Virtual On Marz Dashing Onto PlayStation 3 In Spring 2013

By Spencer . November 20, 2012 . 1:43am

Sega will re-release Virtual On Marz as a PS2 Classic in Japan. Yamashita (Nobuyuki Yamashita?) announced the news on the Virtual On blog and said the game will be compatible with the Twin Stick 3 controller Hori is making for Virtual On Cyber Troopers.


marz image


Virtual On Marz is scheduled to come out in spring 2013.

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  • Ewwww. While I’m all for Virtual On love,  Marz really feels like such a terrible iteration once you’ve spent time on the majesty of Oratorio Tangram. Plus while I could simply be remembering incorrectly, it felt like Marz was a particularly. . . not so great version, of Force.

    Awesome for peeps who only have a PS3 and love Virtual On, but those of you with a 360 should just import Force instead. It’s region free, and the way better product! D:

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    If only Sega would create a new Virtual-On series.T_T Even on Arcade i would gulp that all.

    I do understand that currently Border Break is taking its position but, both this game and that game are different Sega.T_T

    • Godmars

      How about they just take a chance and release either or both titles in the West? Not that BB is on consoles.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Not really sure about BB but why not?^_^ It is a great game when i played them on Arcade(Even though i was raep till i can not even said “give up” lol.)

        Hell, i even feel that it had those same feeling as Senjou no Kizuna and there they come to PSP too.^_^

        If they bring this game, i would love they try bringing this game to PS3 or Wii U there as i believe the Wii U pad will be very nice for us to check the maps and mission.^_^

  • did they ever release VOOT for ps3? Strange if they didn’t considering ps3 penetration in JP… i had great times on VOOT XBLA. 

    Marz was a bit underrated, sure it wasn’t as awesome as VOOT but then again what is? I applaud hitmaker for trying something new, though it may not have hit it’s mark there were still some great moments in the game. Especially Apharmd Hat and cypher (viper?) sisters were awesome. Also the random nature of the levels was a great addition to any level by level game. Come to think of it, if they bring this to the states i’d snatch it up again!

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    I loved Marz. I bought it day one when it hit stores. I hope that we won’t have to unlock all the damn VRs in this game though.

    • It’s just a digital copy of the PS2 version, therefore it’ll be exactly the same. In other words, yes. You will have to unlock all the VRs again.

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