Phantasy Star Online 2 Has PSPo Crossover Costumes On Vita

By Spencer . November 24, 2012 . 2:30pm


Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free game and like Samurai & Dragons Sega plans to sell it in stores. The 5,229 yen ($64) special edition includes a bonus content like eight crossover costumes and weapons from Phantasy Star Portable.


pso2-vita1 pso2-vita2


Before the Vita version launches on February 28, Sega will host a Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta test in mid-January. Participants for the closed beta will be chosen by a lottery system.

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  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I would so buy it

  • kinda disappointed with this, i thought the psv version would look better than this.. hopefully it would look better looking on the psv than with these screen shots

    • xavier axol

      well…, you can’t really judge how a game looks by just a couple of screen shots. but even if that were to be the case, i would be fine with the way it looks. so long as it plays exactly as the pc version (after all, it is a handheld and not a console). mmo’s are complicated and aren’t really meant to be for consoles, let alone handhelds  (thoug this is a good start to show the potential the vita can bring, if developers are serious about it)

    • veruses

      Actually. The screen is smaller than the actual screenshots you see posted. This is how the screenshots are made. It looks a million times better on the actual system.

      tl;dr: More pixels on a small screen. [ 960 × 544 on a 5-inch OLED ]

      See how it looks running:

      Still does not justify how it really looks in person.

      • yeah screen stills don’t give the game justice, first time to see actual PSV gameplay footage thanks for the link. it seems the claw is still needed, i hope they add rear touch pad support in the future..

        • veruses

          I hope they add full control customization, it’s the least they could do.

          Claw seems to be for quick text shout though, don’t think it’s needed when the vita has group chat voice+text(up to 8 players).

  • “Sega plans to sell it in stores”
    Does that means there will be a physical release or is it just psn?

  • You know what I really want? 

    A Phantasy Star Zero sequel for the 3DS.

    C’mon, who WOULDN’T want that!?

    • ZEROthefirst

      Shut up and take my wallet!!!

      • Shut up and take my soul!

        • Without your soul, you will never enjoy anything. Rethink what you said, then come back.

          • Robert Leonardi

            sup buzz killington

          • …it was a joke. May not have been a good one, but taking it seriously isn’t much better, either.

          • Still, it was a terrible joke. Don’t quit you day job, “Comedian”.

          • Already quit. I’m going full-time comedian soon.

    •  agreed

    • xavier axol

      or better yet!, we can have both the mmo for the vita and a phantasy star zero sequel on the 3ds and vita.

      • Honestly, I’d rather zero be made specifically for 3DS, seeing as the original was for the first DS. If it was multi-platform, I can’t help but think some gimmicks and other add-ons would be thrown in to satisfy both systems… like a super-graphical overhaul for Vita, and more touch-screen interaction. Kinda like… fixing things that aren’t broken.

        Not that it isn’t bad, but a lot of the people I played with during my PSZ runs weren’t into all that, and I came around to their way of thinking…  but eh, I digress. Maybe a zero sequel on Vita could be a good thing, if done right.

  • Hmm that’s quite a hard desicion…
    I’m absolutely freakin crazy about Nagisa-chama from PSO2 Infinity. They should include her as a costume and [Ignite Infinity] as a battle song and… good lord I .. might just buy it.
    The game looks really good so far, especially with the “no monthly fee” approach they took.

    Other than that I’m quite curious how PSO2 on Vita will turn out to be.

    • Robert Leonardi

      iirc they have ignite infinity song in pso2, i do recall getting it from the Arc scratch cards, but that was back from beta, so not too sure

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Domestic physical release, please. You can sodomize my CC afterwards~.

    • The one sold in stores will be the Physical Copy version of the game. Just know that the updates will bigger than the digital copy of the game itself.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        Domestic means “English” version, as in, Western version of the game. That was the point of my post~.

      • does the PSN support pausing and resuming of downloads?

  • Elvick

    So does the game come on a cart in the physical version in Japan? Or is it still a download?

    edit; you know, I totally read this as “PSPgo” for some reason and was all… wut.

  • tubers

    I would really love to try it.. I’ve always dreamt of hot bars on the PSP!

    I wish we’d get more of these games for the VITA.. Hope the VITA version even reaches the West!

  • Cephrien

    Please tell us when the US release will be, Sega. Please– oh god, I just gotta know. @[email protected];

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