Ninja Theory Looking At DmC Devil May Cry Demo Feedback

By Ishaan . November 30, 2012 . 10:00am

Capcom held a DmC Devil May Cry fan Q&A this morning with Ninja Theory’s Dom Matthews. During the Q&A, Matthews fielded a number of rapid-fire questions from fans regarding various aspects of the game, including the recent demo and feedback received from it. Take a look at questions and answers below:


What is the reason for removing the manual lock?

We wanted to build a system that didn’t rely on manual lock. That was a decision made very early on by Capcom and ourselves.


“We wanted to build a system that didn’t rely on manual lock” Can you elaborate on this? Explain the rationale?

On the lock-on, I fully understand that people miss it, but it isn’t something that is in the game. We’ve worked hard to make an auto lock-on system that works really well, and I’m confident that with time it is something that you’ll adapt to. But I reiterate, I hear you.


Will there be an official soundtrack?

Keep your eye out for announcements on this. There will be some cool versions of the music coming out.


Why is the PS3 version hardly capable of running?

I think that is a massive overstatement. We’ve worked very hard to optimize the game on both platforms and we’re happy to see that the majority of feedback on the demo has been that it feels smooth.


Are you guys still making tweaks and adjustments to final game? Some awesome players posted great notes and feedback from their sessions with the demo that would make the game even more great.

We are of course looking at feedback, but I hope you can appreciate at this time I don’t have anything concrete that I can talk about in terms of reacting to it. It’s been very pleasing to see that a lot of people have liked the demo, but we recognise that people have opinions of how they think it could be even better.


Why there aren’t taunts with the select button like the other DMCs?

We just didn’t think they fitted with this DmC. It was a creative decision.


Why is Dante locked in most attacks for excessive amounts of time? This the reverse of what previous DMCs have done.

Why is Dante locked into moves: He’s not for the most part, but when he is the attacks are typically more powerful. Its a risk reward thing. If you start a move that you’re locked into you better know its going to land.

(Note: cancellation plays a heavy role in DmC Devil May Cry’s combat.)


Will there be ways to upgrade the duration of Devil Trigger beyond the Crosses?

Yes, you can upgrade the Devil Trigger.


Is the game 20 missions? Please no puzzles and repeating stage areas.

There is no repeating like there is in DMC4.


Dom, there’s still new weapons to be revealed?

Yes, there are weapons that haven’t been officially revealed yet .

We haven’t shown all of the weapons yet, so far we have shown Rebellion, 2 angel weapons and 2 demon weapons. Plus 2 firearms.


Was there any specific reason for having two different currencies in the game, Upgrade Points and Red Orbs? Just to make sure you weren’t short on cash for upgrades and items, or what?

You buy consumables with Red Orbs, Upgrade Points are for upgrading.


The upgrades are basically new moves or can we make the main weapons stronger than what they are?

You can buy new moves and upgrade them as well.


Is there gonna be multiplayer features? I’m thinking about leaderboards.

Yes there will be leaderboards, but no other multiplayer functionality.


Will Dante stop swearing and act like a real Dante by the end of the game?

When the game starts Dante has nothing to live for, no family, nothing. He has nothing to care for. When he finds Vergil, things change.


Perhaps I’ve been missing stuff but where is the game actually set? I notice Dante has the UK flag on his jacket.

To set the record straight on the Union Flag. This has nothing to do with us being a UK studio. It is part of Dante’s punk/rebellion inspired look. Union Flags were a key image of the punk movement.


Dom, are Ebony and Ivory useful in this game, in the demo they seem ineffective.

We’re looking at feedback from the demo, but there is nothing concrete I can say right now.


So I heard the demo was based off an older build of the game, Is this true?

The demo is built at a time when work is still continuing on the main game, yes.


Enemies are a little easy at the moment. Will they be made more relentless on the harder difficulties, as I’m finding it a breeze to score SSS in the demo on Son of Sparda difficulty.

What you saw in the demo is really just a taste of the lower tier demons. They get a lot harder.


How much did we see already in terms of enemy variety?

There are a lot more enemies to see, the demo really just has a few. The enemies also switch up tactics on the harder difficulties.


With the Eryx, can you charge each step in the combo, like having an entire three-step combo of all charged punches?

Yes, you can charge different steps of the combo.


Can you tell us anything about why the Unreal Engine was chosen?

We chose Unreal because we have a lot of experience with it, we felt it could achieve what we wanted (with quite a lot of modification) and it allowed us to get started quickly with actually making the game.


Dom, is it possible to play as Vergil in the main campaign?

No plans at present.


How many pages did your game design document end up being?

Good question. A GDD a such is really only a starting point. We have so much information and planning on DmC it’s unreal. We also have over 1000 pieces of concept art, probably closer to 2000.


Is it possible for you guys to check the collisions in the walls? I mean, in the demo, sometimes when you try to juggle an enemy for an aerial rave, they get stuck in the walls even if the wall is in absolute vertical position…

We have put a lot of QA into game, but no game is perfect. We’ve made best efforts to minimise collision issues and I’m confident these issues are few and far between.


Are you guys open to releasing an art book or collection of concept pieces in the future?

Yes, I think you’ll see the art in a number of ways. There is actually a lot to be unlocked in the game. But it would be great to have it one book or even at an exhibition.


DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America. A PC version will follow at a later date.

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  • Let it begin!

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Wanna share popcorn?

      • Damarius Wingfield

        Popcorn *Drools*.

        • Hey! Drool on your own popcorn!

      • Thk. Want some potato chips?

        • ಠ_ಠ

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            This is not what it looks like!

        • OatMatadoQuatro

          I’ll take a potato chip… and eat it!

    • Robert Leonardi

      is it caramel or butter popcorn ? *q*

  • I like the manual lock-on system.

    • KingRuff

      Yeah I never found any problems with being able to track what I am attacking, but that’s just me.

      • Sephzilla

        I personally had a ton of problems with the soft-lock system in the demo. It troubles me because it was with relatively small groups of enemies too. Imagine what will happen when larger groups of enemies come around or groups that have one more important target you need to focus on versus smaller punching bags.

    • The major advantage of the manual lock-on was that it puts the player and the locked-on target in a 2D plane. Meaning the player can do directional inputs. Like back+attack for High Time or forward+attack for Stinger and countless other combinations with different weapons and styles. In DmC if you watch the trailer with the training mode all the inputs are YYYY*YYYY YYYY YYYY BBBBB BBBB B*BBBBB BBBBB.

      Also in pretty much every gameplay trailer you can see Donte miss the grab/pull or Stinger in the wrong direction.

  • Steve Baltimore

    Dear Ninja Theory thanks for making Heavenly Sword 2.0 since I didn’t buy that cause God of War is better think I will just skip this as well.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Lol how classy of you so cute /sarcasm

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Honestly, I can name about 10 ways that Heavenly Sword was better than this.

  • I quite enjoyed the demo. While not as smooth or brutal as Ninja Gaiden (which, aside from 3, is my gold standard for action games) it was still very well put together. I’m very excited to be picking this up in January and cannot wait to see what else is in store for us in the main game.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “Please no puzzles”
    My feelings regarding Resident Evil gameplay.

    • Nitraion

      Hmm we so reverse Puzzle is the reason why i play RE series Lol….
      and i think they remove it since 4…..
      my comment on RE now “please no more silly action”

    • Rohan Viajar

      RE was all about the survival and puzzles.
      wat chu talkin’ bout willis?

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    I heard some things that actually gave me some hope. I was afraid what I played (the demo) was what was from a current build. That explains why there was a lot of bugs in the demo. I’m still a little iffy though….

  • IceTheRetroKid

    Ya know since Heavenly Sword > the repetition of DMC4 and obviously better than DMC2, and I enjoyed the demo more than most things in DMC2/DMC4, I say we’re pretty much guarenteed a game better than at least half the series. Just food for thought.

    • KingRuff

      In your own opinion of course.

    • So, uh. “The demo was better than the worst game in the series.” and “The demo didn’t have DMC4’s repeated areas/bosses, but no comment on DMC4’s amazing combat, visuals, and characters”?

      Well. That’s a thing you can say, I suppose.

      • Asura

        DMC4 had amazing characters? ****ing WHAT!?

      • bigevilworldwide

        DMC4 had amazing characters???? I must have missed that version of the game…It’s not even a full game it’s half a game played twice. There was nothing interesting about anyone in that game either. DMC4 showed exactly why it needed a reboot

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Being better than DMC2 is a very low bar to go over. I’d actually say they’re probably about even.

      • drexxia

        judging by what comes after this demo i’d even go better replay the dmc2….

  • kangms872


  • daviddang

    interviewer was a massive asshole

    • It wasn’t a single guy. This was a fan Q&A.

    • KingRuff

      The first paragraph explicitly stated,”Matthews fielded a number of rapid fire questions from fans” This is why you read everything and not skip to the parts you hate.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    “Why is the PS3 version hardly capable of running?”

    That is harsh, it only dropped frames during cutscenes! Want an UE3 that can barely run? Try The Last Remnant on the 360.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I hope they look at the actual valid feedback and not the “hurr why does this play like Heavenly Sword??” crap.

    • Why isn’t that valid feedback if it does play like Heavenly Sword?

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Because it doesn’t. The only thing they have in common are the facial animations. The gameplay is nothing alike. Something like “The score meter is too easy to max out” is valid. Bandwagon insults aren’t.

        • Sephzilla

          So using the exact same “this enemy is this color, use this weapon” system that Heavenly Sword used isn’t valid?

  • SirRichard

    “We just didn’t think they fitted with this DmC. It was a creative decision.”

    But he’s willing to slap a can out of a fat man’s hand with a witty shot and have swearing matches with ancient demons? Taunting enemies seems to come naturally from that, seeing as he’s doing in cutscenes already.

    Kind of feel sorry for him, must’ve been like getting lowered into a tank of piranhas, though some of them are legitimate concerns. I hope they do try and polish the game up a bit before release, even just fixing the PS3’s cutscenes.

    • Nitraion

      Yeah..If you think about…. The reason doesn’t make sense…
      but maybe if they did include it will be more swearing come out lol….

      • Makapixel

        Taunting was also not just cosmetic in DMC of old it also raised your devil trigger. They should include it. It’s a very risk vs reward type of move. They could put it on the movement stick button.

        • Cameron Alt

          I’ve played all 4 and I don’t recall taunting to ever have the ability to raise the DT gauge; all it did was get the enemies to attack you. Though to be honest I never really used the taunts that much so I can’t say for sure. But I do like your idea! :)

          • Makapixel

            It raises the devil trigger meter when you taunt successfully as well as your rank(not a full grade or anything)

          • It raises devil trigger and style meter if you use it right. Also you can cancel out of taunts easy. There’s no reason not to have taunt in DmC. Spider-man shoots web, Dante taunts demons. That’s how it goes.

    • yeah what was that can slap… i miss the old DMC cut scenes that were over-the-top action masterpieces, now we get some horrible slap-stick crap and an arrogant little chump that slaps cans out of peoples hands??? ugh.

      Bring back the taunt and the awesome cut-scenes…

  • Domii

    Good lord those fans asking the questions were rough lol.

    Also, “Is the game 20 missions? Please no puzzles and repeating stage areas.”

    **There is no repeating like there is in DMC4.

    Hell yeah!!!

    • neogeno

      I actually prefer that to happen more often. Especially when the game is advertised like its the second coming of Christ.

      And I don’t mean just for DmC.

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    I can’t WAIT to get this game. One, I need the art book. Two, I need to pre-order to play as Vergil. And Lastly, I hope they at least think about give Dante one of his classic cloaks

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Just cruising the seas of Siliconera with the resident cat boy up in the crow’s nest.

  • Spirit Macardi

    At this point I find it hard to muster any emotion over the game, since no matter what happens it’s going to be a losing scenario. If the game does well then we’re going to see more like this, and if it doesn’t then Capcom will probably just can the series altogether rather than go back to the old ways.

    All I pray is that they don’t do the same thing to Viewtiful Joe or Onimusha.

    • Nitraion

      Oh man don’t…… especially onimusha that will be weird…..==”

  • ToshiChan

    “Will Dante stop swearing and act like a real Dante by the end of the game?”

    Please. After that boss battle dialogue I just wanted to punch Dante.

    Though I can see this being problematic since most people are like “he’s never going to be the real Dante”.

    • As Dom said he was still a bit of a douche at that point, but he also said he grows to understand his true purpose in all of this and becomes more like the other Dante.

      • ToshiChan

        That wasn’t being a douche, no, that was just immature.

        • Cameron Alt

          -_- DMC 3 Dante was no different, just saying.

          • ToshiChan

            He had asinine fuck you shouting matches with demons?

          • Spirit Macardi

            DMC 3 Dante was a goof who never took anything seriously, but he wasn’t a jerk.

  • eilegz

    here its your feedback

    not bad but not good neither….

  • sandra10

    “Why is the PS3 version hardly capable of running?”

    He obviously never played Enslaved. Optimization for the PS3 version was its biggest issue but it’s disappointing that they haven’t ironed out that issue by now. Probably should have used Heavenly Sword’s engine instead.

    • Bloodios

      They said it’s required a lot of time and efforts in order update that engine, and it’s simpler to switch to UE3. Really though, DmC would be even crappier if they have to waste their time on that. And really, since Heavenly Sword is exclusive to the PS3, it’s the only platform they have to focus their optimization on, so of course it turned out okay. Even then, since we don’t any other version of Heavenly Sword for comparison anyway, it is uncertain that the game actually is as good as it could be…

      Some devs can produce excellent on the PS3, but there are lots of others who simply aren’t capable of doing that, and Ninja Theory is obviously one of those. So, really, there shouldn’t be any “if this” or “they should’ve done that”. They simply can’t do it, it’s a fact and since complaining about it obviously doesn’t change crud, just accept it. Words are practically useless, use the wallet in place of those.

  • Fub Frank

    Good feedback and it is funny how many times I read or heard people say in youtube videos that the demo was a current build. When there was actually no info on that.

  • Pierce

    Taunting seems like a natural thing for someone so nonchalant that he gives the bird to any and everything that is big enough to eat him. Thought the demo was solid on PS3. It’s not DMC3 but it feels better than alot of other action games. Two evade buttons and no lock on are kinda lame though.

    • Makapixel

      not to stand up for it or anything but having 2 dodges works because when you have to hold either the L or R trigger you can dodge with the opposite trigger button. If there was only one dodge it would be very difficult if you were holding the same trigger as that dodge button.

      • That’s a pretty legit reason. But I think people can equally get used to a lock-on button with R1 and evade with L1. A much better solution should be locking on to an enemy with a button press ala Kingdom Hearts. It probably won’t interfere with the auto lock-on features already implemented except the guns, but what matters is having a sort of focus. It’s a brilliant solution if you ask me.

        • Makapixel

          *Disclaimer I am 6’4″ so my hands are fairly big*
          Well imagine this scenario and tell me how you feel about it. Ok so you are holding the angel trigger, and the lock on button(lets say it’s L1) That’s already 2 fingers you need to use which means the only fingers to support the controller on the left side are your ring finger and your pinky. For me this is not comfortable. So now you are holding at the very least 2 buttons so add jumping, attacking, shooting, dodging, MOVING and CAMERA at anyone time. Also you can’t predict when you will have to hold upwards of 5+ buttons at once and be moving and control the camera AAAAAAND something that people over look is that in the full game the dpad is used to shift your melee weapons and guns. In real time!

          So now you are dealing with so many held buttons it’s making my hands hurt. If you are holding 2 L triggers and need to use the dpad Gooooood luck. If you are holding 2 R triggers and trying to use buttons Gooooood luck. I personally have to raise my thumb in order to have the ball of it rest on the control stick. I do not like controlling games below that thumb area and certainly not on the joint. I cannot even access all of the dpad holding 2 L triggers. Well not without huge discomfort.

          I COULD DO IT! It’s entirely possible.

          It’s a great way to quickly wear away the cartilage between the bones of your fingers. I mean if you are into that sort of thing…

          One more thing. I seriously hate the L and R buttons(triggers feel alright) and I certainly wouldn’t want to be holding them for any duration of time. This is why they work well as a dodge button. You quickly tap it and get on with your life. I believe Capcom and Ninja Theory recognized this flaw with modern controllers.

          I’m not against lock-on but with the added trigger weapons it won’t work well. Nothing is mapped to the control stick button so maybe that would work. It could really only be a click lock on though unless you like having added pressure on the joints of your thumb from constantly applying force to the control stick button.

          Dammit ok last thing. If there was a lockon who is to say it would work any better than soft lock on. If you wanted to bring an enemy forward that was behind another enemy and you used a lock on command it would still try to lock on the enemy in front. How could it possibly differentiate between the two? With soft lock on you can sort of direct where you want to go using the control stick. If I want to pull an enemy from under me I just hold down on the control stick. Works well enough. Lock on in games is more of a band-aid than a fix.

          I can think of about 10 different ways to get lock on into the game but other aspects would have to be changed or removed in order to do implement them.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            You’re right about the reason for two dodge buttons and the issues that would arise if they made one for lock-on. I think the reason people want some sort of lock on is that it allows for different types of moves, you can be locked on to a target and do directional attacks. Hopefully the game’s switching of weapons and unlockable combos prevent it from getting old but i can see how a lock on could add to combo possibilities. At the same time you might venture into territory with complex issues if you throw a lock on on top of the current system they developed. So i say maybe consider it for the sequel, it’s not a major loss for me. Not having a lockon lets me switch targets very easily, which is important for some attacks. They did a good job implementing the soft lock on, after getting used to it, it doesn’t hinder my playstyle at all.

          • While I do share my sympathy with your difficulty holding the controller, the lock-on command that I mentioned would give you more finger room, and with it, less controls to prioritize and hold onto. Just remember that one button is a dodge and you can prioritize the trigger buttons like it ain’t no thing.

            If I can make one difference, take Nero fro example. I don’t remember ever grabbing an enemy that’s in the way of the enemy I’m trying to grab. I did think twice after my post, that the Orion grapples should hit the enemy it targets, period, among several weapon skills that have some tracking to em. Some would call this “taking” from Kingdom Hearts and I have one thing to say to them: Malicious.

  • a b

    i played the ps3 demo i had zero problems , no slow down, no frame tare drop , nohing.

  • Wig

    Gotta love people complaining about the writing quality as if the original games had it.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Well the third was entertaining.
      “Foolishness Dante!Foolishness!Without power you cant save anybody!Not even yourself!”
      compared to a f u contestXD
      The DmC story has potential but the demo hasnt really showed it

      • Fub Frank

        I think people are really blowing the fuck you part way out of proportion considering the rest of the demo I don’t even think he cursed. It was only that fight itself.

    • Sephzilla

      There’s a difference between intentionally stupid and unintentionally stupid.

      DMC1/3/4 = Intentionally stupid
      DmC = Unintentionally stupid (so far)

      • Spirit Macardi

        Exactly. The original series was meant to be silly and campy. There was a great sense of self-awareness about it, even in the casting (Dante, Vergil, and Nero all being voiced/mo-capped by former Power Rangers crew). It was just good old wacky fun x3

        • I don’t think that was “self-awareness” as much as the fact that they are – respectively – a stuntman, an actor, and a martial artist. The kind of people you want for motion capture.

          • Spirit Macardi

            I dunno, especially when you consider that “Nero” means “black,” and then think about which Ranger his actor first portrayed x3

            Even if it was nothing more than coincidence, it’s still funny in an incredibly meta way.

          • An uncanny coincidence, I won’t deny that. I’m not sure that’s the reason JYB was chosen though. Especially considering he can fight, act and voice-act; as far as efficiency goes, he’s pretty much a value deluxe package for a game like DMC4. Which, I would think, would take precedence as an incentive for hiring him.

          • He’s a value package for any game, let’s be honest. Bonus points if he’s paired up with characters voiced by Stephanie Sheh or Michelle Ruff.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Double bonus if he’s with Yuri Lowenthal.

          • Spirit Macardi

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

            I just really get the feeling that if there was a DMC 5 we’d probably see Jason David Frank appearing in the cast XD

          • Well, I wouldn’t object to that either.

    • did you copy this from another article here? i remember reading something similar.

  • PersonaBull

    I can say I actually did enjoy the gameplay. It was a little wonky to get used to, but it actually flowed a bit better than I thought it would with my own reflexes. I especially liked playing Spiderman with the little cherub guys.

    The dialogue is a whole other story, unfortunately. I’m not expecting much with the plot, but the silly banter was always entertaining in the older series. The dialogue in the demo seemed pretty forced at times, and just wow at the shouting match between Dante and the demo boss. I’ll be watching and waiting on this one, but I’ll most likely pick it up eventually. It was decent enough to give it a shot.

  • As a wise man once said, any action game worth its salt uses its own custom engine. Of course, said action games also run at 60 FPS and aren’t made by NT. But I’m sure DmC will change all that!

    • Makapixel

      It doesn’t run at 60 fps because current consoles can’t handle it. It will run 60 fps on the pc. And I hope it get’s ported to the Wii U and also runs at 60 fps

      • Shiki01

        No it doesn’t run at 60 fps because they used the unreal engine for current consoles. Had platinum games made it and they didn’t use the unreal engine the game would’ve easily been 60 fps for consoles as well.

        • Makapixel

          That’s debatable.

          • Shiki01

            No it’s not the unreal engine for consoles doesn’t really run all that great and only be done in 30 fps for consoles. The last 4 DMC were all 60 fps. A lot of the old DMC staff now works for platinum games however they’re working on MGS:R right now.

            Which btw get this runs at 60 fps. So yes clearly platinum games has more experience with action games than NT. Platinum games even said they’d be interested in making a DMC as well but obviously it’d be up to capcom to let them.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            A lot of the old dmc staff are at capcom working on this very game….MGR is 60fps but the game is visually awful. They couldn’t reconcile the MGS style with platinum’s particle effects and colors so they just made it really drab. It was originally just disgustingly ugly now it’s just drab. So they can’t really be compared.

          • Shiki01

            Only the small staff the major ones are at platinum games. You think the new DMC is better visually? It has more color but that’s really about it.

          • Richard N

            Graphics are kinda Subjective. Some people will undoubtly prefer the darker gothic style compared to the gritty surreal look of DmC. Which is pretty kewl in it’s own merit.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            MGR originally looked hideous. It looks a lot better now but whether you like one or the other isn’t really relevant to judging how much work went into each style. I’m not an expert but there is a hell of a lot more going on in dmc visually than MGR so it’s not exactly a fair comparison.

      • DMC 1,2,3 ran at 60 fps on the PS2 how can PS3 and 360 not run at 60 fps when Tekken games, Bayonetta and DMC4 can run it fine.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Ps3 version sucking?
    I must be blind didnt saw that when I was playing the demo…
    The demo showed me that I wont buy DmC.
    Its an good action game but not a good Devil May Cry.
    I remember starting the demo and seeing Vergil talking about Sparda and Eva.
    They showed those weird pictures and that street sign with “Happy Family” on it.
    Reminded me some how of Bakemonogatari,but I liked that,a sign the story could be good.
    Then the level started and I heard for the first time the german dub…You think english Dante sucks?At least he tries!The German VA sounds bored,just reading his script.After that the Boss conversation.
    F u,f u,fuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaar
    And the priceless line:
    “I will rip out your head s..t in it and p..s on your lifeless body!”
    said by the ugliest Succubus ever…I miss Morrigan and Lilith XD
    Well Ninja Theory is know for there beautiful enviroment and good story(I think)but if the gameplay already feels dull and boring compared to the prequels…

    • GreekGod88

      “Its an good action game but not a good Devil May Cry.”

      thats exactly how i felt. And i just dont see the point in buying DmC full price when combat is a complete letdown for DMC standard..
      i ll get it maybe someday used for 20€

  • Robert Leonardi

    hmmm this or ni no ku ni… thanks to the demo, i’m veering more towards ni no ku ni …., and no can’t buy both, black friday punched a huge hole in my wallet

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      DEFINITELY Ni No Kuni. That shouldn’t even be a question.

      • brian

        TRUE THAT, this looks like it could end up surprising people by being high quality but Ni no Kuni has infinite more promise than a game like this.

      • Elvick

        Yup. If it sells well, we can get more! :D

        I doubt DmC will go anywhere.

    • British_Otaku

      Ni no Kuni’s Limited Edition. The content in it will be difficult to find in the future, versus a DLC pack which is free with preorders, but DmC will get cheaper and cheaper.

    • If you’re really curious just get DmC when its in the $5 bargain bin.

  • aaqibrawat

    I took this comment from destructoid….

    Reviewers will be able to call this game out for the shit that it is after defending it for so long, some to the point where it seems they are being paid off. There are numerous videos already breaking down the demos gameplay and why it is broken, or just plain not good. The shoddy framerate during cutscenes,

    the presentation, the horrendous writing, the awkward controls that don’t always work, the lack of a lock on and thus a lose in quite a bit of control, the overpowered scythe, the slow, but also overpowered axe,

    the fact that the guns are all but useless now, the broken and seemingly meaningless platforming, the ability to get a triple S rank within two or three attacks, the parry being absolutely useless and the list can really go on. Personally, I could see where it could be enjoyable, but by no means would I consider this a good game, especially when comparing it to the much deeper, more responive, and better presented Devil May Crys 1,3, and 4.

    Also, when you are comparing this to the better action games that are already out there and cheaper, or the even better ones coming out, that are also cheaper(anarchy reigns already looks better and has been well received in japan), why would anyone ever opt to spend $64.19 on this downgrade other then being a mindless Ninja Theory fan boy.

    Also, if you need any further proof check out this video.
    This man is able to break down the DmC demo to the tee.

    Now mind you I get that this is still a demo, that maybe they will balance the weapons and make the enemies actually attack you in the final version, but even then it wouldn’t make this game worth the investment.

    They have made the game more casual in every sense, and I hate to see one of my favorite IP’s go that direction, as do many others. I’d hate to see the game succeed due to a few high strung journalist giving the game a 8-9 simply because they were paid off, or to proud to admit they were wrong(and yes, ultimately these people and websites do affect a games sales greatly) and then watch future games follow this ones formula of sub par gameplay.

    There is more then enough evidence in the demo alone to show that this is not a DMC game, rather, it’s a cheap knock off using the name. At this point though, I’m pretty sure Devil May Cry is dead… if the game does well we’ll get DmC2, if it doesn’t Capcom will blame the fans and put the IP on the shelves. It’s a rough spot we’re in.

    • Summary: “I can’t think for myself, so I copy-pasted this comment from someone else who hates this game.”

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Dang nabbit, Ishaan — and here I was going to ask what he himself thought of the demo after he had played it.

        • Sephzilla

          Thinking glass half full, maybe he picked it because someone else worded it better than he would have?

          • If that’s the case, I’d rather he not have posted at all. I mean, we like to maintain some kind of standard around here, you know? Copy-pasting other people’s comments without any thoughts of your own is just so lazy.

          • Sephzilla

            True that, I’m not fond of it either, like I said just looking at it glass half full

          • John Diamond

            copy and pasting the comment doesn’t change the content of it in the first place, nor does it make the point less valid, and imo it makes a good addition to the constructive criticism made in this post.

            It may be lazy, but all you’re doing is simply avoiding the points he’s making by pointing out the laziness in copying and pasting the comment (or in other words, ad hominiem).

            Hell by your logic posting videos down so as to make a point rather than typing it down is lazy

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Trust me, there is no avoiding any of these posts. It also must be understood that the loudest voices are not the only voices, and that someone screaming does not mean a quieter one can not find enjoyment.

          • Well there’s alot of truth to what said comment. No plagiarism involved since there is acknowledgment of a source material. Now that the cat is out of the box I guess you won’t have to say
            “Play before complaining” since you know we already played it.

          • AaqibRawat

            Thank you for your comment. that is pretty much why i did it.
            i could have just liked somebody’s comment on the comments (^^ )we all seem to be saying the same thing.

        • AaqibRawat

          Hi the demo was playable but it was no way up to scratch.

          The bar is very high for a dmc title.

          i did not like the script

          pulling the environment and pulling up to the environment was annoying.

          I managed to get a a S rank in my first combo the combat has really been simplified

          guns are pretty useless

          not a fan of the music so i switched it of.

          the environment moving was a little lame.

          the game just does not add anything new like the previous dmc games did.

          There is no innovation………..

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Thanks for the response. While that poster may have said similar things, you have concerns which are not his, and I appreciate hearing them. You also provided far more support than the posts which have led us to be so vigilant in these threads.

          • Makapixel

            Shooting enemies that block will force them out of block. If you ever try to pull and enemy toward you and they don’t get pulled that is the reason why. You need to shoot them first.

          • They do serve a purpose, but as of right now they are pretty useless in the grand scheme of things.

          • Makapixel

            And the grand scheme of things is what exactly? Sure on Human difficulty you will probably never have to use your guns but on higher difficulties enemies block a lot more.

            By grand scheme of things do you mean this demo. As of right now that is all you have to go by.

            Anyway the way they can make guns relevant is to lower your rank(points whatever) when you attack a blocking enemy. And likewise raise your rank(points whatever) when you shoot a blocking enemy more than it would if you shot a non blocking enemy.

            They could call it cock block when you attack a blocker. And they could call it uncock block when you shoot an enemy out of blocking. Who cares really it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things anyway.

          • You’ve got a lot of cool ideas. It’s too bad NT doesn’t have the imagination you do.

          • Makapixel

            Hah thanks man!

      • AaqibRawat

        this person worded what i wanted to say better.

        i don’t hate the game i dislike it.

        my summary for you could be ” He dislikes this game so i will post a narky comment”

        Peoples opinions on this game just seem to be negative rather then positive.

        i gave the game a chance and it did not pull through sorry i guess

      • Guest

        wow Ishaan…

    • Makapixel

      I only want to reply to one thing in this. The slow but overly powerful axe. Uh duh. Should it have been slow and weak or should it have been fast and powerful? You wouldn’t even use any other weapon if that was the case.

  • Sephzilla

    Simple thoughts on the demo. Better than Heavenly Sword or Enslaved but not as good as any of the previous DMC titles (except maybe 2, which isn’t a really big vote of confidence).

    The controls feel pretty counter-intuitive, alot of things that were simple button presses in old DMC games are now multi-button functions. The voice acting sounded really bad, everybody sounded like they didn’t care. The dialogue they were speaking wasn’t any better, too much stupid cursing for the simple sake of having it in there. Dante in general was just unlikable The lack of a proper lock on system was an issue for me, Dante would spontaneously change targets (this will probably be a bigger issue in the full game).

    • Makapixel

      How the heck in any world is DMC1 better than DmC(btw I hate that format to differentiate this title)

      Honestly I’m curious to know your answer. Perhaps we can discuss it.

      Also I somewhat agree about the controls being somewhat counter intuitive but once you get used to it it feels a lot better than the old DMC games. At first it’s like trying to make same rotation air circles with both your hands fingers or trying to pat your stomach while rubbing your head. It just takes practice. I really sucked right out of the box but it clicked eventually.

      • AaqibRawat

        i really like the pace of the original you slowly become more powerful DT shotgun grenade launcher Alastor

  • JustSomeGuy

    The demo sucks.

    • You look like you’re new around here. I’d appreciate it if you could read our posting rules and guidelines:

      (Specifically the part about backing up negativity with reasoning.)


  • Jon Jacob Black

    Am I the only one here that enjoyed the demo a bit? Kinda feels like it..

    • Draparde

      My friend seemed to enjoy the demo quite abit, and he was a huge fan of the original games. if that helps :p

  • Göran Isacson

    Have to admit, I was kinda dissapointed to see that it ran much smoother and with less graphical hiccups on Xbox 360 videos than on PS3. A problem Enslaved had and that I seriously hoped would have improved here.

    I am tentative, I have to admit. Hella tentative. The writing is bad in a non-funny way, but I’ve some hopes left that they can improve to regular DMC-level if they do admit that this Dante needs to grow up and be… well. Less of what he is right now. But I do like that he’s set out to improve on DMC4’s stages. They were gorgeous, in some ways more interesting looking than DmC (who are very detailed yes but all the city environments I’ve seen so far look pretty samey to me), but repeating several levels was NOT entertaining. I do miss lock-on and don’t see myself loving this soft-lock on which more than once has me target a completely different enemy, so I’m a hard buy there.

    Kinda nice to see they will amp up the enemies- I do hope the enemies will be a bit quicker on the move because the time between enemies initiating the attack and then executing it was pretty darn generous… when they didn’t attack from a view the camera wasn’t showing, that is. And am I the only one who just doesn’t GET Osiris? I just feel like it does nothing that I can’t do better and faster with the other weapons.

    EDIT: ALSO I saw this out… somewhere, but be aware that it WAS just a rumor posted on Kotaku (in it’s post on the new PS Move controller), that Ninja Theory has apparently approached Capcom with a pitch for a new Onimusha, which they described as “Ookami with guts”. Now everyone remember this is just a wild rumor, but if… IF this is a thing that could happen, what are people’s initial thoughts on it?

    • Nitraion

      My thought about onimusha isssss

      “Oh God please don’t screw it”…..

      I want onimusha new game but….

      Onimusha might be screwed in term story continuation..

      but i don’t see it need reboot……
      and if they really does dunno maybe “Fans” out there will be so pissed if they somehow make it like american samurai though is not bad thing…..
      but you what i mean right?! ><

  • Fr33Kingdom

    The feedback is nice. I barely used the guns except for the occasional storm. Son of sparda was too easy once i got a handle on the game. I am worried about the dialogue and writing but people are exaggerrating because it’s a tangible complaint most can agree on that doesn’t amount to it not being dmc 5. I do absolutely get why people love the melodrama of the earlier games, but can we really accuse ninja theory of being unaware of the writing? The demon says it’s 1000 years old then just trades ‘fuck you’s’ with dante. I’m pretty sure they know it’s ridiculous, it’s kind of a joke, understandable if you felt it didn’t land or you just didn’t like it. I wasn’t crazy about it either. I look forward to dante changing as a person. Without the lock-on i can switch between targets for the orbiters charged attack, which i love, but it probably would have been a good idea to include it as an option anyway. You didnt even have to build the entire game around it.

    When i look at these comments i feel like i’m in another world. The bayonetta demo was fairly boring and pretty forgettable but this demo made me desperate to play the full game. I’ve played the demo on ps3 many many many times so i know it’s not unplayable. I genuinely loved the demo, though it does get boring when you’ve exhausted most of the combos and son of sparda isn’t really hard. That’s not really a criticism since the game has a story, upgrades, more weapons, and higher difficulties that are hopefully a great challenge. I like the art, i feel bad though that i’m walking by amazing street art and it’s kind of just pushed to the side and easily ignored. As a whole i’m really excited for the game, and i’m not really excited for that many games. Oddly enough the only game i’m crazy excited for is destiny, which i’m not sure has really been announced yet. I am really interested in seeing how lost planet 3 turns out and i was excited for anarchy reigns but it’s been tempered after the long wait. If i can get a few friends to buy it then i’ll definitely want it.

    • Nitraion

      Wow we so reverse about bayonneta demo and DmC demo…..
      In me Played bayonnetta demo: “wow i want it” then play it not long platinum it DmC demo”Hmm maybe i play it just maybe…” funny think i still remember bayonetta demo…

      • Fr33Kingdom

        Haha really? I’m still likely to pick up bayonetta one day. I like platinum and it gets a lot of praise.

    • Makapixel

      I feel exactly the same way you do about Bayonetta. What was the reason you didn’t like it? For me it’s because the game is too floaty and you don’t have to commit to any attacks. You can just attack dodge away and attack again. There is no reward for combat like that. With DmC Dante is a lot more weighty and feels just a bit more like a human being with limits. During strong attacks he is locked into them until they are complete. Although there is a slight bit of leeway to break out before the full animation has finished. Novice players won’t know about that but you can get out of attacks right after they strike. You can also get out of attacks before they strike. However after a certain frame has been passed you will be locked in. I feel there is an ample amount of escape time with cancels in this game.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        Too be fair i haven’t played the full game. I actually might pick it up soon to judge for myself. Just judging by the demo the environments were boring and i just found it un-engaging. The attacks definitely seem to have more weight in dmc, although guns might be in bayonettas favor. Bayonetta didn’t inspire me to experiment like the dmc demo did either. It just made me want to button mash because i was playing as a god anyway. Bayonetta definitely had some really cool moves! It really did have visually impressive attacks and fights in a way that i don’t think dmc has. Dmc seems a lot more grounded, but bayonetta’s high fantasy works in its favor. Still kind of boring environments ya know?

        And in the bayonetta demo a boss picks up a block of a bridge and you are still fighting him, and it was still boring. My first time with the dmc boss fight, with the music hitting right, the way dante dodged the debris and being able to angel pull whenever i felt like it not just for quicktime events got me really really excited. I know other people may not have enjoyed it but i for me, ninja theory and capcom accomplished what i think they were trying to do for that fight. While i’m not too sure about the opening dialogue, when i’m really excited hearing dante talk trash actually worked!

        I still may play bayonetta and i might really like it, or may i’ll just think it’s alright, but i do know that it didn’t come close to matching the excitement of dmc demo. It had visually amazing attacks and if i remember correctly you fight on the walls at some point and it was still not that great. The boss rips part of the ground up with you on it and it still felt standard and boring. Vanquish gave a better first impression.

        And in dmc the only time i noticed not being able to cancel out is when I made the mistake of not being sure and trying to nail the Arbiter’s pause combo. It sucks when you notice you’ve made that mistake but it was my call!

  • Souji Tendou

    Quote 1: “We wanted to build a system that didn’t rely on manual lock” Can you elaborate on this? Explain the rationale?

    On the lock-on, I fully understand that people miss it, but it isn’t
    something that is in the game. We’ve worked hard to make an auto lock-on
    system that works really well, and I’m confident that with time it is
    something that you’ll adapt to. But I reiterate, I hear you.

    I’ll adapt to my ***. I’ve been playing the demo about 5 times and it still gets on my nerves everytime Dante attacking the enemy beside him instead the one in front of him.

    Quote 2: “Why is Dante locked in most attacks for excessive amounts of time? This the reverse of what previous DMCs have done.

    Why is Dante locked into moves: He’s not for the most part, but when he is
    the attacks are typically more powerful. Its a risk reward thing. If you
    start a move that you’re locked into you better know its going to land.

    (Note: cancellation plays a heavy role in DmC Devil May Cry’s combat.)”

    And this ladies and gentlemans (and please do forgive me for saying this Siliconera) is the ********* decision ever. Did you know how important it is to be able to cancels out of heavy attacks Tameem? I bet you didn’t, and I bet you haven’t even played Bayonetta. This isn’t necessary in order to make the game hard or as you say “risk rewarding”. Look at Bayo, game’s hard enough even when player are able cancels out anytime from any animations. Yep, anytime.

    I also wants to add one more point into this. What in the sane world you’ve been living so you’ve decided to create a specific demons so we can only defeat it using only either Demon/Angel weapons? That’s also one of the ******* idea, ever. It really limits the possibilty of creating many creative combos on it.

    I’m sorry Siliconera if my post sounds offensive. If this really against the rule please by all means deletes my post.

    • you point out everything i want to said myself , friend . Please , speak more !

      • Souji Tendou

        I’d love to. But then it’ll be like………. 2 pages of essay, that would be too lengthy to post. So I’ll just have to leave it at that for now. :)

    • Fr33Kingdom

      Tameem didn’t design the combat why are you talking to him……

    • Umm everything you said is dumb. The strongest of attacks should not be so easy to cancel out of for example dantes real impact and the move with pandora that he throwns down the suitcase and damages everything in the area in dmc4 and neros DT attack in which he draws yamato i forgot what its called, just to name a few. And the only time dante targets the wrong enemy is when you leave L3 untouched, if you tilt it slightly towards the enemy you wont have any such issues. Honestly, use your head and learn to play the game properly before you complain.

      • Souji Tendou

        And everything you said are also dumb. Have you even ever played Bayonetta?

  • Nitraion

    What is the reason for removing the manual lock?

    “We wanted to build a system that didn’t rely on manual lock. That was a decision made very early on by Capcom and ourselves.”

    -Are capcom forgetting how autolocking in DMC 2 screw the game?
    but dunno just my opinion

    Is it possible for you guys to check the collisions in the walls? I mean, in the demo, sometimes when you try to juggle an enemy for an aerial rave, they get stuck in the walls even if the wall is in absolute vertical position…

    “We have put a lot of QA into game, but no game is perfect. We’ve made best efforts to minimise collision issues and I’m confident these issues are few and far between.”

    – I agree no games is perfect but at least make it look perfect……….
    make glitch or freezing minimum is the key i think…..especially freeze i sooo hate it…..

    • Makapixel

      Please tell me you don’t consider the hit pauses to be freezing or the game stuttering…It’s one of the key issues to making attacks feel like they have weight. Unless you are talking about the game actually locking up and freezing?

      • Nitraion

        Yeah man i talking about Actual freeze like “freeze” you must hit power button i really hate that….
        as hit pause you mean like comboing and stuff well that is move set issue…..that kinda yes and no problem like stinger in the past you just press R1+trianggle and viola your attack is target to your enemy… in this game you have to press tap up up+attack but and also target to your enemy but kinda hit or miss if the enemy is on near distance like chainsaw guy near normal guy you intent to target chainsaw but you hit normal guy instead that is problem with autolocking i think

        • Makapixel

          Hit pause specifically is when during a strong hit the game will pause(or just dante and the enemy he is fighting…not sure) for milliseconds in order to fake the feel of actual impact . It is most noticeable when you attack enemies with the arbiter but it is always happening on every attack but for just a few frames or half frames.

          Btw I didn’t know about the stinger attack thanks for telling me haha

          • Nitraion

            Yeah they didn’t include it on move list -_-
            oh there is more rainstrom on mid air press square+cross button kinda useless in this game…..charged shot hold square
            button useless because charged shot have slow animation in my opinion ….
            charged air blade hold triangle button this move is useful in the game…
            well last question are you pro or con on this game? mine is dunno in term of hack and slash is okay or pro
            but in term DmC i choose con side

          • Makapixel

            From the demo I am willing to give it a solid try.

            So I am PRO.

            The charge shot having a slow animation is kind of stupid because you already have to suffer through the fact that you have to not be firing in order to charge it. Should fire the instant you let go of the gun button. Before the animation even has the time to finish even. Just completely instant.

  • Makapixel

    god dammit dmc I am making a game that had that exact charge per every hit of a 3 hit punch combo. When I saw this in a video I just about threw my chair through a window. Oh well hah. I will completely change it…you bastards.

  • This seemed more like a bitch and moan session, not a Q&A session

  • Leo121

    Unreal 3 engine normally don’t go good together with PS3. Sucks for me cause I’m a PS3 gamer.

    • drexxia

      average multiplatform game by average developer, you can’t say it suck for you because ps3 has some awesome exclusives.

  • Makapixel

    Can you cancel out of captain falcons falcon punch?? NO! You can’t and that’s the reason it feels so DANG good when you actually hit with it. It’s super high risk with super high reward. Now in DmC for example this exact same idea is replicated with the arbiter. If you hold demon trigger and tap y, y, (pause), y it ends with I think the most satisfying finisher I’ve ever seen in a game. It’s super powerful, super hard to pull off successfully and does multiple hits of crunchy damage and it raises your rank about 2 grades higher. So what are you expecting? You pull off this super powerful move and then right as it hits the ground you just roll or jump out of it? Man I wish capcom could just give a demo with cancels on any frame of animations just so players can see how wishy washy the combat would become. Sure you’ll move around like unbottled lightning but will you feel good about it?

    There is no reason to allow canceling out of every single animation. That’s what is really idiotic about action games today. In Bayonetta you are allowed to dodge out of any move but it didn’t allow you to cancel out of excessive dodging. If you dodge to much it does a stagger dodge. They had to shoehorn in that limit specifically because without it the game would be freaking broken. And really it is broken and you can easily get past that limit. Just the fact that they had to put in that limit means they were just putting a band-aid over a bad design.

    Furthermore about Bayonetta…while the game is pretty dang fun it’s super floaty and bayonetta can just flutter around like a bee and you never get the feel like you have a character with any sort of weight. She basically controls the opposite of DmC Dante. She has high movement ability and constant dodging but I never once felt rewarded for doing any of her moves. It’s just like hit hit hit hit hit dodge hit hit hit hit dodge. You only get punished because it’s freaking hard to keep track of so many enemies and obstacles at once.

    (this is just my opinion)

    Likewise in my opinion so much work has gone into this game and I PERSONALLY think it feels a lot better than 1, 2(lol) 3 and 4. And I’m not saying this to piss people off. Every attack feels satisfying. The sound, the rumble, the *hit pause. It all works great together.

    Here’s a fun tip when you are at the correct frame to do a different attack (ie y,y (pause) y) the controller will subtly rumble and your weapon will flash just enough letting you know that you can deviate onto a different combo chain. You can do it with your eyes closed. I also like that you can chain into a different weapons combo while chaining from the first weapon. Feels brilliant. Heres a super tip using rebellion do y, y(pause) switch to arbiter than hit y again and then WATCH OUT CAUSE HOLY MOLEY that’s one of the most powerful attacks in the game and you can do it faster than if you just did the y,y(pause),y combo with just the arbiter. WHOOOOOAA!

    Guys about enemies that need to be hit with certain weapons…it’s a demo. We only have 1 of each type of weapon. You’ll be able to combo a red demon with multiple demon weapons once you unlock them which should allow for a satisfactory amount of variety. However I think they should have some sort element break after you beat the crap out of them enough. This would allow you to combo them with any weapon you have until they re-element up. Also you can hit them with any weapon if you are in your devil trigger. Just saying.

    Ninja Theory if you are reading this I am available to test your game at any time.

    • Makapixel

      *Hit Pause a visual effect used in games to make hits feel stronger. Hit pause attempts to simulate the resistance that is felt when hitting something really hard. Typically in games it is exaggerated greatly. Please watch this Every time an attack connects both players are frozen for milliseconds. This freezing is deliberately programmed and is not an accident. For example when doing a slapshot in hockey right as the stick connects with the puck it meets resistance. After this resistance is surpassed the puck will rocket off relative to how hard you hit it.

      DmC has this literally everywhere relative to how strong your weapon is and how strong the attack is(there are other factors as well)

      It’s why every move feels like it has weight in DmC.

      I’ll have to play the other DMC games again but I’m pretty sure they don’t feature hit pause as prominently. (I could be wrong though and if I am sorry)

    • Fr33Kingdom

      Oh my god i am so into this post. I noticed your reply to mine but i didnt see this. You explain my feelings about my time with bayonetta sooooo well. I don’t think i said enough about it in my post, but even though the attacks in bayonetta were fast, they kind of felt meaningless. Any attack that wasn’t a heel coming out of a portal or involve her using her hair just felt kind of floaty. I mean it was definitely fast, and i liked that you can end any attack with shooting, but all the attacks felt empty. I barely noticed when i changed weapons with her, which is a serious difference to dmc’s weapons which look and feel so much different. Osiris feels so light but still meaningful, like an angel weapon should, and the Arbiter is heavy and strong like a devil weapon should be. The rebellion exists in this middle-ground that makes it a favorite.
      You just explained it all perfectly. This is why besides all the other stuff, why dmc’s gameplay just feels better than bayonetta and made me want to experiment more. I felt little need to experiment with bayonetta when the weapons didn’t feel so different. And in dmc the idea of having even more weapons-i know we’ll get the shotgun, the gauntlets, and the Aquila-just excites me. Them having their own pause/charge combos and upgrades just makes me crazy. And on top of all that all the weapons will feel different? Crazy.

      • Nitraion

        I dunno man thank god you comment on sane site like siliconera otherwise you might be killed on the war lol(youtube for example ><)

        i suggest you play the game but if you feel boring in the demo i nearly sure our taste is waaay too different….. maybe you just don't like platinum games dunno man….I on DmC the weapon just feel like left light weapon right heavy weapon that's it for me….
        What i like about platinum games is variety commands input heck even on bayo demo there are already lot command input.. and "Wow" factor on their moves i dunno your statement on bayo is seems legit yet i don't see the problem on it i dunno platinum have power like that…
        if you feel like that maybe you feel that on the rest of platinum games well maybe even on their newest game MGR……

        just for reference what action game that you play already play?

        But really bud i suggest you play bayonetta game…

        • Fr33Kingdom

          The attacks in Bayo definitely have that wow factor, it’s not something you can find in dmc. And the only other platinum game i’ve played is Vanquish, which was tps, and amazing. I think the attacks in Ninja gaiden 1-2 feel stronger than bayonetta, but they are very different games. I do like ninja gaiden though. I want to give MGR a shot but i think i’m more interested in Anarchy reigns.
          I actually don’t think i’ve played that many action games. I mean i’ve played Enslaved so i know that Dmc’s combat is A LOT better. I’ve played some god of war but not enough to get into it. The attacks were just alright, i dont like how chain swords feel. Same for Lords of shadow.

      • Makapixel

        I’m glad I could help you put your finger on the reason Bayonetta wasn’t as satisfying as it could be. I also felt like the only moves I liked in Bayonetta were the portal style moves. I’ve beaten the whole game by the way. Bayonetta seemingly has a lot of variety with the movesets, weapons, abilities, specials, pick up weapons etc but it’s like having multiple colored markers. Man you sure can mix those colors and get some satisfying results but in the end you are only using markers. And eventually they’ll dry out. DmC is like having a charcoal stick, an exacto knife, and a gun. You might not make art with it but it sure feels great to use them.

    • Göran Isacson

      I’ve never really understood the mentality that says “attacks that make the game stop feel more satisfying”. To me, they just make me frustrated because I want to get on with it. It’s an effect that I’m cool with in a cut-scene but when I’m playing I want my games quick like greased lightning, and the slowdowns this game and games like God of War employs just make me frustrated in the long run because it feels too ostentatious. If I want to feel badass, I will feel badass after I’ve chained together a lightning quick combo that has decimated my opponents, when everyone is gone and I have time to breathe. Making me stop in the middle of fighting just doesn’t do anything for me.

      • Makapixel

        I bet you love MvC2 and Bayonetta. Do you also hate real sports as well. You must because of all the stopping and going. Not because of the rules or anything because physically you can’t just morph from movement to movement.

        I personally respect Ninja Theory and Capcom for trying to inject a sense of physical reality into this game.

        With that said none of the DMC games allow you to cancel out of every move. And as I have said before in this DmC you can cancel before the attack has reached it’s apex(when it hits) and you can cancel as soon as it has finished. You can not cancel mid attack. If you could that would be idiotic. Have you ever played MMX4 as Zero? You can dash cancel your first slash. When you learn this you can quickly attack multiple, multiple times in quick succession one after another over and over effectively breaking the game. You can cancel immediately at any time. Is this what you want?

        Anyway if you are constantly being locked into your moves then you aren’t playing the game right. The only moves that really lock you come from the Arbiter. It’s a weapon that needs to be used cautiously. The game is punishing you for overly(<—THIS IS A KEYWORD) using a strong weapon when it's not safe to.

        I can also think of many instances in DMC3 where you get locked into animations. Primarily when you use the nunchuk weapons. The only weapon that has very little lock is rebellion. And if you do helm breaker you get locked. Same with most of the dual sword attacks.

        Seriously do you even know what you are talking about?

        The only game that does what you want is Bayonetta. It's currently in stores so just go buy that then.

        Furthermore moving around in old DMC games feels like shit. If you jump without movement you are locked unless you double jump out of it. I hate that feel. Next when you are running and jump it's very stilted. In this DmC game it feels like you are spiderman. The movement is very fluid and easy to execute.

        Have you even played the old DMC games recently?

        • Göran Isacson

          I think we have possibly been talking past each other here. What I’m talking about is the sudden slow-motion effect that accompanies certain attacks, whereas the game itself slows down to show off your moves and impact. Like when you hit with a heavy attack in God of War and the game just slows down for no reason other than to look cool, THAT kind of slowdown effect.

          What I love are games like Megaman Zero, which allow you to slide all over the screen if you’re skilled enough, continously dodging attacks and sticking enemies in between dodging projectiles and slashes, keeping the pressure up and really forcing you to get used to very fast-paced combat. I feel that no other 3D game has come close to that kind of energetic, fast-paced combat since Bayonetta, whereas this game felt much slower and easier. Enemies were so much easier to dodge and hurt with all the endless combos you could pull as you went around all Spiderman like, as you say, and they took forever to get an attack in, and I just wasn’t having much fun because of it.

          Being locked inside an animation doesn’t really bother me. It’s the slow-motion effects, slower enemy movements and lower frame-rate that I’m not liking.

  • Crok425

    I loved the demo and I didn’t had any issues… but I would love the taunt option again though, it was funny how Dante taunted and how Nero played the ”guitar”.

  • i actually liked the ridiculous dialogue in the boss battle. it kind of put me in the mind of the more over the top, suda 51 games, but that’s just me.

    • Nah, I am huge Suda 51 fan. I got the vibe too. I suppose the problem I had with it in terms of dialogue was that Suda’s work is bombastic, haphazard and silly. It’s over the top so that when something strange or quirky or badly written happens it’s all part of that B-movie flavor. I think where DmC rubs people the wrong way is unlike Suda, or even the older DMCs it seems like it is trying to be serious, so the dialogue doesn’t come off as fun, it just kind of fall into irksome territory.

      But by all means, I am not discrediting your experience. Awesome part about writing (as a writer) is that everyone can grab something different, and your experience with it sounds awesome!

    • drexxia

      this dialogue was written by 13 year old for 13 year old, do you fall into this category too?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Welcome to the site and please note our rules. Leave the multiple attack posts elsewhere.

      • nope. i am an adult. i just have a different opinion than you. deal with it.

  • Elvick

    Are they developing it on 360 first and porting to the PS3? Because, that’s usually where issues come up. I thought developers had learned it’s better to just develop with the main platform of PS3 and port to 360.

    I’ll probably pick this up regardless, since I bought Bayonetta on PS3 and had little issues with it’s “issues”. Personally think gamers exaggerate with everything these days. Perfect? Nope, but it didn’t affect the gameplay for me. Only remember the level with a ton of moving floating platforms near the end of the game having frame rate drops that I noticed. And load times don’t bug me.

    Enslaved was fine for me too on PS3.

  • ギャビン

    Played the demo on 360 and was not impressed. This type of game needs the control that you can only get from 60 frames of animation. And I still can’t stand dantes design.

  • Eilanzer

    I played the demo…Didn´t like…And i will not buy the game…..BUT…I have no doubt that this game will sell millions…unfortunately…Crap with a big name sell! Kudos to the marketing team of capcom/ninja theory…

  • Istillduno

    “We worked hard to make an auto-lock on system that works really well”

    Then rely on it actually working well to get people to use it rather than forcing the player to rely on a computer telling them what they want to hit.

    Then again these are the same people who completely defiled Dante’s character, lets be honest Ninja Theory don’t give a flying **** about DMC or the customers and just want to make whatever they want whilst makeing a quick buck off the brand name with Capcom.

    I have no problem with developers making what they want, but make you’re own ****ing franchise for it rather than taking an existing one and twisting it beyond recognition.

    • Capcom is still the one that decided to change the series’ direction, and approve what Ninja Theory is doing. I don’t think it’s fair to put all the blame on a developer when it’s the IP owners that willingly gave them permission to do as they see fit to begin with.

  • We chose unreal engine because it was optimized for 30 frame FPSes… we decided it was imperative that we release the 1st sub-60 DMC because we could give two f**ks about interactivity – even though the graphics look no better than 60 frame DMC4 – we decided instead to make the enemies have an inane amount of anticipation in there attacks to balance off the fact that there won’t be enough visual information to do a fast reaction game off of… plus we were on a streak of releasing sub 60 frame games, why stop now!?!?!?!


  • “There will be some cool versions of the music coming out.”

    Dubstep was never cool. And it is me or does the guy basically sound like “No our game’s good you’re just stupid!”

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