Malicious Rebirth Glides Onto PlayStation Vita Today

By Spencer . November 22, 2012 . 5:02pm

Alvion released Malicious Rebirth as a downloadable PlayStation Vita game in Japan. Rebirth is an expanded port of the PlayStation 3 game with new bosses, attacks, and the "Resurrection" chapter.



If you have a Japanese PlayStation Network account and *sigh* a second Vita memory card you can download Malicious Rebirth for 1,500 yen ($20). The game launched with some bugs, but Alvion says they fixed these issues with a day one patch that updates Malicious Rebirth to version 1.01.

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  • PoweredByHentai

    Any idea if they will bring the Vita version over to the West?

    I picked up Malicious on my US PSN for the PS3 and would love to play this on my Vita at my work place during lunch break.

    • Godmars

       Thought they were planning for a western release? On Vita anyway.

      • PoweredByHentai

        I recall that the article mentioned bringing the PS3 version over, unless there was a second article that addressed the Vita version also crossing the pond.

        • Elvick

          As far as I know, there wasn’t any word on the Vita version. Just the PS3 version being brought over. If I remember right, on the PS Blog, there was no answer on all the people asking about the Vita version when the PS3 version was announced for localization.

  • Hopefully this thing gets a Western release.  System needs more games, and this one looks pretty entertaining.  Otherwise I guess just get a second memory card.

  • burucchi

    It’s funny how having to own another memory card warrants a *sigh*, even if you’re still able to import the game, whereas the 3DS forcing you to basically shell out $200 (+taxes) for a Japanese system is alright.

    I mean, not that I think having to own another memory card is the ideal business decision for us, people who pay for games and all, but that small poke at Sony certainly seems like an unnecessary addition to an otherwise perfectly informative post.

    That aside, though, the game looks really fun and accoding to a friend of mine who got the japanese version, it seems like there are trophies in english (somewhat broken and very japanese-y, but english nonetheless), so maybe we have a shot of getting it here localized? I hope so, because it’s the sort of game that looks mad fun to play, and very unnusual.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      It is going to come here if i am not mistaken, the producer mentioned he wanted to bring the game here.

      While for memory card there, i think the mindset of people is still the same. If i get two 3DS, i at least had two machine to play different kind of games while having two memory(which is a bit pricey) is not going to give me any physical form for the game.

      This is how i see though. Not sure about the others.

      • burucchi

        Well, the issue with it having no retail release isn’t really related to the whole memory card thing. It was simply done as a download title, and that’s why you can only grab it on the Store. But on the other debate, and it seems like this will lead to a lot of replies, which I really didn’t intend to, the biggest issue I have with importing systems, even more so than the price and taxes, is that you’re basically giving up on any kind of warranty whatsoever. In this day and age, where we know stuff isn’t exactly built to last, I’m always very, very wary of importing this kinda of thing because of that.

        Buuuuuuuuuut anyhow, cool news about the producer. I’ll be waiting, then. This is that kind of game which works as a downloadable title, but actually feels like it offers a ton of challenging gameplay. I love how one of the trophies is basically “1cc”‘ing the game — it’s almost as if you’re back playing one of those really hard arcade shmups and need to try your best to clear it and improve your score/ranking etc. I can totally get behind that!

        • Aoshi00

          That’s a valid concern (which never really crossed my mind though), but I never spend extra on warranty for anything I have beyond the 1yr manufacturer warranty anyway..  none of my systems ever broke, guess I was lucky.. except my Jpn 360, which RROD nearly after 3 yrs (due to my own fault), but I was lucky and Microsoft US helped replace w/ another Jpn system at my request.  

          I imported a Jpn 3DS too, everything was fine except the top screen was a bit crooked, and really drove me nuts being so unbalanced.  Called up Nintendo US and sent it in, they helped me realign the screen free of charge  :) again I was lucky on both cases w/ the US branches fixing my Jpn systems.

          But other than that I take really good care of my systems.. I know nothing last forever, but I really don’t go beyond the 1yr warranty anyway even on US systems or any appliances.. so from Japan or not, after 1yr it’s still on me..

          Actually I did get a lemon for my Vita.. I bought it and haven’t touched it in 2 months then it didn’t turn on, Sony sent me a replacement.. that was a close call.. but I’m taking my chances and not signing up for 2-3yr extra warranty, cheapskate me :) I just always think it’s unnecessary..

          • PoweredByHentai

            If it is a screen issue, then yes, Nintendo USA can deal with that.  If you have a more serious issue like the 3DS’s motherboard getting fried, then I doubt Nintendo USA can help you with that.

            Really depends on the severity of the problem at hand and whether they have the replacement parts for it or not.

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, that’s why I mentioned I was lucky (but unlucky getting a crooked screen lol).. Microsoft Texas replaced another Jpn 360 for me, it could’ve not been available..  when I called Nintendo US, at first they said they would not accept Jpn systems either since technically it’s not their responsibility, and there was a chance they would’ve just taken the easy way out and sent me a US replacement system.  But I told them that’s out of the question since my Jpn 3DS costs $380 instead of $250 (yeah, really should’ve waited *.*).  I asked both MS and Ninty US to kindly help though and they did, while they did not have to, and it was w/ a little bit of luck as well.

            But like previously said, if you system breaks after a year, a Jpn system or US system, it’s on you anyway, unless you purchase extra warranty, which of course one can’t do w/ a Jpn system. I just never think of system breaking as a risk, why I never purchase extra warranty..

          • PoweredByHentai

            I think the issue with the Japanese 360 isn’t so much a hardware difference as a firmware difference.  With Nintendo’s consoles, however, there are hardware differences because Nintendo loves hardware solutions to what are fundamentally software problems.

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, but I doubt MS sent me a US system and unlock it or something (they said they would generally replace w/ a US system and replace w/ a Jpn system only if it’s available).. and Nintendo could’ve not accepted my repair at all, let alone free of charge.. In both cases, I was just lucky enough to have both Jpn systems replaced here in the US, w/ the 360 barely still w/in 3-yr warranty.  There was a chance I could’ve gotten US system replacements, fingers crossed after I sent in both.. 

            Sry, didn’t read your link, I was just speaking from personal experiences, w/ 2 systems never posing much of a problem for me.. I take care of my stuffs. I mean, region locked portables are a pain, but things are what they are, if it’s region locked I just get both..  I just find resetting Vita constantly annoying, and after my Vita dying and getting sent a new one, I don’t feel like doing it again.. resetting it to fty default all the time can’t be bad, I don’t think it can be good either.. and watching that intro video…

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, getting a Jpn 3DS cost more, but getting a 2nd memory card and resetting the system every time to fty default is quite a hassle..  Also you can’t access DLC (or play this game?) w/ your US ID anyway.. why I’m not importing Muramasa now..

      I think that “sigh” is due to at first only one memory card was needed, but after the update, you have to have two.. and I don’t want to risk deleting my saves or trophies resetting back and forth, could make a mistake.. I’ll just stick w/ the US account on my Vita now and forgo the Jpn demo and stuffs..

      Also I imported Malicious on PS3 before and could play it fine w/ my US acct, now they locked it, the Jpn ver could only be played on my Jpn account (which I never played games w/).. so I bought the US ver on PS3 again..

      The Jpn PS3 ver’s text was in Jpn only, but the trophies were alrdy in Eng. If Rebirth has English as well, couldn’t they have just used the US ver text? I’m not sure if the US Okami PSN d/l could be played in Jpn, depending on the PS3’s language setting, the Jpn retail disc ver has both languages (but it’s in fact a 8Gb download/install requiring the disc to boot, fake disc game like Journey Collection)

      At any rate, I would only import Jpn Vita physical games and not d/ls, 1500 yen cost like $30 anyway when getting yen cards..

      But yeah, I actually think of having 2 systems easier, like w/ my 360/Wii/3DS.. I did have an extra 8Gb Vita memory before, but sold it thinking it wasn’t needed.. that’s ok, would just stick w/ one account now just to be safe.. alrdy got both Jpn & US ver on PS3, so I’m skipping Rebirth..

    • PoweredByHentai

      Meh, a separate memory card isn’t a big deal to me.  In fact, I could lose my Japanese PSN memory card and still not be terribly concerned about losing it.  Losing a memory card just means that I’ll have to pick up another memory card and then download my stuff again because it is on my PSN account.

      On the other hand, losing a 3DS means that I lose all the digital games on it due to how Nintendo’s eShop DRM works, which is tied to the console itself and not to any network account.

      I consider that to be an unacceptable risk, regardless of how “tough” the 3DS is supposed to be.  Ars Technica has an editor who recently fumed about the insanity of Nintendo’s DRM system on the Wii.

      While Nintendo could certainly recover my digital licenses at a cost, it still reeks of BS that the process couldn’t be simplified.

      • Aoshi00

        DRM is definitely a pain, but Sony is also starting to tie digital purchases/DLC w/ regional accts now, like Jpn Malicious doesn’t work w/ US PSN ID anymore.. and I got a code from a Jpn copy of Zone of Enders HD, can’t be downloaded since video store on PSN is region locked..

        Regardless of DRM, you’re still a couple hundred dollars short breaking or losing a system right?   Region locked consoles don’t bother me that much, I want to play games from both regions, catch is just spending a little more money, I have both Jpn/US PS2s, 360s, & 3DSes, but I’m not crazy about having region locked portables (2 screen protectors, 2 pouches, etc), switching btwn the 2 3DSes, and switching memory card and resetting the Vita system every time, which I’m not doing anymore after my Vita went bad and sent back to Sony for replacement (I don’t know if that was the reason, but I suspect it might be..).

        • PoweredByHentai

          Region-locked home consoles don’t bother me that much.  Region-locked portables, however, piss me off a great deal because I do travel from time to time and that extra portable is just dead weight to me for the entire duration of my travel.

          Regarding DRM, I can be out a few hundred dollars if my console breaks down, but that is inconsequential because the process of recovering my licenses is trivial (log into account on new console, authorize new console, de-authorize dead console, download entire list of digital licenses from network).

          This isn’t so much about the cost as the time and effort (a.k.a. convenience) of the process.  

          To put things in perspective:
          My software-BC PS3 had YLOD problems on CHRISTMAS DAY.  Day after Xmas, I went out and bought a new PS3 and transferred what I could to the new PS3 and downloaded the rest.

          Contrast this with the problems that the Ars Technica editor faced; no way to recover those games licenses on a new system.  How about setting that problem over the holidays like Turkey Day or Xmas when no businesses are operating?  The courier services will still work but corporate entities would be on a long vacation (I currently work at a medical devices company and we have the entire week of Xmas and half the week of New Year’s as company holiday).  The customer service department might continue to operate over the “holidays” but what guarantee is there that the repair department is active over the “holidays”?

          In a scenario like what the Ars Technica editor faced, I’m not just looking at a the cost of replacing the hardware, I’m also looking at the cost of fixing the problem and the cost of losing all those licenses in the worst case scenario because Nintendo cannot get their heads out of their arses to implement a more manageable and hassle-free system.

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, would be nice if Nintendo purchases are account based, I think they’re finally doing that w/ Wii U, why I wanted them to have achievement/trophy equivalent (give us “accomplishment” Ninty, you can do it).  To be honest, I really haven’t bought that many things digitally on the DS/3DS or the Wii, definitely nowhere near the costs of the systems themselves.  For PS3/360 on the other hand I felt much more at ease buying digital games (but would still go w/ retail if available), tons of licenses over the years.  Like the full price 3DS games like Mario or Layton Miracle Mask, no way I would d/l them, d/l takes long, no accounts, takes memory.  Retail is still the safest route to go..  I’m not familiar w/ Ars Technica you mentioned..

            I did get the Ambassador GBA/NES games for 3DS though, and when I transfer to the XL, it was a bit of a hassle..   switching btwn 2 systems is inconvenient, but I don’t bring my portables outside.. also I doubt I would have time to play that many games on both portables anyway.. I think I could live w/ either the Jpn or US 3DS at any one time even if I do bring it on the road…

            On a diff. note, I did lose several DS games once, on the bus I think, three of them in the same holder :(.. it was first Ouendan, NSMB, and Brain Age or something.. I mean you lose em you lose em..

          • PoweredByHentai

            Ars Technica is a site that reports on science, technology, digital and video game news.  The link is up above, it is difficult to miss.

            Regarding my issue with travelling, I’m not just travelling, I am flying outside of the US to Southeast Asia.  This is the other area where the 3DS’s region-lock becomes a problem.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hearing the ost again and suddenly i thought of Ace Combat 4,5 and Zero Ost lol. The game looks really nice and with great OST supporting the game, i hope this game will do well.^_^

  • d19xx

    I hope this will have a retail release outside Japan, my 16gig card is full. I should have gone 32…

    • PoweredByHentai

      Unlikely.  The original Malicious game for the PS3 was released as a digital-only game.

    • Aoshi00

      I know.. at the time I went w/ 16Gb, was pretty expensive alrdy, but now 32 is coming down.. after a couple of full games, you’re really not left w/ much..  the latest Bundle is so cheap though, and now Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush are free for PS Plus *.*…

    • Belenger

       Dont worry too much its a fairly small game, 480mb ish~

  • Spectacularity

    I really want to try this game.

    Also, How come some Vita games keep getting bugs? Like Ciel no Surge, Zero no Kiseki Evolution, and now this. I imagine that Atelier Totori on vita will have bugs too.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Because developers are often under a lot of pressure to get their work done by an arbitrary deadline set by their publishers.

      Also, 3DS games aren’t immune to this either (see Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns, Rayman, Heroes of Ruin, and Dr Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights).

      And if you think that’s bad, wait until you see the list of buggy games on the PS3 and 360 and even on Steam.

      • Kefkiroth

        Probably this and the fact that the Vita is still somewhat new, so it will take some time for developers to get used to developing on it.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    The PS3 version was great even if I only played it for 2 or 3 days. I completed the trophies and whatnot (not that it was easy) but it had a great mix of challenge and fun. I await the release here in the US as I don’t have many games only have one game for my Vita. It might be my only downloadable game too, since I only have a 4GB lol (anyone know how bug this game is?)

    • Aoshi00

      You got all the trophies, and in 2-3 days *.*?  most trophies were crazy hard, like w/o killing other enemies except the boss.. I can’t even manage to beat the game yet :(.. I got a Vita backlog alrdy (Gravity, Virtue, AC3 Liberation, P4, Time Travelers, Dokuro, Tokuhou).. just chked, thankfully only 439Mb d/l for Rebirth :) yeah, can’t live on 4Gb :(..

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Oh I spent hours on it. I fought that wolf boss in the library and when I killed it I saw in the results screen that I killed “1” enemy. I was about to faint, until I got the trophy to appear. It seems that the 1 enemy was the boss *facepalm*
        The real trouble was the final boss and getting an S rank. I actually used a guide for all of the bosses except this one. There is no real guide for the final boss, but I figured something out :D It was the summer and I was sick of attempting to beat the Ninja Gaiden 3 trials (insanely hard).

    • Elvick

      Gimme your skills. Could only beat the first boss. ):

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        My skills aren’t anything amazing I love 2D fighters, but I suck at them :(
        Also the order you go in determines the strength of the boss (from easiest to hardest). By default, the Mad Queen is usually the hardest first and worse, last! Try to knock her out and look up some videos or strategies for the others (there are some online). It shouldn’t be too hard if you look up strategies or just ask me if you don’t feel like looking for them :3


    no multiplay ?

  • benhofb

    Localize, damnit. This game is too cool to not be in my pocket!

  • Mikumiku Mikumikumiku

     i downloaded this just 3 hours ago, and damn…this is hard….the boss takes forver to beat and i just gave up :O

  • Zeil Jean-Julien

    just the second end boss left! this game is SO INSANELY GOOD!

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