Tales Of Series Reaches 15 Million Units Shipped Worldwide

By Spencer . December 4, 2012 . 9:37pm

talesNamco Bandai shipped 15 million Tales of games worldwide. That figure includes the 420,000 units from Tales of Xillia 2 which came out in Japan on November 1.


The Tales series started 16 years ago with the Super Famicom game Tales of Phantasia. It took a few years for the series to come out in the West starting with Tales of Destiny.


Next spring, Namco Bandai will release Tales of Hearts R, a re-imagining of the DS game, for PlayStation Vita. Tales of Xillia is also coming to North America and Europe.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Very nice, congrats on them for that

    • I want to play Tales of Rebirth….

      • Ladius

        There’s a fantranslation in progress for both the PS2 original and PSP port :)

        • Oh joy but where am I going to find a PSP in the US …. /sarcasm

      • ZEROthefirst

        Like Ladius says there’s a fantranslation patch that’s been in the works for a while now. When it will be done, who knows, but if you really want to play it you could get the PSP version and play along side one of the English scripts on GameFAQs.

        • Spekio

          Oh god. You just reminded me of how horrable both my Japanese and translation skills were when I wrote that guide. I hope there’s a better one around these days.

  • I wonder what percentage of that was from non-Japanese markets.

    • kroufonz

      maybe 70-80%

      • Pyrotek85

        Really? I can’t imagine why they would hesitate to localize to other markets then.

        • fisico

          80% are from japanese market

          • kroufonz

            yup, i do mean jp market percentage i am forget to read the “non” part

      • Ladius

        I think it’s the opposite, really. An 85%-15% split between Japan and the west seems likely, considering tons of editions weren’t released in the west and those that were sold less than their Japanese counterparts (with the exception of Symphonia GC).

        • kroufonz

          sorry i mean for japan market

  • IshimaruKaito

    i am gladly one of the few that actually import these games just cuz i need them in my life!! lol

  • kroufonz

    congrats namco bandai!

    now if only you can celebrate this with more tales localization and not taking damn long to localize

    • Ladius

      I think we can’t really say anything bad about Namco, after Graces f they have improved their marketing, communication with fans (Baba is probably the most zealous jrpg producer in terms of directly speaking with western fans, nowadays) and updates regarding their localization efforts dramatically.

      I mean, surely they took a long time for Graces f, but Xillia seem to be coming out faster, and we should also remember this is the age where Square Enix leaves lots of games unlocalized, Sega won’t even think about translating Valkyria or Shining and would make the Yakuza fanbase tense for every announcement, Konami leaves a Suikoden in Japan (not to mention other jrpgs), Nintendo takes a year to localize Fire Emblem Awakening after skipping FE12, XSeed needs lots of support to localize the next Trails game, and so on.

      Of course those situations are mostly linked to the hardware split between Japan and the west (PSP being still successful there, mostly), an issue that Tales can avoid thanks to PS3 being a viable platform in both markets, but if you think about the years before Graces f’s announcement, when Tales was practically dead in the west and Namco didn’t even recognize the fans, the current situation seems too good to be true (especially since Graces’ sales in the US were unremarkable).

      • kroufonz

        in term of tales they did remarkably improved their effort especially in europe those guys does deserve some praise, while their NA branch efforts wasn’t even nearly as good as they european counterpart .

        they did improved much better after graces f but xillia is still considered quite long time to localize. especially when it looks like they are putting more effort on non inhouse dev game they published in the west.

        while i can appreciate their effort for tales but stuff like PS3 gundam, srw og, stuck in japan it’s still hard to not saying bad thing about bamco if those [email protected] rumor are true and their doing much better effort with xillia (even better if they manage to get jp voice option) western bamco branch will be positive in my eyes:P

      • Elvick

        That’s a load of hogwash. Let’s not forget that each drought is after we get a couple games.

        Let’s not give Namco praise before it’s drought time again. Maybe if they actually KEEP IT UP. Three games isn’t enough to prove anything.

        Let’s talk about whether Namco has improved or not in 5 years. That’s when we’ll know or not.

        edit; I love that I got thumbs down for saying something that is 100% reasonable. If you want to count your chickens before they hatch, go for it. Prepare for disappointment because you’re jumping the gun.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          The droughts only come because people don’t buy the games in the series. It’s the fanbase that is the problem, not Namco.

          • Elvick

            The games do sell to fans, the series just isn’t big enough to rely on it’s fanbase to get sales that would make Namco happy.

            Namco just never does any effort to grow the franchise and IP.

            Constant system switching, constant lack of promotion, inconsistent releases outside of Japan.

            It’s not fans. “Oh hey, niche series fanbase, why you no sell millions?” Oh, probably because if there were millions of fans then the series wouldn’t be niche at all?

            Oh hey there common sense.

            Tales is niche. Namco does nothing to change that or make the series a viable niche series like Disgaea and SMT.

          • Ladius

            Making Tales into a viable niche series is exactly what Namco is trying to do since Graces’ announcement, though.

            If they wanted sales in the hundred of thousands they would have never bothered to revisit the franchise in the west in the first place, or would have ended this last attempt after Graces f’s lackluster performance instead of announcing another game while dramatically improving marketing and communications.

            It seems to me you’re still angry at pre-2011 Namco, but their past errors (and they did lots of them, to be sure) shouldn’t blind you to the improvements they have shown lately.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It really doesn’t make a lot of sense to say a series isn’t viable when we are talking one that has seen releases on almost every console since the PS1, plus a handheld. Disgaea and the new generation Personas may have a ‘leg up’ because both found success beyond the core. The only Tales game that ever really took that step was Symphonia.

          • Sylveria

            You can’t blame the consumer. People buy products worth buying. If something has poor sales, its because people didn’t want it. Namco, nor any one else, should expect people to buy something regardless of quality on the premise it may ro may not lead to more/better releases later.

            I bought and liked Graces f, but the most recent tales game I could compare it to was Of the Abyss on PS2.. which I thought was garbage. Not owning a 360 and not thinking the half dozen games I want for the console is worth dropping $300 on one, I never got to touch Vesperia. And Vepseria had poor sales, comparitively, because they dropped it on the 360 instead of the PS3 – the console that was the next generation of the JRPG console in the US.

            They’ve been making bad decisions since the end of the PS2 gen. If the series is floundering in the US, its cause they aren’t putting it where it will sell. In fact, I’d argue they’re putting it where it will do the worst possible.

        • Ladius

          We shouldn’t forget that localizing jrpgs is a business, not charity, and Tales games tend to be a lot more expensive to translate than other games in this genre considering they have not only massive amounts of texts, but also hundreds of voiced dialogues between plot events and skits.

          Also, Namco is a big publisher that can easily survive without localizing Tales games, while other publishers (especially the niche ones) have based their whole existance upon that audience and haven’t neither the variety Namco can afford in its lineup nor a lot of great selling franchises and licenses to resort to in times of need.

          I agree that Namco was unreasonable in the past, but things have changed (especially in terms of realistic sales targets, it seems) and the fanbase should admit its own faults, too: despite Tales fans clamoring for years to have more localized games to play Graces f ended up selling worse than any other mothership game in the US, and nonetheless Namco improved its marketing for the European release, announced Xillia and is trying to promote it from the get go, instead of simply giving up.

          If Xillia is a failure, though, we will likely never see a new mothership game, not because Namco is evil, but because fans are better at flaming on message boards than at supporting the series they claim to love.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Thanks for reminding me why I have always enjoyed having you around the site, Sir.

          • Well for the audio part there is a simple single solution: Don´t translate the audio, just sub the game and let the main part of the fans be happy with hearing the Japanese audio and reading the text in English. That should save a lot of money for them to bring in more titles.

            I mean it works for Aksys Games when they are localizing the Agarest games, so why not for Namco Bandai?

          • Ladius

            Depending on the deals between Namco and SCEA, cutting the English dub could make it impossible to release the games at retail in the US, not to mention it could alienate lots of fans.

            So far, the Yakuza and Agarest games are the only retail PS3 games with Japanese-only dubs, while other games (like the latest Warriors entries from Koei) have been forced to become PSN-only because of SCEA’s policies regarding the lack of English audio. It is probably a rule that is enforced only in some instances, but while Yakuza’s exception could be easy to understand the Agarest games have made the whole situation far more difficult to read.

          • Elvick

            New platform for the series in the west. (PS3) Game was a port from the Wii. Game has many things that would be considered “downgrades” outside of just being a Wii port too. Like the lack of an over world.

            You can’t act like Tales has been put into the best position at all times to do well, and then fans failed to support it.

            There’s a reason Graces ƒ is a horrible example. Just as Valkyria Chronicles 2 is a horrible example as to the interest of that series. It was on the PSP instead of PS3, and it wasn’t a good sequel.

            Ignoring facts, and just boiling it down to “a game came out and it didn’t sell” is stupid. You may as well not even bother talking about sales if you’re not going to put any effort into analyzing why the game failed to sell.

            Vesperia sold for a reason. It looked great, is really good, didn’t sacrifice anything that Tales fans previously enjoyed about the series and it was the first of the generation.

            Then the next one we get on consoles is Graces ƒ. A wii Port on PS3, new hardware for the series, many many many many years after Vesperia, no overworld, different battle system, many different things… never mind some iffy voice acting.

            Graces ƒ had no benefits. It didn’t sell to anyone that bought a 360 for Vesperia. It didn’t sell to anyone that only has a 360 and played Vesperia and liked it. It wasn’t even on par with Vesperia in many ways. Many will attribute this to it being a Wii Port.

            And Xillia not feeling like a complete game, and people not being okay with supporting half assed feeling games, will be a reason for that not doing as well as it could.

            And that is not the fanbases fault. That is Namco for not putting their best effort to keep up to their standards. Why buy a new console for a game that doesn’t even look as good as the game you played years ago?

            Thus, leaving the dedicated. The very few within the niche fanbase, a niche of a niche if you will, that would buy a system just to support the series to pick up the slack.

            Oh wait, they can’t.

            The series is handled very poorly. And it’s all Namco’s doing. Fans don’t make the games, we don’t publish them, and we don’t pick the platform of development.

            We buy them, and we buy them if they look to be quality products on par with the past releases. If they don’t, many won’t want to support that half hearted looking game. Even if they love the series. They’ll wait for a game that looks like it’s a full experience. The kind of Tales that they enjoy to play.

            And fans can’t be blamed for feeling that way. Just as VC fans can’t be blamed for VC2 not selling because it wasn’t even close to as good as the original. And you could see that early on.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It’s kind of hard to call Graces out for being on a new platform when the majority of US released mothership titles were PS1 and PS2. Same fans, same audience; just a few years later.

          • Ladius

            No offence, but with this kind of attitude you would probably be able to justify boycotting every single Tales release since the end of time by inflating even their most unimportant flaws and by reading the market’s situation in the most unfavorable way (which would indirectly justify Namco for not bothering with the series’ localizations, by the way).

            Graces was a Wii port, sure, but thanks to the improvements made for the PS3 edition it was graphically better than lots of PS3 jrpgs, had far more contents than any PS3 jrpg localized so far and has the best battle system in the whole series. The remark about the lack of a world map is kinda strange considering this is an absolutely common trend in today’s jrpg landscape, to the point that world maps are a rarity nowadays. Even then, Graces had lots of areas to explore and a far bigger world than most other PS3 jrpgs.
            The idea that Graces underperformed because of PS3 is also really questionable, since PS3 has been the lead home console in terms of jrpgs since three years ago (aside from Nintendo’s first and second party output on Wii), not to mention, just as Miaut said, it’s the follow-up to PS1 and PS2, which had four mothership localized (two for each platform, where GC, GBA, WII, PSP and X360 all had a single one).

            Again, Xillia is all but an half-assed game: while it has less extra contents than Graces (while still being bigger than many previous motherships, something that lots of fans seem to avoid considering) it still has an hundred subquests and it’s still far longer and more packed with contents than most jrpgs released on home console during this gen, not to mention it’s a great step forward for the franchise in terms of graphics and presentation, it introduces lots of new features like the dual scenario, link artes and bigger free roaming areas and is reportedly one of the strongest games in the series in terms of narrative and a return to form for Sakuraba.

            Then again, some people are apparently trying with all their might to boycott Xillia because it has only a few in-game costumes, it doesn’t have cameo fights or bikini scenes and so on, and it’s rather sad to see how much they’re bringing down the game for the lack of such marginal features while trying with all their might to ignore the rest of the game.

  • AkuLord3

    Yayz~ happy days for Namco and the Tales Teams

  • Ladius

    This series deserves all the success it can get, in the last two generations it has improved dramatically both in terms of gameplay and narrative (barring some unfortunate entries). I hope the west can contribute even more to its fortunes, starting with Xillia next year, and I really appreciate the efforts of Baba to communicate with the western Tales fanbase.

  • Peeka Chu

    Would be higher if 1/2 the Tales games actually came West, but we all know that already.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      You mean like Graces F, Xillia, and, if Xillia’s sales are good, Xillia 2?

    • fireguardiancoty

      We’ve gotten Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia, Legendia, Abyss, Vesperia, Graces, Radiant Mythology, Symphonia: KoR, and have Xillia on the way. That is at least half of the Tales games that have been released (not counting ports/remakes. just the entry itself). Main series wise, we’re only missing 5 games (Rebirth, Destiny 2, Innocence, Hearts, and Xillia 2). 9/14 isn’t too bad. And really, the only things we’re missing other than some PSP titles are an online game that’s closed, fandom games, phone games, and more recently, browser games.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Would be higher if the fans actually buy the game rather than keep complaining.T_T

      • Elvick

        Fans do buy the series.

        The fanbase isn’t big, and is never allowed to grow. Since a person will buy one, think it’s neat, then there won’t be another one for years. Or the game will be on another platform they don’t own. So they just move on to some other series out there.

        So Namco is back to where it started.

        All they can rely on is the dedicated fanbase, which is never allowed growth. You can’t tell a dedicated fanbase it fails when it’s numbers are small. We can’t all buy 40,000 copies of the game ourselves.

        Don’t be foolish. Namco dooms this series. Not fans.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          The fans is actually quite big. But the fans own reaction is the one who is killing the franchise.

          When Graces F come out after such a long time and many of the fans asked for Bamco to bring the game here. What does the fans said? It is a Wii port=trash. It don’t have Japanese sub=trash. We want other tales not this=no buy.

          The fans action themselves is bad. That is also one of the main reason why the game is unable to sell well enough.

          If the fans actually is supportive for the franchise, the game is surely sell more each installment just like how Disgaea and Persona franchise grow each new instalment come where the fans actually tries to bring new gamer into the series. Not by scaring them away.

          Not to mention, for Xilia there are some bad reputation on how many of the Tales fans consider the game already not buy worthy as they take what Baba said on some interview about unable to put more thing inside the game=the game is unfinished which in this case is not at all.
          I would love to see this franchise grow bigger but with the attidute of the fans which is worst than Fire Emblem fans? I can’t even see them doing well here.

          • Elvick

            Those are all foreseeable complaints that wouldn’t exist if Namco would handle the series better. Sans the Japanese audio.

            Years of nothing and we get a Wii port? Of course people are going to be unhappy over that. Xillia feeling incomplete is all Namco’s fault. It’s a valid complaint to have for a game.

            Persona is supported. Greatly. There’s only ever been one game we didn’t get. Which we got in the form of a PSP port. Unless you count the PSP version of EP, which probably will come over too.

            Disgaea is also supported.

            Persona and Disgaea fanbases are treated well. They don’t develop tons of games, and only release a fraction of them. They develop very few and release almost all of them. And in recent years, literally all of them.

            They don’t create a game on the weakest platform, then port it to a more powerful one only to localize that version after years of nothing.

            And people who don’t buy if there’s no Japanese dub aren’t fans.

            Comparing Tales with Disgaea and Persona is about as foolish as you can get. NISA and Atlus actually do well at supporting their fanbase and allowing their series to THRIVE. Not stagnate and die like Tales does.

            Tales always has to be brought back from death. Disgaea has never died. Persona’s popularity after 3 has allowed it’s past to thrive.

            What’s Tales ever do to keep it’s fanbase happy? Release tons of games, and only localize a few. Usually after years of nothing.

  • SupaPhly

    let’s celebrate by announcing more localizations!
    *gets death stare from namco*

    • Leon_Tekashi

      And no one ate dinner that night….

  • Hours

    So, more Tales games in the US then? Please? :D

    You can start with Vesperia PS3 and Innocence and Heart R for Vita, kthxbye.

  • ragingmerifes

    If Namco is too lazy to localize their games, they should at least pay someone to do it. Even the guys who localized Elminage Original!

    • Namco has no moneys

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      But they’ve localized one this year alone, with another on the way, with YET ANOTHER COMING, if the sales of the upcoming one are good. Namco of two years ago, we can totally complain about. But now? They’ve been making it up to us. It’s up to the fans to keep them coming now.

      • puchinri

        Wait, what’s the third? I know we got Graces F and are getting Xillia, but what’s the third title? Was localization announced recently?

        Or did you mean in general, because them localizing Ni no Kuni is pretty awesome.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          They’ve said that they will localize Xillia 2 is the sales of the first one are good.

          • puchinri

            Ahh, I hadn’t seen that. Do you remember which article that was?

      • Elvick

        Depends where you live. Since Abyss came out this year in NA, with Graces ƒ. That’s two. With one coming.

        But, that’s compared to the entire laundry list of Tales games in development and yet to be localized games.

        Which is a pathetic amount.

      • Elvick

        Depends where you live. Since Abyss came out this year in NA, with Graces ƒ. That’s two. With one coming.

        But, that’s compared to the entire laundry list of Tales games in development and yet to be localized games.

        Which is a pathetic amount.

  • This really isn’t that impressive…I mean look at dragon quest. Dragon Quest IX sold 5 million copies….in Japan alone

  • Yuriangels

    As long we see for tales game, I am happy! (^3^)

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I really hope that people support Xillia in the states, because 1) I really want to play the sequel and 2) I’d love to hear people stop complaining about the series not getting localized anymore. Yes, you didn’t get Vesperia PS3, but that was how many years ago? Get over it. They’ve made it up by putting out Graces F, with Xillia coming. Can’t change the past, but you can help shape the future of the series.

    Not to mention, we know Xillia 2 comes if the sales of Xillia are good. Look at other companies. Do we know if we’re getting either of the two recent Yakuza games? Do we know what Konami are going to localize these days?

    Namco deserved all the crap they got when they were focused on things on like Enslaved instead of their Japanese output, but now that they seem to be making it up to us, I say they get congratulated on the change.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I actually kinda like Enslaved lol. But of course, more Tales is always great thing. Lets hope that Tales fans will actually bought the game here so that we can get Xilia 2.
      The sales of Graces F is abyssmal sadly.T_T Hope that Xilia is able to change this.

    • brian

      Enslaved was great.
      [“focused on things like CLASH OF THE TITANS instead”]

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Enslaved would have been better as a CGI movie than a game. The gameplay was awful.

        • There is a difference between a no-surprise but functional system and something badly programmed, you know.

    • Elvick

      I don’t think a Wii port is really “making up for it” to most people. I love Graces ƒ, just saiyan.

      And Enslaved is great. And how focusing on new IPs in an industry overrun with sequels is a BAD thing is beyond me. Namco should be applauded for taking risks with new IPs.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Enslaved was awful, but that’s not the point.

        The point, actually, was brought up by you in your first sentence, probably without you even realizing it. That’s one of the many excuses people who claim to be fans of the series make when they don’t buy the games. “Oh, it was a Wii port.” “Oh, it doesn’t have a dual audio.” “Oh, they didn’t localize Vesperia PS3.” The fanbase are the problem here and what I am saying is that I hope they can actually get their act together and buy the games in the series instead of coming up with excuses and then blaming Namco for it.

        I bet you if they localized Vesperia PS3 tomorrow, people would find reasons to complain and not buy it. “Oh, it doesn’t have dual audio.” “Oh, why is it full price when it’s a several year old 360-port?”

        If people want the series to come here, they need to buy the games that come out for it. The end.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          This is my whole problem with Tales fanbase. They can just find any thing to complain for.

          From audio, port problem to even price.O.o And they get confused on why the game never come?

          Buy the game if you wanted the other titles to come for god sake. They are company looking for money here. Not some charity group.

        • Elvick

          Yes, Namco is perfect. I forgot. They never do anything wrong with Tales.

          Please allow me into your world of delusion and revisionist history.

          The fact you said Enslaved is awful invalidates your entire OPINION of the matter. Since you place personal opinion above factual evidence. Scoring on average at 80% on metacritic is not “awful”.

          Namco doing everything wrong with Tales is awful. Expecting it to sell to people without knowledge of the series when they put no effort into advertising. Expecting the small fanbase to actually sell more copies than the fanbase has people. Expecting people to be happy with a Wii port after years of absolutely nothing. Expecting a Wii port on a new platform to sell well is stupid.

          Nevermind the fact that the Wii game has many things that would make it lesser to any other Tales experience. Like no overworld for one.

          But that’s right, they have done nothing wrong. Just like Sega did nothing wrong with Valkyria Chronicles, and Konami does nothing wrong with Suikoden and Capcom does nothing wrong with Breath of Fire.

          Tales has been mistreated. Only blind fanboys would think otherwise.

  • This series deserves all the recognition it can get. I’m glad!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Congratz for Bamco.^_^ I can see, at least i contribute 15 games for the 15 million lol.^_^
    Bamco, make me give more my money here.^_^

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
  • YoshEE

    I hope that they would localize Tales of Vesperia. I will still get it even it take few more years!

  • Brandon001

    Now, im sure it goes without saying that number would be higher if more games were localized, BUT im just saying…it totally doesnt matter.

  • Nitraion

    Tales series is always steady on their series…..
    Playing Tales games always feel “Tales” to me….
    With their confusing name yet enjoyable battle system
    i always enjoy this series….
    bottoms up for Tales..
    my only complain on this series is Costume DLC to pricey and always make want to buy it….

  • brian

    I’m surprised people really call this “Tales of” and not just Tales.
    It sounds really awkward, but even the main exec producer guy calls it that.
    Could it just be me that thinks it sounds weird?

    • Elvick

      I just call it “Tales”. *shrug*

    • Elvick

      I just call it “Tales”. *shrug*

  • Tianyu Wei

    Xillia 1 is going to leave a TONS of disappointment… Xillia 2 was basically a huge apology for Xillia 1…

  • There has been 22 tales games including 14 main titled games and they get 15 million sold, by comparison, Mass effect has three main games and they total over 10 million already. Two dragon age is over 6 million sold so given the number of tale releases 15 million is really low. I’m a fan of tales series but they need to broaden its appeal or get some good commercials here in the west as in TV commercials to make it more successful. Yes Japan has a lot of people for audience base but the western market is larger by far. Case in point look at how many people buys COD, GTA, BF3 in the west alone, COD sales or even GTA sales eclipse the most popular Japanese games in Japan by several fold. Not saying tales will ever come close to those games in western sales but a few more ads could help it come closer to say FF sale figures if nothing else.

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Tales of Phantasia is still one of my favorite games of all time.

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