Club Nintendo Europe Offers Free Game To Nintendo 3DS XL Owners

By Yusouf . November 28, 2012 . 2:00pm

European Nintendo 3DS XL owners rejoice, as Nintendo of Europe are offering a game for free if you register your Nintendo 3DS XL on Club Nintendo by January 15th, 2013.


Once registered, you will acquire a redemption code for the Nintendo eShop which will allow you to download a single game between January 1st to January 31st 2013. The five games on offer are:

  • Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask
  • Super Mario 3D Land
  • Freakyforms Deluxe
  • New Art Academy (called Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! in the US)
  • New Style Boutique (called Style Savvy: Trendsetters in the US).


If you’ve already registered your Nintendo 3DS XL system, don’t worry—the offer still applies and you’ll still get your free game as long as you log in to Club Nintendo before January 15th and take advantage of the offer.


Unfortunately the offer is only valid for Nintendo 3DS XL users. Sorry, 3DS owners!

  • DejWoSWK

    Damn,Nintendo really knows how to motivate people to buy their stuff

  • malek86

    I already replaced my XL for a normal 3DS (liked it more), but I did remember to register it on my account back then, so I still get the free game :P

    I’ll go for Layton, since I already have Mario. And the daily downloadable puzzles of Layton seem like they make it a better-suited game to have always available in the console without having to insert the cartridge.

    • Barrylocke89

      Out of curiosity, what about the normal 3DS did you prefer to the XL. I’ve yet to pick up one, and in general I usually hear people say to go for the XL for all reason’s except price (and MAYBE proper pixel sizing for the 3DS). I’d be interested in hearing a different opinion.

      • Aoshi00

        I think some might find the XL screen too big to enjoy the 3D effect. The bigger screen gives more immersive 3D effect, but some might get the “sweet spot” more easily w/ the original..

        I really like how the DS games look on the XL as well, I thought the DS games look horrible on regular 3DS..

        Other than that, I felt most games look better, and reading text for Layton, KH 3D, Code of Princess, etc, is definitely easier on the eyes. Power of Illusion’s text is incredibly small even on an XL *.* (don’t like the game anyway, Castle was much better)

        The only big con the XL’s max volume is much lower than the original.. even w/ ear buds, I still find the sound to be lower..

        I got the CPP for the XL too and playing KH3D & Revelation is really something.. I thought about selling my original one, but it’s Zelda and the sound is much louder so I’d keep it.. Also the original seems to be much sturdier made than XL. If it were me, I would definitely sacrifice slightly lower volume and enjoy games on screen almost 2X as big.. original feels really small now especially if you play the Vita as well.. (and my Jpn system is still small though..)

      • malek86

        Admittedly the XL does many things better, such as the bigger screen, having the pen holder on the right side rather than next to the cartridge slot, and feeling sturdier overall.

        However, there were three big problems for me:

        1) I thought the quality of the screen was much lower, and I don’t just mean because of the bigger pixels (which are annoying too anyway). It felt like the colors were more muted and the 3D effect slightly more difficult to focus. Can’t really explain, you’d have to look at them side by side.

        2) Audio quality was crap. I guess they sacrificed the better speakers in order to fit the bigger screen on a similar-sized console. I never play with headphones so this is too bad for me.

        3) The weight difference. Maybe this doesn’t sound like much when you are holding the system with two hands, but in games that require you to hold the system with one hand to use the touch screen (such as Theatrhythm FF) I started to feel it pretty soon.

        I’ll say that if you have no problems with the added weight and play with headphones, the XL is probably the better choice overall. But see if you can try them both first.

  • I think I’ll Go for Layton

  • kylehyde

    On a offtopic note, some days ago a rumour about a price cut surfaced.

    This could be like a kind of embassador program if the price cut rumour turns true?

    • JMaster3000

      Or maybe after this well get an ambassador program lol

  • JMaster3000

    3D Land or Layton?

  • SirRichard

    Mmmm boy, free Professor Layton to start off the new year is a lovely Christmas gift, Nintendo.

    It’s a pretty cool way of encouraging upgrades and just sales in general, though for the latter they delay in getting your game (if you buy it before January, anyway) might be a bit of a problem. If they advertise the promotion heavily going into January, they might see a bit of a surge in XL sales.

  • Shadowman

    Sucks that I live in the U.S cause I can go for a free game right now and Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask would of been my choice.

  • John Diamond

    welp. this is gonna make a good christmas present

  • Monsley

    This is very nice! I’m buying myself a 3DS XL for Christmas and I was thinking about picking up Super Mario 3D Land as well, so… thanks for the lovely gift, Nintendo! :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Club Nintendo in the states should get them too :{

  • Don’t have a 3DS XL… and my console isn’t European…

  • DJ

    Man… I was going to get a 3DSXL this weekend, but I live in the states…
    This is discouraging

  • Autumn

    Reggie and Satoru Shibata, (head of Nintendo Europe), need to spend a long time behind locked doors.

    Hopefully Reggie isn’t old enough that he can’t learn new tricks. :D

  • SupaPhly

    ill get style boutique since I already have the other games :/

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