Capcom Talks About Lost Planet 3 And Dead Space 3 Comparisons

By Spencer . November 27, 2012 . 7:07pm


Two games set on a frozen planet are slated for release next year – Lost Planet 3 and Dead Space 3. While Capcom didn’t invent ice planets, they popularized the setting with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition before switching to a tropical areas with Lost Planet 2. We asked Capcom producer Andrew Szymanski and Matt Sophos, the game’s director at Spark Unlimited, what they thought about the comparisons.


Andrew Szymanski, Producer at Capcom: Well, from the Capcom side, it’s a very much a situation of when I saw the coverage coming out of E3 for Dead Space 3, the first emotion was flattery. I felt flattered, because we’ve done snow and ice since 2006 with the first Lost Planet game and we felt we kind of own that space, and when we came out in April at Captivate to announce, LP3, one of our core concepts was to push that even further. Basically, “Hey, we want to be the game about snow and ice planets.”


All of a sudden, we see Dead Space 3 come in with the ice planet setting, and it’s kind of like, “OK, well, thanks for the nod!” You know, that’s cool. And in an interesting case of parallel evolution, we’re trying to be more nuanced with our gameplay, instead of just the old school third-person shooters with the Vital Suits.


Now we’re doing the new Utility Rig combat, which is up close and personal. We’re doing the narrative, driven experience with a strong protagonist who is not a faceless guy. He’s got a very clear backstory and motivation. He’s a guy you want to root for. And we’ve got our Akrid creatures, which we’re not only trying to bring back fan favorites from past games, but actually expand that. We feel like we’re pushing the boundaries of the franchise and making it a more nuanced experience.


From what I’ve heard of Dead Space 3, they’re going balls-to-the-wall action. They’re actually getting rid of some of their nuance; so it’s almost like this interesting role-reversal we’ve found ourselves in. But I think most of those references are really superficial and as people learn more about the game, and have the chance to play it, I think they’ll realize that once you get past the surface of  similarities, they’re very different games.




Matt Sophos, Director at Spark Unlimited: Yeah, I can’t speak for the Dead Space crew or anything like that, but like Andrew said, the similarities are at the superficial level. The hallmark of their franchise for a long time has been the survival-horror aspect of the game, and they’re incorporating the ice planet and things like that. But our focus is on creating this level of variety of gameplay for the player, so you aren’t stuck doing this one thing for any specific length of time.


We have the on-foot stuff, the rig stuff, struggle, and things like that. It’s hard to tell from screenshots, because you look at screenshots from Dead Space and it is like, “Hey, it’s Isaac and he’s got beard growth and he’s on an ice planet!” You look at our character, Jim, and he’s got a beard and he’s on an ice planet. You look at that, and it’s like, “Hey! Similar game!”
But from the very, very little I know of Dead Space and the lot I know of our game, they’re going to be very different experiences.


AS: And it is an interesting case of parallel evolution. For some reason, different people come up with similar ideas at the same time, right. I mean, the examples I use in the gaming space are when Prototype and InFAMOUS came out, and they were both open-world games about ordinary guys that got transformed into superheroes. Or like when Deep Impact and Armageddon came out like a month apart from each other.


It’s less about cribbing from each other as it is about, when you reach a similar milestone or timeframe in the console lifecycle, you start to realize there are a lot of things you want to do. I have absolutely no insight into Dead Space, but I can envision in my mind’s eye a meeting where they were like, “We can do cool snow now! We can do cool visual stuff with now!” It’s less about curving than it is about, when you can do cool stuff, you want to do cool stuff.


MS: Our development on this game started over two-and-a-half years ago now, or something like that. We went with the mantra of returning to extreme conditions and wanting to really push that ice world and go prequel.


AS: They probably thought they were safe! Because they saw Lost Planet 2 and thought, “They’re not going back to ice! We’ve got ice to ourselves!” Nope, you don’t. Sorry! [Laughs]

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  • Just release E.X. Troopers over here.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      So it can not sell like they want?

      • I may sound like a d**k right now but here is my answer:


        The long answer: I’d rather want a game which at least tries not to be like any other generic TPS. Cel-Shading and Cutscenes like in Gravity Rush are a good start imo.

      • ArmoredBoar

        It would sell to a niche crowd initially, see the people who still play LP2.

        But if they waited half a year or a bit more to make it retail at $30 for 3DS and $40 for PS3, it’d sell like hotcakes since people are suckers for action-packed casual experiences, which is pretty much was E.X. Troopers is. It’s vibrant enough to attract any sort of existing crowd, and it’s fast enough to appeal to the twitch-centric players. I can easily say that as a handheld experience, the game is fantastic, in league with MH3G. The overall reception has been great so far as well.

    • thank you I agree

  • AnimusVox

    For some reason I’m not too excited about Lost Planet 3 like I was when 2 was announced and I rather enjoyed LP2, great co-op game I’d say.

  • I enjoyed the PS3 demo of LP2 far more than the actual game, some of the areas in the actual campaign have very odd level design and everything felt too packed with the players and enemies.

  • EX Troopers is the only good thing to come out of this franchise. I know it might seem a little early to say that but honestly, a developer with a crummy track record taking on a franchise that isn’t exactly strong to begin with, all the while funded by a company that isn’t afraid to ship a crappy product in order to cash in.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      I like how you can say ex troopers is the only good thing to come out for LP and haven’t even played it…Oh wait anime..

      • I downloaded the EX Troopers demo actually. Gameplay was decent with a solid soundtrack and awesome visual style. I also owned the first Lost Planet and played some of the 2nd. It was nice of you to just assume I’m talking out my ass.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Then explain how ex is the only good thing for the LP IP when it had 2 good titles.

          • I didn’t like them to be honest. I found the controls too sluggish and cumbersome, there was no real story to speak of, and in the end they were boring. In a market overflowing with shooters, what did they offer that I couldn’t find elsewhere but done better?

          • Pretty much what he says. I’d rather pick a game which at least tries to be different in terms of graphics and gameplay rather than any other Gears of Brown TPS.

          • ArmoredBoar

            But LP1 and 2 are nothing like that.

            As someone who owns E.X. Troopers, I have to say if I had the choice between it and LP2 for which game was better overall, I would stick to LP2.

            However, you can’t have that game on the go, and that’s where E.X. truly shines.

            Then again, after reading “there was no real story to speak of”, E.X. has much less of a story compared to either of the first games. Kinda’ lost all credibility there, buddy.

          • Lost planet 1 and 2 are nothing like what? Also, due to the language barrier my knowledge of EX troopers doesn’t go past the demo, I have no idea whether there is actually a story or character development. What I do know though, is that the story in 1 and 2 were awful and I also found them boring, whereas I actually enjoyed the EX Troopers demo.

          • Reading comprehension mate. I was referring to what LP3 is aiming to be like. I know very much that LP 1 and 2 are not like my upper mentioned example.

            Auto-Aim looks like a turndown for many people, I can agree with that to some extent. You thankfully have more than enough enemies that do not go down after 3 or 4 shots. That’s at least the impression I got after playing the Demo.

            The sheer inclusion of any characters in E.X. Troopers is promising more of a storyline than LP 2 had imo.

            Also, I pointed out that that E.X. makes itself look more different because of its own art style and Cel-shaded graphics. You dont get many games like these that often nowadays.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            You clearly don’t know what you are talking about or you wouldn’t be saying something so dumb seeing as how in no way it tried to be like gears. Oh wait TPS= gears I forgot that logic. Oh wait why would ex troopers be better..oh wait anime. I think I may need to start avoiding some of the posters on this site honestly.

          • I really didnt explain it clear enough didnt I ? I was referring mostly to the artistic direction that both games are heading towards and partly to their similarities in terms of Gameplay. Granted, you dont have to cover in any LP for regenerating health.
            And why are you so frustrated over an opinion ? Just chill out and dont lose your temper that quickly.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Right… Alright I’m just going to say Agree to disagree on this here.

  • But I want to go back to the ice…. EX Trooper one, tht is.

    Setting tht aside, LP3 looks quite OK atm IMO… Let hope it not RE6 again. Again I am waiting until a actual demo is out be4 condemn/praise it.

  • AkuLord3

    i guess we can also compare that both games started out good…and slowly be turn to poo. Though Lost Planet did help bring the coolness of EX Trooper and playing the demo…makes me sadder we won’t get it

  • Luna Kazemaru

    LP 1 and 2 where good but i enjoyed LP1 alot more 2 felt to easy alot of the time and the AI felt off.

  • Shadowman

    I enjoyed LP 1 and I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy LP 3.

  • You guys have actually played Extroopers right? You know how bad it is right?

    And Capcom should not delude themselves with words of flattery or imitation. I could say Lost Planet was a nod to The Thing on Xbox.

    • EX Troopers was BAD?? Are we living on the same planet?

      • If it counts as a counter-statement, I heard from an acquaintance that the full game is better than what the demo conveyed.

    • And Capcom should not delude themselves with words of flattery or imitation. I could say Lost Planet was a nod to The Thing on Xbox.

      Technically, you could. But that’d be a nonsensical and useless inference, so it’s not gonna be worthy of reasonable consideration anyway.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Folks, need I remind that personal opinions are just one player’s (your) thoughts? If you do feel that strongly, please tell us why. Things are bad for a reason, share with us those reasons.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    I’m so torn on lost planet 3. I loved the original because of the ice and scifi world. It had some great environments. I loved lost planet 2 for different reasons. It took co-op farther than any other game has. It was a really deep shooter, with great monsters, cool mechs, and stunning environments. I loved the level design sooooo much. I loved the grappling hook, i loved being underwater, i loved the jungles, i loved the desert, and i loved space. I’d honestly take it over monster hunter any day of the week and i’d love to have it on a portable console. I think it’d be a fantastic fit for the vita. It definitely had it’s issues though. I would have liked to see the franchise go in two directions based on the 1st and 2nd game, here comes the third and Ex troopers though.

    I really like the idea of a hub based structure for the 3rd. I like the idea of sort of being like blue collar workers in the scifi world, i even think the characters have potential. I’m not too sure about the mechs, but i like the idea of having it be in first person and larger like it’s a machine for industrial work. I do seriously dislike the design of the main character. He just looks incredibly weird, but i like that he’s just a guy working for his family. I also don’t like his animations, they just seem low quality. And the game has levels that look a little to gears of war-ish to me, in a really bad way. And the crab akrid is a horrible design so i hope they can do better. The other akrid look like aliens, the crab looks like a monster movie reject.

    And since it’s announcement Ex troopers looked like a disgusting cynical attempt at keeping the lost planet brand strong in japan by making it cell shaded and giving it a bunch of anime cliches. It was just off-putting from day one. The game actually has a nice visual style but it’s really hard to get past my initial distaste for its generic tone and approach. If you think Lost planet 3 is generic but Ex troopers isn’t, then you just have a strong bias against western games.

  • isfuturebright

    Capcom sounded a bit cocky lol “we own the ice planets” I mean they made one Lost Planet game that had snow, whats makes them own anything with that :P

  • Dead Space 3 has been reported to be in development since 2010 and LP will never be as great as DS

  • CAPCOM shouldn’t compare cause Lost Planet 3 & Dead Space 3 are 2 different games.

  • eilegz

    while lost planet 2 was attempt to make Monster Hunter TPS it wasnt a bad concept sure the story its crap, the game have so many issues but it was fun in cooperative, art direction, and how epic it was.

    It is one of those good ideas good concepts but bad execution…. But now we look at Lost planet 3 and i can only define this in one word “GENERIC”.

    Los planet 3 looks like other third person (cough cough gears of war) even the characters looks like dom or marcus, The art and design looks generic and uninspiring, i cant understand why capcom its doing this, i have serious doubt about this game and maybe its the nail in the coffin of Lost planet franchise.

  • MasterHiei

    CAPCOM popularized the setting? what the hell?

    The Thing back in the 80’s set this trend, way before any of these games dreamed about getting released

  • Volta

    Oh dear lord, WTF is wrong with Capcom? They sound so arrogant in those comments. No Cap, you did not invent ice planets. And I’m sorry to burst your bubble but no, LP is not that great game you think it is. Go learn some humility.

  • Relytgninroht

    To be honest, I think the move to an ice planet was a nod to The Thing- not Lost Planet. It also isn’t the first time Dead Space has gone into a frozen environment (Dead Space 2 did it in the unitologist crypt). From what I’ve seen of both, they’re going to have two very different atmospheres. Can’t wait for DS3 to come out!

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