kingdom hearts is camp but i think it’s friendship is beautiful and very innocent and actually very un-corrupted 

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            @twitter-124360515:disqus It has happened to friends of mine that they are criticized for hugging friends from their own genre. Sometimes it’s just homophobia. In Metal Gear Solid 2 they introduced an androgynous male character named Raiden who often talks with his girlfriend about their relationship and future and he has been the target insults using homophobic expressions. The same tends to happens with every male character in fiction who is bit sensitive to violent things like deaths (Shinji Ikari) 

      • Tien Ron

        HAHAHAHAHA that made my day, but i love kingdom hearts their acts of friendship is wonderful

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

         Hey now! Thems fightin words.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Kingdom Hearts is my series, man… but that did get a laugh outta me.

    • Monsley

      There are hints that suggest Fang from FFXIII might be gay (or possibly bisexual), too. Sadly, there’s not enough evidence to state this as a certainty.

  • juma086

    why not? the sims has only been doing it since forever.

    • MrRobbyM

      And look at the success of that.

  • Not to be a dick or anything but I’m sure you can tell by judging by their response that they really didn’t want to take any stance on the matter yet as it could possibly be a hot topic among people and scare away people from the game. So I’m not sure if this is really helping with the title of this article. I mean there was a whole lot that went on in the video, I’m sure we could of focused on any other thing besides this.

    Edit: Also judging by the amount comments about this, you can already tell its heated topic.

    • Tien Ron

      i hardly know any gamer’s that cower away from the gay topic.
      because the hardcore ones simple dont care

      • Well its not just simply the topic that scares people away but the people who feel strongly towards either side. I think my problem is with the article’s emphasis on the topic. But iunno, I just figured that because it was the main point on the article it puts more focus for SE to think more about this than other aspects of the game.

        • Tien Ron

          i understand but but again square is only looking at once side all through that interview question and answer they talked about friendship and partying together and the individual but when it came to marriage they didn;t think about the people who are LGBT which i think is seriously wrong because i know there are quiet a few members in SQ that actually are Bi and gay it’s an MMORPG so it’s a game what should it matter for anyone outside or even those in the game when it shouldn’t even be a highlight. should just be an option for those who want it. they never consider that some of those characters who are female are actually male in real life or vice versa so what does that say?

  • revenent hell

    I actually just bought the Dragon Age games simply because they allow same sex romances..I think thats so cool of them so I kind of wanted to support that by getting the games,well I think I would almost buy any game that allows that. I wish more game companies would do it. I myself am not gay but I love the idea of being able to choose who I can marry/romance without gender restricting that.
    This is not the “old” days and I think in games it should reflect that.

  • Randy Marsh

    Finally, my dream of marrying another male roegadyn will come true. 

  • KingGunblader

    As an openly gay guy who also happens to be a big Final Fantasy fan… It doesn’t really bother me either way. I tend to avoid romantic relationships in games… except for Social Links of course.

  • CirnoLakes

    To all of the people who think that an MMORPG shouldn’t have marriage period that may be out there. Instead of just same-sex marriage.

    Let’s look at the term MMORPG. MMO stands for massively multiplayer online. Massively is arguable but the general qualifier is some term of many, a least 100 or more players. It must be online capable and it must be capable of some great deal of players larger than 100 or so. And RPG, role playing game. It is a massively multiplayer, online role playing game.

    It is hard to find many officially recognized sources for a definition of what a role playing game is. Considering it is a pop culture term. And a newer sub culture term. But here is one I have found.

    “Definition: At its most basic definition, a role-playing game
    (often shortened to “RPG”) is a game that lets you take on the role of a
    character (or characters) in a fictional setting.”

    Thus, at its utmost core, even more than Dungeons and Dragons inspired stats, role playing games are about playing a role. And characterization and character development are of utmost importance in the genre. As is, of course, playing a role. Whether it is a sandbox game focused on personal self expression, or a narrative focused game where you play out a pre-rendered narrative. It is about the playing in many ways, becoming the character. Living out the life of the character.

    And in an sandbox game like the MMORPG, where you aren’t stuck in a linear narrative, any content that makes the world more interesting, and allows you to better express yourself, improves the game.

    Having a relationship status that can be not only canonical, but varied, is a form of content.

    Also, marriage(and deep relationships, romance, ect.), in MY fantasy game? It’s more likely than you think.

    Yeah, I am pretty sure the entertainment, self expression, and role one is supposed to play in every role playing game, isn’t only limited to grinding mobs. Marriage is a tool of role playing. Fighting is every bit as much “real life bs” as marriage, if not worse.

    May I also remind that MMORPGs aren’t only for one type of audience such as dungeon crawlers, but all role players. And hopefully, everyone possible. MMORPGs aim to be the prominent online gameplay and achieve an engaging alternate world on the internet. And hopefully have as many people playing and paying as possible. That isn’t going to be achieved with dungeon crawling content alone, as for many people, dungeon crawling can only keep them entertained for so long.

    And to have realism, not boring things, not the duldrums of real life, but realism, in a fantasy context, is not a negative thing. Other Final Fantasy games were interesting because they had vibrant worlds with vibrant and interesting characters. Not because they had an interesting combat system and interesting dungeons to crawl and mobs to fight. Those things helped, but they were only tools for a larger picture. There were dungeons and magic and fighting, but there was also love and romance, family and friends, politics and a complicated understanding of good, evil, and forces fighting against each other.

    And if MMORPGs don’t have these things, they will never have the vibrancy and engagement of these other games. These other RPGs. Never hold back the MMORPG and force stagnation based off of a faulty definition and understanding of the genre. MMORPGs should be good roleplaying games, and marriage is exactly the kind of content this helps facilitate.

    • imaguni

       I just wanted to say that I’m glad to see your replies throughout this article, you provide lots of insight and I totally agree with you!

    • MrRobbyM

      *slow clap*

  • darkfox1

    I’m all for Yuri the more girls the better but yeah everyone go head and do your thing what ever you prefer. 

  • well, it’s about time lol

  • Nitraion

    Okay??? Well its not like you know that person real gender…..
    it could be Boy using girl avatar…. or girl using boy avatar am I right? ._.

    • unless you do know the person.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Here is an idea for SE: Make same sex marriage “legal” in some zones only ;) Just like it’s in the real world and everybody will be happy.Gotta love democracy.

  • Hinataharem

    Random MMO player: “You sayin’ I like dudes?”

    Square: “Do you wanna?”

    RMP: “………..yes, thank you.”

  • Settsuo

    Marriage, hah. Harem, i’m listening….

  • Robert Leonardi

    hmm same sex marriage…  which may mean more yuri…. yesh, i liek it… Bring on the endless yuri! *Q*

  • Solomon_Kano

    What matters to me is if they ever actually implement it. It’s not a feature I’d use, but I like seeing things like this.

    Yea, yea, games aren’t real life but games are made by real people. Seeing things like this speaks to a shift in the people making these games and people in general. I mean, people who make games are simply people of a different job class (Gadgeteer?), after all, so they’re not so removed from the rest of us.

    It’s not the biggest deal, no, but a small change is still a change. A little rain on a boulder doesn’t mean much at first, but over the years that one boulder becomes many pebbles. A coarse analogy, but the idea is that big problems become smaller as we change things over time.

    Well, now that we’re on the road to women with women and men with men, can we do something about how women alone are presented? That’s next up on the list.

    • Robert Leonardi

      yeah, but sometimes games can become a reality, i have a friend who married a woman in FFXI, and they got to know each other over time, and eventually married irl and blessed with healthy baby boy and girl =P

      • Solomon_Kano

        That’s pretty crazy. For all the bad press gamers get, it’s stuff like that that I love to hear. You don’t hear about stuff like that in the mainstream media, no, we’re represented by little Johnny Murder who played violent shooters all day, but then there are also beautiful things like that that nobody talks about. That’s pretty awesome for your friend!

        • Robert Leonardi

          yep XD, and the best thing about my friend’s love story ? turns out they are neighbors and worked in the same company, goes to show that even games can also be filled with romance and life changing moments =3, instead of the gore and violence that the media focuses in

          • Solomon_Kano

            Wow. That’s unbelievably cool for your friend. I really do wish media would let stories like that get a moment in the sun. Ah well, that’s what we have our gaming sites for, I suppose.

    • MrRobbyM

      That’s sadly something I don’t ever see changing because so many still embrace it. I do see i slowly becoming better though.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, that one’s got a long way to go. Still, rather some change than none.

    • raymk

      With man in power how woman are represented in games will likely never change. That is to say that gaming will most likely be dead in 10 years because of how the industry is as a whole before it could happen.  I guess gaming on cell phones will survive along with pc gaming but most of the causal gamers won’t be interested in either really.

  • Callonia

    Marrying a Viera? I think I will consider playing this game now. That’s if i can and if they do put vieras in XD

  • Foofin Around

    You know what?  This kinda made my night.  If they go through with it, that would be so cool. (^_^)

    To be honest: I probably won’t be playing FF14… or at least not anytime soon.  The reason that I’m excited about this news is because I just recently came out to a few of my friends in real life.  So this is a topic that is really close to me.  Why it’s considered an issue in this day and age, I can’t imagine.  But it’s the small steps like these that will slowly help the LGBTQIAP community gain more acceptance and respect in our society.

    Square Enix, if you’re reading this (a guy can hope), please incorporate this feature.  It would mean a lot to so many people if you would.  Sure it would start some controversy, but your choice to support equal rights would also be a choice that many consumers would respect.  I’m a loyal fan, and I would personally love it if you put same-sex marriage into FF14.  :)

    • MrRobbyM

      Oh, you’re a guy? I didn’t know. Well, not that I know the genders of everyone on the site. I kinda just guess everyone is a girl. Ahem.

      Maybe we can get gay married in FF14. Lol.

      • Foofin Around

        Yeah, I’m reading through the comments on this page, and I had no idea with some of our users!  I guess it just never crossed my mind how many others were on this site that either identified with a different orientation or were okay with it.  It’s so cool and uplifting! :D

        You know what?  If I ever get the game (and if they implement it), you’ve got the first date. xD

    • Solomon_Kano

      This is such a nice comment, but I couldn’t help but lol at that string of letters. I really don’t keep up, last I heard they were just the LGBT with Q being iffy, so seeing LGBTQIAP kinda cracked me up. Even more when I tried to figure out what IAP stood for and couldn’t shake countries and foods (India-America-Peru and I-ate-pizza, respectively) lol.

      That’s seriously great though man. Stuff like that takes courage, so good for you. 

      • Foofin Around

        There are several different sexual orientations, and then there are even several different gender identities.  Even I have a hard time keeping up with all of them, and I really try to keep myself educated on the community I identify with.  The string of letters is a little long, but leaving any of them out would be leaving out a part of the community.  I can’t knowingly leave out a part of the community, even if it’s only for a post on a website.

        As to what “IAP” means… Well, I can mean different things to different people.  I’m not really sure myself, but I think Intersex is what I means.  A = Asexual and P = Pansexual.  And I’m sure that there are a few I’m still missing.  Our feelings are pretty complex, so it’s pretty hard to get clear definitions for some of them.  Sometimes you just “feel” something, and there’s really no term for it. (^_^)

        And thank you!  Yeah, it was definitely the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done…. but it was worth it.  I’ve just had so much more confidence in myself as a person since coming out to those few people.  It really means a lot to me that others can be so accepting, whether it be in real life or on Siliconera.  So truly, thank you.  Every kind word or bit of suport means the world to me. (^_^)

        • Solomon_Kano

          That’s interesting. Seems like there’s new terms coming up all the time.

          And you’re very welcome. Internet or no, I enjoy hearing stories like that from people. Discrimination is something I speak against so it, uh, speaks to me to hear stories that take courage like that with all the discrimination that person could potentially face. For as much as it’s getting better, things aren’t the best, so stuff like that is big to me.

        • revenent hell

          Im not being nitpicky but im not realy sure how asexual would fit in there,with the whole LGBTQIAP thing, most folks define me this way ,though id kind of agree, my mother included, since its a complate lack of sexual interest in any gender…Does it have a new meaning now a days?
          One never knows words get used and changed as the ages go on.

          • revenent hell

            Edit:Otherwise im now in a minority so I plan to cry hate crime when people piss me of<–some what jokeing

            my edit became a new post :(

          • Foofin Around

            From what I understand, Asexuality currently refers to the lack of sexual interest.

            The reason it is included in the group is because it is considered an orientation all its own.  As PersonaBull stated in his comment, many of the different sexual orientations and gender identities get pushed onto the sidelines while homosexuality gets the spotlight (whether it be good or bad).  

            I personally refuse to allow myself to ignore those different orientations and identities.  Everyone that identifies under any of them deserves the same rights as anyone else, so I feel that they deserve the same recognition and attention (positive, of course)…. So I guess I included it because I’m trying to make sure that I do my part to help us stick together as a minority community.  I apologize if it seemed odd or anything in my doing that. (^_^)

          • revenent hell

            Oh dont apologize! I was just curious as to why it was included amongst the others.
            Personally im not big on grouping people in to catagories…I suppose its just because I never realy think of people as belonging in a catagory to begin with…….and I dont realy think thats a bad thing :D
            I kinda hope in time people wont have to have catagories to define them ah im rambling

          • Foofin Around

            Oh, I’m not really all that big on categories either.  It just that I was referring to the general group and how it is commonly classed together.  I wish for nothing more than a day when everyone can just be his or her (or whatever else a person identifies as) own person.

            And you’re fine!  I honestly don’t mind the “rambling.”  I think that it’s providing points for discussion more than anything.  (^_^)

  • Elvick

    You should always allow the choice. If people don’t want gay marriage in a game, they can just not get gay married. Since allowing an option, doesn’t force it on you.

    Not allowing an option forces people not to have it though. Just to please people who can’t let others have things.

    Play nice folks. Let me marry some chick in FFXIV if I want to, because I will pick a female character. They’re always more appealing in design. And if you don’t want to, don’t.

    It’s like how people who think marriage in MMOs is stupid, can just… not get married in an MMO. If they removed the feature to make those who think it shouldn’t be there at all happy, then they’d be forcing people out of it.

    Options are the way to go.

  • lovely. i love it when i have the option to carry out relationships in mmo’s as i would in real life. i mean, my boyfriend shouldnt HAVE to make a female character for us to be able to get married…hint hint MAPLESTORY hint hint.

  • Wiccan1109

    Going to have to think of a way to convince one of my straight friends to gay marry me if they go through with this. Maybe if i level cooking high enough….

    Its really nice to see this though. When i was a kid, i just started playing FFXI and i wasnt really used to the internet, so i was a pretty open book. I never shouted my orientation from the rooftops but i dont lie if asked, and there were situations where conversations or things i did in the game inadvertantly ‘outed’ me. I was met with a fair share of nasty comments, people saying some really violent stuff through tells etc.

    This was a really long time ago, but that was generally the reaction i got from the game. When i found out they had a marriage option that excluded my orientation, i remember a part of me feeling like i was different. I had enough of that from real life and didnt really need it from a video game either. I was pleased to see a LOT of people on lodestone supporting this, much more mature and open minded than 9 years ago. It makes me feel better that a kid who picks up this game now wont have to deal with as much of the same crap as i did back in the day.

    This is sort of where the game developers and community meet eachother halfway in making the world a more accepting place.

  • Bloodios

    Wouldn’t it be better just to implement the feature in the game without saying anything? Talking about it like this is, in my opinion, like asking the “haters” to target them. That aside, I always thought that the reason for the hostility towards homosexual individuals is because as human, we know that same sex relationships do not produce any offspring and if we were to encourage it, human kind might eventually face the risk of extinction. But seriously, nowadays, when our kind is already becoming too populated, why the heck should there even be any form of hostility towards homosexual individuals left anymore?

  • Göran Isacson

    It is goshdarn heartening to see so many in this thread support this option. I too do hope that Square-Enix will go ahead with this decision, and that their fans will give their go-ahead as well. If gamers on the internet actually come out in support  of homosexual marriage, when they have such a bad reputation for being homophobic and whatnot, well… I for one would shed a single crystalline tear of happiness.

    Also yes to reptile people being included as a playable race. Simply because I dig reptile people.

  • PersonaBull

     As a bisexual man, I’m quite happy to see the term “same-sex marriage” used instead of “gay marriage.” All too often the B & T get left out of that cute little LGBT, and that’s one of the ways that tend to push bisexuals to the sidelines.

    That said, I’m also quite happy to see the possibility in such a widespread, mainstream game finally appear. I can understand their trepidation towards launching right into the possibility, considering I’m not fully “out of the closet” myself (only friends know, no family/coworkers). I understand the fears behind making such a move when I still hear friends (that don’t know I’m bi, of course) dropping homophobic slurs in everyday language and, to the point, while playing any video game. There is a tremendous amount of subconscious homophobia in the gaming world, and it’s certainly not just from the “dudebros playin’ CoD!” In the end, I hope SE can muster up the courage to go for it, especially considering how besides the fact it already is that (as I saw mentioned before) a vast amount of players choose the opposite sex to play as to begin with.

    I also want to note, since I saw in this string of comments, that the misogynistic excitement behind “yay more yuri for me” is a disgusting after-effect I’m disappointed to see. Women are not your sexual toys, and this is not X-mas for you. There was nothing about sex mentioned in the first place. From what I understand, this is a way to forge a close partnership with another player and possibly gain additional in-game benefits(speculated).

    • CirnoLakes

      I came out to my dad as bisexual just about a year back.

      He told me “I hope not” and his whole body started shaking. He seemed empty inside. Or at least very, very depressed. He still does not accept me for who I am. And for the most part likes to pretend the revelation never happened. And any reminder is met with extreme frustration and sadness for him.

      It wasn’t the most fun of events and some people argue as someone bi I should just date the opposite sex and never come out to begin with. But I’m not going to compromise the men I am attracted to for societies’ standards or even my parents.

      And to be honest, I started becoming less worried about that and more proud of my bisexuality with my time on the internet to explore it and the revelation that my dad does not approve of race mixing, especially of me race mixing. My dad even told me that if I ever had to race mix, it would be better if I date an Asian woman than a black woman. Thus not only would my father not only not approve of me dating a man, he would vastly not approve of me dating a black woman.

      In fact the only way for me to please him would be me dating a heterosexual, painfully normal, white Christian protestant middle class woman. Needless to say I became fairly uninterested in his approval of who I am attracted to and who I date a long time ago.

  • Pichi

    I thought Bangaa would be that beastman/reptilian type to go for. Unless they are already in, they would make a good fit.

  • Why does still have to be an issue? Dragon Age… Mass Effect… etc etc all have this function. (Although it isn’t marriage, per se, it’s still relationships)

    I really hope it gets approved because… this just shouldn’t be… ugh… I wonder how much longer until all of this same-sex stuff is legal and not even cared about.
    Then again, we still have racists even though we have race equality. And sexists…

    The world is not a very accepting place, so at least let the virtual world be.

  • Levin_Scorpius

    As much as I am late to the most fabulous party here, I’m still chiming in here to say the I am overjoyed that they are open to same sex marriage. This kind of progress makes me more proud of who I am, and Square should wholeheartedly endorse this regardless of whatever some bigoted idiots would throw a little tantrum about.

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