Photo Kano Kiss Shows What Happens After A Love Confession

By Spencer . November 28, 2012 . 1:10am

imageDating sims typically build up to a love confession and after you reveal your feelings the game ends. Photo Kano Kiss has an epilogue called Love Love Days that shows what happens one week afterwards. Love Love Days is about 1/4 the volume of the game’s main story.


Photo Kano Kiss is a photography game meets dating sim. Kadokawa Games added new features that utilize Vita’s hardware like Gyro mode where you turn the Vita to take photos and touch mode. The game also has new winter clothes.


Photo Kano Kiss comes out in spring 2013.

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  • vanhyde

    another game that i-am-will-not-go-outside-japan type ==
    shame, its really good for forever alone like me

    oh well, i’ll stick little longer to my manaka

  • kroufonz

    “Love Love Days 1/4 the volume of the game’s main story”., that’s quite a lot’s of additional icha icha time, hoping mai and kanon get decent portion.

  • brian

    Hnnnngggg, so cute.

  • s07195

    For a game that was mostly based on chance events (though conversations made events much more rewardful) it’s quite nice to see that the story was extended. I only managed to get through Sanehara L Route, but I managed to get the true ending for that route, and I was saddened when I saw that all there is after the ending is a beach event and that was it.

    Though now my curiousity has been piqued. What will the MC and Sanehara (or any other girl; she’s just my favorite heroine) do during Love Love Days, take pictures of each other?

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I really need to get Vita ASAP here. Monster monpiece and this? It seems many VN is going to move to Vita here and considering Vita is not region locked, all the import will be much easier.^_^

  • For the note, lots of VN, galge, lately dont end when there is a confession, seen this evolution a lot, they are pretty much taking lots of the main plot after the MC and heroine are together already, this is something i like.

    Also saw some scans, i AM interested but i dont really like the fact that i have to go AGAIN throught all the routes and this isnt something you do fast, considering is a game that you choose where to talk and what to do every day, and not just that, every girl has 2 routes but 2 extra that only have 1, so yeah, will be long to get all i had in the psp again T.T, dunno if they will add a new girl for this one.

    Also, with those scans i didnt see that much of a difference, i need to see a PV to learn about the new modes to see if i really want to get it and try to do it all again, because graphics in the pics just look like… cleaner, of course it looks better than psp, but, i would be 200% more interested if it was cheaper than normal psv games… Dont feel like paying so much to import something i played a lot before x.x

  • Himiko

    Ho ho I’m going to enjoy this. One thing that annoys me about pre 2010 VN’s is they end the route at the confession basically and there’s only a small epilogue.

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