Chaos Rings Omega Summons Android Users To The Ark Arena

By Spencer . November 23, 2012 . 4:12am

imageSet 10,000 years before the events in Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega follows Vieg a bodyguard for the king of Dahjil. Vieg and his wife Vahti are summoned to the Ark Arena by a powerful entity known as the Agent who invites three more couples for a battle to the death.


Chaos Rings Omega was released for iOS last year. Square Enix and Wild ARMs developer Media.Vision just brought the game to Android. It’s available on Google Play for $13.


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  • TouchSatori

    hmm.. I have them all on my ipad but have yet to play them.

  • Elvick

    Love Media.Vision… wish they’d get to work on a new Wild Arms though. :P Come on Sony, you have nothing for RPGs these days. And Vita needs more… and Xseed seems like they’d still be willing to bring any new ones over too. Win, win, win.

    Anyhoo, I have the first Chaos Rings on iOS. Haven’t played it. Everything I’d play on my iPod with more meaty games it would heat it up quickly and that bothered me.

    I’ll add this to my wishlist on Google Play, and hope that a sale for the first happens soon. Surprised there isn’t one now… ): Would have made sense too.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      “Come on Sony, you have nothing for RPGs these days.”

      Over My Dead Body am cry

      • Elvick

        Oh well, my bad, they’re clearly over saturating the market with RPGs. *sarcasm*

  • Love this game series. This game is awesome. It’s hard for me to recommend this to anyone who didn’t like Chaos Rings that much though, since it reuses most of the original game’s assets. It’s much shorter than the original game and the sequel as well, which further proves the status of this game as more of a add on, rather than a full fledged game of it’s own.

    That being said, I think SE should price this one lower. I hope Android users get to play the sequel, Chaos Rings II, which imo is by far the best one in the series, and one of the best SE (published) RPGs in the past years.

    • Kibbitz

      I only have access to the first, but IIRC, I stopped early because, well, while I enjoyed the story or the hints of it that I got at least, the game doesn’t feel particularly fun. Does it get better at all later?

      •  The first game does get a tad repetitive.  Especially towards the end when you’re going through the same ordeal with the fourth couple. But their stories differ, which can be reason enough to keep you going, if you’re in for the story.

        There’s a very nice plot twist in the end. But again, I think the second game is a HUGE step up over the original and this prequel, Omega. Both gameplay and story wise. But I’d still say, play the game in short bursts so you don’t get bored. I think that when you start tying everything up, it starts getting interesting.

  • eilegz

    good news it was about time that square enix bring some of this game to android :D

  • Göran Isacson

    Question- is the second game released in the West yet, or was it just that Omega… spin-off? Expansion pack? What do you call it really`?

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