G.rev Talks Under Defeat HD And Rising Star On About Bringing Shooters To The West

By Spencer . November 30, 2012 . 1:40pm


Rising Star Games is becoming the main shooter publisher in the West. They brought Dodonpachi Resurrection and Deathsmiles to Europe. Now, they are working with Senko no Ronde developer G.rev on Under Defeat HD. The helicopter shooter was originally released for Dreamcast and is available for PlayStation 3 with a brand new chopper exclusive to the Rising Star Games version.


How did Rising Star Games get in touch with G.Rev?


Hiroyuki Maruyama, G.rev CEO: When we began to consider the international release of Under Defeat HD, we approached several foreign publishers. We already had established contact with many of them in the past, but Rising Star Games had always stood out as a company that we felt would be able to appreciate and understand our games. As we knew they proactively sold and promoted shoot’em ups and other hardcore Japanese titles, we eventually decided to cooperate with RSG.


Can you tell us the process G.Rev goes through when designing a level? How do you map out enemies and bullet patters to make a game exciting without being frustrating.


HM: The process differs depending on the game, but typically we build a general model of the game environment and work on figuring out a tempo for the game in its entirety. Once we have a solid idea on that, we begin manipulating details and fine-tune each section. In addition, if it is an arcade game, we must consider the length of game play (per coin). We will take data at the location tests and make adjustments to the difficulty accordingly.


How does the new chopper play in Under Defeat HD compared to the old one?


HM: The VKL6.02, exclusive to the RSG release, is probably somewhere between the original and the VKL7.04(V)W in terms of strength. We selected this model, for one reason, because we thought fans of the game would enjoy using one of the game’s enemy mechs as their chopper. It uses an independent option, but instead of having the smaller gun turrets that the original had, the VKL6.02 features homing missiles that create a different dynamic to the game. It will probably take a few runs through the game to understand how to use them effectively, but hope that gamers will enjoy that process.




Rising Star Games have been bringing a lot of shooters to the West. Are you looking at picking up more titles from G.rev or Cave?


Yen Hau, Product Marketing Manager, Rising Star Games: We are continually looking to bring titles to the west that our fans want to play, irrespective of the genre. If the demand is big enough we will look into it, and although we can’t always do it, we will try our best to do so.


While shooters used to be a popular genre in the 80s, shooters almost vanished from the marketplace. In Rising Star’s opinion, is the genre growing, shrinking? Has it reached its peak?


YH: Shooters are a niche genre now, that is undeniable, but we see it as an alternative to FPS’ on the market today and feel there is a potential for it to continue growing.


What do you think can make the shooter genre more popular?


YH: I think in today’s age of online gaming we must explore ways of integrating it into shooters. I’m not talking about just online leaderboards, but the full-fat competitive online gaming experience that makes FPS’ so popular.


Is Rising Star Games working with Toybox on any future titles aside from Deadly Premonition and Project Happiness?


YH: We have a very strong relationship with Wada-san and Kanazawa-san, the founders of Toybox, and wouldn’t think twice about working with them on other projects.




Since Rising Star’s base is in Europe, how does the European market compare to the US one when it comes to bringing Japanese games to the West?


YH: I don’t think there is any differentiation between European and US fans of Japanese games. We are all fans of the ‘genre’ and want to see the same games released. It is this support that has made our move into the US market so smooth and we are humbled by the amount of goodwill towards us on both sides of the pond.

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  • What about Kokuga? That would be a very ideal one for Rising Star to bring to NA/EU.

  • Göran Isacson

    I’m just here to give Rising Star a big thumbs up in general. We SHMUPfans may be few and far between, but for those who still exist you are doing awesome work. Just… all of the thumbs. All of them up.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I really love the fact that there still quite some number of developers and publishers that dare to take the risk of developing and publishing SHUMP game.

    While the market for this game has been shrinking indeed, there are still some fans like me and the others who like this game. I hope they will keep pumping out more Shump game for the fans.^_^

    • Peeka Chu

      I just love that there is a growing market of niche publishers brining this sort of content West.

      • TrevHead

        The big shame is that most shmup releases aren’t all that successful. I often get the feeling that Rising Star Games desperatly want shmups like Akai Katana and Dodonpachi to sell the numbers these deep and original games deserve, but they continue to be ignored by gamers in general.

        Just look at many of the comments on Destructiods Under Defeat PS3 review. Usually its along the lines of “It looks fun but because Sine Mora is a $15 PSN every other shmup should be the same price.”

        It’s rather annoying when you consider so many PS3 owners have been moaning all the shmups are 360 exclusive for years.

        • FetusZero

          And while Sine Mora is a good game in its own respect, it isn’t even comparable to games like Dodonpachi and the likes, or even many doujin PC shmups. I’ve always seen Sine Mora as a purely aesthetic game, kind of like Crysis. It looks absolutely gorgeous and builds a reputation due to this, but that’s about all it has.

          These people should check how much it costs us to import a region-free X360 shmup from CAVE.. maybe they’d stop complaining about Under Defeat HD’s price.

  • TrevHead

    RSG are awesome, I hope Underdefeat is a sucess for them and Grev.

    I also like the idea of a online MP shmup that brings the SP competative player base together. Twinkle Star Sprites maybe?

  • Alex Cattaneo

    Thx a lot rising star games for NOT making this game digital only i got your under defeat DAY1 and its awesome!!

  • I really got to grab this soon. The holiday season is just so crowded but I love its price so it is high up on my list!

  • Very cool interview, thanks Spencer.

    I also second Kokuga and for the long term, Border Down HD.

  • Chris Cruz

    A company RSG should take notice in; EDELWEISS. Has anyone tried out the recent c83 demo for Astebreed. That game is BEAUTIFUL!

    • ninjapresident

      Thankfully, Nyu Media has good relations with them, and has already localized a few of their previous titles. Odds are, we’ll see Astebreed localized.

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    I have a question. Why did you screw over 360 owners by not giving us Under Defeat HD?

  • brian

    I’m surprised this article is still in that front page thing with article excerpts.

  • I want Saidaioujou so badly…I’d give up on almost any other localization just to have the final DDP game. Crossing fingers & toes.

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