Dragon’s Dogma Challenge Pack Adds Hard Mode And Time Attack For Free

By Spencer . November 26, 2012 . 4:35am


Capcom is planning to release a free downloadable content for Dragon’s Dogma on December 4. The upcoming Challenge Pack adds Hard Mode and Challenge Mode.


dragons1-b dragons1-c

Hard mode is designed for players that cleared Dragon’s Dogma once. If you can clear the game in hard mode you’ll get special equipment like an Edmun Dragonsbane costume.


dragons1-d dragons1-f dragons1-e


Players that clear Time Attack mode will be rewarded with Barnaby and Selene costumes.

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  • Göran Isacson

    Still have to say that one thing you have to give Dragon’s Dogma is it’s character editor. I can’t think of any other editor who gives you such a wide variety of possible looks for your character that wasn’t FIRST made for the PC. Leagues above what I’d expect from Capcom, at any rate.

    • MadamaButterfly

      The editor is pretty much the main reason I gave the game a chance.Sometimes it can be kinda boring.Since they will probably make a second one,I hope it will be way better,it definitely has potential.

    • Andar

      There is one other game with a pretty intense character creator that was console only: White Knight Chronicles (and its sequel). The game has some serious issues with pacing though, and while I thought it was well made as far as quality, it takes some serious patience to get through.

      On the other hand, what I loved about Dragon’s Dogma is that you once you suit up in town, you can kind of just take off and do whatever. Travel new paths for the heck of it, revisit certain areas for more loot, or progress through the story if you fee like it. In that sense it’s like a sandbox game, yet the game has considerable more focus overall, which makes everything much faster.

      • Peeka Chu

        Love both DD and WKC 1/2. Its a shame that the latter was so panned and misunderstood. It got overly critiqued for its single-player, when the real gold was online (and hardly any reviewers, IGN included, touched that as the servers weren’t up yet – many actually stated as much in the reviews). I hope to see both series continue.

        • Heartek

          I know it sounds totally out of topic, but the best editor ever can be found in Yuke’s Wrestling games. Everything else I tried after was unsatisfying.

    • amagidyne

      This, definitely.

      You would think that having presets instead of sliders would cut down on the number of possible appearances, but it really just means that you get a lot more combinations that don’t leave you looking like a horrible mutant. And then there’s the fact that they sort of have both anyway, which makes it even deeper. Plus there’s the different body types, which is something most other RPG developers seem to ignore.

      I really hope this game somehow influences at least a couple other JRPG devs to experiment with character creation and to trust the players to make their own protagonists.

    • Ricardo Schiller

      You should try Demon’s and Dark Souls, I have all of these (DmS, DkS, D’sD) and well, nothing’s better than the Souls character editior/creator.

  • Really kicking myself now after missing that 10 dollar deal for this game at the Microsoft shop a couple days ago.

    • sonicgamer4

      im kicking you too

      how could you not buy this amazing game!!? D=<

      • I was aiming to buy it then, but when I refreshed the page it was already out of stock ;~;

  • amagidyne

    Finally. The game starts off tough but gets easy way too quickly. Hope this will balance it out enough for another playthrough.

    • Learii

      i hope they make the monsters have more hp harder to kill and they have mmore def or something like that

  • Learii

    any idea what time atttack mode is?

    • LegendaryLos

      I’m guessing it’s like beating the game as fast as you can. A speedrun mode.

  • MasterHiei

    This game was pretty damn good, can’t wait to go back and play it one more time.

  • Godman

    Man if they made DD2 I hope they would allow complete party customization and make the pawn system another choice. I’ve always wanted to make my dream party, and this came close thanks to some friends of mine.
    The only other game that did this was DQIX. Loved both games :)

  • badmoogle

    I don’t care about time attack but i’m really looking forward to try the Hard mode.

    I also can’t wait to see more of the upcoming expansion.Hopefully they will add some new maps and dungeons.

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