The Entire Final Fantasy Series Condensed Into Three Memorial Ultimanias

By Spencer . November 28, 2012 . 1:39am

Square Enix’s Ultimania books are like encyclopedias with concept art, trivia, and developer interviews. Most modern Final Fantasy games already have their own Ultimania. For Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary, Square Enix is releasing three Memorial Ultimania books that chronicle the entire series from the Warrior or Light to Eorzea.


ff25-1 ff25-2ff-25th3 

Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Vol. 1 has 336 pages covering I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.

image image image 25012


Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Vol. 2 has 320 pages covering VII, VIII, and IX.

25017 25016 25014 25015


Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Vol. 3 has 336 pages covering X, XI, XII, XIII, and XIV.

25011 25010 25019 25018


The Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania series will be available on December 18. Each book costs 3,225 yen ($39).

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  • Azuardo

    Want so bad. Would do anything to have these translated.

  • Oh … my … god.

  • Whoomp

    Those look pretty sexy but since they would just be picturebooks without the Japanese knowledge to read the trivia and interviews so I will hold out for an English release. Not that it’s likely (at all) but it would be nice to get more of these kinds of books in English.

  • Alfy Masamune

    do want vol.1 and 2…….vol.3 though they can keep as those are all the games in the series that suck.

    • Syn

      Thats in ” your opinion” I presume. As for myself I found them all rather entertaining. Great collection though, would love to have that translated.

    • DCBlackbird

      12 was good only one to get a perfect score

    • asch999

      Opinions Opinions

    • almostautumn

      Yeah, that’s ridiculous. Go play 12 again without “loyalist” goggles and come back. It’s arguably the best video game ever made.

  • komiko12

    uhh.. what is this? volume 2 only covers 3 games?
    PS1 era must be their favorite.

    • Alfy Masamune

      those three games are the most popuar by far and that volume will sell alot more than the others.

      • Actually, in Japan, FFX is the most popular.

        The three PSX games just have a ton of material, particularily when you consider that the Compilation of FFVII includes three additional games, a movie, a couple OVAs, and two novels.

    • The first volume (that covers I-VI) has 6 games because they were hardly any concept art made for these at all. The third volume has games like XI and XIV which also suffer from too little concept art. So yeah, FF VII, VIII and IX got a lot of love from the designers at the time and thus get an entire volume all to themselves.

      • komiko12

        hardly any concept art?

        Yoshitaka Amano did lots of concept art for 1-6. FFI might have little concept art but FF2 and FF3 had some decent amount of art. FF4 and FF6 had a huge cast so they have many art for characters alone. And it seems they included SD art which FF5 has tons of. The original artwork for the classic summons are in FF3. Terra Branford had over 2 dozens of official art.

        And I really disagree with FFXI having little concept art. It’s a freakin’ MMO! It has the most content of any of the Final Fantasies. From NPCs, location and enemies, it has many things to choose from.

        I really think that the reason Volume 2 covers 7-9 is because it is their favorite. I think it is a pretty biased choice as they are celebrating FF’s 25th anniversary, so they should cover each of the main games fairly.

        • Yoshitaka Amano usually only does concept art after the games are already in the late production stage. I stand behind my words: there are hardly any concept art for the first 6 FF games, with FF 1 and 3 being exceptionaly low on art.

          Regarding FFXI – the thing with fetch quest is you don’t really need to draw concept art for those. And when you make your character you can change the way s/he looks so there is no point in showing concept art for those. You could, probably, fill an entire book with background drawings of this game and FFXIV, but the upcoming books are obviously more character oriented.

          • komiko12

            You know, if you really want to look for concept art for the first six FFs, you can find them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s made in the late production stage.

            You can see in the sample pictures above that there lots of things to show in Volume 1.

  • Will Ramza and FFT get his own book or what? :)

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Lol, Cloud’s image has the art of his crossdressing scene, I mean Miss Cloud

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Vol 2 will consist of 320 pages… and 316 of those will be telling us how great VII was while 2 pages will cover VIII and IX and then finally the remaining 2 pages will be the front and back page.

    … On a serious note, these are actually pretty cool. While I hope they get translated they probably won’t :l

    • komiko12

      I also get a feeling that ff7 would get more focus on vol 2. :(

      • I’m not so sure. When I went to the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event they had more concept art from FFVIII hanged up there than there was for FF VII. There really is no reason to give FF VII special treatment when choosing what drawings and scripts to add to an art book. FF VII didn’t look that good compared to the two next FFs.

    • Kerzie Wildrick

      any ways 8 was more popular than 7 in japan anyways i believe

  • DCBlackbird

    middle book is gonna get so worn out

  • DCBlackbird

    well it may be because they’re samples but i love how they dont mention each games respective spin off/sequel

  • I think this is a must read for me/FF series newbie lol. Do want in english.

  • MrRobbyM

    I gotta get suma dat XII art. Vol 3 is gonna be a necessary purchase for me..

  • akiko_sakuraba

    FINAL FANTASY IX FTW! And yes, except for 10, I don’t want that 3rd volume. XI, XII, XIII and XIV all sucked in my book, mostly because they really don’t count as Final Fantasies.

    • FINAL FANTASY IX FTW! And yes, except for 10, I don’t want that 3rd volume. XI, XII, XIII and XIV all sucked in my book, mostly because they really don’t count as Final Fantasies.

      I have no problem with your like or dislike of certain FF titles. However to say which you consider to be FF or not, I have to disagree. How can you say there are not? Yeah, certain titles may have a left dent on the reputation of the series, but if the game is chosen to be a part of the main series, just accept that it will either appeal to you or not.

    • Himiko

      They all count as Final Fantasies. That’s why they bare the name.

      • akiko_sakuraba

        Sigh. that’s why I said in MY BOOK. And those Final Fantasies after 10 completely changed the genre to appeal to action-loving American fans, making MANY previous fans take a distance.

        • Himiko

          I understand it’s in your opinion, but that is far from true. Each of those games are still very Japanese and take a very Japanese approach.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    ok, now this is really cool!
    I just love looking at the pieces of art and sketch of games, and see what could have been!


  • Himiko

    That XIII part! I need Vol. 3. Comes out 10 days before my birthday, too.

  • Lazulis

    6 FFs in vol 1, 3 in vol 2, 5 in vol 3…

    I’m assuming FF7 will include the spin offs and prequels, just cause…

    • Scarmiglione

      It makes sense in a sort of way, because they’re grouped together roughly based on how they play. And if the FF7 Compilation games made it into the Ultimania, then X-2, XIII-2 and The After Years would make it as well, and I doubt those are gonna be in there.

  • Gmoyajp

    In the NEW Generation said……..comments below. lol

  • revenent hell

    How bad is it that I want to get them all?..ugh im such a sucker for the artsy stuff

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I would get the books just for Tetsuya Nomura’s illustrations. They are pretty nice. I’ve never seen illustrations by the character designer from FF12 though.

  • alixraen

    Volume 4 – Tactics series, Crystal Chronicles series, Mystic Quest, Adventure and Unlimited.

  • Hmm… I think volume 2 should have included FFX, it’s fairly popular as the PSOne titles, I still felt the same vibe as it’s predecesors and the titles would look more balanced in between books but then again I guess they wanted to sort it per console releases and probably they’ll cover FFVII’s comp.

    Although if they will cover spin-offs, volume 3 probably will be pretty thick with X-2, XIII-2, Type-0 and the Ivalice games included… that if they actually include them but they did said the entire series are being presented, I will ask my money back if they don’t! …. Hahah, naw :P

  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Hmmm $40 actually isn’t too bad…
    I will definitely be considering this.

    Even if I decide not to get all of them I still might have to purchase the 3rd.

    Edit: That is if they come stateside lol.

  • Spencer, I think your description is a bit off. While they are called Ultimania for some reason these three books are art books, not encyclopedias. They will not have information on bosses, missions or items from the games. Instead they focus on concept art, character designs and the worlds created for those games.

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