A Glimpse Of Monster Hunter 4’s Second New Weapon

By Spencer . November 27, 2012 . 2:10pm

This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has a glimpse at the second new weapon in Monster Hunter 4. The magazine showed a silhouette of a large weapon with three prongs. No details were announced since Famitsu says the weapon will be revealed in the December 13 issue, but here’s a look at the silhouette:

Capcom and Famitsu teased the Insect Staff, another new weapon for Monster Hunter 4, in a similar way earlier this year.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release in spring 2013 on Nintendo 3DS.


Update: Silhouette image added.

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  • riceisnice

    “Large three prongs”


  • konsama

    Ohh interesting.

  • vanhyde

    stun gun ?

  • ragingmerifes

    And after knowing that Soul Hackers will be localized, this. Come on guys, I really wanted a Vita, but now I have to get a 3DS…
    Just wait two other months, Vivi. We’ll have a sexy Persona 4 time when you arrive. You know I love you. This 3DS thing is temporary. I just want some night fun with Soul Hackers and Monster Hunter… come here. You don’t need to cry… our hearts are connected. Since PS1, remember?
    I should writte fanfics.

    • Quinton Cunningham

      Wait, Soul Hackers finally got an official localization announcement?

      • Nope.

        • Is this the troll from the several other articles? Or is this somebody else? I don’t know why you don’t ban him though. I am sure you have reasons, but I am just unsure.

          • ragingmerifes

            Why am I a troll?

      • someone is in delusion :p
        i hope it got localized tho

  • MasterHiei

    Tri Gunlance

  • Shadowman

    Some sort of hidden blade what Chipp Zanuff have on Guilty Gear?

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    Must. Be. Trident.
    It must :<

  • If it is a trident, it’s kind of odd that both new weapons are similar in that they’re both staves. Unless the trident is more of a stabby weapon like the Lance, which I guess would play quite differently from the Insect Staff.

    Hooooly shit.

    • s07195

      Did you just find out what it was or something?

      • Yeah, we didn’t have an image of it available initially.

  • PreyMantis

    I’ll shoot for Great Long Gunaxeswordspear.

  • SwitchHammer

  • Yet another new weapon type? My US heart can’t take all this awesome MH related news.

  • I’m guessing a “fan”. Similar to a long sword attack/movement speed but weaker and capable of blocking and impact damage

  • Areuto

    Wayyy to big to be a trident…. my guess is the greatersword :P

  • Sakota

    Massive spatula.

  • Darkside

    That’s a Great GunBlade, You can charge it like a GS but it explodes when your full charge swing connects to a monster.and it’s explosion differs to the element attribute of the weapon..XD

    • Areuto

      You know there’s a weapons like that in the Brachydios (explosive elements) so making a weapon to do this sorta ppointless…. also the switch axe already has a move when being charged after a thrust will have a explosive element attribute

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    That is oneeee gigantic blade lol.^_^

  • At last, my Spatula awaits.

  • Eilanzer


  • Elvick

    From the thumbnail, I thought it was something about Sonic. xP

  • Spider-Man

    WHATEVER it is, the monster that gets hit by this is going to have several body parts broken quickly.

  • Syn

    A great Tri Blade??? thats what it look like. to short to be a lance, also the three prongs look more like blades than anything. whatever the case, it looks AWESOME!!!!! That 3ds is looking ever more attractive *looks at wallet, looks at list of upcoming games* *waves goodbye to wallet*

  • Pedro Magalhaes

    That is all.

    • that one guy

      yeah that’s what I think. But i still think they should have had dual pistols or a whip.

  • Alex Morales

    There goes my dream of having dual hammers- super slow animation but big payoff!

  • shaquillejackson

    Its a Trident

  • Captain_Jiruo

    After seeing what the last Silhouette became I don’t even know what to guess this is. I want to say it’s some kind of Great Shield or a Switch Shield. But knowing that they are trying to make the game a bit more mobile. Maybe a disc throwing weapon or a fan with wind attacks.Or a pogo sword.

    • It kind of looks like a bulkier version of He-Man’s sword to me…

      • Captain_Jiruo

        For some reason you saying that made me think It kind of looks like a Sai or a Jutte.

        If it was it could do longer range,faster but lower impact damage then a hammer and specialize in parrying monster attacks. And If it was a more mobile way to deliver impact damage it would fit with what they are doing with the game.

        I like that Idea the best. I’m going with that, It’s a giant Sai.

        • Huh. So, something in between a Hammer and a Long Sword? But… that’s pretty much what Great Swords are for, aren’t they? I just… don’t see the point of another “big” weapon, seeing as how we already have an abundance of those.

          Hammer, Great Sword, Long Sword, Switch Axe, and even the Lance are all pretty large weapons. Very curious to see how this one will be used, since I can’t think of anything that the large weapons category is currently lacking.

  • Namuro

    Welp, there goes my guess for the mystery weapon. I was hoping for something like a gun-sword hybrid, not like Gunlance, but something that slices and shoots from afar. My second guess was a snake sword (like ones Ivy uses in Soul Calibur series) that can extend and whips, etc.

    Anyway, that…thing…looks really impressive! It looks like a cross between a Great Sword and the Slash Axe…another transformable weapon maybe? If that thing can transform, I’d think that the two blades on the side will slide up and combine with the centre blade, turning it into a really massive sword or something LOL. Can’t wait to see the real thing!

    I also found this page here, pretty interesting ideas they have going there.


  • Alex Morales


  • Go2hell66

    now that is a real man’s weapon, not some stupid insect pipe thingy

    that thing actualy looks like it can kill a dragon

    • Syn

      Totally agree with you on that, if its some great tri-blade thing, its definitely my new favorite weapon

  • $30632660

    I predict that it’s some type of throwable blade, like a big ass shuriken that comes off the main blade.

  • butt spanker

  • Your all wrong that is clearly a gun great sword!! And it will become the strongest weapon in the game!!

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