7th Dragon 2020-II Has Solid Snake And Ragna The Bloodedge Voice Actors

By Spencer . November 26, 2012 . 2:30pm

7thd-201Sega didn’t skimp on the "seiyuu" budget for 7th Dragon 2020-II. The PSP game features 40 famous voice actors and players can choose if they want their idol to have Solid Snake’s voice actor.


Akio Ohtsuka (Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid), Tomokazu Sugita (Ragna the Bloodedge in BlazBlue), Houko Kuwashima (Mei Ling in Metal Gear Solid), Megumi Toyoguchi (Paine in Final Fantasy X-2), and Miyuki Sawashiro (Milla in Tales of Xillia and Momohime in Muramasa: The Demon Blade).


7th Dragon 2020-II is slated for a spring 2013 release in Japan.


7thd-202 7thd-207 7thd-206 7thd-205 7thd-204 7thd-203

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  • Omfg Sugita! <3 So gonna make my main character Bullet! Miyuki Sawashiro is instant team member as well~

  • Cephrien

    I love how Sugita is known as “Ragna the Bloodedge’s voice actor” now instead of “Kyon’s voice actor”.

    No really. I actually do like that. Ragna is so beast.

    • z_merquise

      I first knew Tomokazu Sugita as Brooklyn Luckfield in Super Robot Wars Alpha.

      I think that’s also his debut role as a voice actor.

      • Kibbitz

        Same for me, but he first clicked for me as a voice actor in Gintama. It’s why I will once again run around with that white-haired Samurai avatar named Sakata Gintoki voiced by Sugita in 7D2020~~~

    • AkuLord3

      heck he’s more famous for Gintoki especially since Ragna had a similar joke ending that was pretty much screamed Gintoki

    • *Looks up his VAed anime list*

      Holy cow he voiced Akira frm tsurutama!!?? One of my fav characters in tsuritama :) He also voiced Alvin from Xillia!??

  • Kibbitz

    This is a repost of the list I put up in the Open Thread, but for those who are curious as to who the new people are and who the originals were, here you go:

    New Male Voice Actors
    梶裕貴 – Kaji Yuki
    平田広明 – Hirata Hiroaki
    大塚明夫 – Ootsuka Akio
    木村良平 – Kimura Ryouhei
    宮野真守 – Miyano Mamoru

    New Female Voice Actors
    伊藤かな恵 – Itou Kanae
    丹下桜 – Tange Sakura
    田中敦子 – Tanaka Atsuko
    斎藤千和 – Saitou Chiwa
    花澤香菜 – Hanazawa Kana

    Returning Male Voice Actors
    Abe Atsushi
    Ishida Akira
    Egawa Isao
    Okamoto Nobuhiko
    Ono Daisuke
    Kamiya Hiroshi
    Kuroda Takaya
    Sakurai Takahiro
    Shimono Hiro
    Sugita Tomokazu
    Takeuchi Ryouta
    Nakai Kazuya
    Nakamura Yuuichi
    Fukuyama Jun
    Miki Shinichirou

    Returning Female Voice Actors
    Katou Emiri
    Kuwashima Houko
    Satou Rina
    Sawashirou Miyuki
    Taketatsu Ayana
    Tanaka Rie
    Tamura Yukari
    Chihara Minori
    Toyoguchi Megumi
    Toyosaki Aki
    Hikasa Youko
    Horie Yui
    Mizuki Nana
    Yuuki Aoi

    If Suwabe Junichi was here, I’d actually make a team of Saber, Archer and Caster with Tange Sakura, him and Saito Chiwa. Alas =P

    • >New Female Voice Actors
      >花澤香菜 Hanazawa Kana

      Holy hell….

      Now if only my big 3: Kawasumi(Ayacchi), Kugimiya(Kugyu~ Rie) and Ueda(Kanassu) is in >_>

      I’m definitely having Tamura Yukari for a Psychic, but dang if I cant decide who to use for a Hacker and Samurai. I wonder if Hanazawa would make a good Hacker…

  • I’m totally making a male Idol with Miyano’s voice. And I’m going to name him Tokiya. Yep (points for the person who gets this~).
    Maybe I should make a Destroyer with Hirata’s voice, too…

    • Kibbitz

      UtaPuri? Amazing Grace sounds good~

  • Talk about badass overload! So any chance we’ll see this getting localised? Please?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Sadly, pretty much no chance. Possibly if it wasn’t a PSP game, but nothing to be done about that, I guess.

  • anthony apduhan

    Is Hazama/Terumi or Gray Fullbuster’s voice there?

    • Kibbitz

      Yes, Nakamura Yuuichi. He returns from the previous game, though I’m not sure if the personality he’s voicing is what you’re looking for. His voice profile in 7D2020 was gentlemanly, no idea if that’s changing in this.

  • Göran Isacson

    A male idol sounding like the Japanese Solid Snake.

    That would be one MANLY badass idol. Heck I don’t even know if I can imagine that voice singing anything close to pop, some classy enka is the only thing that comes to mind.

    • Something like the stuff GRANRODEO sings?

      • Göran Isacson

        I do not know who that is, and for that I thank you. I’m off to Youtube!

  • Shane Guidaboni

    The art became so generic.

  • mintea

    Most excited for Kimura Ryouhei~

  • shion16

    Who is Ragna the bloodedge ?

    Can he smoke a lollipop ?

  • I am totally calling Idol-kun Shusei Kagari. (Am I the only one watching P-P?) Now should I give him Okabe (Miyano) voice and rock the battlefield or OHMA SHOE / Piggy (Yuki Kaji) voice and make him a meatshield XD

    Megumi Toyoguchi seems suitable for Psychic-chan lol. She seems to be good at voicing sexy b*tch like characters. (Rosalia frm SAO and Sola frm fate/zero)

    Destroyer-san seems fit for Broskander (also voiced by Akio Ohtsuka) voice ^.^

    Also is tht a Nekomimi I saw in the SECRET shadowed charac?
    She right there on the official art =.=

  • Neppygear

    I’ll take Sugita, thankssss.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Im not an Idol,never was never will be Im just an old man having some bussiness to do.

  • biskmater

    Sakura Tange!? Bless that woman, I can only wonder what sort voice acting persona is he going to use.

  • I…Dol?

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